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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Hot Coed Needs to Find Her Way! Ch. 05

first-time andrewsixpack 2018-01-17

"Well, I mean, it's just that, well..." she said, but he cut her off, saying, "Oh I know you enjoyed it, the way you put your tit thru the hole and allowed me suck your nipple, before you blew me and I shot my hot load in your warm mouth, it's ok Pammy, your cocksucking secret is safe with me!" Tommy was breathing hard, he could not believe his luck, not only had he found the little slut who sucked off his cock in the dressing room, but here he was actually playing with her big tits and fingering her hot naked snatch!

Days of Summer

first-time JimBob44 2018-01-17

"You know, Tyler, you got a cute butt," Taylor teased as they meandered toward Justin's house. Justin was dressed in snug black nylon shorts and tight tank top and both Taylor and Tyler admired his muscled body. "Need help?" Tyler asked and Justin had Taylor carry the chairs out of the dining area into the living room. "Yeah, should have seen the shit they had there before," Justin said as he and Tyler carried the table into the living room. "You uh, you want to go to Justin's house?" Tyler asked as they stood at the end of Taylor's driveway. Taylor wanted to go to Justin's house; her pussy grew wet at the thought of what his hairless cock and balls must look like.

Helpful Hand Ch. 02

first-time mfz834 2018-01-17

"Is this really what you want Holly?" I asked with a quiet whisper, just a tiny bit louder than silence looking profoundly in her beautiful green eyes. Starting with forehead, going through ears, chicks, nose, lips once more time, then neck, shoulders, again breasts, stomach and navel, avoiding her pubis and pussy through her thigh and finishing with foots. And when I finally moped her tears, then I licked her pussy for the one more time before I started to have sex with my girlfriend again. Her inside was unordinary narrow and now when I wasn't forcing into her I was for the first time in my entire life problem with coming into women's pussy.

Doing Eva Ch. 04 Pt. 2

first-time fuzzyb2 2018-01-17

Kati knew how to respond: she took my hand and pulled it towards her breast, cupping it underneath so I could feel its heft. As my erection started to come back, Kati took the shaft in both hands and held it straight up with only the purple knob sticking out of her fist. I felt it pulsing in anticipation; it bobbed above her bushy triangle and as I leaned in bit closer, Kati took it in one hand and pulled me towards her pussy. Kati squealed in delight and took both hands to rub my cum all over herself, finishing with her big, soft tits.

Consoling Comforts...

first-time NaughtyNshy 2018-01-17

Grandpa got a slight smile on his face and instantly had an idea what that was as most girls don’t like sucking on a cock let alone swallowing a load or two in the process at least not the good girls. “About an hour or so okay then you will get what you need I promise no questions asked.” And with that, he sent John on his way with no idea who the hot chick was that would be swallowing his cock and taking his big, juicy load down their throat. As he pulsated in and out of the hole a bit he leaned forward and saw over the side of the stall, there on his knees was Grandpa with a mouthful of John, drool hanging from his chin he looked up and noticed John and began to moan loudly.

The Girl from Lima

first-time Velcona 2018-01-17

Besides English lessons, all Z-Prep classes were taught in Spanish, which considering the fact 95% of the town's children spoke Spanish as their first language, had struck Gregorio as an excellent idea when he'd read about it in his New York parish newspaper. Nodding, Xiomara glanced up at the clock hanging above Gregorio's desk, said a quick goodbye then dashed out the classroom: she had all of thirty seconds to get to her biology class. Before long, the end-of-school bell rang, and as instructed, Xiomara knocked on Gregorio's classroom door within minutes. Thus did Xiomara Qinallata, an 18 year-old girl he'd known for barely two months, become the town's first resident to hear about the Honduran's estranged Brazilian wife, Renata.

Erotic Fantasy Come True

first-time mnvirgin 2018-01-17

As I get ready to make sure I dress extra sexy for you, I get out my nicest bra and panties. While looking through you parent's dresser, you come across: a condom, KY Intense, rope, a gag, and a vibrator. You get that sexy look in your eye, and I know exactly what you are thinking. After you take off my bra and panties for me (as you insisted) you tie each of my arms/legs to the bedposts, you take off your boxers and all I can see is your gorgeous long dick, dying for you to get in side me. You feel extra hard inside of me, and I think you might be ready too. And we kiss, for a long time.

Tender Flowering

first-time sylerbean 2018-01-17

Turning back to the mirror, her head still tilted, Chloe looked into her eyes. She noticed the curve of her hips and the straight lines of her legs through the thin silk of her gown and thought of the delicate lines on the Greek and Roman statues that she had seen in her father's art books. She let her fingertip languidly trace the shape of her breast all the while watching with almost detached fascination the exploration of her own body reflected in the glass. Chloe was so taken with the pleasure of caressing her breasts that it was several moments before she noticed the moisture between her legs. Sliding her fingers down over her swollen labia, Chloe felt an intense wave of pleasure as her fingertips brushed what felt like a little button.

my step s****r

first-time birehborn 2018-01-17

and so you grab my dick with both your hands and SQUEEZE so tightly I yell out a SCREAM and without a moment of hesitation you open your mouth and take my dick in whole, all nine inches begin to feel the tightness of your throat, the wetness of your tongue, and claws of your teeth and the pressure of your mouth as you suck as hard as you possibly can with your hands gently caressing my balls. but so faithful to her step b*****r, you begin to suck even harder as your tongue massages my dick until I let out a ROAR and cum inside your throat.

Shanti mounts Erin at at Mount Shasta

first-time petdyke 2018-01-17

Good old Pete observed from his hide-out up the snowy mountain the sexy challenges Erin offered to local boys on their 18th. The word of her hot offer spread fast, but parents found out. Why the young lesbian couple had to escape from their small town up the Rockies is a sexy story on its own. I won't repeat it, that little drastic drama action by worried moms. Luckily, the young lesbian lovely looking lovers found a friendlier small-town, in free-minded - we hope for them - Northern California. She is ready to mount Erin as often as she needs in her sexy snatch. Let us wish the young lesbian lovers at least an orgasm a day. ;-)P - porn poet Pete

My Wife Wants a Huge Cock

first-time 425olds 2018-01-17

I took off my panties and got my vibrator and sat in front of the screen and eased the vibrator inside me while I stared at Alvin's 11 inch cock. Suddenly thrusting deep into my pussy and pause feeling his balls slap my clit I reached back with my hand and grabbed his balls and squeezed them feeling them pull up I pulled them down Alan pushed even deeper, until I felt a hot burst of his sperm hit the back of my womb as jet after jet of my lovers cum exploded inside me. I reached the winning post easily as Alvin sucked my clit deep into his mouth and my cum seeped out of my pussy all over his lovely black face. 


first-time Ashson 2018-01-17

Michelle was breathing hard when Mike's mouth moved down to settle on her breast, suckling on her. Moving around Mike brushed lightly against Michelle's clitoris, feeling her light touch on his cock spasm into a death grip and relax. Mike took it cautiously at first, letting Michelle get used to the way he was taking her, He pushed in deeply, but relatively gently, feeling her respond. Michelle answered the challenge, pushing hard up against Mike, showing she could handle whatever he gave. "If you so much as touch my door tonight, Mike" hissed Michelle, "I will scream rape and demand you be evicted from the lodge." Finally naked, Michelle pushed herself hard against Frank, pressing him to start the action.

Bump, Set, Spike

first-time jj23456 2018-01-17

After touching and kissing her like this for a little bit, I kiss my way down her stomach and start kissing her through her pink lace panties. To help me, she lifts her ass up off the bed and allows me to pull her panties completely down and off. While positioning myself between her legs, I grab my cock and start rubbing it against her pussy lips and teasing her. This position gives me the great view of titties bouncing up and down while she rides my cock and it allows me to grab onto her perfect plump ass. With my cock deeply and firmly inside of her, she screams out, "Oh my fucking God. I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cummmmmminnnnnnnggggg," before her pussy wraps my cock into a death grip, and she starts convulsing on the bed.

My cousin terri

first-time griffen1 2018-01-17

face and I guess his tongue got stiff and he sort of stuttered and stammered.When I turned I glanced at the front of his pants and saw a hefty bulge I led the way to my bedroom, knowing he was watching the towel rise higher and higher, exposing the taut globes of my butt. tasted like my cunt as my tongue danced wildly inside his mouth. I told Terri about fucking Kevin. "Another hot pussy for you to fuck and suck, Cousin," I said Terri and I grabbed Kevin's hot cock and milked a bead of I knew Kevin was close to popping off and Terri quit sucking I sat on Terri's mouth while Kevin fucked her only minutes

Be careful DADDY, it HURTS when it goes INSIDE

first-time bifun4u 2018-01-17

I grabbed the pillow my head was on and squeezed it hard, his tongue felt so good I didn't want it to ever stop by after a few minutes of him sucking my ass, I felt him raise up and then, a blunt hard object push against my rectum and I knew it was dad's big cock by now! Dad laid back some and told me that I could kiss it if I wanted to so I gently leaned over and at first, just used the tip of my tongue to lick the pee hole some, then, I went ahead and let the whole head go in my mouth like the guys in the movie.

My Boss, My Mentor & Now My Lover!

first-time mooremike 2018-01-17

Bob was always careful to desperate his personal life from work so I really did not know much about his wife. "Good morning Beth!" Bob said with his normal good cheer Let me take a look." He said as he started to crawl under my desk I looked up to see his face in ecstasy and I knew that I loved this older man more than anyone in my life. Bob moved behind me and my hand guided his cock into my soaking wet pussy, Bob stroked slow and deep as I moaned. Bob grabbed my hips and pounded my pussy, I had never been fucked harder in my young life but I knew I would want more!

The Quicky Cafe

first-time Kat900 2018-01-17

She shyly unfastened his pants reached in and took his penis in her hand which brought him to the edge of orgasm. I'd finished my meal, paid the bill and was reading the newspaper when she brought my change with a towel in her hand and I wondered if I'd get to a better look at her cute little ass when she bent over to wipe the table on the other side of the room. Her hand cupped my balls and took my very limp dick into her mouth. She stroked my shaft and took all of my cock deep throat with one hand on my balls and the other hand reached between my legs lightly fingered my ass.

Awakening Sapna

first-time cuteb0y25 2018-01-17

Sapna wished this feeling would never end, her vaginal walls stretching wider from the thickness of the bottle, and she bit down hard on her lower lip, thinking to herself, "It would only be this once." She would meet her husband's client and fuck his brains out, and "It would only be this once." She loved Rohit, and would do anything for him. In the background she could hear Devon yell out and say, "Its feeding time bitch, and your daddy's got a protein shake a cummmmminnn." Sapna was euphoric now, and her orgasms were coming one after another as Devon dumped blast after blast of semen into her, filling her mouth so full, that his thick black seed pushed its way out passed her clamped lips, and ran trickling into her nose and eyes.

Happy 18th Birthday, Baby!

first-time rapman 2018-01-17

Wait till my lips lick your lips, and my tongue comes inside your gaping mouth. You think it's like usual but deep down inside you know you ready for more. You always knew it, you've been waiting for that moment and you want it hard, baby, as hard and far deep as your pussy goes! And baby tonight's the night you're gonna know just how far it goes, yeah! Your nipples will get hard and erect, baby, yeah, just like my cock! Yeah baby here's my cock up and ready real close to your pussy! Your inside feels my huge cock going in, pounding its way in,oh yeah! And my cock is still fucking you baby, all the way far and deep.

u*********s Girlfriend Fucking

first-time TSRMA 2018-01-17

I wanted to fuck my girlfriend so badly but i never got the chanse to say it. I was still a virgin so my cock was loaded everytime we were playing with eachother but we never even got to the jerk off part. One day she was going to come over and i knew i wanted to fuck her. I started sucking them. I opened her pants and took them off. I couldn't wait and started to lick her pussy. I put my dick in and it was so tight i could feel the pussy just trying to squash it. I wanted to fuck more i was all out of juice. ''I think i fell asl**p but did we really fuck?''


first-time 2018-01-17

He tried to fuck her from this position, but couldn’t, so he rolled her over, gave her pussy a great suck for good measure, before plunging his erect cock into her, making groan with a primeval sound, I love to give her. It was a much better night, with my wife Cumming four times, and us poor fellas managing one each, but I did muster a fresh batch a few hours later ;-) After I’d turned the cam off, we settled into the bed to sl**p, he dropped off to sl**p almost straight away, while me and her hugged.

Fancy Spread for a Picnic

first-time Otzchiim 2018-01-17

Larry Helmer put his hand inside Maggie Simpkins' blouse within minutes and then moved the left bra-cup aside. When they entered Maggie's bedroom, she paused for a moment to look out of her window again and thought back to how she had wodered if she had done the right thing in staying alone in the house with Larry. When he bent Maggie back to deliver another deep kiss, his right hand came up, then down, to slide under the waistband of her loose jeans and into her panties, where one finger found her labia to pass between them and in. As Larry lay over her, his left arm raised her head to meet his lips and his right hand went to line up his erection with the line between her labia.

Harry Potter and Fleur Delacour

first-time dgoodall1701 2018-01-17

He drew the young woman’s hips up using his handhold on her derriere and felt her channel drag along his length before pushing her lower half back down until her thighs and rear slapped against his legs and her pelvis met his pubic area. Then his left hand changed directions and delved between her thighs where several of his fingers began slowly rubbing the flesh surrounding her clit as well as brushing the nub. She felt his hands gripping her rear and hips tightly while his lengthy rod coursed back and forth through her greatly stretched sphincter where it rubbed the insides of her colon. Harry felt his magic sing as it rubbed against Fleur’s arcane well.

First Time

first-time Angelcum 2018-01-17

I wanted to lap it up and went to my knees...pushing her dress up I licked her pussy crack, tasting her juices, like nectar. Open the lips, and lap her fully with my tongue as I had wanted to do...I pushed two fingers into her and rubbed her clit with my thumb. I was moaning as I was pushing my mouth against her, eating frantically, licking, sucking, lapping her juice and all the time fucking her face. We kissed deeply and I tasted my pussy on her lips; I pushed my cum soaked fingers into her mouth so she could taste hers...and we mingled our cum juice in one long erotic tongue twisting kiss.