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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

To meet or Not to meet that is the Question?

first-time teddyboy10w 2018-01-20

We were both woken by her phone ringing and as she answered it she was talking to her husband while my cock was still inside her well used pussy as she told him how she had not gone out because her friend could not go and so she had a drink in the pub and gone home for an early night, little did her husband know she had her belly full of my cum and my cock was swelling inside her as she chatted with him as she then with a surprise said, " Oh so you wont be home till next monday then, I will be hear on my own all weekend!" she winked at me and I fekt her cunt muscles squeeze my hard shaft as she continued her coversation with her husband I positioned my self so I could fuck her while she was having her conversation with her husband she seamed to be turned on even more as I fucked her while she chatted with him, my bare knob was pounding her as she talked and she had to stiffle her noises she made as I fucked her, her little squeeles and shreeks as we fucked just go her to the point when she had to make an excusse to her husband that she was tired and had to go to sl**p.

How I became a GURL

first-time jenn1 2018-01-20

When I was left alone I would put on her panty hose, bra (stuffed with socks to fil it out), a wig, a long light blue, see through night gown, sometimes lipstick and a necklace and heels (although they were way too small) and admire myself in the mirror -- dancing around, hard as a rock admiring how pretty I looked before jacking off and shooting cum all over the pantyhose or the nightie. One night I'm in a narrow, dirty booth, jacking off to hot lesbian action and a hard cock suddenly appears in the glory hole to my left. No. I still got off to looking at girls and still loved lesbian porn!

Sex at School? Naturally...

first-time MrsJ 2018-01-20

6pm Friday night through to 8am Monday mornings were considered 'visiting hours.' Regular boyfriends would often arrive Friday night and, in that senior year, doors along the corridor would soon be displaying 'Do Not Disturb' signs (this message being one that all girls respected, no matter whether the room occupant simply wanted to study uninterrupted, to sleep, was masturbating, or was receiving a shag!) and occasionally – as a joke – girls' doors displayed 'Man Inside' warning signs that had been borrowed from the doorway leading to our showers and toilets! And I (and probably most other girls) felt we perhaps should thank the Headmaster – although he, having had most of us at some time stand before him at some time unwillingly exposing our private parts, would probably have come to cunt camp knowing exactly who he would most like to provide a 'farewell fuck' to, so I realised feeling his cock in my vagina just may not happen.


Cum, Cum, Cum...

first-time SilverFox300 2018-01-20

Alenka was surprised to find this news sent a tingle through her body, exciting her physically as she envisioned a baby suckling on her sensitive nipples, drawing life from breasts engorged with nutritious milk. He turned his gaze to Alenka, rapidly taking in every aspect, the look in his eyes betraying his obvious pleasure with what he saw, admiring her evident physical charms. Turning to Alenka, Maja said, "Doktor Janša is my Gynecologist, but he was away at a medical convention in London when Dani was born and this is the first time he's seen him. "Yes," Brane said simply, "and you had better set the timer," never taking his eyes away from Alenka.

Sex with my sexy long hair aunt......

first-time raviraja00 2018-01-20

only the first day had past of uncle going, my aunt had her long hair shampooed so that day i decided that today i will touch her hair and i got a chance........... Den i pushed a bit it went half...she screamed again ........i paused nd started kissing her.....nd while kissing her....i pushed it fully.......ohh....dat was so whole dick in her pussy.....she was in pain but i started slowly.....nd after some strokes she also started enjoying......... i went to her back...nd put my penis inside......i started fucking couldn't took my eyes off her hair.....nd i pulled her hair....she got more horny with this move.....nd started jerking with me....i was holding her lond sexy silky hair.....i was kising dat...nd fucking her cunt.....oohhh it was like heaven........

Eighteen Holes Ch. 04

first-time lusthammer 2018-01-20

Obviously, in the time since then, I have come to realize how silly it is for me to be freaked out by hot girls essentially fighting over who got a closer look at my junk, but in that moment I felt like I would get shamed by all and be the talk of the school. Alex wordlessly grabbed Laurel by the shoulders and turned her around, so her skirt covered ass was right in front of my cock. Without conscious thought I started to pump my hips, like I was fucking her from behind, but my cock slid between the cheeks of her firm, gymnast's ass and each time pressed up under the skirt and lifted the pleated fabric.

Jenny and I-4

first-time stif266 2018-01-20

I started out by licking her outer pussy lips, going from the right lip to the left lip and back all the way from the bottom of her slit to above her clit. I sucked on Janice's clit for a little longer and did gently bite it a couple of more times, but I started backing down my stimulation of her pussy, so that she would have something left for the fucking that was coming up. I didn't want this date to run too long and chance making trouble for Janice when she got home. Helen's pussy rode so high that I was going to have no trouble reaching it with my cock, so it was not necessary to put her legs on my shoulders.


first-time john1195 2018-01-19

Corporal Straffi reached down and ripped the front of Smith's boxers Corporal Straffi reached down yanked out Smith's cock and slapped it around "TIME TO" Corporal Straffi screamed slapping Smith's hairy Corporal Straffi reached down yanking Riley's hard cock through the front of The soldier pushed his ass back rubbing it against Brock's hard cock. miming, Brock began rubbing his hard clothed cock against soldier's naked "I don't care if it is gay." Ibsen said looking up from Gallo's cock. Ibsen and Gallo looked over at the cumming stud's cock. throbbing cock and thought `Looks like a cum geyser.' Gallo laughed at own cum as lube, Vace ran his right palm all across Ibsen's cock head.

She Comes First, but it's His First

first-time KayceeCharles 2018-01-19

I gently took the wallet away from him, and his hands fell back to his sides. His right hand came up a few inches, then went back down at his sides, as he continued to fidget. I pushed back slightly, as I reached for his hand, and raised it to rest on my left breast. I reached for his member and found the spot behind the bulb of his penis and clamped on with my thumb and two fingers, blocking his release. I looked him in the eyes as my hand guided him into me. And with a strangled scream I came hard, my inner muscles clamped on his member, my fingers dug into his chest, and I felt he came inside me as well.

Leah Jane's Moonlight Moment

first-time 2018-01-19

Leah Jane put the phone down on her dressing table, left her room and walked down the hall to the front door, whispering to herself "I can't believe I'm doing this... Mani stood his ground and even when she was reached him took a step back and said "Was it good Leah Jane..?" teasing her as he looked her over in the moonlight. He didn't want to but being a man of his word he reached into his bag and with a wicked grin, handed Leah Jane a plastic raincoat. "You look good in that Leah Jane." said Mani, and no longer concerened with her nakedness she stopped and kissed him deep and hard...

Thorny Rose Ch. 03

first-time JayDavid 2018-01-19

My cock was like the proverbial steel rod, and I felt myself rising up and turning, pressing Rose under me against the pillows on the large bed. Rose tried to help me by moving her hips and my head, until I found what was probably her clit, because when I licked the spot for the first time, her hips bucked against my face and she let out a little yelp. I wanted to show her that I cared about her pleasure, and after what felt like a second, smaller orgasm, she pulled my head away from her and started laughing. There was a scared look on Rose's face that I hoped never to see again, but it seemed like this wasn't ever going to be an easy ride.

John and Sharon's New Toy ( chpt. 2)

first-time MasterBill 2018-01-19

First thing sharon did was to give Jill some breath spray and four mints life savers." Ok Honeycakes let's get you tidied upfirst." at that statement there was a knock at the door. Sharon started with wiping Jill's face carefully avoiding her right eye area Sharon pulled off Jill's top and bra both went into the trash. were in desperate need of a shave before putting Jill in Sharon and John's Sharon wanted to see Jill's pretty ass in the flesh Sharon squatted behind Jill to kiss and lick her ass, Sharon was kissing Jill's neck working her way down to Jill's breasts They kept putting on a show for John until time ran out. clothes John got for Jill.

Talitha Ch. 02

first-time ny_girl14 2018-01-19

Going out?" Matt asked easily, looking even better than he had in high school in a blue jacket that matched his eyes, his thick, charcoal hair covered with a dark snowcap. "The rest, too." Matt rolled his eyes in mock resignation, quickly pulled off his boxers and tossing them on the floor. Matt reached for her, pulling her off the couch and placing her gently on the rug, where he sprawled out beside her. "A little?" she asked, her hand moving slightly as though to touch him, before quickly pulling back. Matt's hips jerked as he felt his balls tightening, before he exploded, his cum spraying over Tali's hand and onto her stomach.

Neighbors Across the Park

first-time still_goin 2018-01-19

Then I couldn't sleep for the longest time, only succeeding after exploring the new feelings Randy had awakened in me with my fingers, first on my breasts and then sneaking down to the itchy groove where my legs come together. I stood on the lip of the tub in my panties, seriously considering leaving them on when Randy said, "For a tall girl you sure have a beautiful figure." Watching Martha suck Billy had excited me, but doing it was like a thermonuclear bomb going off and I was unrestrained in sucking and licking, using my hands in tandem with my tongue to bring Randy to ecstasy.

4 Seasons of a Life Ch. 02

first-time bb1212 2018-01-19

I met a few ladies and could have got seriously involved but the sort of girls that I met who were interested in a struggling truck driver, particularly one who was away more than he was home, were not like Wendy. "David," she said, getting very serious, "I am here because you and I started something nineteen years ago that I thought was not finished." Wow, I thought, that explains half of this, "Mary Ann is here because she has never traveled overseas and she gets married next month and probably won't get the chance again." OK, I was thinking, this makes sense so far. Every time I hear that song to this day I remember driving that EH with Wendy snuggled up to me, and Mary Ann sitting lonely in the back seat.

Drunken Lovemaking

first-time GracieLauren 2018-01-19

"I can see why you're worried" Paul answered "but the alternative is sleeping in a doorway when this place closes, and dressed as you are..." he paused, his gaze sweeping over her exposed body covered only by a brief, black, halter neck dress "you'd probably die from hypothermia before morning." Logically, Katie knew that there had to be a better solution but the alcohol in her system had slowed down her thought process and going along with what Paul said seemed much more simple than finding a public payphone or arguing with the cloakroom attendants to return her coat without a ticket. "Hey, what are you doing?" she asked in an outraged voice but she got no reply as Paul took advantage of her open mouth to start kissing her, massaging her tongue with his own until she began to respond.

Defloration & sex education in Olsztyn/PL st6

first-time senior-master 2018-01-19

When Irene got up, a stream of their combined milky white fuck juices leaked out of her cunt, down her thighs and almost to her knees. Seconds later Irene had the fifth load of cum in her belly. Her pants wouldn’t be tight, but hopefully the would prevent the cum from leaking down her legs until she would be at home. When Irene arrived at home, her first way was to the toilet where she cleaned her cunt with paper tissues and carefully washed her panties. This time, without any pants to hold the cum and riding the bike, her way home was even more complicated than before. Back home she got aware of the large wet spot of cum on her skirt below her ass.

Taboo Lust

first-time Adultswim 2018-01-19

Marcus turned his body to face her displaying a very large bulge, stepped in a little closer making sure it was only inches from her face, he asks “are you sure you have it all?” With that, my wife instantly opened her mouth pressing it against his shorts as if she was trying to suck him through the fabric. Crawling onto the bed in a seductive manner, my wife lay to his side and passionately kissed him as she took his cock in hand and slowly stroked him to full erection. I had my cock out and in my hand with my head only inches from Marcus’s balls as I watched him fuck the shit out of my wife.

1925 Modern Gloria

first-time GloriaWill 2018-01-19

My sister Kay, short for Katherine, is one year and a day older than me, she was the one that had to fight the fight with Dad to let us dress and wear our hair like most of the girls our age. Ruth came up to me and said," Mae knows of a private joint and asked if we wanted to go." "I don't think any of us are that wild," I said, then broke out laughing as looked out on the dance floor and saw Peggy doing the shimmy with her big breast swinging from side to side. "Funny you should ask," Said Ruth, "we were just talking about going up there, Mae seems to know people that will let us join the fun."

Simon and Becky Ch. 01

first-time Otazel 2018-01-19

I did wonder for about half a second if I should try and take on an active role, but it was feeling far too fucking good to interrupt her, even if I was able to move and knew what to do, so in the end I just laid back and let her get on with it. I couldn't actually see from my position, but the alternate sensations of cool night air and warm velvet mouth on my shaft gave the game away, and felt simply wonderful into the bargain. Her mouth was hanging partly open with the tip of her tongue just showing, there was a far away look in her partly closed eyes, and she had one hand on her thigh to prop herself up while the other was gripping the nipple of her left breast, rolling it between her fingers.

Birthday Video

first-time charlieboy2262 2018-01-19

Mick is ready for me as he puts the camera down and joins me on the bed ---- he straddles my stomach and bends to kiss me ---- my hands go behind his neck and pull him down on to me ---- he has removed his shirt but still has his jeans on ---- his hard cock is so visible and as he lies on me -- he takes the weight on his elbows --- I feel his hardness rub in to my soaking mound,,,, We shower and Mick makes love to me standing -- leaning against the shower wall ---- when we reach our mutual orgasm -- we collapse to the floor of the shower ----- seconds later there is a fountain of piss shooting in to the air -- I grab Mick’s cock and direct it onto my tits --- fuck it feels incredible --- I cum again !!

A Midnight Dream

first-time MaliceNBandarland 2018-01-19

I try to focus my attention on the city lights and the water out the window but before I can focus on anything Dannie suddenly yells, "It's too hot in here," and arches her ass where it rested half on the stove half on the counter and slips off her jeans. Her mouth pushes into mine and she blows her smoke into my mouth and makes the barest of contact with her tongue and my lips before she lies back down dropping my hand in between her closed thighs. Keeping one hand on Dannie's boobs Thomas uses the other to squeeze my left breast and I moan into his mouth and redouble my pumping into Dannie's pussy.

The Ballgame

first-time needingitbad 2018-01-19

With that Amy and I headed back too the double-wide and getting inside she said, "Take a seat. "Sorry," she said, " but I have tp checck on Tom, he should have called by now." Going to the phone sshe looks back saying, "Mothering is something that never totally leaves a woman... Looking at the clock she says, "Its getting late and I don't want Alice to see I've a man with me when she bring Tom back home," so I get up to leave... "Yes," buttoning my shirt as my cock drains again, "I was a boy myself once and know how it feels to want help from a man.


Nun Lets Loose Pt. 02

first-time Stormysailor 2018-01-19

Jake and Kris live together in an apartment and were joined by Kris' sister Bonnie, a nun who had run away from her convent. The following day Bonnie and Angela visited Jake and Kris for lunch. Angela was not a bit shy in asking Jake, in Kris' presence, for his services, "We have a bit of a dilemma, it would be very lucrative to auction off my virginity among Bonnie's clients on the other hand I would like to have you do the honours, and provide some experience, as you did for Bonnie." Angela fixed the problem by calling her sister, telling her to stay in the other apartment and they moved to Bonnies double bed for the night.