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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My shemale girlfriend

first-time 2018-01-21

With my legs up and spread she sucks down on my cock I watch as her red head bobs up and down the full lenght untill I give her my precum......she stops at the top and sucks the head letting my cock pop out licking her lips she says "yummy mmmmmmmmmm" then bobs hard and fast till I'm about to blow then stops and says "NO, not yet honey........" takes each ball and sucks then both of them at once, then continues down to my hole, licking softly, then sucking and tounge fucking me making me gasp and groan telling her "Don't stop........OMG don't stop baby...." Andrea then licks her way back to my cock and suck down swallowing all the shaft, then sliding two fingers in my ass fingering me as she sucks..........I can't hold on I throb and swell "Andrea baby I'm cummin, can't hold on honey.......FUCKKKKKKK" three shots of thick creamy cum coats her mouth and throat, some escapes out the corner of her mouth.

Lucy Ch. 03: The Pump in Action

first-time txgent101 2018-01-21

I had prepared the pump ahead of time by snapping a #5 ring on the end, lubed the inside of the tube to facilitate my cock rising without hindrance from the tube wall. Me: "Lucy, every time you hear the sound of this motor, you will know that I am getting ready for you." I can feel the pull of the suction." We could see my cock stretching up and up into the tube. Me: "Hold this position Lu, let your pussy walls get accustomed to me." We stayed that way for a minute or two, this beautiful tableaux of her body fastened to mine at the groin, her breasts bold, with nipples extended, arrayed before my eyes.

BBC in a Gloryhole Gay

first-time 425olds 2018-01-21

"That's right, suck my huge black dick, white boy." On cue, I took my mouth off his balls and started going down hard & deep on his big black cock, deep-throating it as far as I could before gagging. and the now rhythmic sound of his cock pounding my ass was slowly but surely becoming all too much for me to handle, making my tiny erect dick spill cum all over the seat in the video booth, moaning in ecstasy as this built black stranger continued pumping his huge cock in my asshole. Clean your faggot ass juices off my cock!" I sucked on his huge black dick, slurping my juices off of him like a good little white bitch.

My first time with my stepdad

first-time slutboy93 2018-01-21

I'd run my hands over my slim body, pulling the shirt tight against my body so my nipples would poke out, and lifting the skirt giving the mirror a nice peek on my round ass with a sexy black thong wedged in between the cheeks. I was feeling like a slutty, sexy little girl playing with the dildo, but I wanted more. Thoughts of girls I'd seen on porn videos on their knees sucking cocks ran through my mind as I wrapped my lips around the head of the dildo with my other hand under my skirt. I started including the dildo in my dress-up sessions, playing with it and sucking it like it was a real cock.

Blackmail s****r with video

first-time Porney 2018-01-21

I took Digger (guess why he got that name :P ) to my parents house so that he would play with his b*****r Dodge. "Oh yeah I said" and then showed her the video I just captured of her letting Digger lick her pussy. Digger was sniffing around her pussy again but my s****r was stopping him by moving her legs in the way of the dog's nose. "well in that case, let Digger continue licking" I said and slowly started parting her legs. I surprised her when I moved her hand and started playing with my dog's penis. At this point I let go of the penis and Digger took that as a signal to start humping.


first-time WriterWill 2018-01-21

Emilie was still stifling moans, because as I was tattooing her I had the heel of my left hand applying pressure directly to her clit. I pinched her right nipple lightly, as I licked from the bottom of her opening to her clit, causing her to draw in a sharp inhale, moaning upon the breath's release. I reached down and tugged her panties up, and she used my shoulders to lift her butt with her legs, then put them above my head closing them, allowing me an amazing view, and the ability to pull her underwear completely off. I grabbed two handfuls of her hair, pulled her close, and came in her throat, as she moaned through.

Off to College

first-time DoctorMason 2018-01-21

She'd never felt anything like the tiny little electric shocks that moved across her body, and before she knew what was happening, the nurse had left one hand fondling her breast, and moved the other down, down, down, delicately running it through her untrimmed hair and slipping a finger in and out of her lips. Kneeling between Caty's legs, the nurse sucked and bit her nipples for a minute, pushing Caty right to the edge — it wasn't like she hadn't played with herself a little, but it had never felt like this. The doctor started gently working her with his fingers again, this time being more delicate because she was so close to the edge, while Emily undid the other clamp, making Caty spasm as another trickle of fluid soaked the doctor's hands.

A College Education Pt. 03

first-time captain_kinky 2018-01-21

Lexi sat atop him, her pert ass grinding on his crotch slowly, the lace thong exposing her soft, firm cheeks to his roaming hands. Lexi pulled away from the kiss, staring deep into Josh's hazelnut eyes, burning with desire for every square of her body. Slowly, Lexi stood and walked away, shaking her ass at Josh playfully "I'm going for some more wine lover, I'll be back in a second" she winked. Ordinarily, Lexi would insist on absolutely the correct wine for any occasion, but now with the thought of Josh's trim body, his firm, smooth chest and the way his girth felt against her thigh, Lexi couldn't help but close her eyes and surrender to her mischievous thoughts.

Frustrated Guy

first-time Maddog14 2018-01-21

Tim rubbed her back during this and repeatedly went over her bra strap; however, when he moved around to the front, Bev stopped him when his hand had covered her right breast. "Now it is time to see what you are made of, Bev. Come here and get started if you dare!" Tim took a good swig of his drink as he felt he needed all the courage he could get to keep from chickening out. After a while he stopped kissing and placed his hand on her shoulders, "Do you want to finish the blow job you were giving me?" Bev was also breathing hard and shook her head in the affirmative. Tim kissed her deeply and long as his right hand caressed her shoulders and eventually came to rest over her left breast.

St Marys St Pt 2

first-time Terryks2 2018-01-21

This went on for about 5 minutes while my jaw was aching until the fingers came out and I felt what was obviously his cock head against my ring, he pushed hard until suddenly he was in and he started to slowly f***e all his cock in while I got used to it. Pete was sucking my cock like a steam train now and I couldn't believe I was close to coming again as Pete suddenly came hard and long in Adams arse and my cock dropped out of his mouth so I started wanking it hard for about 30 seconds before shooting my second load over Adams face and back.

Good Teacher-Student Relationship

first-time CuriousLittleBird 2018-01-21

My legs opened a little, and he reached down and spread them fully apart, then got between them and started to rub his crotch against me, slowly, but hard enough that I could feel his penis pressing against me. Looking up at me almost shyly, he caressed the bulge and said, "Does it make you want me?" I dumbly nodded, and he went back to sucking my nipples, caressing each one with his tongue lightly and softly, making them hard as rocks. I gasped out as he matched the rhythm of his thrusts with the rhythm of his licks, and I felt him up the tempo a bit, licking and gently biting all the way up and back down my neck, teasing me with the feel of his penis sliding far inside me and then backing away.

Lesbianism in Modern Literature -10

first-time stif266 2018-01-21

Without even opening her eyes, she moaned: "Good morning lover; what a way to start the day." The girl at her crotch looked up for a second and blew her a kiss and went back to licking her pussy. When they passed by an adult toy store, Sally stopped and pulled at Sam's hand and said: "Are you going to come in with me, to buy that two-headed dildo like you promised?" Sally was following Laurie and Cathy to the deck chairs and then stopped to look back at Sam. Sam knew that the party had begun and she waved at her lover and blew her a kiss, knowing that things could change forever between the two of them after the night's activities.

Educating Ellie Ch. 01

first-time Eosphorus 2018-01-21

"He sounds really into you," Linda said as Ellie finished telling her about David. The next day over tea, Linda told Ellie she asked Garret what he thought of her idea. Linda noticed Garret checking out Ellie's ass every chance he got all evening. Ellie would get plenty of hard fucking in her life, but her first time would be as gentle as he could manage. Ellie wondered how many times he'd unbuttoned Linda in the exact same way. Ellie gasped, quivering, and Garret's moved his hand down to her pussy. Garret picked up his pace and started fucking Ellie with slow, gentle thrusts. Garret fucked her that way for a long time, kissing her mouth and neck. Ellie gasped, feeling each throb of Garret's cock inside her.

Loving my new jobs

first-time Johnnytames69 2018-01-21

Mrs. Banks smiled and said, “Feel free to enjoy our TV while we’re gone.” I protested, but she insisted I watch the Olympics or something. Mrs. Banks shuddered for a moment, then grabbed her husband’s growing cock in her hand and lowered her head. To my surprise, Mrs. Banks started to pull away before I was finished shooting and my cock fell from her pussy. Mrs. Banks retrieved an envelope from her purse and handed it to me saying, “For taking care of Max, and a little extra for taking care of us.” I smiled and began to protest that I enjoyed it more than they had, but she pressed the envelope into my hand and silenced me with a soft kiss on the lips.

The first time is not always planned.

first-time banichi42 2018-01-21

Seeing this, my wife (yes, I know that it would be better to use her name, but she wouldn't like it and I don't want to call her by another) looked me strait in the eye as she reached over and started to rub his cock through his pants. All were gone, she seemed totally at ease and as soon as Mike got close enough, she grabbed him to her, pulled his cock from his pants and started sucking him, rubbing it on her face, licking it up and down. About a minute after the light was out she said, "Mike let me french kiss HIM" and we all started laughing and she told him how I wont open my lips kissing her after cumming in her mouth.


first-time Drsmiley82 2018-01-21

I sucked and licked links huge throbbing cock in front of all my friends, and as humiliated as I was, I could also not help but notice that my cock was rock hard as well. It was as if my mouth and throat were made to fit huge cocks like Links because he was so deep in my throat that his big sweaty balls were slapping against my chin. I crammed Link’s big sweaty black balls in my mouth and once again was surprised by how much I loved this taste, and I was so aroused to be sucking on his balls while he kept smacking my face with his huge throbbing cock.

The Meeting

first-time bill197611 2018-01-21

My hands in a similar fashion explore her body as to undress her, only finding the belt for her sheer robe like cover and the straps running over her hips holding her thong on. With her clit exposed to the cool air, my tongue begins to slide between her wet warm lips, letting them part for me to gently nibble and suck on her clit. I begin to crawl over her body, her legs spread wide, pussy already getting swollen from before, she reaches down to meet my cock as it slide closer. With my body now positioned over hers, I pull her hands above her head, pinning them down; I begin to kiss her again, just letting my cock keep deep in her.

My First BBW experience

first-time 2018-01-21

I instantly got hard thinking of what I could do to that BBW body. She got up from her towel and started heading off the beach, I knew I had to say something because my cock was rock hard at that point. Moments later, while I was grabbing a drink, Hannah had spread her legs on the couch rubbing her plump pussy. Her plump body and huge tits were bouncing as she thrust her pussy into my tongue. I bounced up from my knees and instantly sank my cock into her as she let out a loud moan of pleasure. I grabbed her thick thighs and spread her legs apart thrusting harder and harder until I couldn't help but fill her slit with foaming hot cum.

Kissing cousin took my virginity

first-time AtlantaPhotographer 2018-01-21

Suzanne and her parents lived about 3 hours away from us, she when they came down for holidays they always stayed the night before heading home the next day. When I opened the door I head Suzanne whisper for me to be quiet and motioned me over to the bed. She pulled away from kissing me just long enough to tell me that she wanted to feel me cum inside of her. At this time I did not have a rational thought in my head, telling her that I wanted to stay inside of her all night. The next day Suzanne asked her mom and dad if I could come stay at their house for a weekend before the two of us went back to school.

Kerri's Descent Ch. 02

first-time Honey_Bee_16 2018-01-21

“Well, you know how guys are completely obsessed with lesbians and bisexual girls?” she said. Jessie finally pulled away from me and smiled triumphantly at the guys. “No thanks,” said Jessie, “we’re gonna have our own party back in our room.” We left the guys and their hard-ons standing in the circle and headed back to the dorm. Back in our room, Jessie and I got ready for bed and laughed about the looks on the guys’ faces. “Oh Jess, I’m gonna cum, don’t stop, oh, oh…” Finally I came as I shoved my pussy against her face. I couldn’t quite believe I was doing it, but I grabbed Jessie’s ass and pulled her pussy down over my face.

I Receive The Ultimate Gift

first-time trainman2k 2018-01-20

Maybe it was the wine, or the mental closeness I felt with you, or the physical desire to enjoy your body, but something made me start spilling out a confession like I was a chicken-shit mobster being interrogated by the cops. There was one part of me that had more quickly awakened; which was a fact I was oblivious to until I stood up and felt it's familiar straining as it pushed against the fleece of my sweats Instantly I knew that you couldn't have helped but seen the tent pole I surely made with my erection pointing straight upward under my sweats as you walked up to the sofa.

Katie Judges A Kissing Contest

first-time 2018-01-20

Scott smiled around Katie's breast, his s****r's nipple deep inside his open mouth. As Scott buttoned his shorts and pushed his hair out of his eyes he looked at Katie's naked open slit, dribbling his pearly cum. "I'll help you, little girl," said Sam. He faced Katie, put his hands around her narrow waist, and easily boosted her up into the seat. A soft mouth covered hers, then Josh slowly tasted Katie's lips, caressing them with his tongue. Without thinking, Katie reached up to cradle the stranger's head; her fingers felt long hair and a soft, hairless cheek patiently milking her nipple. As Scott nursed on her clit, Katie felt an overpowering wave that caused her to cry out, clutch at her b*****r's rooting head and thrust against his tongue in slow, slick rhythm.

my same sex experiment with friend

first-time educationpack 2018-01-20

it tasted nice .although i did say we are suppose to tap each other but he said it just came out ..didn't want to say i actually loved it .a few weeks later i licked his bum hole .don't know why i did that.not something i had actually seen .but he loved it ..did try sticking my cock in his arse once ,,but got really exited and cum before i got it in deep .or maybe just my bell end touching his poop hole ..not sure but it felt nice just pushing it in .

A Slut is born 2

first-time vosmou_vrot 2018-01-20

I could feel my cock start to get hard as I whimpered a “yes” back to him and slowly went up the stairs. I looked for the list Jim had said I’d find. Jim hadn’t told me to, but I assumed that I would be doing the dishes too, so after the living room was clear, He pulled my panties aside and I could feel his hard cock pushing against my ass. I moaned in lust and humiliation as I felt my ass betraying my body and squeezing his cock. I felt empty and wanted more but he pulled up his pants, slapped my ass and walked away “Be good and maybe you’ll get more later.” He said as he walked back out into the living room.