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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Musical Tents: Swapping while Camping.

first-time trumptight85 2018-01-23

Brad was getting just a bit tired of the theme, but f***ed a grin that he shared with Gord, “If we have to go to the can at the same time tonight, the girls won’t know for sure if they’re getting the right guy back.” Carrie was the only one who looked a bit worried, maybe because she had heard talk like this before when the guys were in a few beer, and she wasn’t sure about Sarah sometimes. She still thought she knew who had fucked her, but these two grinning goons were playing with her, and the way Sarah had reacted made her doubt just a little bit.

The Wedding Night

first-time JKLust 2018-01-23

I could give my husband, the man who was going to love me for the rest of my life, this precious gift I was saving. His hand under my dress, he started rubbing my dripping wet pussy. He placed his hands gently on my shoulders, turned me so that I was now sitting on the side of the bed, legs dangling down, and he gently pushed me back, back, into the soft downy mattress. He stopped when I did, and, resting on just one fist, he took his other hand and tried to guide his shaft into my pussy, but was stopped by my wedding dress, which had shifted down as I scooted back, and was now forming a last-ditch guard to defend my precious virginity.

Hot Love

first-time pfr1998 2018-01-23

She moans loudly as I kiss her nipple and firmly grasp one breast in my hand, and suck on her hard pulsing teat. I kiss her lips and wrap my arms around her pulling her close and squeeze her breasts gently. I suck her lips and taste her hot sweet syrup flowing from her warm steamy cunt. FUCK ME!” I pull out and press the head of my cock on her clit and rub it back and forth then push down inside her cunt. She moves into position, and takes my rod in her mouth and sucks me hard I close my eyes and grip my shaft stroking it to help me along I place my other hand on her head and still stroking begin to jerk myself off to cum.

I Thought We Were More Ch. 01

first-time DrElectrogasm 2018-01-23

"I've never danced like that before, I'll look ridiculous." She said back, cupping her hands around her mouth. Clair rolled her eyes and allowed her body language to reflect the fact that she was not going to be dancing on the pole any time soon. Jacob stepped away from the pole with his hand out stretched to her and said "Well maybe you can show me some moves?" Looking back up at him she said "You probably want to dance with one of my friends, they are all way better dancers than I am." "Nope, I'm pretty sure it is you I want to dance with." Jacob said, still holding his hand out to her.

Gills driving experience

first-time Mickeyp667 2018-01-23

I got my phone out and videoed you driving, pointing at you I scanned your body, starting at your smiling face then down to your tits, you looked at me and said look at this, your hand delved into the blouse and lifted out your onipple and left it on show, I scanned down to your stockings, your left leg was wide apart, so I moved my hand down getting in between you legs to show up your nylon clad legs to your wet naked pussy. Gradually pulling her skirt up so my hands touched her thigh, moving over the flesh above stocking top, tracing the suspender, Gill parted her legs and my finger found her shaven pussy.

First time stallion

first-time dirtyjenna 2018-01-23

I feel his big hands grab my waist on either side very tight it hurts a little at first, then he leans in with his body and his face, his eyes looking at mine though I look down at his lips I’m about to greet him and tell him “hi I’m your girl for the night” but then before I speak he French kiss’s me with a lot of lust and passion and in one movement moves me to the side wall, his tongue still deep in my mouth with his heavy breathing I’m wondering how far down my throat he wants to be, but of course I’m excited he wants me, he really does want me, that’s so exhilarating and my heart actually slows a little but my bl**d feels it’s in my cheeks as I blush with the shyness of being man handled that way, perhaps we just exchanged heart rates as he is now extremely eager to do whatever he needs to do to me.

My outrageous beach Glory-hole Fuck

first-time 2018-01-23

He stopped moving as my hand touched him, he was waiting for my reaction, but I was doing this in my supposed sl**p, it was cat and mouse stuff, all tease which would eventually lead to penetrative sex, but I wanted him to think he was fucking me as I slept, I wanted to give him the thrill of getting inside me and let him hear me moan to orgasm, but my 'Jilling around', back-fired, I finished up with a cream-pie on my bum, as a reward for my endeavors, no fuck for me that night, and when I checked out in the morning, I deliberately smiled and thanked the old clerk, for a pleasant stay.

Sex and the Theatre

first-time sarahloveitt 2018-01-23

When Jill looked at her naked body in the mirror, she would run her hands over her shoulders, breasts, belly, before resting on her furry friend. Jim took a wad of paper tissues, starting to clean the sperm from his cock and Jill's hand. Then she felt Jim starting to push his cock in and out, as if fucking her mouth, before his hands pressed down on the top of her head, pushing his erection deep into her. Jim had brought her in his car, stopping on the way for Jill to jerk and suck him off for the last time, though she had decided she wouldn't let him feel her on that occasion.

Sensualist Pt. 02 Ch. 02

first-time Grouchojim 2018-01-23

Kimmie was a member of the diving team; a flat-chested, short-haired redhead with a very nice ass, but a face that unfortunately only a mother could love--or so Donnie thought at first. Donnie glanced at Dolph, who raised his eyebrows quizzically, and asked him to excuse them for a moment, and took Kimmie to a couple seats offering them a semblance of privacy from the few people in the vicinity. "I'm going to touch your breasts while I kiss you this time, Kimmie," Donnie whispered. The kiss grew passionate, almost more than Donnie thought possible from a girl as inexperienced as Kimmie was. Donnie nodded in understanding, and said, "I will honor your wanting to retain your virginity, but I would like to repay you for a lovely blowjob."

Virgin Chronicles Ch. 01

first-time RichardS50 2018-01-23

More often then not, my roommate and I would leave early on Friday mornings for the mess hall for breakfast, before heading to the Pearl Brewery in San Antonio, where we would take the tour, then drink free beer in their Jersey Lily Saloon. As my tongue began to swirl around her nipples, my hand moved down her tight, flat tummy towards her jeans. Once I had reached her mound, I felt very soft hair, and moving my fingers to slowly slide up her crease. I began to kiss my way downwards, so that I could swirl my tongue in little circles......moving into her belly button. I moved so I could kiss my way lower still, until my tongue was slipping and sliding around in her hair.

My best friend used me.

first-time 2018-01-23

He pounded to so hard it only took about 10 minutes until he said "I'm gonna cum in your fucking mouth" He flipped me over I sat up and he shoved his cock back in my mouth and as soon as he did he let out a loud moan and I could feel his cum shoot out so fast it his the back of my throat and I gagged and almost spit it out, He seemed to cum and cum until he pulled his cock out of my mouth and sat back on the couch panting.

She Wants Rid

first-time stevetruestories 2018-01-23

The floodgates would definitely remain closed, I thought to myself, as I sat in a pub staring into an empty glass accompanied by my friends Mark, Andy and Rob who were talking their usual shit. I really didn't want to be there as I recalled what Lisa looked like, but then I thought it would be too cruel to not to turn up. I watched as she toyed with the beer matt as if trying to decide what to say, 'Mark said on the phone you were a bit nervous around women and I thought ...' 'Don't worry, we'll go nice and slow.' We continued kissing but I noticed how Lisa began to look at the bulge in my trousers.

Emma's Crush

first-time ShortNSassy2U 2018-01-23

Plus, my dad's nice looking and a really great guy." Jana laughed. "Thanks, Mr. Jamison." Emma followed Jana into the kitchen where she set her backpack on the floor by the table. He probably thinks I'm too young." She still couldn't get over the fact that Jana was okay with the idea of her dad and her best friend getting together. When he didn't seem to get the hint, Emma took his face in her hands and brought his mouth to hers. Bryan's fingers deftly opened her jeans then pulled them off, his eyes feasting on the light pink thong that barely covered her treasure. Bryan slowly woke to the wondrous feeling of a warm mouth sucking on his cock.

The Sculpture Ch. 02

first-time GoodGrl1983 2018-01-23

Do you like that, baby girl?" You murmur and move to draw the other nipple into your warm, wet mouth. You're pulling my hair and holding my head and even though it hurts me, I feel the tingling between my legs start to pulse. I'm sucking you hard and rocking my hips and I feel you start to shake. You run your hands over my legs, starting at my ankles and moving slowly along the inside of my knees, then my thighs, toward my pussy. A little scream escapes me when I feel you slowly pushing a finger into my pussy, wiggling it into my tight hole. My hips start rocking against your face, I feel you chuckle and moan as you tongue me and fuck me with your finger.

it was a day all about her

first-time Danny_Smith 2018-01-23

she took me by the hand and we walked to my room as we got to the room she put her arms around my neck and we started kissing again i could feel her hord cock poking her in the belly, i took of my t-shirt.jess started to kiss my neck again and started slowly moving down my torso she got on her knees and began unduing my pants looking at me all the time she pulled my pants down and my hard cock jumped out she looked shock to see how big it was she told me she had always wanted to suck my cock and said she would somtimes think of doing it while she was playing with her pussy, she put her hands around my cock softly and started to stroke my dik from tip to base she kissed the tip of my cock then licked it up and down after a few minutes of teasing my hard dick she put the tip of it in her mouth and started slowly putting more and more in till it was all the way in her mouth.

My first time...

first-time Trent_Marcel 2018-01-23

I'd date a bit in high school but never really got further than feeling a girl up. but I wasn't about to let my first time be in the car of at the airport. I remember talking to my dad and standing over her while she was laying on my bed. I hurried my dad off the phone and told him we'd talk later. she was at the edge of the bed and started sucking my cock while I was standing there. She wanted to be fucked more I think because before I could say anything, she laid back in my bed and beckoned me to her.

Teacher Reunion

first-time Nemasis Enforcer 2018-01-23

The kiss broke and I felt her hands slide down and begin to hastily rip my pants pen, pushing them down best she could I wiggled and kicked them off now just my boxer shorts tenting over my hard cock, it throbbed as she looked down and smiled before reaching inside and grabbing my virgin cock for the first time, I moaned and my cock throbbed as it was held by this sexy woman, slowly she dragged her hand up and down it just as I had so many times thinking of her in my teens.


first-time neonlyte 2018-01-23

We snuggled back against the hedge and watched the snow fall against a backlit sky, heavy now, already vanishing our tell-tale footprints though it couldn't mask the excitement we each felt at being on the precipice of discovery or the games our fingers played stroking hands and wrists, prying to where warm skin lay hidden, and eventually she turned into me and the kissing began again only this time there was a frantic undoing of coat buttons and she sat in my lap, her lips on mine, duelling tongues, and our hands sought skin under jumpers under shirts and her body shook as she gasped into my mouth as I touched her skin and drew my fingers across her tummy, under her breasts, tracing the lower laced edge of her bra, the swell of her breast grazing my finger, and she shifted lowering her breast to my hand, cupping her, almost cumming in my trousers as she pressed against me trapping her breast against my hand against my chest.

Ashley and Me Ch. 01

first-time quad68 2018-01-23

Then we simply found the moment and faced each other with half-open eyes, tilted, mouths brushed, sense the unfamiliarity of his small amount of stubble and I quickly congratulated myself on my deviousness regarding Tracy: I had thoroughly brushed, flossed and intensively mouthwashed, wanted to taste nice, the possibility of kissing her a positive goal I had set myself despite her marital status. As he sucked my cock, his mouth so intuitive, so warm, his low pleasure sounds, his head moving up and down, his hand ticking and stroking my balls my thoughts flitted from one visual to another...

Mrs A gets a surprise.

first-time TheRealMrsA 2018-01-23

He slid onto the bed and started rubbing her tight pussy. He must of been caught in the moment because he loudly asked "can I cum in her?" Before I could answer Mrs. A spat out the gag and screamed "of God yes. Fill me up with that huge cock." I couldn't believe it as I watched him continue to pound her before he pushed deep inside and stiffened up. I watched as the trickle of cum started pouring out of her gaped pussy. I untied her and removed the blindfold as my cum dripped out into the huge puddle of cum already on the bed.

The Twin Neighbour Girls

first-time 2018-01-23

It was like my second nature, stroking my long, curved cock and watching my cum shoot out of it like a high-pressure fire hose. I stood and began to slowly stroke my cock, then stop and watch it pulse and throb, then stroke some more. This lasted for about 30 seconds or so, and then I came down from my high as my cock pulsed and slowly softened, cum oozing out of the engorged head. They were really giggling and stuff, I was about to hang up on them when one of them to me to look out the window again, there was one of them with her clothes off and standing with her legs wide apart pulling on her pussy lips, showing me her pink hole and slit.


first-time ramu2u 2018-01-23

But I realized that this could be difficult if anyone see us and I started moving my right hand from window side to the chudidar V-Cut navel area where my hand feel free to touch her bare parts of her Top. Then I asked her by moaning that I want touch her bare pussy and lick her Juices and I hope she agreed by answering voice(Umhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!)In that second I think that I was in “Heaven of SEX” But my Bad Luck in no time the lights were on and a Stop arrived for reenergizing us.

Riding out a storm with my girlfriends Mom.

first-time 2018-01-23

After getting up and looking outside at the storm and all the snow again Betty turned to me and told me how excited and horny she always gets when staying in motel and hotel rooms because she knows shes going to have sex in a different place. I was feeling so excited that I couldn't wait to go again so as she watched I grabbed my cock and with a few strokes of my own to tease her, I rubbed it again up against her wet thick pussy and soon was back inside her again knowing this time It was going to take a while to Fuck her and drive her more wild.

Invisible Level

first-time mr_james76 2018-01-23

Plus it be a good way for her from being cooped up on the charter all that time. Finally getting done, and getting glimpses of her skin's soapiness, he left the bathroom to let her finish. After while she came out, draped in a towel and laid face down on the bed to relax and enjoy the cool night air. He reluctantly let her go and smiled as she went to the closet and dig in her bag. He trailed the thick legs from the hips, past the eyes and saw that she had also had on these black 4" sexy looking heels that made him wonder how she even walked to the bed with them....