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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Skype SEX with Fuck Buddy (part 2)

first-time 2018-01-18

[1/21/2012 1:45:32 PM] S: I'm getting hard already, but lets not go there right now, need to go down to the bar get something to eat [1/21/2012 1:54:56 PM] S: good call, lets set a time and day each week if that works for you, when we can cum online together [1/21/2012 1:57:14 PM] S: mmm when you put it like that it does sound too organised, spontanaiety is the spice of life and I really should have asked you that day to say hey do you want to make out right now What happens when I tell you I get sloppy wet when I see you're online? [1/21/2012 8:33:11 PM] S: sucking me all the way down and running your tongue over my head I'm oozing pre-cum which you're lapping up


Wet Hard Kiss

first-time fmac 2018-01-18

Oh bl**dy hell she thought as the bus pulled away...I hate living in the fucking country! He threw back his hood and shook drops of rain from his hair, looked her square in the face and said “Please forgive me Bernie,you know I wouldn’t hurt you for the world” her name was Heather and now she was starting to panic a bit.She thought she knew more or less everyone around her age in the small country town and she didn’t recall a Bernie or a Bernadette at all. She was completely amazed...excited and amazed and then furious when she realised she would have to wait half an hour for another bus.

My First BBC Blacken

first-time 425olds 2018-01-18

I took his cock deep into my mouth as much as I could and licked his huge black balls and wanted nothing more than for him to cum in my mouth. "Now you want to see what this black cock can do to white girls like you." He added I did what he said and thought to myself on what that massive black cock is going to do to my pussy and wondered what it was like to be fucked doggy style as they called it. "Damn, a big ass for a white girl" He commented as he started to fuck my pussy into submission. I lay in bed savoring the moment of the best fuck of my life and wanted more of this guy's black cock.

FUCK STORY: I’m In Luv With A Stripper

first-time videomonster 2018-01-18

“Hello”… “What’s up mama?”… “Nothing, who is this?”…“Phoenix, we met at Pleaser’s a few weeks ago, you called me about 2 hours ago.” …“Oh yeah, what’s up wit cha?”… “Shit, trying to get with you this evening.”… “Really?”… “Yeah, so you up for some dinner maybe a movie?”…“Maybe, but I really hate going to theaters.”…“That’s cool, how about you swing over to my crib, I’ll get some Dinner going and we can check out some shit out here, make it a Blockbuster night.”…“That sounds a lot better, but can yo black ass cook”… “Fo Sho.”…“So what we eating?…"Let’s see I got some Lobster tails in the fridge that I was going to cook last night but I went out instead, I can get them going if you in the mood for it.”… “Cool, give me an hour?”…“You live round the block!”…“I have to look good though.”..

I fck my friend`s hot mom.

first-time 2018-01-18

I walked over, she asked me how am I doing, I said that all is well, asked how there getting on my friend, we talked a bit about this and that, and then she asked me to help her up to place bags of groceries. Then she suddenly got up and sat on top of me and styanuv off my pants and began stroking my cock. Her body and hands were warm, causing my cock stood up almost immediately. She told me to just get up, and then sat down at my legs and bent over my cock, suck it began. Pleasure intensified, I cupped her head in her hands and began to move faster.

Good Boys are Easiest to Seduce

first-time WarriorWoman 2018-01-18

We rubbed middles until Allison was panting hard against my mouth and my head was swimming. "I want you like I've wanted nothing else Allison." I whispered and sat up to replace a hand with my mouth. I felt her hand against my zipper and what was so hard beneath it and gasped, nipping her nipple gently. "Jesus, tell me this doesn't feel delicious?" Allison said and opened her eyes to stare into mine. Allison opened her mouth and I saw her eyes glaze, but she was still looking at me. I felt my own pressure building, knew I was almost at orgasm and in one last hard, fast thrust came in a warm gush inside of Allison.

The School Hunk Ch. 02

first-time shawnsgrl22 2018-01-18

Miss little cheerleader Paula was smirking at me, probably thinking about how she was going to tell everyone how much of a slut I am at school on Monday. Everyone had seen Adam and I go into the woods, and seen us coming out a few minutes later looking all disheveled. I replayed the night's events in my mind, thinking about Adam's body, his eyes, his smile, his cock....the way he touched me, and the long, penetrating kiss we had shared. I really like Adam and if Paula wants to be pissed about not getting a sexual conquest, or whatever, I don't care. I wanted to tell her how smart he was, or how caring he was, or how undeniably amazing it felt to look in his eyes.

Jennifer's Sexual Awakening Ch. 02

first-time AveryTomDeaconHarry 2018-01-18

Jennifer put her fingers on her clitoris and started to masturbate herself to the orgasm she had just been denied but Alessa yanked her hands away saying, ‘Oh, no you don’t.’ Jennifer watched helplessly after her and moved over towards the wall, trying to find a place where she could breathe and sip her drink in relative peace, wondering as well how long she could last before the arousal that Alessa had started would overcome her and she would have to go off to the toilets and masturbate herself to the orgasm she had been deprived of. Jennifer felt her body respond and danced in kind, her hips moving teasingly close to his, then she darted away...touching his chest gently then moving back...a teasing glance, licking her lips, running her hands down her sides.

Kelly Caught Him

first-time fairytalefantasy 2018-01-18

Luke sat on the bed fully naked with his hand on his erect penis. I sat next to Luke on the bed and he held his penis with his left hand and started slowly stroking it. "A little tighter feels good, and you can move your hand up and down slowly if you want." I followed his instructions and in response his erection quivered. I was already feeling a little wet and turned on, "Yeah go on, please." He leaned in and kissed me, moving his tongue liberally around. Luke began to rub the outside of my pussy with two fingers. It'll be tight but I promise it will feel good." He slowly rubbed his middle finger along my entrance and then used his other hand to open me up.

Summer Holidays Ch. 1

first-time Patrick 2018-01-18

He flushed slightly, then laughed, “Well hell, they’re both pretty good looking, and I would have loved some pictures, and she’s right, it excites me to look” he said, then frowned, “But I shouldn’t be telling you all that, I’d better get going, I have a long way to walk” He rolled over and worked his way up my body, back to my breasts, and I felt his hard cock trailing up my leg and my inner thigh until it was brushing against my pussy, “Oh yes, yes” I whimpered, and lifted my backside off the grass, spreading my knees wide, feeling the head of his cock slip just a little bit inside.

My First Chub

first-time Chubbins 2018-01-18

I totally humiliated myself on the first day of class, but still all I can think about is the bulge in Mr. Wilson's shorts. I looked around to make sure coach wasn't around and when I knew the coast was clear I took my thick 5.5 inch cut cock in my hand and started stroking it. "I wish you hadn't have taken care of that already", he said as he reached down and grabbed my cock. He moaned and writhed in pleasure, grabbing my head and shoving his cock down my throat. His belly rested on my head as I milked every last drop out of Coach's softening cock. His beefy hands moved to my ass and squeezed my cheeks and pulled me deeper into his mouth.

Sara's Sexual Education Ch. 03

first-time walkstar 2018-01-18

Katie moved to kiss the side of her neck, her lips pressing firmly against the skin and her tongue just licking Sara's neck. Sara closed her eyes and gave a soft gasp as Katie gently licked her nipple running her tongue around it. She slid the fingers of her one hand in Katie's hair holding her mouth to her breasts not wanting her to stop. Katie pushed one hand up to cup Sara's breast rubbing her fingers over the now almost over sensitive nipple. Don't leave me hanging please." She begged, Katie gave a soft laugh and lowered her tongue back down to her clitoris licking hard and rapidly over it.

The Story of Love Pt. 02

first-time SparkleKitty 2018-01-18

You mustn't focus on a single aspect at the expense of the other skills." I nodded, but my mind kept returning to Shiguro and his elegant, long penis -- I felt fear and excitement at the thought of taking Shiguro into my mouth and of feeling a man inside of me for the first time. "She is a novice at accepting cum," Shiguro noted to Reiko, "but with breasts like that, she will command an excellent price." This shocked me because I felt that I was more beautiful with a slim waist -- yet as I considered her words, I noticed that men desired me far more with stomach fat and full breasts.

Committed, but Deprived

first-time goinstrong 2018-01-18

Now, as some of you may know, I tend to release my cock and balls from the confines of my swim trunks - by pulling the crotch to one side and letting the agitated water massage and stimulate my the twig and berries (picked that up from some English peers in my profession). I'll just need to straighten my swim trunks a bit!" She looked puzzled, but nodded and continued to remove her muu-muu. Amy looked deeply into my eyes from about 5' away, and said, "God, you're so liberated. I'm impressed." Naturally, I thanked her for the compliment and asked, "So, Amy, what are YOU going to do after your swim?" That started a deeper conversation, about sex and sexuality.

highschool party hookup

first-time cuschnei616 2018-01-18

i stepped out of the car and closed the door when i was flagged down immediately by a bouncing pair of tits vigorously jiggling around this tiny frame of a girl jumping and waving her hand excitedly to get my attention. i walked toward the porch making eye contact and nodding my head and saying hey to the guys and girls i recognized from school and introducing myself to the ones i didnt know. just above the rim of the cup i can see teresa playing with her skirt and bending over the table letting me peak her insane cleavage as her tits hang forward. squeezing one of her perfect tits with one hand and reaching under her skirt and fingering her pussy with my other i heard her moaning again and my dick getting even harder than before.

Reflection On a Memory

first-time tbed 2018-01-18

When we finished I looked at my watch and said, “how about if I take you to lunch?” She replied, “I’m not very hungry but you can come to my house and I’ll make you a sandwich, my parents won’t mind.” Being a teacher and always looking for a way to save money, I told her “that sounds great.” Her hips started moving more and more and her breathing became heavy and loud, until she grabbed my hips and pulled them into her and cried, “Oh yes!” I watched her as her body had an orgasm and while I always thought she was a pretty girl, when she was having that orgasm I saw a beautiful woman.

Sarah and Josh Ch. 02

first-time soroborn 2018-01-18

He was distracted from his train of thought as Sarah reached between her legs and began to touch herself, one finger circling her clitoris then sliding into her wet opening and returning. Josh stroked her, his hand wandering between the small of her back and the top of her thighs, at first not venturing into the enticing area where Sarah's fingers still moved. Josh moved his hand to touch the inside of her thigh, then hesitantly caressed upwards till he felt the first touch of her opening against his fingers. She moved more quickly, urgently, and a thrill ran through Josh as a look of utter ecstasy spread across her face and she cried out in pleasure, her body trembling as she thrust her hips down into him.


virgin love

first-time pfr1998 2018-01-18

All this time she was continuing to move her hand up and down my hot throbbing cock, being careful not to let me cum, as I knew she wanted me to leave my load deep inside her hot steamy virgin box. I sucked and kissed and licked her clit speeding up slowly until she arched her back high and cummed hard…leaving her sweet juice dripping off my lips. We fucked three more times the sun came up, once more time I filled her box with my load and once I shot all over her pale virgin tits, and she took my final load in her mouth at her insistence and she licked every drop from my massive rod.

Body shots

first-time Courtney20UK 2018-01-18

James came into the bar and started visiting with my friends. After a couple more shots, James took me over to the pool table & told me to get on top. I laid on the table and James unbuttoned my pants. We went back to the bar and got another shot. I poured the shot into his belly button and began to lick and suck. I sucked his hot wet cock into my mouth. When I felt his cock finally push inside me, I started to come. Our sex got better each time as we took the time to get familiar with each other. I took James back to town the next morning.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!

first-time RickDeville2 2018-01-18

"Hard to forget the pretty sexy Asian girl sitting out there with all those big bearded guys, eh?" Keira took a long swig at the glass of beer Anna had poured for her and they stared at each other silently for a moment, pleasant and relaxed smiles on their faces. She called back in early evening, was sorry to hear Anna was out of town up in Mississippi the next couple days, but the two managed to meet up again for beers and pizza a couple nights later - this time Keira dressed more casually, although was sure to dress loosely, clothing that easily came off was her new style priority.


Camping on the Tennessee River

first-time ohblackwater 2018-01-18

Elise and I have been "dating" since the start of our Senior Year and neither of the two of us has had any kind of love relationship before (by the way, my definition of "dating" really comes from when our first kiss took place). Elise is definitely not slowing me down tonight to my surprise and we're moving from holding, hugging, kissing, to grinding on one another, me kissing her breasts, and her feeling my penis through my shorts, etc. The weird thing is that it feels like it's slipping in so easily to me that I'm surprised it seems to hurt her, so I am trying to be especially careful and I ask her to put her hands on my hips and pull me into her when she wants to and push me away when she wants to do that as well.

The Sorority Sisters: Cathy No. 01

first-time Sassy Susan 2018-01-18

I asked him if he had a girl friend and he actually blushed before saying that he's "not seeing anyone right now." I wanted to laugh at that. When we got to his car, an old Toyota -- I'm talking 80's or something -- I asked him if he wanted to see more of them. I told him he could touch them if he wanted to, and he reached over and started squeezing them one at a time with his right hand. Because when I slid over and took his dick in my hand and began stroking it, he started cumming almost immediately. So I told him that I was horny as hell and asked if he wanted to go someplace where we could fuck.

The sweet girl next door

first-time bigcityguy 2018-01-18

Karen too raised each of her own tits to her open mouth and sucked on her hard nipples at the same time. Jo didn’t seem to notice my tardiness and as she hit the second step I saw her perfect ass in full view, her pussy was just pecking out from between her cheeks. Within a second of starting I felt a warm hand on my leg and then a finger touching the exposed head of my cock. Jo was now also cumming and she was too screaming with excitement and saying “Eat me bitch, suck my cum as he fucks your hole “I trusted 3 more times before my dick began to slip from her hole. It was Karen had pulled my hard dick out and slide it into her mouth just as my cum began to spill.

Lovers Ever

first-time Sven the Elder 2018-01-18

Pearls of excitement formed on her glistening nether lips as she blew on the tip of his pre-cum soaked penis - the shaft wet where she had been softly licking it to full arousal. She pulled away from him and turning round to face him knelt between his knees, watching him as she continued to suck and lick him, keeping him from softening, returning him to the state of a moment ago. Then she moved up, feet straddling his hips dripping her arousal onto the head of his shaft, working him against herself then, satisfied the time was right, easing him into her in one continuous slow slide.