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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Story With A Whore

first-time Deco09 2018-01-18

As an introduction, I was a man who has a handsome face and sexy body, white and many women who try to come near, but I can not accept the women as a special friend, and I do not want to use them only for just a mere fad. But as a normal man of course I have sexual needs that I can not deny, especially when I include a bad habit that is often seen pornographic pictures and reading sex stories on the internet. I then saw the photos section in the table, I finally asked the bartender for help to pick out for me, because the pornographic pictures that there are so many. I just hope that through this story, hopefully my wife will be able to give like what I feel with Winn.

I Accidentally Call on Cheryl

first-time Boxlicker101 2018-01-18

As I tickled this more sensitive part of her pussy, Cheryl's movements became even wilder and, when I reached the end of the inner lip, she was starting to fuck up into my face. This time, when I reached her clit hood, her thighs had started pounding against my shoulders, and Cheryl was sobbing and whimpering and ramming her pussy up into my face in the same tempo. After helping myself to all the fresh nectar that her pussy had produced, I slowly brought my tongue the length of her wet, pink slit up to where Cheryl's swollen clit had pushed its way entirely out from its protective hood.

Discovering I'm a Cougar Part 2

first-time Sugardaddy6969 2018-01-18

"What is going on in here?" I said as I stepped in to see Rick ready to punch Nate Wilson in the face while Emily was trying to pull her panties and tight jeans up at one time. You know guys get all caught up in long legs and big tits just like your s****r and Emily get caught up in hot looks without a guy who will take time to make them happy in bed. I think you found that forbidden sex exciting too." I said as I looked into his blue eyes but then he shook his head that I was right. You have no idea how badly I want to teach a guy like you how to fuck!" I said as he looked at me with his mouth wide open.

Manny Ch. 01

first-time AudreyHepburn 2018-01-18

Manny Meza had wanted Jessica Abby with every inch of his six foot three inch frame for as long as he could remember. Made bold by the fact it was to be their last night together before she left the cultureless void and imprisoning desert of Arizona for bigger and better things in New York City where she was to major in English and Creative Writing, aspiring to the career of a novelist.The accident would never truly leave their minds and memories. Before long, the family of the elderly woman pressed charges against Manny, who took the blame, out of love for Jessica. Jessica had been through college and had become first a writer for a woman's literary magazine and then an independent novelist, while Manny had sat in prison.

Phoenix Delight

first-time Meticulies 2018-01-18

I looked into her eyes and said, "I love you with all my heart, Deborah, and I want you to be my first." With that I leaned forward and kisses her softly then slowly I began to kiss and gently nibble my way down her neck as she reached down and slowly undid my jeans and reached her hand into to my boxers. She moaned softly and whispered, "Not to bad love...actually quite nice but let's see what else that tongue of your can do." With that she pulled slightly away and slowly pulled her panties off which were already a bit damp.

Kiss, Lick, Suck, Fuck

first-time bubbatxman 2018-01-18

Given our large size, we started kissing on the couch, but found it better to stand, as our body features (our chests, our lips, our hips, our legs) matched up perfectly. She invited me to unbutton her bra, so I reached around, removed her bra, and saw full breasts, brown nipples, and the beauty of their nearly round curve. At this point, I took her cue to continue, first holding her sisters, then playing with her nipples, then starting to kiss and suck them. As I began to kiss her labia, she started moaning, she instructed me to "Lick". She moaned again, and started moving her hips and legs while adjusting my head.


first-time 2018-01-18

Soon he met a man named Prem who was also in the same business, and he was senior in the field so and my husband became friends. Then one day, my husband told me that he wants to invite Prem to our house to share a meal together. I’m fair skin rather than other Indian women who are dark, with a long nose and regular features though I dressed conservative simply, like most Indian women normally wore shilwar (traditional baggy trousers) Qameez (long traditional shirt) suit. My husband and I did not take a lot of time be convinced about Prem that he was not a wife seducer, a trouble-monger of ill repute, but a fine upstanding gentleman with extremely honest, loyal, good and jolly decent manners.

His story about my office

first-time pornstartony 2018-01-18

I tell you to get up as I get on top on the desk and you slowly sit on my your jumping I’m rubbing tugging on your clit ring, as you start screaming in pleasure, and you finally sit all the way day on my dick and our hips are grinding with each other in perfect sync...and I feel you cum all over my legs and onto the desk. we just lay there with my dick still inside you, I came inside my condom and you ask to clean me off and you we are walking out of the office you turn around pull my pants down one more time.

Chinese experience

first-time ruggerboy 2018-01-18

This led to some heavy petting and when I caressed her breasts I found them to be quite small , very firm with long nipples which squeezed and rolled between my fingers. We kissed and caressed each other and I sucked her breasts for some time then I undid her shorts and slid her shorts and panties off together. I kissed her pussy and her breasts over and over, enjoying so much sucking her nipples and just caressing her body. We lay together for some time with my cock inside her kissing gently and caressing each other. After some time I felt my cock slowly come back to life and again I thrust it in and out of her again bringing her and myself to orgasm once again.

Fucking a friend

first-time hodaddie 2018-01-18

We use to work at a deli in my home town, I was going out with Linda at the time and Michaelina came up too me and brush against me a lot. I remember one night I was in the back working, Michaelina came up too me and grabbed my cock, it was soft but she put her breast closer and I got a hard on from that. She wanted to fuck me very badly, I know because one closing night it was me, her and another employee, the employee went on break and Michaelina went in the walk-in to get some deli meats for the front. Michaelina dug her nails right in my lower back, she had another big orgasm and she came again, I started to cum right inside of her.

Bad Boy Ch. 01

first-time Amelia_Peach 2018-01-18

In vain Lukas tried to explain to Mr Redborough about the crane, plasters, milk, cereal and his sis but his tutor brushed it off whilst writing out his detention slip. Lukas felt a little bit shocked to hear Mrs Kirkwood say the word "hell" – she seemed very conservative. Lukas was seriously worried now – maybe Mrs Kirkwood had some kind of mental illness. Every little boy does's perfectly natural...and I've seen plenty in my time..." She came closer and pinned Lukas up against the wood. He slid onto the floor as Mrs Kirkwood crouched over him, sucking on his penis like some kind of succubus. Sighing loudly, Mrs Kirkwood sat up on her knees and licked Lukas' spunk from around her mouth with a sensuous pink tongue.

My 1st big cock.

first-time leecoguy2014 2018-01-18

As he turned me around facing me stomach down, I realized exactly where he was going to unleash the massive load of cum that was stirring around deep in his ball sack. I could feel him move forward onto the bed, one hand pushing down on the small of my back, the other guiding his thick mushroom head into the crack of my ass. At first I thought he was going to work it in nice and slow, letting my hole stretch around the shaft, but when it felt like a couple of inches were in, he suddenly lunged forward driving the entire 8 inches as far as he could get it. He let out a huge moan and inside my ass I could feel his massive cock throbbing uncontrollably.

How I became a Voyeur Part 2

first-time icancu2 2018-01-18

I turned the lights on and waited to see if she would wake up and she didn't move, I went down by the TV and stared at her legs i slowly sat down on the couch by her feet, With her breathing deeply I slowly lifted up the bottom of her housecoat and gently moved it behind her. In about 5 minutes she came back into the room but this time she wasn't wearing her house coat just her nightgown, and it was slightly un buttoned so I could see a little cleavage. I moved closer and started to lift up the bottom of her night gown to see her panties again and I got the surprise of my life she wasn't wearing them any more I could see her ass just inches away.

First Time...Even For Barbara

first-time andtheend 2018-01-18

Every year, the fashion magazine, where Barbara and Veronica worked, had a Halloween costume party, a big bash, where the corporate boss personally picked the winner. I know I don't have a chance in Hell of winning this Halloween costume contest, but I bet I'd win if I looked more like Wonder Woman," said Barbara with a vindictive smile. With that, just as they were about to announce the winner of the company Halloween costume contest and name Veronica as the winner of her yearly trip to Paris and another complete wardrobe of new fashion designer clothes for the 4th consecutive year, Barbara interrupted the judge.

Horny MILF takes a virgin. A wankers story

first-time 2018-01-18

I lift both legs up onto the cast iron table, resting both feet by my ankles, my knees buckling outward, and in this position, without a care in the world, I masturbate, at a leisurely pace, softly running my finger through my silken lips and over my rigid clitoris, stopping when my finger tip come into contact, and then rub in small circles, bending the head, now sticking up from its sheath, like a lookout looking for a man to kiss, this thought causing another ejection of warm sweet fluid to run from my open cunt, soon to be filled by my probing fingers, as I hump them in lieu of a cock.

A Tryst with Physics

first-time the_lost_one 2018-01-18

Everyone was visibly nervous and the teachers were doing their best to keep calm in their classes as numerous students went beyond their usual levels of failure, setting records and breaking them within weeks. Shalini couldn't help but laugh and gave back his box of chocolates and asked, "How old are you?" He was visibly surprised at the candid question but replied, "19". When the period got over a few minutes later, she asked for the answer paper to be returned to her desk before evening and left. When she walked out, Shalini noticed that Michael seemed rather uncomfortable and decided that the evening was going to be a lot more enjoyable than she expected.

Tomboy Ch. 02

first-time Slickman 2018-01-18

"It's a little long don't you think?" The older woman's eyes moved down to the ultra short skirt on Karen's thighs. "No ma'am," Karen said as she pushed her skirt down and moved away from Tom. "I thought she would never leave," Tom whispered as he moved closer to Karen. "You know you don't have a chance with him," Karen said smiling at Jo as they waited for him to come back. "I guess you can sleep on the sofa upstairs," he said smiling as her hand moved to his thigh. His mind remembered the feel of Karen's pussy as the fingertip moved downward to her virgin...suddenly his finger dipped into the opened hole waiting for him.

Teacher's Pet

first-time LeCoach 2018-01-18

Oh, that feels real nice Tommy!" The youth looked up at me as he did it and then began to slowly move his finger in and out as he caught on to the natural feel of the sex act He didn't speak but continued to finger fuck me as I lay there nude before him. I was getting so excited I decided maybe I better stop before things got out of hand so I gently removed Tommy's finger from my pussy and then moved to my hands and knees on the sofa. I looked back at my youthful suitor and told him to "Rub it in my butt cheeks for a minute." I honestly figured when Tommy got a load of the thrilling sensation of sliding his overstimulated prick into my butt crack, he would come instantly.

A Slut is Born

first-time klammer 2018-01-18

Feeling like I had been let out of jail, I turned my head back to the screen n time to watch the guy pull out of her ass, grab her hair and start to cum all over her face. “Mmmm, that’s it, slut” he moaned “ I knew you’d be a good little piece of ass when I got to you.” Suddenly, he f***ed my head all the way down, and slammed his cock up into my mouth. “The little bitch really wants it” Stan yelled, “Look at her go.” I felt fresh tears of pain and humiliation coursing down my cheeks as I gobbled Charlie’s thick meat and wiggled my hips to get their cocks deeper into my ass. Jim and Stan knelt by my head, taking turns fucking my mouth as Charlie slammed his cock back into my ass.

The Start of Something New

first-time adventurouscpl 2018-01-18

Jake and Abby met only 2 weeks ago, they had been on many dates together, Abby being traditional, wanted to take it slow, let love flourish before jumping into things, but on their second date they couldn't keep their hands off each other, taking it slow took a whole new turn... Jakes hands lightly caressed Abby's thighs absentmindedly, sending tingling sensations all over her body, she hadn't felt this before it was all so new. He one-handily pulled her panties off, causing Abby to stop kissing, and gasp, waiting for that next touch, the feeling of someone else's fingers on her virgin pussy. Once he continued to tease her she pulled his penis out of his pants and held it, she heard his low moan in her ear and she loved it knowing she was making him feel so good.

first meeting

first-time 2018-01-18

I lead you back so you can sit on the bed in doing so your face is eye level with my breast, you release one of them from confinement and gently lean in to kiss it, my nipple instantly becomes erect wanting more of your touch. I move my way back down your body so I can see your man hood stood proud wanting, demanding my attention, I lean in gently and kiss the very tip and hear you take a sharp intake of breath, every bit of you is feeling so sensitive right now and the slightest touch makes you twitch with pleasure.

My 1st sex experience with virgin student Sofia

first-time fotisampini 2018-01-18

On the very 1st day I went to teach Sofia. The next day I went to her room with lots of tension but nothing happened like that. Then I laid her on the bed and started to kiss on her lips. I was kissing and sucking her boobs and nipples madly and she was moaning ahhhhhhhh! I started licking her navel and continued it for a long time till my satisfaction. I kissed on it and started twist my tongue slowly into her love hole. When half of my penis went inside then she started screaming and with a final stroke I inserted full and felt that I broke her hymen. Then I kissed her on lips and started stroking my cock to her hole.

Going out with other men

first-time nightowl58 2018-01-17

I started breathing heavily when i sat down on the bed, Dave then sat beside me and grabbed my face and kissed me, he told me he would go slow as he knew I was new to this lifestyle. I kissed him slowly and then he laid me on my back, he then got between my legs and spread them apart, there i was a wife and mother with my legs spread and this man I had met like three hours earlier was about to fuck me on this hotel bed. Tears started running down my cheeks as i thougt about my husband and k**s, but Dave wasn't stopping so i spread my legs a little wider and rubbed his hairy chest, with that i felt him lean forward and i felt myself spread apart.

My First Time

first-time zimabean 2018-01-17

I tried to get the men to leave but was not havong much luck thanks to Lisa who seemed to be egging these guys on. I had never seen people naked like this, I mean Lisa was very wet and the men had very large erections. I could see Lisa's wet pussy and the cock going in and out, the man's nut sack slapping her ass and her boobs jiggle to his thrust. The other man pushed me to the bed next to Lisa, and mounted me pushing his hard cock into my aching 15 year old pussy. They cleaned up and left as They wanted to get out of there before Mr Wilson got home.