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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

inspired by: "lesbian cop f70" (part 1)

first-time f70fan 2018-01-16

She took my hands and handcuffed them behind my back and pulled me over to the hood of the car. I moaned a little and I guess she took that as a 'yes' as she went straight to my clit and I felt my pussy moisten a little at the touch of her deft fingers. She returned with her billy club and stuck it in my face and said, "Do you like to suck big cocks?" With one hand on the back of my neck, holding my face to the hood of the car, the other rhythmically pounding my pussy with her black plastic invader I felt myself again on the verge of losing control.


The Sailor and the Sea Goddess (who ruled him)

first-time LaMaluca 2018-01-16

Also did that burning need, which arose when Calypso's skin pressed flush to Ragetti's, and all of her was achingly close to him. Calypso's squeals as she wound her hips to his, oh, how time truly did slip away when seduced between those beautiful thighs…Ragetti knew that she was completely uninterested in being divine. Calypso lounged astride him, Fabrizio's shoulders in her hands. When his fingers ventured to her sweetest spot and Fabrizio claimed her peaked breast for his own, Calypso could take no more. "Sirens always teasin' unwittin' men." Fabrizio's lips met the base of Calypso's neck with lazy tenderness. "Fabrizio, pleas—MMM!" the goddess squealed as Ragetti filled her, his hands holding her in place.

Paid in Cherries

first-time 13932956 2018-01-16

Gary liked the way she didn't leave it all to him but worked hard, listened to advice and wanted to learn. Instead she shrugged off the dressing gown and lay on the bed, one shoulder resting on a pillow, hair swept back, her left hand under her breast as if trying to push it up and enlarge it, her right breast pointing into the pillow, her legs a fraction open with the left one raised a little on the bunched quilt and the right one drawn up at 45 degrees. Placing that cherry on the mound cover of her panties he ate it oh so slowly, caressing her inner thigh tops with his finger tips at the same time.

A Pleasant Surprise Ch. 01

first-time Belegon 2018-01-16

I could feel the warmth of her breath against my skin as she made a motion to let me know to lift my hips, and as she slid my pant legs over my bare feet and threw the jeans behind her she pressed her tongue hard and flat against the base of my cock and licked up to the tip like it was a Popsicle on an august afternoon. Like she knew it she rocked back and got down on her knees in front of the couch, kissing my legs and thighs without ever actually putting her mouth on my hardness that she was gently grasping at the base with three fingers.

Leg Fracture

first-time indidel 2018-01-16

I had decided today the moment maid leaves I will ask her to take me to toilet and there I would hug her, kiss her and ask her to hold my penis and masturbate me. You know, I am like your mother, just a few years younger then her, I will not betray your mother .I know you have been wanting me for weeks, I knew from the very first moment from the day I helped you to take you to toilet. She did not leave me, kissing my body she opened my robe took my nipples, while I wanted her to take out my pajama to free my penis and love it without delay.


Oddball Ch. 06

first-time JimBob44 2018-01-16

Thomas woodenly got to his feet and asked the flustered girl behind the thick pane of glass if there had been any news about Mary Farmer. "I bet I understand a lot better than you think I do," Allison said and hugged her daughter tightly, despite Britney's struggling to get free. We do hug each other all the time and you can tell she's in love with Jim and he's in love with her, but she'd never ever come around if you were here," Theresa said and put her coffee cup down. "James, the man that walked in here this morning, I didn't like that guy, there was nothing likable about that guy," Charles said and stood up. "Looks like it," Charles said and shook James' hand.

Susie Ch. 10

first-time Susie_O 2018-01-16

"Well she thinks my dad knows more about boys and trusts him when he says they need sex a couple of times a week to 'keep it lubricated', that's his usual phrase. "Wait," I said, "Take it slow, I want to savor each piece." I didn't tell her this would be my first time. I inserted another finger and pushed both all the way up her vagina feeling the cervix at the end and rotating them inside. Mr. Jones said, "It sounded like you two had more than a real good time tonight." I thought they were going well but Trish started giggling, "You really are hopeless," she said. We got up and I said, "You have to remove an article of clothing every time you make a mistake."

Study Buddy

first-time chocolatecookie3 2018-01-16

I wanted to reach under those loose t-shirts and grab her firm breasts, take off those jeans and smack her curvy black ass, hold that ponytail and ride her until I was spent. You can stay at my house Saturday night." It was a loaded suggestion, but like the good girl she was, she considered it in practical terms. I imagined her naked on her dorm bed, fingering her pussy as she thought about me fucking her. When she finally joined me in bed, she said quietly, "Can we wait to do anything until later?" I nodded, and she turned on her side to go to sleep.

Fun Day at the Swimming Hole

first-time X_StoryAuthor_X 2018-01-16

They all got up and left their towels there for when they came back and swam over to the rock and started climbing up the river they ducked under a waterfall and soon the path got too narrow so they had to go in a straight line. They both climbed up as far as they could but Zoe slipped and fell pulling on Vince's shorts on the way down and they fell past his toes and shot down the rapids very quickly. Vince grabbed a rock and got to the side in a small cave next to the rapids and grabbed Zoe's hand as she fell pulling her into him.

Sex Studio Secrets #21: Anne-2

first-time petdyke 2018-01-16

Anne is awesomely attractive, a silent slender sensual sexy sweet tender tiny tit tasty teen to me Being a bad girl, you need to learn some lessons of love and respect for your Master Professor Peter! Bad girls can be good at times, as Anne indeed has a sexy shaking orgasm! By both hands she spreads her ass cheeks for a good view and next she masturbates for me looking at me Of course she can not help to come hard in this sexy situation as a slave of lust for Professor Peter Nice sign for future sexual adventures with this slender sensual sexy sweet tender tiny tit tasty teen ANNE PAYS SOME BILLS FOR VERY BAD BEHAVIOUR TASTY TEEN

My First Blowjob

first-time tdizzle1210 2018-01-16

I looked down at her “I love it honey, but I think you’re going to make me cum soon if you keep it up.” She said, I still think, the most wonderful thing a girl can tell you when she’s giving you a blowjob “Sweetie, I want to make you cum in my mouth.” With that she went back down on me kissing, licking and sucking. As I started to come off my high a little bit, I didn’t know what to do about cleaning up, but before the thought could finish forming she came up off my dick just a bit, swallowed, and licked me clean.

Double Exposure... Part III

first-time DizzyD427 2018-01-16

Sarah could sense her friend was nearing orgasm, and as she looked at her b*****r’s cock sticking straight out from his body she pulled her fingers from Leah’s pussy and said, “We’ve only got a few hours before mom and dad come home… I think we should go back to bed.” Suddenly a sad look came to her face as Leah said, “I know you guys laugh at me for acting like a prude, but I really am trying to save my virginity for my first true love,” and then she added, “It might sound weird since we did all that other stuff, but it’s important to me… please don’t be offended Steve, if there is anyone I would do it with, it might be you.”

Hair today, gone tomorrow

first-time 2018-01-16

Besides that, I didn't know how she'd react if she knew my little kinks like my fetish for women's feet. Besides the happy trail leading from her belly button to her pussy, her hair extended back to her tight little star between her ass cheeks. I pulled her house dress up and began to fondle her perky breasts and started to kiss her passionately. She was so wet, I decided to try to take it up a notch and began to gently nuzzle my lips against her pussy. I slowly ran my tongue over her swollen clit and as she got hotter she began to take my cock deeper until she was literally balls deep.

My Teenage Slumber Party : (Part One)

first-time fotisampini 2018-01-16

And the fact that with my arms beneath the sheets, and the duvets overlapping, were I to slide a hand along just a few feet in either direction, my touch would be met by the young flesh of one of these divine young women… maybe it would be the baby-soft skin of Natalie’s exposed stomach. All of a sudden, from Lisa and Emily’s side of the bed (which I was still facing), I felt a hand cautiously reach out and brush the skin of my thigh. No sooner did I have the thought than I felt a second pair of hands pull the T-shirt away from Emily’s head and take hold of her breasts from behind.

First Time With Daniel

first-time Destiny6969 2018-01-16

Daniel started caressing her breasts, and pinching her nipples slightly, letting her feel his cock on the outside of his pants. He instantly got hard, and started pinching her pussy, and softly pinching her nipples. He darted his tongue in and out, and went around in circles in her naval, making her hot, thinking about his cock in her pussy like that. He finally moved down, and started kissing her shaved pussy. as he fingered her, he licked around her pussy, and rubbed her clit gently. She got off quickly, and started rubbing his balls with one hand, rubbing the base of his cock with another, fast and hard, and sucking diligently on the head of his cock.she hummed, making it vibrate.

Danny's First

first-time edgiver83 2018-01-16

Before leaving my mother had said, "No wild parties while we're away mind." My Dad's final wink and nudge comment had been, "About time you were getting to know something about girls, isn't it, Danny?" She was too close for me to see lower but her breasts were as rounded and high as I'd always thought, and as the water streamed through that golden hair and down just as I'd earlier imagined she said," No point in wasting water, is there?" As though she'd read my thoughts, her hand reached out and grasped my aching eager cock and drew it, as she turned her body, to butt against her nipples.

Wendy's Wedding Night Surprise!

first-time magas911 2018-01-16

I then went into the bathroom got out my surprise – it was Terry, the young black stripper that Wendy had sucked off the week before. Terry continued fucking her harder, banging his thick black flesh into the newly married white cunt, sweat dripping from his forehead onto her naked skin. I stood there and could not believe that when my wife said she wanted to be fucked harder she knew all along that she had a big black cock inside her. "When I said 'Cum inside me' a few minutes back" Wendy carried on, " I knew it was Terry that was fucking me.

How to deepthroat a cock, a beginners guide

first-time vickiebicd 2018-01-16

Some of these techniques are letting you partner ejaculate with the entire length of his penis in your throat. Remember: lubrication, extend tongue, flatten back of tongue, f***e throat muscles open, go slow and be patient! After you've become very comfortable with taking a penis deep in your throat, you'll be able to accept a more passive roll and let your partner control the depth. One of the most exciting visual aspects of deepthroat is your partner can watch your neck and throat expand and bulge as the penis slides in deep. Another trick the adult film stars who perform deepthroat use is spraying a topical anesthetic on the back of the tongue and throat to deaden it.

Tom's First Ch. 03

first-time mangrove jack 2018-01-16

Tom moved closer and put his arms around her, “Yes that’s true but now I want a real kiss.” He stood tip toe waiting as she made up her mind. At her car, he opened her door as she said, “I work here three nights a week, you can provide my security any night, just give me a ring." Tom leant in the window and gave her a peck on the cheek, "I just might do that." he whispered. They worked their bodies, their hands, their lips and their tongues; Tom came quickly jolting her body as he emptied his load. He mouthed her outer pussy lips, licking down and along, continuing on until his head was way between her legs.

First BJ

first-time nyloned1 2018-01-16

Growing up I remember seeing my Mother in a girdle, garterbelt & Nylon stockings. In school I watched the Girls start wearing their first bras, Nylons, garterbelts, makeup, heels etc. I also had wondered what it was like to suck a Man's cock. I dropped my pants & was slowly masturbating my small little boy clit when a guy came into the booth next to me. The feeling of my garters tugging at my Nylons was so fantastic & seeing that big cock in front of me was great. I rubbed the head a little & then got the nerve to kiss the end of it. Now I was really loving sucking my first cock that I forgot the end result.

My First Sexual Experience.

first-time jonesingforcum 2018-01-16

I felt my muscles tensing up, and releasing, the head of my cock suddenly felt very heavy inside her mouth. She moved her tongue around the head of my cock, and started to jerk my shaft. she came, she told me to let her down, her vagina was very sensitive, and it almost hurt to be bounced on it like that. I hadnt came for a second time, so she got down on her knees, and gave me head again. I leaned back on the shower wall, and enjoyed the f***e of her head rocking back and forth on my cock. It lets you get as close as you can to your partner, kiss them, and moan into their mouth, just like I did.

50 Percent Share Of Two s****rs

first-time 2018-01-16

Next day I called her around 1 pm, she picked immediately and shouted at me, “What the hell you think, I’m always free or what?” I said that I thought we could have lunch together at blah blah place. Bhama was excited to see me, she rushed to me as soon as I went near them, she started to talk, many questions, many topics and Priydarshini was just standing few feet away, staring at me making faces. Priydarshini looked at me, sl**ping, kissed me on lips in front of Bhama and said that it was now impossible for her. Priydarshini removed the bed sheet from her, she was all naked inside, and she pulled Bhama towards her, hugged her and then kissed her lips, cuddling her tightly in her arms.

A Dream Cum True

first-time eroticorgasm 2018-01-16

I let out a moan of pleasure and he took my nipple into his mouth and began to suck. I kissed him back then slid my hand from his shoulder down his chest and stomach marveling the feel of his body till my hand was resting on his cock. At the same time B.K. slipped is tongue in my mouth he pushed 2 fingers inside of me. I felt him cruise over my chest and down the sides of my body over my hips. He kissed my neck and whispered in my ear that it is going to hurt a little but the pain will pass into pleasure quickly. I kept sucking and he jerked his hips forcing almost his entire 8 inches into my mouth.

The Sleepover

first-time EvelynEden 2018-01-16

I slowly pulled the covers off myself, looking over at my friends sleeping form. A hand snaked around and grabbed my mouth, pulling me against their hard body. We whispered in the dark as we drank and several times I had to cover my mouth in order to stop from bursting out laughing. I turned my head to see Sam behind me, a strange expression on his face. He looked me in the eyes, his warm breath reaching my cheek as his puffed hard. I gasped at the feeling of him entering my body, I closed my eyes hard as I tried to breath through the small spikes if pain. I started to gasp and Sam stopped, looking at me with concern.