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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Special Kind of Man

first-time awakethepassion 2018-01-24

I closed my eyes, sure that this was a dream and that I was going to wake up any minute but when I opened them again he was still there and his fingers were still touching my face. He took his time, knowing that no other man had ever touched me like that before and knowing that I was still embarrassed over the way I looked. I clung to him when the explosion seemed to hit us both at the same time and we held each other tight, he was holding me so tightly against his chest that I felt like I couldn't breathe.

From Glory Hole to Fucking

first-time 2018-01-24

We went into one and he took off his outer clothing and stood dressed like a woman in undies. He asked me to feel him up like a woman so I started to feel his cock through his panties. He said for me to treat him like a woman and being inexperienced in this, I just put my hands round his ass and started to grope him. he was moaning with pleasure to feel my young hands over his ass through the nylon panties. I soon came to the conclusion that it would be great to dress up like that and feel the lovely soft clothing against my body.

Everything is Better with Coke

first-time 2018-01-24

'Are you sure you want to purchase a product from Pepsi when Coke makes everything better?' I almost drop the 2 liter in my hand as I thought I was in the isle by myself, having not seen anyone or anything other than the flat bed carrying Coke products. I struggle to sit up at this point and try to stop him but he jumps up and lays on me, grabbing my hands to hold them down and starts kissing me again. I start to moan and feel the desire to touch him but when I try he pushes my arms away not wanting anything to take away from his worship of my breasts.

Sex Change for Black Boyfriend

first-time 425olds 2018-01-24

He came 4 times (with a condom) that first night and we both fell asl**p exhausted and, in my case, a little sore after the intensive fucking. Eventually I went to a psychologist with Frank and I started a series of interviews about why I wanted to change. Frank was fucking me anally again by then but I knew he wanted my new pussy. "Chrissie (formerly I was Christopher) I love you and want you" he said, all the time working more of his dick into me. After 2 hours of different positions, all the time stretching and fitting out my new pussy, Frank came in me.

Text sex every day

first-time bi-wifey 2018-01-24

Id often get horny and exchange pics and vids with these guys getting horny and wet id make them cum and they wud make me come etc anyway i left the site for a while and when i came back i got back in to the swing of things i gave a guy my number and we started to text next thing i no i got a txt from a number i didnt know it was from sexy secrets warning me about some guys on there and to be carefull who gets my number.

my first 3some

first-time ScottNC 2018-01-24

The older guy came over in front of me and asked if he could suck me, I nodded with approval and he started to suck me hard. he pushed me off and started sucking the hell out of my rock hard cock and I glanced at the onlooker and started thrusting my hips ...fucking the guys mouth. I got there and waited a few short minutes for the other guy to arrive. While waiting, the older guy said this other dude had a big cock. He dove between my legs and started deep throating my cock and the other guy got under me and started sucking my balls. Then they positioned me to lay on the bed so I could suck the big cock and the other guy suck me.

Mala's Story

first-time altaff143 2018-01-24

"God, I love the way you fuck me," Kusum gurgled as Mohit began to slide his huge, thick cock in and out of her dripping little slit. "Oh, Fuck," he gasped as he slowly eased his massive penis down into the scalding, sucking core of her cunt, "God, I Love it." She was so hot and ready for him, his cock didn't hesitate on its journey down into her vagina. Barely able to keep from slamming his long, thick maleness into her, Mohit slowly eased it down and watched the foreskin roll back in a very similar fashion that it had rolled back when he had entered Kusum until it was totally immersed inside her hot, clutching cunt.


first-time 2018-01-24

I then stop and open the bag a had brought with me and pull out this 9inch long 3inch think vibrator and put it down next to me you look at it and think ohhh yes!I smile and pull out a set of handcuffs and cuff your hand you offer no struggle and I go back down between your leg's and pick up this monster of a vibrator and turn it on you see that it don't just vibrate but it wiggles and turns slightly!You know what I am going to do and you open your legs more and I slowly tease your clit with it and then I slide it up and down your pussy lips and then without any warning!

From one thing to another

first-time CarlosDanger71 2018-01-24

When I finally collapsed, by bones felt like jelly and I could hold my head up, so I was rather surprised when she slid off my cock and quickly straddled my face once more. I would fuck her doggy style and tell her how hot I would find it if she were eating her friends pussy right that moment and we would both cum and cum hard. He finally pulled all but the head out and he stroked his cum coated cock, making sure to get every drop he could into her. I’m loving his fucking me and I go back to eating Cindy’s pussy, trying to get whatever of Terry’s cum is still in her.

"Now I Know I Like Girls"

first-time isuktoes 2018-01-24

"Who's us?" He rattled off some names and Liz, my boss (remember her?) and another woman, from Chicago, whom I only vaguely knew were going, so I was kind of okay with that. And I sure haven't had another woman licking my nipples and squeezing my breasts in a long, long time. Okay?" Then she pulled my panties down to my slacks and started stroking my bare pussy. She pushed on my hand a little more and a finger went into her. "You like girl now, right?" I shook my head, but just a little. Again she asked "you like girl now?" Only this time she slid a third finger into me. Woman like eat clean pussy." I must have blushed for the thousandth time that night.

Late Night Movies (chapter one)

first-time oregazm 2018-01-24

The moment my door swung open my dads voice called out from the living room down the hall, "Robbie? If we just had to go to the bathroom it was okay because it was right next to my bedroom and daddy didn't have to be interrupted. When daddy gave permission we had to hurry passed the living room and into the kitchen, fetch what we wanted then hurry back down the hall. "I just have to go to the bathroom." I called out in response down the dark hallway toward the living room that glowed blue. I may in bed, trying to sl**p through my curiosity but that was a battle I was losing...

Deceived by a Mother and Daughter

first-time LiamChristopher 2018-01-23

I wasn't even thinking along those lines but the next thing I know she had nodded yes and Renee pulled her up to have her sit on the opposite bed facing us as she sat down where Randi had just been. I was asked to put my arms back around her like I had with Randi and after a little motherly explanation to Randi, Renee pulled my face towards her and began slowly kissing me. That sequence of kisses lasted a few minutes before she pulled away and asked Randi to sit down next to me again as she handed us back our glasses of wine that had been topped off again.


Let Me Work You...

first-time prettygirlaspen 2018-01-23

Feeling your hand slide down my spine to my ass I love the moan you offer as you realize i'm not wearing panties so there is nothing between us except the thin layer of fabric from my skirt. Cutting me off you say....."You wanna want?" Grabbing a hand full of my hair you gently guide my head back, and begin to kiss my neck. Placing your hand on my clit-you begin to rub it teasing me adding..."Maybe, you want me to put my face right here again so I can finish what I started." Closing my eyes I roll my hips and begin to imagine the feel of a 3rd person eating my pussy as you fuck my mouth.

Virginity Lost Ch. 1

first-time Shanbabe4u 2018-01-23

I jumped a little when he laid his hand on my knee and his other hand brushed across my neck and his fingers tangled themselves in my shoulder length hair. I started from the base and once I reached the head, I parted my lips a little and pushed it against my mouth. I thought he would lower his body down the bed but instead he twisted his torso around till his legs were beside my head, and his smooth ass was revealed by the low light from the other room. With my right hand, I was massaging my breast, while with the other I reached out and ran my fingers over his cheeks, across the small of his back and down the back of his legs.

Wasteland in Amsterdam - Welcome to the world of B

first-time 2018-01-23

And walked and walked until we eventually arrived at a completely anonymous building in a residential street, but sure enough, the name was on the bell and it was answered by one of the two female owners, who came downstairs to explain that she was really sorry, but they were couture only and they were going to have to spend all day dressing people who'd flown in from Russia and the USA for the party and there wasn't much they could do at short notice. So after three attempts, we were empty handed (apart from a new pair of latex stockings for Slut from Absolute Danny), but of course, her existing wardrobe was much more exciting than she had pretended and we had a fabulous evening getting dressed, her in a basque and very very high heels, and me in a latex kilt (Hello, I'm from Scotland!)

Virginity Lost in an Ancient Place

first-time intimateoutlet 2018-01-23

She looked beautiful, her auburn hair wrapped around her head in a French braid and her summer dress subtly hanging from her, tracing a gentle line over her perfectly formed breasts, reaching halfway down her thigh and revealing her beautifully long pale legs. The birds twittered intensely in the trees as dusk drew in, and with the sun now casting orangey-purple tones across the forest Sophie grasped James' hand, turned him, lay her body against the rock and, looking deep into her eyes told him "I'm ready". Rampant now, James continued to rhythmically pump within Sophie's grasping at her body and pulling himself deeper still inside the sensual folds of her sexual core.

My First Time Sucking Cock Pt. 01

first-time katiecdsub 2018-01-23

Although I often thought over the years about the many times he made love to me and how I sucked and deepthroated his long uncut cock throughout my high school and college years (while I also had various girlfriends), he eventually moved away and since has passed, it is only in the past few years that I have pursued this passion again. On and off for the next 7 years or so, I had that cock in my hands, mouth or tight pussy hundreds of times and rarely did it not satisfy my desire. Normally, I would have looked at him and said I want his muscles, but now an inner feeling and tingling made me aware that I wanted to be in his muscular arms and caressing his hard body.

My best mates b*****r

first-time yevedj 2018-01-23

He moaned with delight as he gripped my head and began rubbing his hands through my hair, which made my spine tingle and his cock go even harder as I slid my mouth back and forth. Mike left my mouth and kissed his way to my nipples giving a light suck and chew that sent electricity in all directions, pleasure and pain together before dropping to his knees to feast on my meat rod that was drooling like a leaking tap. He was an expert cocksucker as I’d never had anything like it, his tongue swirled, his lips clamped and his throat opened as I was able to slide all the way in down to my pubes and feel his throat muscles clamping around my oozing cockhead.

How Did You Learn To Love Fellatio? Ch. 06

first-time leBonhomme 2018-01-23

Of course, she knew it couldn't be that big, but her childhood image of it stuck in her visual memory, much too big to do what she thought Mom had been talking about, and much too big to want to suck; it was just similar to the things she had liked to suck. He was surprised: three different ways; that she had openly said that she wanted to; that she had then started to suck his cock again; and that she apparently thought it could want to after two orgasms. He was also revising his question mark to a fat exclamation mark, and worse, adding a small circle at the top so that it looked like that mushroom.

Mariu's Red Rope

first-time jennifersbody 2018-01-23

“You want it, don’t you lost princess?” he asked, pressing hard her long neck with his hand.  Jenn shook her head, bit her lips strongly signaling that she was ready for whatever he was going to do.  Her ass and her back felt as though they were on fire.  Her hands were numb from the tight ropes and she struggled to pull them free. Marius squeezed again, feeling Jenn’s body tightened as he cut off her oxygen.  It was intoxicating, knowing the power he held over her.  Jenn whimpered, the only sound she could make, trying to free herself.  He felt her giving up, her eyes rolling back in her head and he released her throat, spilling his cum deep into her ass.

my wife

first-time pcarter 2018-01-23

black man and watch him as he made love to me to see his young stud shot his black seed in me. A few days later, my husband (Ron) called and said, "Fix a young black lover.' Ron said he asked Zola if he would like to make love to a white wife and after I prepared dinner with wine and my husband answered the I thought, "Wow he looked like a real We finished dinner and my husband said for us to go to played with his ball sack and knew that soon he would be pumping his black baby seed deep inside my waiting womb. He was pumping and moaning as he emptied his black balls

Being a Man

first-time Scorpio44a 2018-01-23

"Just before time to get on the buses to come home, we'll get her in the water and strip her!" Bob said. "She'll have to come out of the water naked to get a towel and get on the bus!" Alex said. On the way taking Mom home I realized I'd missed the bus. I told Mom what I had realized and she said, "The high school always goes to Huntington State beach, lifeguard stand ten. "You don't look like the Carol I've seen every day for four years." When I sat I said, "I got the feeling you wanted to go home." I closed the door and like clockwork I counted to thirty and Mom walked into the living room.

Girl's Weekend Night Ch. 01

first-time White_Hot 2018-01-23

While I was watching Hope, Sara came up behind me and put her hands on my hips and started moving with me to the music. She then moved her hands to the front of my thighs and slowly slid them up inside my skirt, grazing both sides of my lips on the way by with her fingers. Before I could answer or recover, she had slid her hand to my thigh and moved it slowly down to my knee and was starting back up when I turned on my side to avoid the touch. I finally got the nerve and slid my hand up the inside of her thigh and on top of her panties and for the first time, felt the desire and wetness of a woman on my fingertips.


Rich Redhead goes Black again

first-time hoetapper 2018-01-23

Angela who is 29 year old professional from a great background who is really pale white with red hair had her 1st black dick from this 18 year old named Tyrone. As she was dancing on Leroy, Tyrone pulled his dick out and started stroking it. He told her to come over and start sucking on his black dick. Next thing you know Leroy is sticking his 10 inch black dick in her pussy with no condom on. Without cleaning up her pussy, she flips around and Leroy sticks his dick in her pussy that is wet with Tyrone's cum already in it. Than she tells Leroy to come over and stick his dick in her pussy.