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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

St. Jimmy

first-time vampire_lovechild 2018-01-23

I had closed my eyes against the harsh halogen glow that pervaded the room and was about to ask him about what he was going to do once he graduated, when he put his hand over my mouth. We both know damned well that the presence of god isn't with either of us, and I would fuck you right here in this basement if I thought we could get away with it." His eyes widened, and then he grinned. "Your turn." he got up off the couch and slid my converse off, then pulled my jeans down from the ankles. Jimmy wrapped his arms around my chest and leaned his head down.

pinoshed by parent in laws chapter 11 part 1

first-time lippy100 2018-01-23

Sitting on the toilet, and glancing up at her, I felt like a young c***d being watched over by her mother, which was crazy as Debbie was virtually my own age. Satisfied that I looked pretty, my Mother in Law took my hand and led me out of the bathroom. I wanted to ask why, but knew better than to question my Mother in Law. Reluctantly I exited the car, and looked around nervously to see if anybody was watching me. My Mother in Law came around to where I was standing nervously, took hold of my arm, and without ceremony gave me a good old-fashioned hand spanking on my still tender buttocks.

Desert Desire

first-time Scorpchic 2018-01-23

While most of the girls in her tribe were weavers and gatherers, and as such, had no musculature, Lomamana had knotted, dense muscles along her lean limbs from learning to hunt and carry heavy game back to the dwellings as her family had done for generations. Lomamana had felt a sexual urge within her body the minute the hunt began for the last two years. As she walked toward her steep ridge hunting grounds, moisture had begun running down her legs and the desert wind blew over the wetness and inflamed her body even more. Lomamana clutched the ridge tightly with her hands as she had to spread her legs apart to reach a nearby foothold and the wind rolled over her moist opening.


first-time Algonquin Twit 2018-01-23

"Wow," Jerry exclaimed, "I guess I need to score the winning goal every week." He kissed her again and then continued, "Hey Sandy, Mike said him and Rachel wanted to head over and grab a few beers before dinner, asked us to come along." Sandy reached over and pulled on the lever for her seat and felt the backrest lean all the way back. She then scooted back into the seat, opening her legs to help Jerry pull off her panties. Jerry worked her panties off her legs and then unfastened his pants and pulled his cock out. Pulling her lips apart with her other hand, she guided the head of his cock to her opening and then whispered, "Okay."

Andrea's Nude Experience. I found this on the

first-time Scotsman99 2018-01-22

What are we supposed to be naked in the hotel?” Teddy said, you can stay on the beach the whole time if you like, I am sure there are bathrooms and you can get food there, plus I bet you can walk through the lobby for a second to the elevators or stairs to go to the room.” I said “I doubt we can do that guys, we would get kicked out.” I was surprised Teddy was so accepting to the idea of his friends seeing me naked for a whole day.


first-time maturemancock 2018-01-22

She turned around and faced me “Ok” she said and walked towards the stairs, as she walked in front of me I rubbed her bum, when we reached the kitchen she smiled again and I was getting hard. Then we went up the stairs to the 1st floor and I put my hand under her skirt and felt her bum, when we were on the landing she turned to me and said “Ok”. As we started up the stairs to the attic my hand was under her skirt and rubbing her crotch from behind, as she stood on each step I ran my finger down her gash, she giggled.

Wine and Roses

first-time 2018-01-22

I knew that an apology to Jan was probably in order, and I gave some thought to stopping to pick up some flowers on the way home, a kind of peace offering to my beautiful wife. I just felt like wearing something different today, you know, coming into town, the gallery and all of that.” I shrugged it off and decided to just enjoy the way she looked. Jan reached out and grabbed my cock, pulled herself closer, and then got all the way up on to my lap and impaled herself on me. This brought a look of delight to Jan’s face, and she wasted no time in sliding her lips down over my cock until she had me completely contained in her mouth.

Secret Ch. 05

first-time Strawberry_2051 2018-01-22

"Let's fuck but I don't want you to come." Gary hesitated for an explanation as he stood near Lisa with his hands on her tits and his dick straining for her wet pussy. Camille watched as Gary's dick sank to the hilt in Lisa's hungry pussy for the second time of the night. Without thinking Gary quickly looked at her tits and noticed her perfect little nipples were more erect than when he entered the room. "UUHHHHH!!!" Gary thought it did feel very good, but there was no way the head of his dick was going into that tight little virgin hole.

Errors in Judgement

first-time Daroob 2018-01-22

Naturally, loving Sarah as I did, as I do, I would have liked to have simply said, "wow, she's pretty damned hot," or something similarly stupid and superficial, and left it at that. "You and Sarah are having sex'" Marianne asked a little breathlessly as I worked her shoulders, pushing my thumbs still further down her smooth well muscled back, serving to loosen her robe still more. Especially small girls like you and her," Leaning closer to her ear, I said more softly, "so it is important to be careful," I ran my finger under her earlobe very slowly, enjoying the sweet dampness of it, "it's important to take your time."

My New Assistant

first-time evilleetdave 2018-01-22

She started two weeks later and I was genuinely glad I’d hired her; she did excellent work, and we got along very well. In fact, I often found myself thinking about how she looked that day and how I would love her to show up to work dressed like that again. “How come you never wear those Mary Janes you wore to the interview?” My heart was racing a bit after asking this, and I felt a bit silly, but I’d gone and done it. I gripped her leg and said, “I like these stockings, you should wear them more often,” as she gasped a little in surprise.

Emz on holiday

first-time 2018-01-22

As I continued to suck her clit and massage her wonderful tits, Emz began to jerk my hard cock using her bikini bottom. I began to cum, too, but with Emz' beautiful pussy covering my mouth, I couldn't inform her. Then she squatted down, grabbed my cock that was semi hard and started rubbing it on her clit, her pussy lips and around her cunt hole. As she settled down she then got off me, turned around with her ass facing me, grabbed my cock and shoved it back into her dripping wet pussy. The lovely Emz saw it and said “Oh we can't waste any of that.” She started sucking my cock getting every drop of my spunk.

My Filipina niece

first-time texmonger 2018-01-22

She expects me to touch her like she did to me, but instead, I bend over her and start to kiss her panties -- first around the top, then across her hard flat belly, her mons, then, finally, along the edges of the legs. I sit up a little and she leans forward so that I can suck her nipples -- she starts to move a little more firmly, faster and pushing against my woody, holding my head against her breasts. She has one hand playing with the head of my hard dick and as she slides back, she has come to far forward and lifts her hips too much.

My Neighbor

first-time zimabean 2018-01-22

I had never seen anything like this, Maggie's red bush and the man's hairy nut sack. I would watch as these men would fuck Maggie, watch the look on their face and hers. Every time I spent the night with George, I would get a good look at Maggies goods, I think she was doing it on purpose. After that day I would see Maggie look at me as she made love to other men or even her husband. As the ropes of jizz shot from my penis Maggie would smile real big and I knew she was getting her pussy filled. After that night I fucked Maggie many times. I wonder how many men Maggie has fucked over the years, how many different men have dumped sperm in her.


first-time ManyThink 2018-01-22

as he slowly started to rub her stomach and she could feel his precum start to drip onto her ass and she knew what she wanted! her wetness was dripping down between her ass cheeks and as she thought about how good it felt to have his fingers slowly start to spread her lips apart her hand had managed to make its way down his stomach, through his pubic hair and was wrapped around his throbbing hard cock, his precum had made it slippery and feeling him in her hand she was getting more turned on by touching him that she just wanted to taste it, to lick it and if he let her to suck it.

Cuckold Teen 2

first-time lovelong 2018-01-22

After about 20 mins Tasha has came at least three times, Hugo is now in front of Tasha and sprays his cum all over her face, and Dave unloads as well in her face, I can feel I am about to cum, so i spit on her ass, work my fingers in to stretch it a little then slowly f***e my cock into her tight brown starfish, she yelps as I get the head in, Hugo holds her as I slide deep into her arse, Tasha moans and says "Fuck my virgin ass with your big cock, make me scream...mmmm thats good" and so I start to fuck her hard, she yelps, her face contorting with mix of pleasure and pain, I know Im not going to last long and push balls deep in her ass, i blow my load deep inside her as she cums again.

A College Education Pt. 02

first-time captain_kinky 2018-01-22

Lexi licked her lips, feeling her pussy moisten at the thought of his monster, barely able to stop herself from ripping off his jeans and blowing him in the street. Josh meanwhile wandered around, catching the eye of several of the female shop assistants, several of whom were showing off some of the costumes on offer in the store, and leaving very little to the imagination. The sandwiches came quickly and Lexi eased off, her chair growing wetter by the second at the thought of Josh's weapon, waiting to be released on her later. She ate slowly, licking her fingers clean seductively, smiling sweetly at Josh as she sucked her fingers deeper than she needed to, watching the fire burn in his eyes in reaction.

The French Maid

first-time Cabaret739 2018-01-22

It barely covers me, and leaves my ass completely exposed?” And “Mr Box, are you the one that keeps taking my panties and hiding them, forcing me to go without?” and when he said “I want you to wash my car today, outside, and make sure to wear this, but no panties Miss Sophie” I responded with “But Mr. Box, people will see my p*ssy, you won’t let me bend my knees when I bend over, so I will be showing my p*ssy to everyone.” He said “I know” On and on we went, carrying me farther and farther away from earth.

Young Nastya Earns Her First Salary

first-time lukefantasist 2018-01-22

He slowly pulled back the foreskin of his cock infront of her and let the huge bulging head of his cock emerge right in front of her eyes. He slid his hard cock into the young girls mouth and throat deeply and fucked her beautiful and innocent face hard until he was ready to cum, and she couldn't wait. He shooted into her wide and wet open mouth and the cum began dripping out off her lips and down onto her beautiful young body. He knelt down infront of her, with his huge cock pointing at her beautiful horny pussy, whilst she continued to rub his cum into her clit.

Pegged My Husband's Horny Ass

first-time 425olds 2018-01-22

"If you expect me to fuck your ass, you need to give up control to me totally so I know your ready." "You will have to say the most nasty thing you can think of," Jane demanded. I heard myself saying, "Fuck my ass sir." "Stick your big warm wonderful cock all the way up my ass and make me your bitch." "I need a real dick so bad!" I heard Jane ask me from somewhere across the room, "How's that big cock feel in your ass?" "Show me your appreciation for your birthday present by giving our new friend the best ass he has ever fucked."

Coming Home with a BBC

first-time 2018-01-22

was begging permission to lick his ass and cock while turned on the bed and presented his ass to my daughter going to shove it in her slut ass hard. started to sit down and eat when Sue slapped my ass and I could see Sue sitting on Ben cock as I was Ben called over and told me his mother liked to be told him she wanted to see if Sue ass could accept his "This slut wants a piece of your cock in her ass also," Ben agreed and had Sue clean his cock and I just sat on Ben joined in by slapping my ass as I tried to "Get up slut," he said, slapping my ass.

The Bonfire

first-time Teagan_TimeLord90 2018-01-22

I give in and right away I feel the tightness and stress leave my body. "This is gonna hurt a little." I'm puzzled until I feel the open air between my legs and realize you've hiked up my skirt bunched around my waist and my panties are around my ankles. You press against me more tightly and firmly close a hand around my mouth, giving me an apologetic look before your eyes darken with lust and you begin pushing inside me. You let me squirm in your arms and sort of gently wrestle me to the ground behind the tree, pressing your weight on my body, grunting as my pussy clamps down around you, you have to wiggle your hips just to get all the way in, so tight.

Finally Blooming

first-time ChessMoon 2018-01-22

I had mostly gotten over my crippling shyness - enough to allow someone to kiss me, touch my boobs and to give me a glimpse of his dick - but as the guy nearly twenty years my senior moved his hand to my knee and stroked up my leg, I tensed. I fought against him a little as he began gently encouraging me to open my legs but after a few beats I let him push my knees away from each other. His last sweet kiss touched my swollen lips and then I felt his tongue nudge against me, he pushed the tip lightly between my lips and licked slowly, so deliciously slowly, up to my clitoris.

It was alwasy wrong, but i tried it, and OMG its t

first-time kindracat 2018-01-22

Yes I did, but I couldn't explain what just happened, I had never been so sexually frustrated and excited ever...I just witnessed the love of my life, get fucked so much better than I ever could have done...I had never heard such sounds coming from her, nor seen so many levels of contortion in her face...It was actually in a weird way pleasing to see her get so much pleasure...I was lost in the moment when suddenly she told Chris that she couldnt stay, she wanted to come back home to me..."Chris I love your big black dick, but I love Charlie...You satisfy me in a way thats un- explainable, but I love him," She smiles, " I just want your big black dick...all the time, there is a difference in love and sex!

Guy gets a very special job interview with Ashley

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-01-22

"Let me fill it with a "sticky" treat Ashley baby..." I whispered to her as I thrust into her a few more times and felt her walls pulling on my dick as she came for me, followed closely by me pushing my hips into hers and cumming deep in her pussy again, her eyes rolling into her head as she started to ride me again, forcing every last drop of my thick, sticky seed into her as I finished depositing my load and backed my dick out of her.