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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


first-time windsurfer16 2018-01-26

I would suck his hard LONG thick dick and if he lasted 10 min he could then eat my bald little pussy & then he could fuck my pussy. I told him if he failed he would have to put me over his knee and spank my bare little ass for 10 min. When he was ready to go we set the timer for 15 min and he enter my bald little pussy with condom on and he began to fuck me. He then pulled out of me and then flush the condom and came over to me and picked me up and he sat on the bed and I found my self over his knee and he began to spank my bare little ass.

Allie Makes a Downpayment

first-time AliceShayne 2018-01-26

I had given one previous boyfriend some hand jobs and a couple of blowjobs, but I was way too self-conscious about my body to let him see or touch it. Our lips listened with exchanged saliva, and I stared hungrily at his mouth, wanting to resume our kiss, but first I lifted off my shirt and removed my bra. I purred deep in my throat and held his head to my chest as he licked his way around my breasts and then covered them with soft, wet kisses. Terry began kissed the inside of my left ankle, slowly working his way up the calf.

Beauty Queen

first-time Ashson 2018-01-26

By chatting with them and then dragging Coral into the conversation I soon got to know her a little better. And all the time my hand kept teasing her mound, stroking it lightly, gently squeezing, just letting it know that I was still interested. You might feel a bit easier if you just slipped the head in a little way so you know just what's going on, but that's up to you." I got a 'you've got to be kidding' look, but she did relax a little, letting my cock just press against her while we resumed our kissing and general touching.

The Incredible Journey

first-time touchmate 2018-01-26

As you enter a cabin, there is a set of one lower & one upper berth on your right and another similar set on the left, separated by about three feet of space. While keeping an eye on Suguna aunty, I looked closely at the upper berth. I now looked closely at Aarti's bare right leg and thigh. What I should have probably done was to look at Aarti's thighs and hips for a while, cover her with the blanket again and return to my berth, safe and sound. As I reached three fourth ways up, Suguna opened her legs a little and guided my palms to her inner thighs.

My dirty ol' neighbor (part 1)

first-time oozer69 2018-01-26

and so I pulled them above my knees and he said ah thats better.He said lets get those shorts up a little higher now so again he asked me to turn around again so I did he sat up on the edge of his chair and with my back to him he gently pulled my shorts all the way up in my ass.Well,this felt really good to me and by now my round ass cheeks were very much hanging out.He must have approved because he said in a long low toned voice mmmmm thats the way I like them.Stay tuned for part 2...

My First Time

first-time bunsman 2018-01-25

Soon I was stroking with him and before long felt my first self induced cum load rising to the surface. She dropped to her knees and taking my hand, cupped it over her pussy mound while reaching out to seize my cock and stroke it gently up and down. Her pussy was hot to the touch and I felt it getting wet and secreting hot juices of some kind into my palm. She sat back and began to pump my shaft steadily while staring at the opening of my cock tip, eagerly anticipating my explosion. Wow, she responded as she reached out and began to play with him again, you look like you are ready for more already.

Opportunity in the Past

first-time Libertine 2018-01-25

I watched the breasts for quite a while but although they looked very nice I couldn't see any hidden secrets. They moved around and now and then I got a glimpse between their legs and it was obvious that they all had that slit although they all looked different. It happened a few more times during that summer that the women bathed in the nude and asked me to go away. Somehow I walked her back to her friends and got very embarrassed when they started to whisper and giggle looking at me. I got naked as well and started to stroke my cock looking at her lovely naked body. I got a very good look at her secret place and began to understand what it looked like.

Sure your Not Gay?

first-time 425olds 2018-01-25

That's really not why I wanted to show you it though." Still naked with his gorgeous (did I just think that) black dick and balls hanging a foot from me. He held the back of my head and began to tilt it forward, gently pushing his dick further into my mouth quietly telling me to relax and take his big cock into my throat. Pulling his dick out of my mouth and pressing it to his belly he pushes my face down to his balls. I held my mouth open until he pulled out completely and rubbed his black dick all over my face. I just wanted this night to end so I leaned over between his legs and kissed the large black head of his cock.

Freshman Virgin

first-time MistressMerry 2018-01-25

"Gary," I placed my hand on the side of his face and he looked up again, "would you like to spend the night with me?" This time he shook his head 'yes'. I got off the bed and gave my hand to him, "Come on Gary, I think you will like this." I brought him out to the center of the room, "You stand there and I'll get on my knees." It was my turn to blush and then I smiled at him, "and you've turned into quite a handsome man Gary." I stepped forward and kissed him again and he reached around and drew me into his chest crushed my breasts against him.

My Buddy wins a bet. (Real)

first-time mbcumcouple 2018-01-25

Made some comment like "its not that big" I told him if he could take that in his ass I would let him have mine. When his cock hit my hole, he pushed afew inches, I relized how big that cockhead really was.... He must really wanted it cause he just looked at me cock in hand, said that I should try to push onto it, Take my time. I pushed back and felt his balls tap my taint, OH God that feels good I told him. I wiped up and rolled over he took my cock in his mouth and sucked me till I yelled I was going to cum.

First Time in a man's arse

first-time EnjoyLifesFun 2018-01-25

We had both been nervous and at the same time excited when we actually got to touch, hold and suck other's cock. Paul knelt and held my cock, looking at it, then moved his head forward, flicking his tongue over my cock. Jane held my cock while Paul held his arse cheeks apart. I held hid hips, and started to pump in and out of his arse, Paul moaning, his face buried in the pillow. Jane lay down and started sucking Pauls cock. "Go on then," Jane said, "cum in Pauls arse." "Fuck, I can feel your hot cum inside me," Paul shouted, as he came himself in Jane's mouth.

Amber and Jack Ch. 01

first-time horny8191988 2018-01-25

Almost as if his hand had a mind of its own, Jack's hand that was resting on the center console dropped slightly, allowing his fingertips to come into contact with the tanned skin of Amber's thigh. Amber gripped the door handle with her right hand and the center console with her left, as her hips, with a mind of their own, jutted forward pressing back into the fingers that were bringing her so much pleasure. His hand rubbed her through her underwear a few times causing her to let out a soft sigh before pushing the fabric to the side and allowing his fingers to come into contact with her folds.

My First Time

first-time countrygirl16 2018-01-25

After that night we started talking on the phone and about our personal lives more. I just kept thinking of him eating my pussy and I got the feeling that I was going to cum. "I wet my middle finger on my right hand and stick it in your asshole, while using two fingers on my other hand fingering deep inside your pussy, all at the same time still using my mouth licking at your clit." I then went on to ask him my big question, "The tour and interview is on Friday and I am not leaving until Sunday. Steven finally broke the kiss and started making his way down, stopping at my breast sucking on each nipple for a few minutes each!

Young and curios

first-time cbkinkyfun 2018-01-25

Sure enough, and old man and a young boy were rubbing each others penises. The older gentleman pushed the young guy to his knees and shot some kind of stinky goo all over the younger boys face. The older man rubbed his penis all over the young boys, smearing the wet stinky goo all over and the boy loved it. The older man rubbed his dick in her hair. She came almost instantly, but the young man was not done and he just kept fucking, her tight cunt being stretched by his fat short dick. Just as he was about the cum in her, the old guy blew his cum all over her face, at first she didnt know what it was, but soon she realized this man just came all over, and this boy came in her virgin pussy.

My son Ramesh

first-time nana414 2018-01-25

After few moments Ramesh said “I know what I want for new year mom! It gave a whole new meaning for the phrase “looks deceive!” I was so excited by the scenethat I had to wake Ramesh for another session of mother/son sexual ecstacy. The life is usual with doctor visits, pregnant sex, dad/hubby phone calls to India, sex again, parent talk with my son as mother of his baby, and more sex. The next day Ramesh took me to a hotel to get his first taste of his mother-wife’s pussy after delivery somehow avoiding his dad coming with us. After three months, Ramesh’s dad flew back to India giving Ramesh more time to fuck his mother-wife.

my friend's new roommate and her surprise

first-time 2018-01-25

So my friend Rebecca and I were planning on going to this bar for the evening but she called me and said she was running a bit late and that I should wait at her place and that her new roommate Shawna should be there to open the door for me. Cum just dripping from our chins, I pull her off the counter and turn her around and start fingering and eating her cute ass. She barely has a chance to lock the door before I start making out with her again grabbing her ass and sticking my finger in it. She then reaches into her night stand and pulls out a bottle of lube and rubs it in her ass hole, and says “go easy now”.

My first Blowjob.

first-time 2018-01-25

We settled down in the tent for a d***ken slumber when she snuggled up to me. It was her boyfriends name.She was either asl**p or in a d***ken stupor, or even playing me to get at it. She kisses the head much like she did my torso on her way down. Using the same, sweet, partly opened peck with her mouth she kisses the head. This time not stopping but opening her mouth further, letting my dick slide into her mouth. I revel in my own d***kenness and the warm moist haven of her mouth. I spurt again, the rest of my seed rests on my belly. I retrieve my pants and fall into a slumber myself.

Waiting for it

first-time fotisampini 2018-01-25

He lowered his head to kiss her lips and whisper to her “I have wanted to fuck you for so many years my darling Valerie” and she squeezed his penis deep with in her fanny and replied “Fuck me – fuck me till you are satisfied and then take me from behind – I have wanted you for so long – to feel you thrust into me as you hold my hips, my breasts bouncing in reply to your every thrust – please fuck me for your delight alone – I give you my body as your very own fuck toy”

Virginators: College Buddies' Quest

first-time SXY_Hot_Mamma 2018-01-25

Brandon sat on one of the other couches with Mark, telling the other guys to rack up the balls on the pool table. Her sweet panties clung to her cute small butt cheeks and she leaned against the table, letting the guys look her over. Mark began playing his turn as Brandon sat back on the couch with the other guys. Brandon packed a bowl of pot on the bong and the guys took turns taking hits as Mark played the machine. I watched as I stood nearby, my hand on my cock, like almost everyone else in the room, and stroked my prick gently as Brandon slid a finger into her small pussy.

Moni shared

first-time 2018-01-25

Jeff started telling me how nice Moni was and then said and seems to be friendly to as watched Brian lower his hands to her ass and pull her tight against him. Jeff and I continued to talk until Moni got back grabbed Jeff’s hand and off they went again. Brian moaned he was going to cum Jeff pulled her hair and said you better swallow it all. Jeff pulled out and sat on the couch and made Moni get on top of him face to face. As she got off Brian sat down and said my turn, Moni climbed on to him and started doing the same to him as she did Jeff.

A f****y Affair

first-time sexykamel 2018-01-25

"Oh yeah, stroke my cock s*s, it feels so good." Alex sighed slipping his hand between her legs again and sliding three fingers inside her slowly sawing them in and out. "Ugh, oh mommy, oh god." Michelle tonguefucked her faster as she started pulling and twisting Rebecca's clit, she was so hungry for the younger girls cum that she was rubbing her own pussy against the mattress trying to relieve some of the pressure. "Oh god baby, eat me, I'm going to cum." Rebecca sucked harder at the small nub as her fingers flew in and out of Michelle's wet, hot well. Alex dropped between his mothers legs and started tonguing her still wet pussy while Rebecca took her father's cock into her mouth and sucked deeply at it.

That First Hand Job

first-time Randymann64 2018-01-25

To feel that hook release, knowing that now I would have access to those wonderful little titties with their hard nipples. With all of my strength I pulled in my abdominal muscles as her hand slid quickly into my shorts and inside my underwear. As my hips twisted, she began to stroke me slowly with the ball of her hand rubbing against the head of my cock. I felt her stiffen and pull away, jerking her hand out of my shorts and asking, "What is it! My hand had been pulled out of her shorts when she moved away, and now we lay still face to face as I moved my body back against her.

My neighbor's daughter

first-time eddy6 2018-01-25

She had become a real woman with long slender legs and henns breasts much bigger now than she exposed herself to me a couple of years ago. A few days later I went out in garden, I saw that Emma swam in their pool, I waved to her as I asked if it was good in the water? Emma turned around with both hands above her head she pressed the water from her long blonde hair. During all the years she tried to get me into bed, I've always said no to respectability to my friend.Now I stood here with a large stand and looked straight into a wonderful teenage pussy.

Britney gets it on!

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-01-25

While making his way through the busy streets, Jeff noticed some posters advertising the Britney Spears concert on the fifteenth. Now that she had unzipped her jean jacket, Jeff could see Britney’s large breasts pushing against her tight T-shirt. “Listen Jeff, I’m only in town for the Britney Spears concert and I was wondering if you would like to come back to my hotel room with me,” with that she removed her sunglasses and baseball cap to reveal who she really was. Britney and her new lover locked lips in a frenzied kiss as Jeff ripped off the jean jacket and cupped Britney’s firm breasts in his hands. All she wanted from him was to feel his hot seamen inside of her but Jeff pulled out of her ass.