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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Lost Virginity To An Older Man

first-time neo7x 2018-01-21

I was in a great mood and didn’t think otherwise and leaned against his shoulders as he continued driving in the same gear (it’s a fairly homogenous stretch with little traffic owing to the week day odd hour). This time, I didn’t even wait for him to reach the outskirts of the city and simply began kissing him all over his face. He began moving his finger in and out and wiggling it left and right inside, all the while looking at me in the eye. After some time he straightened up and catching hold of the back of my right thigh, began to pull out completely and push back savagely.

Encounter With Melanie And Her Friend

first-time MajesticMeteor 2018-01-21

I have though gotten a lot of fantasy masturbation sessions when I freak about one of those friends of her's coming inside and balling me in that house. I'd even once held high hopes that the cunt owner bitch would ball me herself on a regular basis as the friendly neighbor thing to do, but no such luck :-( But on July 3rd of 2013 I finally got my first spontaneous sexual encounter EVER, and it happened in that bitch neighbor's house, I'm not a k**ding. Anyway, so I get the call from some Melanie cunt realtor to come and unlock. But low and behold I get home and Melanie is already calling me, and tells me to come back to unlock again because there's another client suddenly wanting to see the place.

Helping the Neighbor

first-time vegetasfire 2018-01-21

Feeling a bit embarrassed that his neighbor might have seen, Mark hurriedly scoots away from the window. She leans over, her face next his, and whispers,"So we can train them they way we want." Mark feels a bulge quickly forming in his pants, and places his hands over it, trying to cover it. I especially love when he shoots it into my mouth." Beth starts rubbing Mark's shoulder, she can see his pants bulging between his legs. Beth hugs Mark, pulling him against her, feeling her breasts press against his chest as they resume making out. She starts bobbing her head a little bit, Mark can see his stiffness sliding in and out of her mouth while she continues stroking him, her other hand cupping his balls.

Bi-rthday Suprise

first-time sexycouple500 2018-01-21

Well no man should go that long without pussy." She asked, " You must be so horny?" I replied, "Of course I am I would fuck anything." Emma stated, "Yeah right, anything. I took it and walked towards the bathroom, Emma demanded "Parker is in there just change in here, and do you mind giving me a hand with something?" I pulled my suit down as Emma stared at my cock as I quickly pulled the little speedo up. I blew the biggest load I ever had deep into Emmas pussy covering Parkers cock with fresh lube. Emma pulled off our two dicks and cum drained from her pussy onto Parkers cock and balls.

The 3rd (and 4th) time really was the charm!

first-time likestopullout 2018-01-21

So the next afternoon, I stop over before work, sit down at the kitchen table with my girlfriend and her mom, (she had recently moved back in with her parents to save some money) and the first thing out of her mom's mouth is, "So, I hear you're not a virgin anymore." As we got undressed, my girlfriend said, "Tonight we're going to try something a little different for you. She brought out the package of spermicidal foam and said, "With this, we'll be able to try it without a condom so it should feel more natural for you." When my girlfriend sat down, her mom asked, "So did it work for the two of you last night?"

GF Gets Blacken

first-time 425olds 2018-01-21

All 4 black guys blatantly look at her tits and ass when she gets up and the visitor who has been very aggressive says you sure a white boy like you can handle all that girl by yourself. The bf and the other three black guys can hear her practically screaming from down the hall and when they get to the room she is on all fours her shoulders on the bed and her thick ass is in the air with the built black thug just pounding his huge black cock into her white pussy so hard and fast her ass cheeks jiggle with each thrust.

Jackie and Rhonda Ch. 05

first-time big_mike610 2018-01-21

Jim, Rhonda, Bobby, and Jackie were watching the local news and getting a bite to eat. Bobby looked ready to profess his love for for Jackie as well when Bill interupted, "Save it, please, one minute, places." When nobody moved he jumped up, "In the stairs. The one I want to marry some day." Jim turned and started kissing Rhonda passionately. Bobby was spooning Jackie as they watched Jim and Rhonda. Rhonda looked away from Jim for just a second to see the now naked couple in the next recliner. Rhonda had felt a growing sensation deep down, but when Jim stood up it caused his cock to find a new spot inside her. Jackie and Bobby did not even remember tearing their clothes off while watching Jim and Rhonda.

Teen as a gift to a middle aged 2

first-time anita8003 2018-01-21

She could feel the wetness on the tip of his cock and she knew it was the pre-cum mixed with urine drops. "a girl can make a man cum just by licking there, not even taking fully inside the mouth" She pulled her tongue out and started giving long sweeping lick from his balls till the tip. This time she took it inside her mouth and began to move her head while tickling its tip with her tongue. And so she opened her mouth wide pushed out her tongue and began to give long hard strokes at the crack of his ass. She knew what he wanted and began to lick his cock clean.

Sex with my Cousin

first-time sexybabe132 2018-01-21

Our families were both at the lake houses for the weekend and the first day I got really bad sun burn and the next day my mom was making me stay out of the sun and be at the house all day.  Mike was staying at his house the entire day also because he had to read a book for school. Still a virgin longing to know what sex was like I started to masturbate over a situation where I was having sex with Mike. "ok" mike said a he shoved his dick into my wet and juicy hole.then he pulled out and then layed down on the bed. Since my f****y cant see cum on my face me and mike decided to take a long sexy shower together.

House Of Whores

first-time Elizabethann 2018-01-21

Bruce would sometimes make a motion as if to protest, but every time his beer bottle became empty, Samantha would say, "Fuckdoll Fiona, can't you see Pimp Daddy needs to be 'serviced'?" Fiona would then grin through her mask at her father, get another beer from the fridge and twist the top off while pressing her arms together so that her breasts heaved, and then bent over to place the bottle beside her father, rubbing against him and letting him look at her breasts for as long as he liked. I need to get my dick up your s****r's ass!" Satisfied she'd done enough, Bruce pulled Fiona off and dipped his cock into her mouth a few times, before again assaulting Belinda's butthole.

Fantasy meeting with JB

first-time 42gary 2018-01-21

as the meal came to an end I asked if she would like to stroll down by the harbour to feel the warm night air as we talked a little more as I hatted the the thought that our evening would end, when the taxi stopped outside my hotel and I took her hand to help her out of the car her dress rode up her shapely thigh exposing her lacy stocking top, my eyes lingered there and when I looked up JB was smiling so sweetly that I could not help but laugh at being caught but she just slid forward showing more of her milky white inner thigh as she moved to stand.

Wife's First Black Experience

first-time 2018-01-21

Neither one of us really spoke of that night and I was kind of apprehensive about asking my wife "so would you like to fuck a black cock?" The topic never came up and I didn't push the issue. Michael explained to Katie a little about the Erotic Massage, but left out the part about possibly getting to fuck her. I think Katie liked his work since his touch was a little firmer with such large hands, compared to the small girls she is usually with. Katie now had one hand trying to stuff black cock into her mouth and the other gripping the sheets on the table. I got a little excited thinking about how you would look while being fucked by a big black cock.

the first one:)

first-time qistinadaniel97 2018-01-21

One night I went over his house to hang out. We started kissing and making out on the couch, and he put his hand up my skirt, and i had my hand on his crotch. We went up to his room, because I wanted to loose my virginity in his bed, because i was comfortable there. I went on his bed, and he took off my underwear. We started kissing again, and hugging. Afterwards, we got up and hugged each other. I love my boyfriend so much, and I know that I want to spend the rest of my life with him. Me and him are closer than ever, and sex just made us more comfortable than ever.

First sexual experience

first-time voyeur_2017 2018-01-21

This was way more interesting cause he had a TV in his room and we were watching some soft porn at midnight.That night we started to masturbate only under the blankets, This time he grabbed my dick and started stroking it! I wanted to return the favor but he said that he was good cause he already had orgasm. As he said I got on my knees and started to suck his dick. After few minutes of me sucking and fingering him I wanted to try to fuck him. Also my big thick dick was digging more and more inside hiss asshole he started moaning loud! I started fucking him faster and jerking his dick again.

12 incredible days of sex with Aunt Jane

first-time ramilio 2018-01-21

She started describing how she would come into stage dressed in formal blazer and singing slow rock and eventually she would discard an item of clothing until towards the end of the second song she will be on her leather bra and panties. Here is Jane a white girl, beautiful and super hot standing topless in front of some 30 or so rugged looking local Thai lumber boys. Jane hold the microphone in one hand while covering her breast with the other, she announced teasingly, 'so how do you feel seeing a naked white girl'. The boy started taking off his shirt and Jane gamely went ahead sexily dancing so close to him.

lisa's Pool Room Adventures - first time

first-time DrFingerwell 2018-01-21

I trembled as I felt the top button of my shorts being undone legs went to jelly and I let out a little gasp as he pulled down the zipper and I then felt his hand moving towards my untouched virgin pussy, apart from a quick grope from the boys at school no body had ever been this far, then i felt his finger enter me, this is when I realised what was happening i was wet because I was turned on by it all but at the same time starting to worry I wasnt ready for this but here I was being seduced over a pool table who I had only met 2 hrs before.

My fantasy part III chapter I

first-time nebraskasissypussy 2018-01-21

It was a little chilly that morning so I decided to wear jeans and a dressy sweatshirt over a tight T-shirt that I bought a couple days earlier. The jeans were some sexy low rise jeans with some sparkles on the butt the T-shirt was slightly see thru with a sparkly graphic across the breast and the sweatshirt was a gray zip up that rode a little high on my torso and was fluffy cotton on the inside. I told him to make himself at home and went to my room and got a pair of my fun no show socks to calm down a little bit lol.

A College Surprise

first-time 2018-01-21

James pulled his cock out and jerked the last few drops of cum onto my face. James picked me up and shockingly kissed me his tongue probing my mouth his hand caressing my arse and legs. “Looks like a fun summer.” Despite myself I couldn’t help but agree.That evening concluded with another wank each and me eating James’s cum again.We went to our respective rooms and I lay awake confused. He handed me a holdall and said, “ I’ve got you a present” I looked in the bag and saw an array of female clothes, lingerie and a wig. After about 20 mins I could feel James begin to tense and the he cried out as he cum began to shoot in my arse.

Virgin middle-school girl

first-time mcl3191 2018-01-21

"but i would be such a good girl for you, my mommy said a woman is always supposed to have a clean house, and how to cook and do anything for her man and then he would make sure she is taken care of. "well you see, when a girl puts her mouth around it, it makes the man feel good, would you like to try just once? as i slid inside her and broke her hymen she screamed "OWW OUCH OUCH OMG IT HURTS!!, she bled everywhere, and started to cry i slowly went deeper inside her and i held her close to me and whispered in her ear "its ok baby its over youre okay, now it will feel good" I slid slowly in and out of her, her eyes opened wide and her face moaned with each thrust.

Mrs Johnson's Opening Gambit

first-time adoration 2018-01-21

As soon as I registered the clock's tick, Mrs Johnson pulled her mouth away, a move which disappointed me, but then she rubbed her breasts across my cock and balls – a move which absolutely delighted me! Back on her bed, Mrs Johnson produced a companion volume to "Petticoat Punishment", titled "Petticoat Perversions", where the young man is taken down to the finishing school's basement torture chamber. This time, Mrs Johnson initiated me into the delights of 69 – soixante-neuf, as she insisted on calling it – before standing at the head of the bed and thrusting once more to a noisy orgasm as I sat beneath her pulsating pussy. "Oh, that's a lovely book," said Mrs Johnson, "and I know just the place for you to start."

I Hope This Doesn't Bother You

first-time rawr_its_me 2018-01-21

And with that, they open the door and start kissing; slowly at first and more passionately the closer they got the couch on the bottom floor of the luxurious house. His cock starts to get harder in his jeans the most passionately she kisses his neck. As she is pulling his pants off, she can see his cock getting harder under his tight, black boxer briefs. She started to run her fingers through his hair trying to push his face deep into her pussy. She gently rubs her wet pussy up against his hard cock, careful not to let him slip inside her just yet. She starts to moan softly right into his ear which in return makes his cock harder than it has ever been before.



first-time QuantumDivision 2018-01-21

Natalie slipped it on over my now hardening cock and said, "How do you want to do it first?" I rested my hands on her ass and began to slide in and out of her pussy slowly, noticing some blood drip down from her hymen breaking. Eventually, after a few minutes, Natalie kissed my neck and said, "My turn." Natalie moaned but did not respond, and I pounded her as hard and fast as I could until I couldn't keep going, and my cum filled up the condom. I pulled out of her, and, knowing that she hadn't cum yet, I moved my face right up to her pussy and began licking it, making Natalie moan and squirm.


first-time 34a 2018-01-21

I kissed ted and then turned and kissed Greg, my tongue slid all the way into his mouth and our tongues started dancing and my b*****r pulled my top part way down and started to suck my erect nipple and I could feel 2 fingers from 2 different hands playing with my pussy lips. I took my hand and started rubbing the cum all over my body, the boys stayed hard so I told them to trade places and Ted went down and started to eat me like he did so many times in the past and I had Greg’s cock in my mouth after I kissed him and he was playing with my tities covered in cum.

army boys

first-time john1195 2018-01-21

said you know Roger you look really good dressed like that and he suddenly Sid said do you see the time Roger I think we should go to bed how about Sid said I know you seem to like a nice basically shaved head would you Sid looks into my eyes and says you know Roger I think you have Sid smiled and said, Yes Sir come right this way, we returned to his home Sid hope you both have a good time here to-night -- thanks Frank. Sid calls out is everything OK Roger, yes please ask your friend to come on Frank briefly ask how my weekend was I said it was great relaxing time meet