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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Right Place and Time

first-time americandemon 2018-01-25

Lisa looked at me and said, "Nice try, Sean, but I'm sure you've filled enough girls with your cum." Damn you act like a -" She stopped and thought about the way I looked at her naked and about when I had said that I wanted to know what it felt like. I said, "All through high school and college all I ever heard was how girls wanted guys with eight inches or more and lots of experience. Lisa giggled and said, "Do you want me, little boy?" I said, "I want to make you cum again Lisa, But this time durring regular sex." I said, "Lisa, I noticed when I was getting ready to cum, I felt really mean, almost animal like.

Truck stop encounter

first-time plucky65 2018-01-25

He seemed to have a great sense of where my gag reflex started, as he’d push his cock into my mouth until it was just beginning to be uncomfortable, then slowly pull back before doing it again, pushing a little deeper each time. You didn’t leave me a mess to clean up, did ya?” I nodded my head no, picked up something trivial in the bins in front of the counter and paid for it without looking the guy in the face. First time I have even thought about doing such a thing.” As I opened the truck door, I found a little piece of paper stuck in the window with a local phone number.

The Drum Majorette: Jasmine's Story

first-time NatashaTsarinaErotic 2018-01-25

“Your sister can suck cock like no other I have ever met,” moaned Jimmy through closed eyes. Karla moved up on the bed and after taking off his clothes Jimmy crawled up between her legs and berried his face in her pussy. “Let’s ride our boys,” said Karla and gently pushed Jimmy away from her pussy. When I sat on Max’s hips just in front of his cock that I felt poking against my ass cheeks I turned to Karla and said, “This is it, I’m going to try my first cock.” But Karla had gotten it right and had Jimmy’s cock deep inside her mouth when he came she could swallow all of it which she did.

A decent lady and her daughter, my best companions

first-time 2018-01-25

We got inside and she told her daughter to make bed ready for me and asked if I need any food or milk for which I denied. When I got adjusted to new place, slowly I came out of my bed towards the gallery where I heard the milkman telling this lady to clear his account or he will stop giving milk. When I came to the lobby, I saw only this lady was in the kitchen, rest house was empty.When I asked her were her daughter was , she came and hugged me again and told me that she has gone to her college as it was from 9 to 3.

Nostalgia: Details about my sexual partners

first-time overdoser 2018-01-25

So here's a little info on the girls I was with & some of the experiences I've had so far. HJ, BJ, Sex, Anal, Ass to Mouth, Facial, Swallow. Only black girl so far! HJ, BJ, Sex, Anal, Ass to Mouth, Video, Facial, Swallow. I used to make her squirt all day & night, I had her dick whipped! The hottest was fucking her while her 3 HOT ASS friends were in the room! wasted ass girl fallin asl**p while givin me head. BJ, Sex, Anal, Swallow. First girl to try & finger my ass! Always fucking her ass & she loved it! Brown - Straight Long (To Ass) Black - Straight Long (To Chest) Black - Straight Long (To Chest) Black - Straight Long (To Chest)

89% girl

First Time

first-time x0jaedynne 2018-01-25

WHERE DO YOU WANT IT BABY?" Shawn moaned as he pumped into my tight pussy as hard as he could. CUM." We moaned together for about 30 seconds, and he looked me in my eyes and said I love you. SORRY!" Rob, Shawn's best friend said as he began to shut the door. Have fun, I'm going to take a shower." Shawn kissed me on the forehead and said 'I love you baby', and then went for the bathroom. Rob looked me in the eyes and took off his boxers, he rubbed my clit for a few seconds, and then kissed my neck, and my breasts.


Fun on the road.

first-time masterplan11 2018-01-25

Through the drive her hand gradually left my thigh and started rubbing my cock through the jeans, making it harder and pushing more and more against my jeans. I reached over and felt her tiny breast, feeling her nipple through the shirt she was wearing and rubbing it a little roughly. Her tiny hand wrapped around me, trailing my entire length and then stopping at the tip an slowly working her way back down. As the road eventually led back to the way we came, we hit red light in the middle of the wood (To this day I don't know why this light is there)and she stopped her aggressive stroking and started shifting herself towards me.


first-time jasliz 2018-01-25

"It's hot, and you're really oozing now," she said watching the pre-cum makes it's way down my head to the shaft. I asked Debbie about it and she said some girls liked to suck guys with their mouths," she said still playing with her finger. "Let's try this blond girl's trailer," she said moving her finger so the mouse hovered over the clip. Let's watch another girl and see the difference," she said closing the video and going back to the site. "Will you shoot like that guy on the video?" she asked slowly moving her hand on my cock like the girls in the videos.

Golf Club Wives Ch. 07

first-time mangrove jack 2018-01-25

Her nerves were tingling expecting him to kiss her pussy when to her surprise he placed his hand gently over it and whispered "you're hot." She smiled but her mouth was dry making it impossible to respond as he ran his fingers along her moist pussy lips. Her body was tense waiting for his next move when he lifted her head and whispered, "Can you see your little man he is standing like a soldier on guard." He waited while she strained to look down at her clit then as she watched he blew lightly on it and slid a finger deep into her hot hole.

Innocence Lost During the War

first-time humblyyours 2018-01-25

She understood how the guys liked to tease virgin men and promised to never say a word but about a month ago looked deep into my eyes while quietly telling me, "I find special girl for you Artieah, then you happy no cherry boy, good for you can smile much then." Little did I know this particular day in my life would become one of the most special time with Another ...

High School: Zero to Hero Ch. 00

first-time yoursilentknight 2018-01-25

"What if I offered to teach you everything you ever wanted to know about sex, and help you enter your senior year not a virgin?" She said with a coy smile. "I think it's time for bed," Ashley said stretching her arms up over her head while yawning. "And just where do you think you're going?" She said placing her hand on her hip and looking at me as though I were doing something wrong. While we kissed, I let my hands roam over Ashley's body. I ran my hands, which I had let fall to my side on the bed, up her legs to her hips, then up the sides of her ribs to just bellow her breasts.

To Doug, My Mentor

first-time KellyP 2018-01-25

I'm also going to ejaculate in your mouth and I want you to get used to the taste of semen and get used to swallowing too. Strangely, I wanted him to kiss me, but we hugged right there before the fire, both of us as naked as Adam and Eve and as I pressed my cheek against his chest, I felt the foolishly girly feeling that I was falling in love with him. A couple of minutes later, he came back, naked, dragging an erection that looked, to my hungry eyes, like a baseball bat. I touched the black dot a couple of more times and while I was waiting for Doug to nut off, I noticed that Leslie was approaching with a big martini glass.

Camera Buff

first-time cbsummers 2018-01-25

She sat up again and pulled the fur wrap around her shoulders, then turned back toward the camera again, trying in vain to figure out how to hold it right. In the video she continued fiddling with the fur wrap, giving me a few fleeting glimpses of her areolas, before she finally decided to clutch it in the center, and say, "Okay, I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. Demille." I immediately watched the whole video again, this time stroking my cock lovingly and moaning with aching lust for Rona Barrett's glorious body. When it ended the second time I looked through the few photos I took when she couldn't figure out how to hold the wrap without getting her hands in the shot.

Such Stuff as Dreams are Made Ch. 04

first-time solvemymystery 2018-01-25

The final list was for all the things I would need to do before August to ensure we would all be ready to make the movie when the time came. This included such practicalities as going on the pill, and making sure Anna and Natalie did too, lingerie shopping, purchasing train tickets, scouting a wooded location for the outdoor sex scenes, and, last but not least, getting a job to afford it all! I wanted to use my whole body to raise him to the heavens and then bring him back down, to make those fantasies of his come true, but when it came to the practicalities my skin turned cold.

black bang part 1

first-time musclecock 2018-01-25

I decided to head back to campus a day or two early before Joanna did as I was getting my cock drained by some guy I could always toss a few hot loads I think my record for one day was 5 times with her and got my cock sucked he wanted a drink, he said sure, but his voice trailed off a little. I sucked his cock for nearly 20 minutes when he pulled it free and jerked his hot cum on my face, and for the second time that day and and I sat there on my bed room floor with still hard cock, savoring his hot nearly the entire time thinking about the hot cock I sucked and what I

Slutty Ondra's Sex Log Ch. 05

first-time PossibleSlut 2018-01-25

It was during that shower - some time in between scrubbing the previous evening's application of antiperspirant from my underarms and running my soap-filled hand in between my legs to clean away the last remnants of sweat, saliva, vaginal secretions and stale semen left on me after the wanton fucking I had just done - that your girl here made the decision to start therapy. There I'd be in some out-of-the-way spot, like down on my knees in the bushes behind the school, feverishly sliding some boy's cock in and out of my mouth and licking his fucking hairy, smelly balls (a lot of them didn't bother to shower after gym class), trying to hurry up and make him shoot his load before anyone showed up.

Love Birds.poem

first-time adel5000 2018-01-25

In the dawn of the morning I watched the skies And beheld the warm Sun and watched it rise, Were pure amazement to my young tender eyes. And had no direction til’ I heard your song I knew my in heart it could never be wrong We flew off together in the midday sun and singing such songs as have been never sung. Forever in my heart I held you dear Love and devotion and all that it brings you pulled my heart strings We followed the sun, and laughed hand in hand But as the sun set, I flew in the sight The darkness descends as the Sun drops away And the coming of dawn will bring a new day.

A Bump in the Dark

first-time edfinch 2018-01-25

Fred spoke, "If I remember correctly this should be the old records office, I think there was a wall phone in here somewhere." He turned to Rose placing both hands on her chest and said, Stay here near the wall and I will work my way around and see if I can find a phone." Rose knowing Fred was a bit uncomfortable in the dark, spoke in a soft voice saying, "It will be just like having a picnic, I even think I have some cookies with me. As Fred slowly moved his hands over Rose's face then to her neck, he said "I never thought of seeing a person in this way, are you sure it's ok?"

The Cabin

first-time PrincessErin 2018-01-25

Danny shut off the car and turned to face Alicia. The cabin was Danny's parents, but he knew he was allowed to use it whenever he wanted. I'll sleep in the sunroom and you can have my parents' bed." Danny's sentence was cut off by Alicia's forceful kiss. Alicia could be quite the minx when she wanted to and right now she was wiggling out of her jeans and panties while pushing him onto his back. "I'm fine." Alicia lifted up and pushed down, watching as more of Danny's cock slide inside her. "No. I'm close." Alicia was grinding against Danny's cock exactly the way she needed to cum.

Moni's first BBC

first-time 2018-01-25

Marc went back to sit down and I got on my knees as Dave undid his pants and let them fall. I got up and removed my skirt and hose and lay on the bed as Dave lowered his head to my swollen cunt and lapped at my juices for a while then moved up as I spread my legs wider and stared with a little fear as he guided his huge cock to my little pussy. I was glad we got a room with 2 beds , I had Dave stay so I can suck and fuck him all night as hubby tried to sl**p in the other bed.

Kathy's Pool Party Ch. 01: Jen

first-time Gary_Alexander 2018-01-25

When I got back to the pool area, I understood why Mindy had told me not to worry: one of the girls, I think the girl who was making out with the boy on the lounge chair earlier, was swimming around wearing a t-shirt and panties. At that point, at least half the kids at the party jumped into the pool, wearing whatever they had on: bathing suits mostly, but a couple of guys stripped down to their boxers and one more girl went in with her t-shirt and panties. "You're it." Rob turned right to Didi and pulled off her red bikini bottoms, rubbing his body against hers in a way that told me Mindy had lost her boyfriend for good.

My First Experience With Dick, JERK and SUCK

first-time anitabrausa 2018-01-24

We talked many things about sex, he asking me many questions, and of course, I did not know much, only things learned at school. He said his penis was dry and wanted me to make wet. He pushed my head up and down slowly and began caress my back and try to press my ass. He asked me to stop moving my head but still keep my mouth on penis. I said yes and he asked if he wanted to learn more things. He said next time, he will show more new things and would ask always if I want to do it. That was my first experience with a cock, after feeling that hot cum in my mouth, I loved doing that to men.

Yearning with Anticipation

first-time MissDXX 2018-01-24

Then I feel your hands come up to touch the soft skin on my abdomen. I feel your fingers come up touching my sides slowly, moving the sides of the blouse away. I feel a hardness begin to stir under my bottom so I move a hand to stroke its shaft within the contours of the clothes. Next thing comes the intense pleasure as your teeth tug at each nipple. Alas, I come back and this time, I feel your hard cock against the wetness of my vagina. The intensity captures is both until the moment of climax when our bodies feel like they are exploding and all muscles throb and contract from the build up.

Why do I think my daughter is Attractive #4

first-time KinkyNick420 2018-01-24

The Loud sound of my Wife setting the table snapped me back into reality and I pulled away from Nia. We have to stop for now I told her and she smiled and said.."I know daddy"..As we both headed for the dinner table I had to strategically hide my huge hard on in my waistband so Amy wouldnt notice! "Dinner was great"..I told the wife as we were finishing." Yea Mom..delicious" Nia said.." Well guess I guess I gotta get ready for another late shift" she sighed..I almost couldnt hide the huge grin that came over me like a wave! "Is that good " she asked..I said "yes baby it is great." I told her that daddy can try to make her cum if she wanted!