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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My First Anal Sex

first-time lauren003 2018-01-16

Out came his finger and laid on top of me looking me in the eyes as he places his cock by the entrance to my ass, my hands on his waist looking him in the eyes as well, I slowly pulled him, and I could feel his cock entering my tight bum. I think the head of his cock had jus barely entered my bum and I was about to ask him to stop as it was hurting, when he laid down and started kissing me passionately while he slowly continued to enter. As he entered the hole of cock into my bum, I then pulled away from kissing him and told him to stop, as it really felt weird and uncomfortable, he stopped moving and asked, if I was ok and if he must exit me.

The Joy of the Fist

first-time TheCatzzMeeow 2018-01-16

We both agreed to give it a try, and we decided that I should get undressed, and cleaned out with a nice cleansing enema (one of the perks of anal play), and then,get on my hands and knees, on the bed, and wait for him and the party to commence. Finally, after taking some time doing all this, he dipped his hand in the Crisco, and started by inserting his index finger in my anus. Some years after that, when someone tried to pin me down to get me to describe the feeling, the only thing I could think of that comes close is: try to imagine a time when you had to urgently go to the toilet to move your bowels, or, alternatively, when you were full with an big enema.

My First Black Man

first-time dlbiblkm 2018-01-16

We went outside in a lightly dim alley by the bar and he unzipped his pants, shoved his hand down the right side of his pants and pulled out what looked to me as a fucking donkey dick, that shit looked really black, burnt black and I turned away walking off “scared huh?” he said “I’m not scarred, its just…” “just what?” he asked grabbing my hand pulling me back, I didn’t stop him from pulling me, and he took my hand and placed it on his dick. I took his dick out of my mouth “Fuck me… fuck me now” I said pulling my panties to the side and spreading my ass cheeks wide open while I leaned on the wall.

Nympho vs Me after study

first-time HarryT93 2018-01-16

Hee moans got louder and louder with each cock thrust until she started cumming, leaking all over the table and my legs. I let my mounting orgasm subside before I sat down on the chair pulling her down on my cock hard and deep. Suddenly, she grabbed both of my hands in hers before putting her legs on my shoulder and arching backwards till her head was almost on the floor. Without waiting, she sucked and immediately deepthroated my cock, I was in heaven for a minute as she held my length in her throat for ten seconds then started to bob up and down. I told I was about to cum and she started jacking me and licking the tip of my cock.

Our First MFM Party

first-time 2018-01-16

Danny was a very good looking guy & I knew he had the hots for my wife, I had never told him of my desire to watch her fucked by another man or even mentioned him to her as a man to party with.I knew she liked him as a friend but doubted if she ever thought of him sexually. So Danny had my wife's hot little cunt pleasing his cock & my desires hundreds of times.Once she got into the partying swing it was much easier to get her with other men, Neither of us really had much pleasure with couples.

Bar surprise !!

first-time 2018-01-15

I felt someone put their hands on my leg and start going towards my thighs. We eventually found a stall to occupy, She pushed me down on the toilet and raised my leg onto her shoulder as she used her fingers inside me and then started licking my click with her tongue. I started licking her nipples as I put 2 fingers inside her and played with her g-spot as she moaned I used my thumb to tease her clit. We kissed, got cleaned up and I went to see my boyfriend who was starting to give up on finding a female.

Discovering watersports ch 1

first-time 2018-01-15

I could taste the piss, and as she came close to orgasm, her hips pushing into me, I put three fingers into her wet cunt. My dick was pretty limp but not completely, I carried on licking her and as she came close I moved around so my dick was under her fanny, her legs over mine. Let me help” she said, and I could feel her long finger nails stretching my dick as she got them behind my bell end and pushed it into her cunt with two fingers to keep it in there. I pulled my semi hard dick out and moved up the bed, so I was lying above her and my dick was close to her tits, and started to wank.


first-time Karamela-Klizma 2018-01-15

Sophia and Billy had been dating for months after having been introduced by Sophia’s best friend Stephanie. Sophia, a slightly overweight large breasted girl with an hourglass figure, a gorgeous smile, and a healthy appetite for sex, was particularly enjoying the freedom of the arrangement and the ease with which she could get Billy to do things she wanted. His legs were shaved like a woman, he no longer resisted being called a slut, and she now completely controlled his orgasms. As Billy lay nude on the bed, totally consumed by his erect cock, and Sophia’s control over him, Sophia removed her shirt slowly and then her bra.

Daddy's ASS Boy and CUM DUMP

first-time bifun4u 2018-01-15

His cock was awesome and as it fell down and hung there like a huge sausage, I got hard and wanted to put it in my mouth right there but we swam for a few minutes and I felt him touch my bare ass a couple times and then, he sat on the side of the pool. I couldn't get my clothes off fast enough and we all went out to the pool house where Dad took some pictures of Allen and I sucking each other off and of Allen fucking and cumming in my ass some more. My hole was a little sore by now so I walked around the house, sucking cocks as they were offered and I even jerked a few guys off and watched dad eat their cum.

The Gift Ch. 02

first-time InnerDarkness 2018-01-15

When he moved his arm from her waist, down to the front of her panties, and slid those fingers inside her panties to rub her clit from the front while his other hand fucked her hole from the back, that paired with the intensity of everything happening so suddenly between them, and almost getting caught by that old man and his dog, was enough to cause Sarah's body to release its sexual energy. She stood there for a moment, thinking back on what had just happened in that elevator, and then turned to see Jacob grabbing his bag and stepping out of the elevator, his cock back in his pants, his fingers clean from the wetness of her pussy, and for just a moment Sarah almost thought the whole thing had been a daydream.

Twin/cest Sabrina and Katrina's Story Part 3

first-time catsteve 2018-01-15

Bree could feel tears pricking the corners of her eyes as she read the last note again while making her way home from school. Bree moaned as Trina's hands finished their decent down her back and she felt them slip down inside her jeans to firmly cup her ass. Trina's tongue flicked and teased each one and Bree felt her hips starting to rise with each warm touch. She watched as Trina's head moved down and she soon felt her tongue slip inside her. Bree watched as she moved her face back over her and soon felt Trina's tongue on her clit once again. I had no idea anything could feel like that" Bree said closing her eyes a contented smile played on her lips.

expansion/lactation story

first-time zombieman22 2018-01-15

standing erect at 3 inches and the size of a dime you realize they have become so stimulated that even though the pump is off you nipples have continued to spray milk with out even being touched. you realize what you much cup both of your breasts and bring both nipples to your mouth and you begin to drink your own milk from you milk engorged swollen tits and giant nipples. when you realize again the machine is still giant nipples have continuously been spraying milk and have begun to flood the room...and you can still feel the pleasure of the pump on your clit.

New neighbors

first-time Ilikestroking 2018-01-15

I asked if I could go over and meet him,but mom said to give them a couple of days to settle in. I asked my mom, she said good ahead, Dan and I went to his room. He pulled out a couple of pair of trunks and handed me one.I was going to go to the bathroom to change when Dan stripped in front of me. I looked up just before he pulled up his trunks and seen he had a bigger dick then I did, but not much. Dan said he was starting to hurt and went inside. He asked me to stand on the steps and pull down my trunks a little.

Emma Watson and Her Dad

first-time 2018-01-15

“Oh, I don’t know,” Emma murmured, tossing her hair back and biting the bottom mouth. “Oh Emma!” Dad moaned, throwing an arm over his eyes. Blonde hair drooping over her face, she raised her weight in the air, drawing and skewering his cock through eleven inches of searing warm vagina and paused just when his head remained at the base of her red-lipped enclosure. She managed to fuck him again in a twisted and long stroke, uplifting her ass high to the ceiling and then dropping like a bomb, bringing a dazzle of intense pleasure for the both of them. “You like fucking your little girl, huh, Daddy?

Nate and Ariana

first-time CheriSM 2018-01-15

Ariana removed her hand, using it to massage his balls while her mouth stroked up and down his cock. Nate's loud moans began to increase as Ariana skillfully sucked his cock. Now that you've cum, I'll show you how to please a woman, and later you can bury that nice hard cock into my pussy when it's hot and wet. Ariana's pussy began to grind on Nate's crotch as fire spread from her nipples, down her body and into her clit. Between the hardening happening in her mouth, his tongue working her already sensitive clit, and having just cum a few minutes before, it didn't take long for Ariana to drench his face.

Flesh for Fantasy

first-time MoonlightCat 2018-01-15

Christy was a natural redhead, with straight hair not longer than down to her shoulders, light green eyes, white skin, and feminine curvy figure, maybe a bit of extra baggage, and some inches shorter than Alex. Alex leaned forward, just above Christy's right breast, and started sucking and licking the fresh stain off the fabric and some of the skin. Christy, still trying to make the black leather fit properly on her breasts, blushed a little, but without losing the smile on her face walked towards the mirror next to the wardrobe where Alex was still looking for clothes to choose for herself. Christy didn't know what has gotten into her, but suddenly she started to grow a strong urge to talk to Alex about her dreams, to tell her everything...

First time Oral!

first-time dripinwet 2018-01-15

After about a hour of food and chat, he asked if I want to come back to Larry's guest house with him. He kissed all the way down my belly and i heard him take a long sigh and breathe right before I felt him pull his fingers out of me. I am so hot and I so want his hard cock in me by this time. I asked him what he said and he told me that he wanted to give me one good hard push to get in all the way... I thought that his hard cock was going to come out of my mouth.. I felt him pull his fingers out and then the head of his cock was against my ass.

Bengali Neighbor Aunty Ratna

first-time ChannelFive 2018-01-15

Suddenly she had grabbed the hair to Subho uncle and pushed his head more inside her V shaped pair of legs and then suddenly sat on the bed may be for the next move. She then place my hand on her breast to rub them and pressed my head between her 2 legs…it was a busy pussy which made me more excited. After 15 mins suddenly she pressed my head hardly with to leg and suddenly her body was jerked then a fluid came out from her pussy and made my face wet. Then I was started pumping in her pussy…she was enjoying passionately after 15 mins we both had orgasm together and I was not able to take my tool out of her pussy so I had cum inside.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This Ch. 02

first-time Innuendos 2018-01-15

So here he was, cock out and philosophizing like a pretentious prick on the nature of adult behavior while the half-sister of his cowering and nude girlfriend screamed at him. Reaching for his shirt, he ducked his head beneath it for a too-short time, and pulled it down, covering himself at least marginally. Family's more important than anything. "The short of it is that she and I are okay again." That was something of a relief, but didn't answer an important question. would be okay with me." I can't imagine where you came by those on such short notice..." The hint of amusement in her voice told him that she already knew exactly where he got the tickets from, but she didn't seem to think any less of the date for it.


first-time gazza_man 2018-01-15

So i fuckin did wot i really done was got some ice in mouth and went straight down to the huny pot and boy did she squirm the ice on her love button she was squealing in no time so i got another couple of bits of ice and slid them in her pussy again she was squirming like fuck but she didnt know i still had a bit in my hand which i slipped up her arse hole fuck she nearly ripped the stockings from her wrists.

Dream Stranger

first-time dk76 2018-01-15

As she closed her eyes she began to imagine the microbiology lecturer taking his clothes off in front of her. She slipped her hands down his shorts and began to squeeze his firm buttocks, she pulled him close and they both began to moan. He placed his hands on her shoulders and slowly let them slide down her back to her thong and gently began caressing her buttocks returning the same sensual moves that she had done to him. She began kissing him hard on his neck and slowly worked up to his mouth. As she felt her body spasm, he stopped and looked deep into her eyes, she sensed what he wanted.

My first time with a woman part 1

first-time fingerlickinggood22 2018-01-15

First i began to look at my lesbian friends nudes: her huge breasts, tasty juicy pussy that screamed EAT ME and her luscious body. I'd forgot to put a towel down and now my bed sheets were ruined but i was too settled to care so i licked the rest of my juices up my flat neighbour began banging on the door to check i was ok, it appears that when i came, i'd screamed so loudly i woke him up. I could actually feel my pussy lips swell with arousal as her hot breath touch my ear. It was rock hard as I pinched it between my fingers.I sucked her nipple into my mouth and rubbed my tongue against it.

Reunion Ch. 02

first-time CollegicHeart 2018-01-15

After Jay told Dylan that you were going to go shopping with them, I figured I'd come along, you know, so you're not drowning in a sea of testosterone." Beth said with a smile. When Dylan came across Trudy's picture, Jay said she was a nice girl who had had a crush on him. "Trudy, I'd like you to meet my roommate, Dylan." Jay said. They walked into a store and separated-Beth and Trudy going to look at bathing suits and Jay and Dylan going to look at trunks. As the afternoon progressed, Beth and Dylan separated to a different end of the river as they began to grope and kiss each other and Jay and Trudy ended up together.

Sharon Part 2

first-time hotRobertXX 2018-01-15

She was still unsettled but i kept my hand there rubbing her tit, I looked into her eyes and said " doesn't that feel good to be touched " she responded with a nod, then I kissed her and slowly pushed my tongue into her mouth, swerling it around her tongue as my hand massaged her breast and fickered her nipple. I could feel her chest rise and fall with her heavy breathing and her hand moved to run her fingers through my hair and pressing my head down, not wanting me to stop I knew Sharon was now horny enough for me to advance further so I took my hand off her breast but still kissing the other one and placed my hand on her inner thigh.