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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

You're a Big Boy Now

first-time MisterNatural 2018-01-20

"Can't believe they talked me into this," Angie Panetta mumbled under her breath when she saw Timothy standing there with his eyes bugging out of his head, and as she got up to the boy she smiled and said, "You look like you're going to the electric chair. Here," Angie said as she moved behind the lad and reached around his hip, and as she kept pulling on the spongy cock in her fist the girl looked down over the shorter Timothy's shoulder at what she was doing. "Luckily, technology will let me share it all with her," the woman explained as she came around towards the rattled teen with her phone in her hand, and as she got closer Timothy could see that he was the start of the little movie, standing there obscenely with his penis fully visible as Angie knelt before him.

Giving his student private lessons on the skin flu

first-time Johnnytames69 2018-01-20

Joe had had his eye on the band director job at Port Jefferson High for a long time. Joe jumped up and took Melissa by the hand and led her to the insturment storage room in the back of the band room and locked the door. Joe couldn't wait to get his cock in her, his fingers were dripping with her sweet pussy juices. Joe could tell she wanted him inside her bad, spitting on his dick, sucking like someone would suck poison out of a snake bite. "Now teach, you better let me suck your cock everyday before and after school." He pulled her up and kissed her with an open mouth for the first time.

Restaurant after Close

first-time The_Anonymous_Writer 2018-01-20

Jesse kept her blinders on and continued to work without incident, just trying to avoid Tony's wrath, though she knew she would never be subject to it. Jesse moved into the small, glass-windowed room at the corner of the store and began to work on tables in there. Jesse looked up from where she lay and saw Tony's cock, large and hard as a rock right by her. you're so tight, Jesse." Tony whispered. "Oh my G- ah!" Jesse's fluid trickled around Tony's cock and down her ass, spreading with every calculated thrust. "Tony!" Jesse screamed, her already tight pussy clenching around his cock. The sound and tightness of Jesse's pussy was enough to bring Tony to his own climax.

First Vaginal DP 2

first-time luvcuntlickingsluts 2018-01-20

Anyway she started moving up and down more and more until in what seemed no time at all she was full length fucking off on that huge throbbing fuck pole with her nasty, slimy, slutty fucking sperm whore cunt!!! I was getting what I hoped would be some fantastic fuck pics and even through the view finder could see his shaft throbbing and pulsing and it seemed like Dawn had gotten all the way back down to the root of his dick and started going back up when he started pumping her cunt full of sperm!!! I mean it looked like a fucking river of fuck juice oozing past her quivering, cumming cunt lips and running down the full length of his dick.

What a day.

first-time mrman1982 2018-01-20

I walked out to the hot tub naked as Rodger told me he would be cleaning the women's locker room, then the pool area. I must not have noticed how much time had passed, and I didn't even hear Rodger enter the steam room because the next thing I knew I felt his lips wrapped around my cock sucking, licking and just all out pleasure like I never felt before. He rubbed gently and I began to buck, my ass was so slick from sweating in the steam room I couldn't tell if his finger went in or not, but soon my legs were wrapped around his neck and he jammed his cock in.

moms fun

first-time emma44bill 2018-01-20

I took myself off to the bathroom hoping, wishing that he was going to follow me, but once in the bath there was no sign of him, I wounded if he didn’t want me anymore, I wondered if he was getting second thoughts, I soaked for ages, I gave my pussy an extra smooth shave but he still didn’t come, I felt a little disappointed, I was wishing he would go for my plan but he had not taken the bait, I had to try something else, once I had dried myself I went to my bedroom and looked through my most sexiest lingerie, yes that will do I said to myself, I lightly put some makeup on then got ready, I had chosen a pair of French knickers and a cameo top in silky white, once dressed I look in the mirror, yes horny or what.

That night with Groovi

first-time hakabhai1234 2018-01-20

Well I don’t know what got into me, but like I said, I was a horny teenager with raging hormones, but I slipped out of my covers in the middle of the night when everyone was asl**pand went to go see if I could see that sweet naked ass of Groovi’s that I had remembered from those few years back. Inside her, her wet walls were gripping tight and clinging at my cock, and if I wasn't pumping it in and out of her so slowly, I would have liked to have given it to her rough, pull on her ponytail and smack her beautiful ass, tell her how beautiful she was and that I've always wanted to fuck her, and came so hard...

My Blackmailed Wife

first-time grt44 2018-01-20

well about a month later she got an email from a guy who had her pics telling her how hot she was and how much he wanted to meet her. after a week of emailing back and forth he said he wanted to meet her in person and see her naked for real. he said he wanted her to start out on the bed and pose for him in full dress and then slowly disrobe. she slid the vibrator down into her wet pussy and back to her clit and cried out oh fuck I'm cumming. when she finished this time she turned the vibrator off and laid it aside but her legs stayed open.

The Perils of Dating Supergirl, Part 2

first-time Johnny_Lee_Miller 2018-01-20

I was living an average life, I had a good job teaching High School Chemistry, and was dating an absolute knock out named Linda. "You had offers from Wayne Enterprises, Lexcorp and S.T.A.R Labs but you to a $70,000 a year job teaching High School Chemistry, why?" I was poor, working three jobs just to afford a place I almost dropped out if it wasn't for Bruce Wayne." Keep in mind that this was before I found out that Batman is Bruce Wayne. I discovered the Thomas Wayne Sciences Scholarship and applied, thankfully I won and was able to pay for my classes." "I think Bruce Wayne would much rather you teach k**s Math and Science."

Eric's First Time

first-time Myths 2018-01-20

"Now, Eric, I want you to take hold of your cock in your right hand. What I want you to do now, Eric, is leave your cock alone and pull my blouse off over my head. Squeeze them, rub your thumbs over my nipples, that's it, a little harder if you want. I'm going to touch your cock, I'll be gentle. " I'm just going to stroke it like you were doing, nice and slowly. Ahh, fuck, you look so good standing there rubbing yourself. I'm going to push my fingers into myself now, you, Eric, can rub a little faster. Eric, baby, kneel down and lick me now, you're ready, it's a taste you're going to come to love."

Sex with SG JC Girls 2

first-time Labouroflove 2018-01-20

We continued to french as I used my right hand to hold her back, put my left hand under her FBTs and panties (which I later found out was bright blue too, matching her halter bra!), and fingered her pussy. We were enjoying the intimacy and the carnal pleasures of mutual masturbation when we heard Cheryl: “Oei, where are the two of you?” This was followed by knocks on the washroom door a few seconds later. Angeline: Coming, coming *pause* The door stuck la. Since the material is quite good and it’s not the translucent type, just wear your white t-shirt first then later borrow sports bra from Cheryl? Cheryl continued laughing before bringing Angeline to her room and lending her a sports bra.

How i fuck to a unsatiesfied female‏

first-time 2018-01-20

As my half of cock went inside, she bit her lips and moaned loud “ohhhhhhhhhhh godddddddd noooooooooo plzzzzzzz, i caressed her hairs and i pulled out till the tip, her cunt clung to my rod, i pulled out just leaving the tip inside and pushed hard this time, it felt as if i reached a this membrane, she cried out loudly “noooooooooooooooo” and dug nails at my back painfully, sweat came on her neck and forehead, i licked her neck and forehead and cleaned her sweat caressed her boobs and pushed again.

Her Hidden Self

first-time WL Chastain 2018-01-20

He eased his finger in and out of her slowly, stretching her vaginal walls, feeling the heat from inside her bathe his hands in warmth. "Because I was tired of being rejected by men so I allowed my gynecologist to break it under the pretense it would help me "severe" cramping," She grasped his shoulders and pushed against his hand, enjoying the sensations he was creating. Sitting there, legs splayed out, breasts pointed forward, and a hungry look of desire on her face. He let go of one ankle to position himself and them he pressed forward until his large head entered her soft, hot and wet pussy. The pistoning of his hard cock inside her felt like nothing she had ever experienced before.

a train seductionn

first-time mjgallag 2018-01-20

Mal put his bags away and started reading his book, Henry Miller’s Tropic of Capricorn. She was moving her feet and slowly rubbing inside his ankle and calf. She undid her blouse but didn’t stop at one button and soon it was open and her ample tits were cupped by a frilly bra on open show to him. The twinkle of lust in her eye was evident, and she said ‘i think it is me needs to help you.’ With that she rubbed it harder and then slowly undid the zip. She smiled at him as she put her hand inside and closed her fingers round his fat cock. She was at his mercy and slowly he sucked and finger fucked her to an orgasm.

The Metro Experience

first-time Itheswag 2018-01-20

This is not good." When ever he tried to think of ugly thoughts his mind came to that ass pressing against his stiffening cock. When the new station came, she bended, making it look like inertia caught her but also pushing her ass on his pants at which Andrew moaned. He quickly cleaned his dick up with the given handkerchief and pulled his cock inside his pants then started cleaning his trousers. Before going she said "I was lucky to have a man with a big long cock ready for a pussy." she turned away and walked towards the washroom of that station.

Buddies Reunite Ch. 06

first-time joeyo43 2018-01-20

By the time I crawled onto the bed, he was already brushing his fingers along her spine in long strokes from the base of her neck to nearly the top of her panties. I slid the flat of my hand from the base of her neck and ran my fingers through her soft straight hair. "Do like Bobby, under my arm," she said. But when I stroked the back of her knees, I saw the muscles in her bum tighten, and when I went higher, Marne bucked her hips and knocked Bobby onto the side of the bed. When I reached the tops and stroked the soft inside flesh, her hips began to rise and fall rapidly, she seemed to be pounding the bed.

Laundry Lust

first-time BlushingBabe99 2018-01-20

I went back to my dorm room and took a long cold shower, letting the water run down my legs in an effort to ease the throbbing ache of lust I was feeling. My erect nipples from the cold, and from the sight of him in only in his boxers, almost popped out of my shirt and as his gaze traveled upwards to my eyes, I saw that he knew what I was hoping for that night. He looked up to see the surprise in my eyes, and started moving my hand along his long shaft. I started to stroke it, and he pulled away telling me "tomorrow is another day." He put on his boxers and t-shirt and walked out the door, leaving it wide open.

Daddy and I part 3

first-time 2018-01-20

I just laid back and gave him my puppy dog look telling him " Fuck me Da..." was all I got out as dad started to slam his cock deep and hard into my pussy while my legs were on his shoulders. When I heard him calling my name another surge of warm feeling came over me, I bit my lip as I felt one of those long wett orgasm start it's way thru my body I was flush and warmth filled my body from head to toe as I felt my pussy kind of flutter on his cock and I knew I was giving daddy my pussy juices once again only this time all over his cock.

The Trilogy Pt 3

first-time whatsosticky 2018-01-20

I take you by surprise by pushing you against the bathroom wall and aggressively press my lips hard against yours. I feel you slide my boxers off, leaving us both completely naked now and which exposes my hard on which your body and the mutual aggressiveness has given me. I am more than turned on and feel the top of my cock push through your tight walls, to the top of your inner pussy and back again. I feel your inner walls starting to flex; trying so hard to suck the cum out of me. There's so much of my cum that it that it runs down and out of your pussy and leaks through your lips around my cock, creating drops of cum over my balls.

His son's ex

first-time 2018-01-20

As she hugged him, he could feel her hot body pressing against him, her breasts in his chest and his hands on her bare back. "I've missed you so much", she said, and this time he took one hand from her bare back and pressed against her bum through the thin material, tracing his fingers in the crack. "Gwen, I've missed you so much as well, and wanted you so badly, just to hug and feel you near me, you do great things for my body" he said. He didn't want to tear anything of the wedding clothes she wore but soon he was humping her. "I want you again, very soon," she said.

Awakening Ch. 02

first-time KavehNush 2018-01-20

"Turn the key in the ignition and press that button," I said, forgetting that the tractor was in gear and that Laura may not realize it. Laura shook her head, sat forward and said, "We have to get you to a doctor before your foot swells up like a balloon. "You may have to let the clutch out a little so the gears will align, and then it should go right in," I said. This "friend" had obviously been prepared for what he was going to see, and my husband said things like "Look at this slut of a wife I have. Laura looked at me with alarm and said, "Jesus Aaron." She helped me off the tractor and onto the ground.

My Boss In The Stock Room

first-time littlecock22 2018-01-20

It was by far the best sex I had we stayed in the same position for a few minutes still breathing heavily, my cock was going soft inside her so I slowly moved back a bit taking my cock out it was covered in a mix of my cum and her pussy juice, Claire fixed her thong and pulled up her pants she got on her knee's and sucked my cock clean it felt amazing I was hard when she took her mouth from my dick so she said "not again ha" but instead gave me a wank I was soon ready to cum so I stood up and lifted her top up and came all over those beautiful tits.

Newport Naval Academy

first-time vdub-guy 2018-01-20

He looked like a teenage movie star with blue eyes and thing." He moved an inch closer and I felt his cock was a complete novice at boy sex and a good blow job You like getting your ass licked? another way to attract good-looking boys to my side. What seemed like a short time later I felt him shoot joined for a long time, not moving a inch, tightly "Like I said, you're going to learn started to hold Anthony's head on his cock I nuzzled in kissed each cheek of his round ass and spread the boy protected under Peter like that, and we stayed that way Peter's ass almost every night, or his cock was in my

Like Mother, Like Daughter

first-time ainu2 2018-01-20

So I let Deirdre know that I had a spare bedroom and she could stay there as long as she needed until this all got sorted out. "Dave," she said to me one evening over dinner, "The girl's I've met at school all have boy friends and from what they say, they're all having sex with the boys. She was sure that would be way too embarrassing, that the boy would probably spread it all over school that she had no experience and she needed to get some right away. "Well, the way I feel, having great sex would be the best possible thing for my welfare, you'd just be performing your job." And she looked at me with a big grin.