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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Gina Loses Her Virginity

first-time Mysteria27 2018-01-24

Jack then pulled my panties to the side and started to play with my pussy. I was just wanting Jack to lick my pussy. Jack cupped my pussy and tongue fucked my anus. Jack licked his fingers with all my sweet juices and continued to fuck my asshole. I felt so sexy being in his bed and having him lick my pussy and fuck my asshole. Jack then squeezed a little lube onto his palm and rubbed it all over my pussy and his cock. Jack then pushed himself hard into my pussy and I felt my hymen breaking. Jack pushed his cock into my mouth and let out a moan and came down my throat.

The guy with a nice ass

first-time sunpuwar 2018-01-24

Then there is that awkward moment when he walked back to his table of friends and looked at my reflection in the mirror that clearly showed that I had my eyes glued on his beautiful, round ass. He put his hands on top of my legs while I placed mine on his sides guiding him down moving deeper and deeper inside him. Then he moved his legs up over my shoulders and he bent them pulling me on top of him and I stared into his eyes as I leaned in to kiss him and fuck continued to fuck him. I arched his back and pushed his ass up hard against my dick and started to shoot pearly streams of cum over his hairy chest.


first-time oedipus 2018-01-24

I pulled my head slightly back and squeezed her right breast saying, “Mamma, mamma.” When I took the dark pink nipple into my mouth and sucked it, the sweet, warm milk flowed into my mouth. I released her breast and said, “Mamma, I have pain here.” Then I took her right hand and placed it on my erect cock. I placed my hand on her cunt and told her that I was interested in lactating breasts from very early age, and explained what all I imagined about other nursing mothers who visit us three or four times a week for gossip and company.

Valentine's Surprise

first-time masterskitty 2018-01-24

"Alright then, Aitlan, I know you are new here and you are trying overly hard to set an example of yourself to everyone." Mr. Dayton said, trying to ignore the fact that Aitlan was letting that machine get her off. "Actually Mr. Dayton, I was trying to set an example so you would notice." Aitlan said turning the butterfly off. "Miss Mire, could I see you in my office for a second?" Mr. Dayton said as he walked in and opened the door. "What you've wanted the entire time you've had me in your class." Aitlan said pushing him back from the desk. "I wanted you to be my first." Aitlan said, moving her hips up, like she had seen him do minutes before.

Miaw: The Life of the Party

first-time StudStory 2018-01-24

Maybe Brad wasn't a tit guy, so I moved his other hand down between my legs and I asked him to make me feel good. Brad kept kissing me and started to feel by breasts, but it was a bit rushed and he kept breaking my concentration by asking if I liked it. I got to work licking Brad's dick but my mind kept thinking of John masturbating to my exposed pussy. "She is going to get fucked by my big cock," John said to Brad. "Brad?" I said going to ask him to leave but then John pushed into me. I felt like a huge slut then but it was turning me on so much, especially since I could look straight at Brad as John fucked me.

Oiled Up in the Kitchen

first-time married_but_curious 2018-01-24

I'm not that kind of girl, I try to say to myself, but I'm on my knees with a mouth full of bulging cockhead and a shaft that's sinking deep between my open, waiting lips, and I'm loving it, loving the salty taste of precum and the thought of giving a man such pleasure, and it's hard to reconcile that with being virginal, so I quit thinking about that and just give myself up to pleasing this grunting, lustful man pumping his dick the last inch inside. Do you want my cock deep inside you?" You kiss my neck and stroke my hair, and your other hand slips between my hips and the countertop and touches my clit.


Fun with my 1st girlfnd in a movie hall

first-time Rahul405 2018-01-24

When we came out we saw it was raining, but she told she want to reach home immediately so we left in the rain, it was raining heavily, by the time we reached her house we both were wet, fortunately her parents were not there at home, she asked me to come to her house, i went inside, she was all wet, her dress was sticking to her sexy body exposing her beautiful boobs, my dick was standing rock solid, wanted to fuck her, i didn’t want to waste any more time, as soon as we entered the house she closed the door, as soon as she turned i hugged her very tightly, she cried ouch… i kissed all over her face, she loved it… later she told we both r wet let me get a towel, she got the towel from her room, i asked her can i clean your body with the towel, shyingly she nodded her head, i took the towel from her, first dried her hairs, then removed her wet t-shirt, she felt shy and hugged me, i unhooked her bra from behind, removed it and dried all her wet body with the towel.

My First Grope

first-time Watcher55 2018-01-24

So we kept on going but it stayed in the back of my mind for some time and as we worked we started to wrestle around and as we did so Bob's hands found their way around my breast again but just on the side. My husband must have told you that we have talked about playing with others while we had sex so this was going through my mind as I sat on top of Bob and I could feel his dick getting hard with each wiggler of my ass. I knew he wasn't going to last much longer so I sped up on my strokes and as he played with my pussy and his fingers came close to the opening I pushed foreword onto his hand making his fingers slip into me.

Discovering I'm a Cougar Part 1

first-time Sugardaddy6969 2018-01-24

I think every woman should try it before they decide." I said with a smile and thought I better find out soon myself but then I decided that now was a good time to help Heather with sex. Most men like cock as the word so they might ask you to suck their cock." I said and she smiled as she tried to absorb the new names. "Heather, I'm glad that you have a new friend but I kind of heard what was going on in your room when I got home." I said and expected Heather to feel a little upset but she just smiled. I don't know what sucking cock is like but eating pussy was fun!" Heather said excitedly.

A monday to remember

first-time LovePanties_ 2018-01-24

Finally feeling a little at ease, trying to figure out if Jack last remark was something to be ashamed for, if he had really meant what she heard, she sat on the couch. The light white blanket was barely covering her body: a pretty woman in her early thirties, brown hair combed up in a nice chignon - how much he liked a naked neck! The white blanket cladding her body slid on the couch, she didn't realize it and stood there a second, trying to keep her balance, her head spinning slightly and her legs trembling a little due to the alcohol.

True story about me masturbating in school

first-time newsexykellylee 2018-01-24

at that point i was to horney so i start to play with my self up and down in and out i think i was makeing he horney too i can see a big bump in is trousers i started to moan mr wood looked up at me he had a good view of my pussy. i no mr wood didnt like me because i said no to be a art model,but wot i just did i wonted to do it i wonted to be a naked model for the art class, i will do a story about me being a art model next time.


first-time BADBONE 2018-01-24

Their mother, who insisted I call her Mom, looked like an older version of Suzie, the difference being she was slightly shorter, had larger breasts, a little more ass, wore glasses, and had graying hair. About 8:30 that evening her mother and father retired indoors, leaving Christine, her husband, Suzie and I to drinking and talking about old times. She said it hardly got used anymore, but occasionally she liked to slip out on warm summer nights and skinny dip while looking up at the stars. Dressed in the same belted type print housedress she had been wearing earlier, she slowly walked over to the closet doors and opened them and began to look at the hanging clothes.

Example of Sexy first time story

first-time nylonsblack 2018-01-24

He laid me on my side, saying it is best for the first time, he lubed me up and stretched me a little with his fingers but I was feeling a bit remote, the closeness I had felt before was gone, I wanted to look into his eyes as he mounted me, I guess, so I stopped him and explained. Then he kind of climbed up my body towards me, and I felt his meat trying to find my hole, it hit my balls a few times, but eventually it was slowly inside me.


first-time Mr James 2018-01-24

One afternoon, while her parents were out, Victoria accidentally dropped in on Jim. He opened the door to find her on the step, looking as sweet and girly as she could for her nineteen years. Jim swallowed and looked at Victoria, his eyes drinking in the mane of dark curls that tumbled to her waist and the smooth skin. Slowly Jim leaned over her, the tip of his cock brushing against her thigh and leaving a moist trail of pre-cum. Victoria lifted her head to look down between her breasts at the Jim’s hard cock, as he opened the lips of her pussy and eased the head just inside her.

The Virgin

first-time boodiddy21 2018-01-24

The door from the living room onto the balcony slid open, and I felt nervous. His eyes danced across the room, first falling on the candles upon the tables nearest the balcony doors, then to the bed, then to me. He stopped at the edge of the blue curtains that were still moving slowly in the wind, and began to undress. Then I decided that he needed me to progress the evening, and I rolled onto my side, nightgown clinging in all the right places, and kissed him gently. He laid back down next to me, the blue curtain had fallen off a long time ago, and we could see out the open balcony door.

Golden Mom CHAPTER 2

first-time showoffmybod22 2018-01-24

She leaned her face forward and kissed his thigh, pulling at his cock, watching his piss hole open and bead with juices. With a soft sobbing sound, she dragged the head of his cock up and down the crack of her ass, but never so low it that it touched her cunt. Johnny leaned back and watched his mother pull his cock up and down the With a soft squeal, Peggy pulled her son's cock into the crack of her Johnny began pressing the head of his cock against his mother's asshole. Johnny's cock was still inside his mother's asshole, but it was soft now. Slowly she pulled her ass forward, feeling her son's cock slide back and

the medina and the girl

first-time 2018-01-24

Chris was now in full erection and he quickly pushed her hand down to grab it. chris could feel his water rising, so he did what he always did in the3s circimstances, he put his two hands behind her head and shove his penis into her mouth. Before long wave upon wave of water was gushing forth, producing in chris a near blackout moment where the only thing keeping him up was the door at his back and his hands on her head. a older woman cam in waliking by the closet..when she had passed the girl returned grabbed chris by the arm and led him out the door. she put something in his hand then went back inside and closed the door.

White Horses Ch. 03

first-time thewordsmith2590 2018-01-24

Leaving his shirt and belt where they had fallen, Doctor Ruben Portnoy grasped Maggie's hand and helped her slide across the silky coverlet, then turned and led her to the adjoining bathroom. Swallowing hard and wondering if she would soon hyperventilate, Maggie let her gaze skim his body – across the defined chest, lightly furred with sodden brown curls – down the flat abdomen, rippling now as the doctor reached for a bar of soap and a wash rag – lower still, her eyes following the tantalizing cut of muscle that arrowed downward from his hips – then swiftly over, to regard the thick musculature of one thigh.

Slip to Pleasure

first-time peterdee 2018-01-24

With my green reflective vest as a sort of armour, I crossed the road on the zebra before the young kids came, went to the window of the van and said: "Hey mister, I've seen you every day for a while now and you don't pick up anyone, can you tell me what you are doing outside our school?" I told him the scrapes were much better, that my mom and sister had laughed their heads off at my blue bum, that I had had a face-cloth wash and missed not having a shower. I giggled with delight and slowly stroked it with my fingertips, glancing at Jim. His eyes were closed and I could hear his breathing and felt his hips start to move his cock in my hand.

The Honeymoon Ch. 01

first-time CWatson 2018-01-24

It made her heart dance in her breast to hear it--she had heard the words before, from many different people, even from Patrick on occasion; but never first thing in the morning, from the mouth of her husband and love of her life. Any good?" On the list of things she would rather not discuss over breakfast, Winston and Kerri's sex life was near the top of the list--just under the topic of her sex life with Patrick. And wouldn't you rather us do that now, then later when we're on the ground?" Patrick relented with good grace, laughing when Winston pointed out that they could likewise have 'guy talk,' and so when Amanda flew for the first time in her life, it was with her sister at her side, not her husband.

Cross Dresser at Convention Pt. 01

first-time Alluring_Crimson_Shifter 2018-01-24

Facing his buddy Tim rubbed the sides of the dress and said, "sexy, it even makes my dick hard." Without knowing why he took Dennis's hand and put on his cock to show him. When they walked into the dimly lit club in front of some other men, Tim purposely lightly smacked Dennis on the ass and rubbed his hand on his butt feeling the panty lines through the fabric, squeezed the butt cheek and pinched his ass which brought a giggle from Dennis playing the role, but was also drunk. The man took his cock and placed the head between Dennis's lips and said, "lick the top, stick your tongue in the hole." He thought as long as he had the cock in his mouth the man was distracted and this might give him some time to think of a way out of this.

Couple expands to Threesome with new 22yo female f

first-time bigandlater 2018-01-24

There was a female above from us who heard us talking when Jeff came in and toward the end offered $5 for the drink saying her "date" stood her up with the statement abd to think i told myself no matter how good looking he was or wasn't - she had just left a lesbian relationship and told herself she would have sex with a man before she decided to try to move on or if her heart was lesbian. He got dressed and says sorry i guess your just to tight and then instead off following rules and layed out before hand, he walks into the master where he gets a view of his wife spread eagle and Jeff sliding his monster into her pussy stretching it to the max, and her screaming " oh fuck yes finally a real mans cock, i am cumming cumming cumming....

A Sibling Secret

first-time jefffinn 2018-01-24

you." Thomas always talked in artsy nonsense when he got flustered, but Kit felt it this time -- like it wrapped around her heart, making her want to breathe in deep to give it room. parties..." Thomas answered distractedly -- Kit's moist panties clung to her mid-thighs, and her little b*****r's hot breath breezed over her bare pussy. Just means your big s****r is going to take her little b*****r's virginity," Her giggle warped into a little satisfied moan as she felt Thomas's thick cock twitch against her pussy. "They said she'll look just like her Daddy," Kit grinned, watching Thomas's eyes light up and his hand pet over his baby nestled inside her belly, "At least, that's what I bet they'll say when they find out."

Curiosity Rewarded

first-time BobbiR 2018-01-24

In fact, I'd say it's the best feeling in the world." She looked lovingly across Virginia at Max. She tried to imagine Max and Dolores making love, what they might look like as he put his penis into her vagina. Max and Dolores decided to let her be, thinking that she was perhaps a little embarrassed at the events of the previous night. "This," said Dolores, turning Max towards her so that she could clearly see the outline of his hardening cock, "is what you call the penis." "And this," continued Dolores, easing Max's shorts over his cock and down his legs, "is what it looks like in the flesh." She bent forward and, to Virginia's amazement, took the head of Max's cock into her mouth.