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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Wrong Man

first-time Ashson 2018-01-22

After all, if Jake had come back unexpectedly he'd have turned on the light. She was turning to look at me as she said this and I saw the change on her face as she registered that I wasn't Jake. "Sharon, Jake would do that in a flash and invite you to join them and you damn well know it." I very hastily covered her mouth with one hand while at the same time I was climaxing busily, giving her everything I had. I watched her get dressed then switched off the light so she could leave without anyone spotting her, although I don't know who was going to be prowling around at three in the morning.

Barely Legal

first-time jennyswallows 2018-01-22

stepped out of an MTV video, looking so good that I felt positively we took up our positions at the front of the dance floor, and the crowd The band came onstage, the crowd started moving, and Gary, to put it that he couldn't have moved away from me if he'd wanted to. holding me so tight that the next time his bulge moved, there was no My fingers strained against the so-tight fabric, and I felt I extracted my hand and unbuttoned his pants, squeezed his cock and I took his hand and dragged him that way, paused as we reached a anything left by the time I let him fall from my lips.


first-time 2018-01-22

was how big his bell end was and if i could now fuck him like i did carl, i went under the quilt and down to marcus's now massive rock hard cock it felt next thing i felt was his wet bell end rubbing around my arse hole, marcus is still fucking my mouth carl slipped his cock inside me and i maoned on rubbed it, i started to fuck marcus slowly and kiss his back and his neck as i went balls deep inside him this felt amazing i never wanted it to end carls still shoving his cock in my mouth and rubbing it in my face i start to really loose it and i pull out if marcus and shoot my spunk all over his arse

First College Girl

first-time 2018-01-22

Either way, we immediately hit it off, we shared a lot of the same interests, one of which was getting d***k, so I gave her some of my jager. She unclipped me and ran her hands over my cock and balls, she knew what she was doing, taking her time, but soon enough she pulled down my underwear and squatted down kissing my thigh and above the base of my cock and then BAM she starts slobbing on my cock up and down, deep throating and cupping my balls. After a few minutes of this she got on top and DAMN this girl knew what she was doing, up and down, back and forth, it felt amazing!

My first time

first-time utsexaddict13 2018-01-22

Finally I heard his sweet young voice say "so, would you want to?" Heart racing, I said "sure.." I heard him get up off his bed and saw his outline as he made his way toward me. He reached over slowly and gently touched my stiff dick, I felt like I'd been electrocuted as a jolt of pleasure shot through me, I'd never had someone else touch me before. He laid back down and asked "do you want to..with me?" I reached over and played with his dick and balls the same way he had, sitting up and getting a close look at it.

Last of Innocence

first-time 2018-01-22

Looking down at my body, I knew it was what he wanted but if I was not ready, he would wait to see it again. I stared into his eyes for what felt like a very long time, and then my eyes started to water. He looked around for a moment, and then asked; " You brought a towel for the bl**d right? After I had finished, he asked me to lay down and lift my body so he could set the towel under me. You're already wet too, you're going to be really fun." he glared at me, it felt like he was staring right through me. " he couldn't finish his sentence, I pressed my index finger against his soft pink lips and pulled my body away from his.

The Gift - How we started

first-time Nomufftootough 2018-01-22

We married in June of 1976 and a few months later her best friend and the manager of the bank branch where my wife worked as a junior teller, Joan, told her how she and her future husband (who by coincidence was also a lot older than her and the same age difference as us, twelve years) had started reading the stories from Penthouse and Forum magazines to each other in bed at night; and how much it had spiced up their marriage.

Wife's First BBC and FUCKLICK

first-time hondo1906 2018-01-22

I saw her start to grind her cunt into his face and her hands went to his head, pulling him closer to her wetness. Soon, he pulled out of her mouth and told her to sit on my face and get in a 69'r position so She took my cock into her mouth, and I continued to eat her as I saw Mark move behind her I watched him shoving his big bulbous cock head into wet pussy as he did her cunt lips slowly parted allowing him to penetrate her further I watched in amazement he began pushing it in her once again.

Carly's Friends Ch. 01

first-time Costa19 2018-01-22

His dick slamming in and out of her at such speeds was the single greatest thing in the world at that time for Carly and it brought her to her first dick-induced orgasm of her life in just seconds, she let out an incredible scream, not thinking about the other guys in the gym, her pussy gushed and soaked DeShawn's massive dick. DeShawn fucked her face for the next ten minutes and Carly's jaw was really starting to hurt when finally he shoved his dick all the way down her mouth and started spurting gallon after gallon of cum straight into her stomach, she could feel it filling it up and felt his meat slide out of her while he was still cumming when he pulled out of her, spurting bucketloads of cum, literally covering her face and tits.

The Cum gushing incident !!

first-time 2018-01-22

But that didn't stop all the fun, in fact Bea loved tugging my cock, she said she loved the feel of the veins and ridges along my shaft as she ran her soft little hand over them, and found my Cum face quite funny to watch. Bea then dropped to her knees in front of me and continued tugging away, now with both hands in play she stroked my shaft and rubbed my cockhead, and a few minutes later I started to feel my balls churn.

Shannon's Summer of Firsts

first-time Obiaha 2018-01-22

Lately Drake had been coming into the video store with increasing frequency and spent a lot of time talking with Caren, me and Tommy. "What works best for me if I want to get to orgasm is rubbing my clit directly." She took her right hand off her thigh and reached between her legs extending her middle finger slightly. "Relax Shannon, tell me if this is uncomfortable." Caren looked at my face as she slowly inserted her finger into my sopping wet hole. Looking back on it, I think Caren and her parents weren't so worried about the bottom line and decided to let me work as much as I wanted because they knew I was saving for college.


His first car sex !!!

first-time 2018-01-22

His gaze intense breathing in my ear that I felt from time to time, me and excites me as hell and I realized that my play will bring me a hot sex as soon as we get home. His gaze intense breathing in my ear that I felt from time to time, me and excites me as hell and I realized that my play will bring me a hot sex as soon as we get home. He kissed strongly, then quickly pulled his wallet from his pocket leaving the money on the table our consumptions (I hope), then whispered in my ear: "You will not have to wait long." It pulled the hand out and practically pushed me in the back seat of his car.

Terry’s story cont., Part 16

first-time TerryLovesIt 2018-01-22

Jack asked if anybody wanted to watch porn and Frank told him to pick out some DVDs. He picked two from the blowjob spot on the book case and took two more from a box on the top shelf. You’ve had a couple of guys blow you right.” Frank said he thought that might be true. Jack said he’d love to find a guy like that so he could feed him a nice load every day. When we got to the car, Jack told me how horny the videos got him and said he wanted a quick blowjob. i started stroking it while i sucked and about five minutes later he began pushing his cock up and his cum streamed into my mouth.

A Year of Firsts Ch. 01

first-time melaniej 2018-01-22

Then she began to moan more urgently and my hand returned to my sensitive, tingling vagina, rubbing the cotton of my underwear against the swollen lips. It lasted for seconds, during which time I pushed my fingers hard against that extra sensitive spot on my underwear and pinched my nipple harder than before, holding both of my hands in those positions for the duration of that final groan of pleasure from my neighbours. My legs were shaking and I knew, somehow instinctively, that the show was over and I moved over to my bed, lay down and felt my body slowly return to normal.

The Flight of the naked Goddess - Chapter 2

first-time sushicook 2018-01-22

I shout at the lecherous b**st: »Get out at once, you slimy son of a pig!« And then it happens: It is like a bolt of lightning shooting from my green eyes - as the energy from a powerful reincarnation would work through me: Massak's huge frame trembles, his face crumbles in pain and his jaw drops onto his cramped chest. He seems to understand my misery well and sticks the whip back into the dark, and then he lifts my lusting soul with strong long strokes over the threshold of bliss, until I burst into an uncontrolled and frenzy laughter, until my trembling legs collapse and I just hang there like a puppet on the string, limp and u*********s from the wooden gallows high above .

True story

first-time flobalob 2018-01-22

After my parents left, Lisa said I could do whatever I wanted while she fixed dinner. I was slowly rubbing my hard cock when I heard Lisa coming up the stairs. I barely had enough time to stash the magazine under my pillow and lay back on the bed before the door opened. As I turned the corner and headed down the stairs I could just see her looking around my room trying to decide what I was really up to. She looked me in the eye at first and then down to my hardening penis and asked me if I liked this sort of thing. As she got up off of my bed, she turned and looked me in the eye and smiled.

Working Overtime

first-time JayTinMan 2018-01-22

Wet she stayed, too, as she slowly sucked the head of Robert's penis into her warm mouth, feeling and hearing his groan of pleasure at his first blow job. Her tongue worked like mad on his nerve-packed glans, and she tugged on his velvety nuts with one hand while tugging on her hard nipples with the other. It was a visual and physical show for Robert, who adored the feel of his first blow job, but also loved the way her ruby lips looked wrapped around his pulsating manhood. Morgan completely opened her throat as he began to thrust, and moved both hands to her heaving tits, leaving her mouth to be defiled.

My First Cock Fucking

first-time 2018-01-22

Further to my two stories,My First Group Sex and My First Sex in Female UndiesI want to progress to the amazing experience I had when I was first fucked by men's cocks. When it came to the night for the group I went to the house fully dressed in undies and when we all met, the woman took me to the middle of the room and took all my outer clothing off. People changed positions and different activities took place , until the woman said, "you look so good and so sexy you need to be fucked". There I was bent over, with lovely soft sexy underwear all over my body, looking like a woman, with a cock up my backside.

Lilly aka G4m3rGir1_69

first-time Mister_X_TheStoryteller 2018-01-22

I guess I thought it would be cool to get together in real life, I wanted to meet you ever since you told me you lived in Redmond but I was also scared that the person you see on Facebook would make things hard but that's only a portion of what I am *giggle* hell, none of my friends like gaming they're too busy being cool and I just get tired of all the drama that comes with it unlike in gaming I can be me and act the way I want without worrying about what anyone says because they really don't have any real affect on my life."


first-time charlessmythe 2018-01-22

It was a hot summer morning and sure enough when I went into the guest room where Vic was sleeping he was laying there with no sheet over him and with his half hard dick sticking out the front of his boxer shorts and pointing at the ceiling. His cum surged, thick and hot, between my sucking lips, spurting over my tongue, filling my eager mouth. I jerked a little at the force of his orgasm, sliding my hot mouth up until just the head of his spewing cock was clamped between my lips. Now every time Vic and I get together I suck his cock but unfortunately he lives 500 miles away so I don't get to do it anywhere near as often as I'd like.

Jodie's Panties

first-time loloishorny 2018-01-22

John looked me in the eyes and said he was ready to cum, and asked where I wanted it. Jodie said at first she was only able to suck his head, but once she relaxed, things just came at an ease. Jeff had worked his magic on Jodie making her cum a few more times, before he worked his head in her wet opening. Jodie looked at him and said she wanted to suck his dick again. Jodie said that Jeff fingered her holes as she came again. Jodie said she was embarrassed at first, but got off of Jeff as he asked her to. Jodie was saying thank you, when Jeff came up behind her, grabbed her waist and pulled the phone from her hand.

My own first threesome

first-time Bourreau 2018-01-21

I then went up to get 3 mord beers, but when I came back in the room, the girls were kissing each other, and M was grabbing A's boob. After a while, A came to help M with my dick, and they began fighting for it, while one was sucking the other went for my balls, and as soon as one left the cock, the other would takeover. I began moving for her while taking two handfulls of her boobs her moaning became louder and faster as I went on fucking her from under, and a bit too fast for me, she asked me to stop, she could'nt take it anymore, but A was ready for round two, so she took her place.

Their First Toys Ch. 06

first-time leBonhomme 2018-01-21

Kathy has been observing them and hears from Jane that he is becoming more open when talking with her, telling her about his family; that he is an only child, just a baby when his family escaped from Vietnam; that his French was so good because the family in Paris had invited him to spend a summer there. When the girls' fingers then follow the elastic of his shorts around passed his hips, his stomach draws in sharply as he gives a surprised "uhn!" He grunts again, as their hands pull it out to free his cock, and murmurs: When his cock touches her, he snorts again with a sharp "uhn!" Jane's other hand draws Kathy's hips closer.

Janie and Me: How I Lost... Ch. 04

first-time LuciousBi-Writes4U 2018-01-21

I pulled them out and licked them clean then I went in for a dive, settled into the warm, chewy center and ate a dish that would change my young 18 year-old life forever— Janie finally told me that she had been interested in me from the first time she laid eyes on me and she knew that she wanted me from that first look. I wasn't sure at that point in life if I'd ever want a guy…they'd been able to excite me when we made out on dates…but I hadn't had sex with any yet so the truth still waited to be told.