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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Lesson in Love

first-time LoveMeTender11 2018-01-19

He looked into my eyes for a long time, and then said, "Okay, let's go." He paid for our wine and put his hand around my waist as we left the bar. When we asked for a room, the concierge had a stern look that said, "Yes, I know what's going on, and I heartily disapprove." Still, he couldn't refuse us the room, not with Dr. Kwon's credit card staring him in the face. When he stopped for a moment, he said, "It's okay to moan, I know it feels good." He was right. I began to moan, to let him know that what he was doing was the most amazing thing I've ever felt.

My secret

first-time Yasmeen_shy 2018-01-19

At same time roy was coming towards us n asking "wat's the matter?". My bf was looking at me with astonishment, i move closer to him and told him quietly in the ears "don't worry baby, we'll all hv lots of fun tonight n ur fantasy also will become true" then i asked roy who was still drying me from the back "could u pls remove that completely drenched piece of cloth from me roy??"..i asked him while Touching my thong and showing him.. Then my bf removed my bra n took a part of the towel to dry my boobs, i stop him and said "honey, the towel has no more to do now, it's time to dry these droplets with ur tongue".

Pool Time

first-time 2018-01-19

He said ok and as I was stepping out of the hot tub he bent me over the edge, and said "we are going to need this slippery when we get in" He started licking my ass, shoving his toung inside, swirling his toung on the rim. We got in the shallow end, and he was immediately behind me, and soon forcing his cock into my tight hole, I bent down and grabbed the edge of the pool and moaned at his cock slidding deep in me, ramming my prostate. I let his cock slid out of my ass, I licked all of my cum up off of his abs, before working down to sucking his cock, deep throating him and licking the tip of his cock, until he was about to cum, I took his dick out of my mouth, and stroked his cum out onto his abs.

My Best (Black) Friend and his Wife

first-time CanoePirate 2018-01-19

I’m supping coffee when Dave asks, “Would you like to fuck Carol?” Before I can splutter my answer he continues, “She wants to be fucked by a white stranger.” “But she knows me!” I say, “And I don’t want to lose a great friend over a one-time fuck, albeit one I fancy.” “Jack I appreciate everything you say but she wants this and I would rather it was with you than a stranger. Dave comes alongside and watches as I take Carols hand off my dick and guide my dick-head to her hot tight pussy. I grab hold of Carol’s hips and drive home firmly on each stroke, causing my balls to slap he clit.

Feels Like Heaven!

first-time villagebelle 2018-01-19

She turned back and he kissed her, she could have pushed him away but she liked the feel of his hands on her shoulders and his tongue swirling inside her mouth. He resisted but his mind told him to touch himself and ease the pressure off, he did so, but he couldn't stop thinking of her soft lips and her hard nipples in his hands. He put one finger inside her and started going in and out.She let out a small scream, but then used her own hand to muffle the sound. He kept sucking, licking and rubbing it with his fingers...After a little while he got impatient and shoved his dick inside her.

Anita's First Time

first-time 2018-01-19

into Ron's big hand and pulled it hard into me. I felt Ron move next to me, his big hand reached over I felt dirty, slutty like a whore, as Ron just his face intently as he looked at Ron's hand dirty wanton cunt hard onto Ron's hand. Ron just pushed hard onto my clit making me shake Ron held my hair tight with one hand as he fucked my Then he just pulled my legs wide open and fucked my thought about Ron and his big cock driving deep into I felt Dave behind me trying to push his cock back I felt his hot cock hard and probing at my ass, so I

who was she

first-time Sinsboytoy 2018-01-19

once she was in her seat she was so happy to be going away her first time alone just left her bf her whole life story before we took off lol but l was going to listen cause she was the plane went down the runway she asked if she could hold my hand she was scared l said sure her hands were so tiny in mine all l could think about how big my cock would feel in her hands.after the take off we had a couple of drinks and she seamed to get d***k quite quick the attendant kept giving me a sly smile and think she knew l had a hard on.we ate and then the lights went down and the movie started she was asl**p in a min so l had another drink and went to the washroom when l came back my friend had a blanket on so l started to watch the movie again and l notice that her blanket was moving at first l thought l was stoned but she touching herself in her sl**p l was breathless my lips went dry.

Trapped Together

first-time spaldan 2018-01-19

Stacy was a little taken aback at my reaction, her eyes going wide, a nervous look on her pale face framed by her wet, reddish blonde hair. Stacy said, "Great, just give me a couple minutes and I'll have it made." She paused briefly then added, "Is it okay for me to get out of the water or are you going to get hard again and end up stuck here for the rest of the day?" I kept my eyes closed as I heard her rise out of the hot tub and the splash of the falling water dripping off of her body.

The Secret of Dickin Close

first-time joulie 2018-01-19

It had all just about calmed down when the door burst open and the girls arrived home from school, Josie quietly excused herself to get Derek's tea. Jane, Liz's daughter, was kneeling on the bed along side of young Derek, two hands wrapped around his not, I must say, not insignificant cock, while the other three were wiping his copious eruption from the dressing table mirror several feet away. "If its about last night , it wasn't all my fault, I love the girls, I think they are like sisters to me, I wouldn't hurt them, they don't like me getting in trouble at school, and we have fun."

Inside Eve's House

first-time Mr. ComeBiteMe 2018-01-19

"You don't understand, the cable company said they send a woman over, a woman." The look on his face told me he didn't see where I was going with this, yet to me it was the most understood thing in the world. Knowing that mom probably never let up, during the entire time Hakim was working. "Mom also said that men done even get that right, so it is up to the woman to do it." Hakim sat there with his mouth opened, then started to laugh, a loud booming laugh. The guy driving stopped at a red light and turned around, that must have been her cue, the girl grab her big beautiful tits, squeezed them together and let the cum drip all over them.


Forever in Love

first-time MidNoc 2018-01-19

As I moved to kiss him and we fell backwards onto my bed, I felt my heart truly give itself to him. As we lay in my bed kissing each other, I felt my jeans unbutton, and he slid them down my soft thighs. I am sure the years had changed him as I can tell they have changed me, but as I looked into his dark gray eyes I felt for a moment like 10 years never happened. I do however feel so fortunate to have met him so many years ago, and although we do not know what might have been, the friendship and love we share today is blessing enough to last a lifetime.

My New Girl

first-time Gizzmotick 2018-01-19

The dancing wasn't happening anymore, so I moved my coffee table away from the loveseat and we sat on the loveseat making out, my hands beginning to explore her body and seek out the places that give her pleasure. I pulled her hand off my shaft and rolled on top of her, and began kissing her, with my now granite hard cock pressing up against her very juicy pussy. But I managed to hold off because I still didn't know that she had felt that wonderful pleasure of an orgasm – and I kept up with my light thrusting and grinding on her clit with my hips and my hard, throbbing cock still buried deep inside her glorious pussy, my nut-sack still lightly slapping up against her ass.


first-time PlatypusJones 2018-01-19

Like that night, I started out imagining that I was on the beach with Jim, and the moon was out, and pretty soon we were kissing and he said "Let's make love," and I said "Yes," and then we were walking back to the condo. I stopped thinking about Jim making love to me in the condo and I imagined that David came over, no shirt on, little teen muscles covered in sweat, and just ripped my bikini bottoms off. Instead, as soon as they were gone, I got in the bathtub, ran the hot water has hard as it would go on my pussy, and imagined it was me instead of Jean at that party, drunk and alive, being passed around to all those boys I'd know my whole life.

The Wind's Pleasure

first-time Turnout 2018-01-19

Navani asked "Is the young Brightness getting a lesson in love?" As she reached up and took a firm hold of Yalb's lump of flesh. Yalb took hold of Shallan's long red ponytail and guided her mouth to his cock, still hanging heavily from his hips. Navani took hold of Yalb's shaft with one hand, working the flesh back and forth like a lump of dough. Zeth walked behind Shallan, and pulled her slip up above her head, pressing his hard flesh into her back. She found the soft flesh of Navani's breast beside her head, her other hand reaching around to grab hold on Zeth's calf. Zeth pulled out from inside Navani, and grabbed Shallan's head, filling her mouth with his penis.

The Degredation of Trisha

first-time 2018-01-19

felt for him, and Tricia was too shy to let him know her feelings. Tricia felt the color rise in her cheeks, but she said nothing. Tricia gave a cry of pain as Tony pinched her nipple through her "Looks like this video's gonna get sent out," said Bella. Tricia obeyed, bending her knees slightly and pressing her hips forward, Tricia took two of the beers from Tony's pack and went into the kitchen. "That's good," said Tony "Because going about naked makes Cunt horny, "Open your legs and put it in," said Tony. Tricia wanted the floor to open and swallow her up as she continued with pretty face as he humped her, his rough hands mauling her soft, bare breasts

0049 Special Bench – Bee and Lulu

first-time tankengine123 2018-01-19

Charlie had taught Bee exactly what to do to get her pussy ready for their special time together. With three fingers fucking her special hole, she tended to wiggle her bottom uncontrollably so Charlie gripped the back of her skirt and tried to hold her ass steady. Charlie thought that this might be the last time he could make love to Bee before prison, so he asked her to start up again. Charlie and Bee could see that there was a lot of Randy’s cock still outside of Lulu. Randy started to eat Lulu’s pussy as a special thank-you for helping their new friends. With help from the guys, Charlie was soon dating Lulu’s mom and Randy was dating Bee’s mom.

Sally's First Conquest

first-time Dantheman55 2018-01-19

Initially I started to masturbate in Paul's office when he was away and the k**s were at school while watching some hot young stud plow a woman my age. Paul passed her a sizable tip, looked like a couple of c-notes and the girl, Kate, gave him a peck on the cheek and left. He had a good time for a couple of hours and came home like the dutiful husband. After he started to buck his hips I let him roll me over and mount me, after about 15 minutes and my second orgasm, I ask him if he would like to try something else, and I guided him to mount me doggie.

Missused Masseuse- A massage session turns into a

first-time bi_hengst 2018-01-19

"Come on, Lindsay, fuck his virgin ass real hard!" Dan exclaimed. While I was screaming from the pain I saw Rob's dick growing harder above my head and I felt Dan's hard-on touching my thigh. Dan took Rob's place in front of me and shoved his cock in my mouth right away while Rob switched positions with my wife standing on my backside. He started fucking my mouth really hard leaving me no opportunity to breathe properly while Rob pierced my crack without hesitation. "Slap this bitch's ass while I fuck his glory hole!" Rob said. Keep fucking him, boys, he loves having his hole stuffed with hard, throbbing cock!" my wife said enthusiastically.

Kayleigh Ch. 02

first-time Faptasize 2018-01-19

I placed my cock inbetween her lips and pushed it inside her in one swift stroke and started slowly fucking her for the second time that day. But instead of kayleigh, Emily came in and took her sister's place, still completely naked, and pushing her plump ass against my cock. Without a word, Kayleigh went over to her sister and started licking my cum out of her pussy. "Amber forced Kayleigh to make a promise not to take your virginity, because Amber collects boy's virginities like the fucking bossy bitch that she is," Emily suddenly said, appearing in the door opening, clothed now.

Me and a pregnant friend...and my first experience

first-time 2018-01-19

I said 'I've never kissed a Black girl before'....She just smiled at me. I increased my tongue against her clit, and started to pull my fingers toward me each time I thrust them inside her. I kept this up for about 4 minutes until she said 'Fuuuuuck, you're goooooood, oh, oh, oh, oh' I felt a bit embarressed about her saying this (wasn't too good with taking compliments too be honest) when all of a sudden, she arches her back and shouts 'Ung, ung, Godddddd, you're good' and I felt this almighty jet of female cum, shoot, not just to the back of my throat, but it filled the whole of my mouth and seeped down my chin.

Life Imitates Art... Sort Of

first-time trigudis 2018-01-19

Enter Janet Wilcox, his sexy, chestnut-haired, forty-one year old neighbor, married for close to twenty years and bored to the point of concocting fantasies of seducing young men (years later, women like her would be called cougars) like Wendell, her reveries influenced after she too saw "The Graduate." No alcoholic she, just a bored housewife looking for adventure, thinking of ways to do Wendell the way Mrs. Robinson did Benjamin. Still, he could picture himself and Janet in that scene where Mrs. Robinson, sitting at her home bar, spreads her legs before a startled Benjamin: "Mrs. Robinson, you're trying to seduce me." The movie furnished Wendell with weeks of masturbatory material. "There you go," Janet said, handing Wendell a cup and saucer, and then easing on to the sofa and crossing her legs.


first-time 2018-01-19

His name was Jay. Such silver-touched hair the guy was probably forty but to Dave he was "hot as hell." One time when he went to a random picnic retreat, Jay grabbed him out of nowhere knowing Dave liked "guy stuff" and figured he like wrestling. Knowing his pleasures felt so good but weren't exactly right made him wonder if anyone (or even anyone like a god) would help him! The guy wasn't old enough to be exactly his type but he thought to think about it. After thinking about it for a good long time Dave got plenty of sl**p (just in case the masturbate-a-thon lasted longer and Dave like naturally letting go and keeping his edge) he got on a coat and went out.

Malum Prohibitum

first-time KierHardy 2018-01-19

Seeing her smile will brighten your entire day, so they keep bringing sticky, creamy, fatty things, never knowing the depression she feels whenever she stands in front of the mirror and sees her muffin top, or the tears she sheds in private after someone passes a thoughtless comment on her size. "Now surely Mary Evans is more than enough for a young lass to be getting on with, without adding Joyce into the mix as well?" the nun laughs, as she looks up where to find a copy of 'Dubliners' for the eager teen-aged girl. I should like to study Classics." She does her best impression of nonchalance, but Sister O'Shaughnessy is worldly wise and can recognise infatuation when she sees it.

My Friend's Mom

first-time Rummramesh 2018-01-18

I could feel my fully erect cock waiting to be touched by her sweet ass, but I didn't want to rush. As the crowd increased and pushed around from both the front and the rear of the bus, I made sure I was right behind auntie. I was encouraged and I pushed my body forward, with my cock now fully glued to her ass like gum on wall. Auntie would definitely have felt my cock gyrate and explode like a volcano. Auntie letting me feel her ass in a bus is one thing, but letting me squeeze her boobs and sucking on my cock is different. Auntie slowly got up and said calmly "Can I please have a bath and come?"