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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

really great on the lawn

first-time ken22 2018-01-15

just look at this she said, and before I could say anything she had pushed her hand under the leg of my shorts and was holding my dick with a very firm g**** in her lovely soft hand and said “don’t tell me you don’t fancy me, look how hard and wet your cock is, even if you didn’t want me your cock does” she pulled her hand back out and showed me how wet it really was, then started to lick my juice off the palm of her hand and told me to look at the juice stain on the front of my shorts, by this time my fingers on my right hand was stroking the crackdown to her ass and doing a circle movement around her ass hole and has much of the bit between her ass and pussy as I could reach, she now was putting her hand back up the leg of my shorts, and with one finger started doing ring motions around the top of my cock which really felt great, knowing someone other than your wife was playing with your cock and outside in my garden was the best turn I had ever had.

My friend Julie ......Part 2

first-time 2018-01-15

I grabbed it and licked the end of it and inserted it up Julies wet pussy and I put the other end up my pussy then we both fucked each other fast and hard Vin meanwhile, was wanking his big black cock and watching us girls have our fun. This went on a few minutes then Vin pulled the dildo out of my cunt and spread my legs wide and licked me from ass to cunt up and down again and again while rubbing my clit, well I was sooooo horny that I came very quickly and he lapped my cum up very eagerly. My wait was not long because before I knew it a big black cock was fucking my cunt oh bl**dy hell it was massive and hurt at first I could feel its girth rubbing up my cunt.

Car Buff Ch. 01

first-time Celestite 2018-01-15

I couldn't make out the make or model of the car, but knew I could be giving up a big tip if I went on break that Lee could be picking up. KEEP GOING," Kat screamed as her pussy gripped my cock like a vise, and then started to loosen and tighten quickly as her orgasm rocked her. I quickly got showered and dressed for work, and started my bike ride to the car wash. Someone must have changed the sign at night, and I knew that this wasn't going to be a fun day at work, because Bob Gruzin was the owner and my boss.


Sex Education – My Daughter!

first-time mooremike 2018-01-15

John was a good looking young guy and Leigh would love to fuck him! "I don't know...." Stella started to say but John grabbed her head and pushed his cock into her mouth If you are not have your lover lick your pussy or make sure you have some lube!" Leigh said as Stella watched her mom position the cock at the entrance to her pussy Stella was just recovering from the most intense orgasm she ever had and she watched her mom cumming in John's cock. She is a virgin!" Leigh said but she felt a perverse excitement at watching her daughter get fucked for the first time John then felt Leigh's mouth on his as she drenched kissed the man fucking her daughter.

Cat & Randy

first-time rmlooker 2018-01-15

Cat had pulled her chair directly in front of Randy and told him she needed to talk to him. After they had kissed for several minutes Randy said he did have a question; could she please show him where the feeling started and stopped on her chest. He looked confused for a few seconds then asked if she was sure and when Cat said yes he pulled her sweater up over her head and off her arms. Cat said your turn and reached down and pulled one of her legs up to her breast so she was open to his view. Looking at Randy she said she felt like a shower, did he want to join her.

A Warm Summers Day

first-time mylovelips 2018-01-15

Any ideas, hmm, be my hot date?" Kyle said as he screwed up the wrapper from his burger, and tossing into the trash bin at the end of bench, he added "I was thinking that a stroll would be nice, a warm afternoon in the park." "I think I'd like the meat lasagna it sound good." Gwen said as she sat back and let Kyle's arm rested on her shoulders. "Maybe next time." Gwen said softly as she tapped his knee softly, leaving her hand on his leg. "Yes it's just around the corner from the plaza." Gwen replied, "Where do you live, I've never asked you." She said a bit nervously, like she shouldn't know.

My First Experience

first-time quick3siver 2018-01-15

Everytime we would meet like small gatherings, we would hold hands and would hug each other tight enought so I could feel her breast against my chest and would have intimate gestures, but not sex, though we know that were both committed to someone else. Once I found out that touching isnt a big deal for her, I then tried to touch the side of her breast, and I feel great, cause thats perfectly fine with her, I touched the cheek of her ass and slowly moving my fingers on her private part. My finger moves even faster and I can feel her hand touching my hand saying like im cumming.

Soulful Surrender

first-time ~hellbaby~ 2018-01-15

Her fingers softly touch his cheek, finally knowing what it's like to feel his skin after wondering for so long. "Oh Lisa, damn baby, your so wet, your pussy's soaked." Ryan spoke in a voice so heavy with lust his words sounded as if they were growls. Ryan's cock head enters Lisa and together they moan. Guided by passion, feeling his cock so fat inside her, they move faster now. Ryan's cock fills Lisa, stretching her tight pussy as it squeezes against him. Looking down Lisa says, "Do you feel how much I love you? "I love you, the feel of your cock inside me making me whole after waiting so long. Fuck me .take me.....I need to feel your cock like this.

My First BBC, Part II

first-time 2018-01-15

I had to fight myself, but on our second rendezvous, in the same alley (at the same bat time and channel), I proceeded to do the same thing as the first meeting--without speaking, dropping to my knees, unzipping his pants, taking out and sucking Rod's delicious cock, licking his balls, and rubbing around his sweet, sexy ass. He began whispering in my ear, his face right next to my head, from behind, "Do you want me to cum in you?" I begged, loudly, "Yes, please, cum in me." Rod took my hands, held them down on the bed, trapping me even further (the helplessness is the sexiest memory of my time with him), fucking me, asking, "Say it.


First experience with my b*****r

first-time 2018-01-15

I was still down on him, and started sucking his tool again, this time feeling it swell inside my mouth. I was thoroughly disgusted, but, at this point, also aroused to the max, so without question or comment, I went and licked his cock clean, first with long licks from my tongue across his shaft, and, after cleaning off most this way, I took his cock in my mouth again and sucked it clean, half an inch at a time, untill his cock was completely in my throat again! my moans where coming closer together and my b*****r pulled his mouth away, continuing to jerk me off with a hanky wrapped around my cock.

First BBC

first-time Onmyback2 2018-01-15

Went to the bar, ordered a martini and watched some sports game on the tv (not important), when a few minutes later this guy comes in and sits near me, he orders and we started chatting about the game. So after a couple of martinis I was feeling even more Hornier than when I walked in and talking with this handsome black man didn't hurt either, so I decided to leave the bar and head to the porn theater next door. As I'm sucking away at the glorious man meat he decides to pull out of the hole and leave and I was 'wth?' Feeling a little let down for a second and peeking through the hole to see where he went, I feel a hand rub my ass and a voice asking me to turn around.

Emancipation Ch. 03: Anatomy Lesson

first-time LitEroCat 2018-01-15

"Before we feel those parts, let's look at Sue's inner lips, 'labia minora'. If you want to watch us, I'll move us closer to you." When Sue got close to cumming I switched to two fingers of my left hand inside her, one before and one after extracting my three sopping fingers. Let's enjoy the scent a moment, nose to nose." We were so close that as I smelled a finger, I leaned a little and touched Lois's warm face with mine. "OK, let's gently taste my fingers." Joe and I quickly started, and watched Lois. Let's get back to Sue and be ready to taste her post cum fluids." I resumed with two of my cleaned fingers, actually covered in three people's spit.

Gabi’s trip to the sex shop – Part 5 of a True S

first-time downunder911 2018-01-15

‘There you are.’ I said, handing Gabi the remote controlled bullet vibe. Whilst Gabi went to the toilette, the waitress was asking for the order. I gave Gabi the sign to ask for the check and at the same time switched the remote on again. When you flick the switch, the vibrator goes on, flick it again and it turns off.’ I said to her, looking at her as she blushed. I surely would cum in an instance if something would be vibrating inside me.’ She asked Gabi. ‘ the waitress said, flicked the switch and handed the remote to me. On our way to her apartment I used the remote for a few occasions, especially when Gabi wanted to look at window displays and I didn’t.

Algebra 101

first-time didababy 2018-01-15

"You know I have class in about 10 minutes, and really need to be going." I didn't give him time to ask another question, just hurried along so I wouldn't have to come up with any answers. I took the money, smiled and lead him to a room that no one, NO ONE, knew about except the dancers and the guys willing to pay for a PRIVATE lap dance. Chuck moved me to the couch, on my back, and kneeled in front of me, he took my clit in his own moth and sucked the rest of the cum from me, and then slid inside me with one hard thrust.

Bill & Mousey Ch. 03

first-time FurLove 2018-01-15

I want no tears and William, my only regret is that we will have such a sort time together but it will most likely be close and intense and your relationship with Mousey is all important to me and my sole concern. The first thing that meets our eyes as we get up and move around is Mousey's "Wedding" dress and Happy coat which I had hung neatly for today's use. Being made love to is certainly wonderful and kept us connected but I was distraught over thoughts of Grama and Mom. Bill knew this and consoled me constantly. Mousey wore her happy coat and was actually happy by then and quite pleased, as was I, over her new and improved love making skills.

EPOCH: The Story of Rockstars Ch. 05

first-time vechron 2018-01-15

I touched her lower back and leaned into her ear, "Are they ready?" She smirked devilishly and gave a slight nod, "I believe so Hun." I could hear Nikki moving toward the main point of the emergency meeting as I looked over to see one of the girls watching us as we talked; she was blushing as she watched my hand trace a circle on Simones hip. I moved up and kissed her deeply, pulling back and then whispered, "Let's help each other out." She nodded as I kicked off my jeans and crawled over her; placing a knee on either side of her head, she gave a shocked whimper when my engorged cock slapped against her nose gently.

Two girls explore each other.

first-time Jerry04 2018-01-15

Her friend Karen was short, but with a nice body not gorgeous, but, not ugly either. Karen noticed again what a nice body Becky had, she watched Becky in only her bra and pantys fish through her dresser drawer for a pair of white shorts and a yellow tank top, after putting them on, she plopped back on the bed next to Karen. They lay on Becky's bed with their books open, trying hard to study, but neither concentrating very well for some reason. The she stood up removed her tank top and bra, and dropped her shorts and pantys got back on the bed and kissed Karen long and slow again. Becky made her way down Karens body and tasted her nice pussy and liked her bush.

My very limited sexual history

first-time Badwife07 2018-01-15

He pulled his pants down to his ankles, I learned over, his cock was small and there was lots of hair, it took me a while to get him hard and as I moved down to take his cock in my mouth I could smell him, musky smell and not clean at all, but for some reason that gave me bit more of a thrill I started to suck him off, now and again I looked up to the side window, I could hear faint traffic from the motorway in the distance, and then I started having thoughts about myself, here I was with a strangers cock in my mouth, in a car, I was acting as if I was a prostitute, I started to get a little turned on and started to really go for it on his cock and did not care if he came in my mouth as that is what prostitutes do.

Going anal

first-time hotbiguy 2018-01-15

Mike, I later learned, stuck a finger inside Jo as he probed her and this sent her over the edge and she sucked harder as she came. We again took a breather and Mike said “I came when Jo stuck a finger in my ass”. Both Mike and I lay on the bed with our legs open and our asses displayed to Jo. She coated one finger in ky jelly and she rubbed around my asshole. She licked and sucked me for a while and then took me out of her mouth and asked “Do you want to be fucked ?”. Whilst she was coating it in ky Mike took the vibrator out of his ass and moved towards me.

BMOC: The Innocent Ch. 03

first-time TripleL 2018-01-15

Kelly handed Alyssa her pants, and she shimmied into them, turning away from me as she did so I could watch her cute little ass shake. Alyssa took her time getting her keys out, and that left Kelly standing with us in a pool of light by the door, her dress clinging wetly to her skin, her hair askew, her lips red and swollen from giving her first blowjob—and out in public without underwear for, I suspected, the first time in her life. I slid my cock in past her painted lips and let it rest on her tongue, just for a moment, and then my grip tightened on Alyssa's hair and I started fucking her face, just like she'd done to herself on her video.

Jennifer Submits

first-time electralightening 2018-01-15

Inside the closet she was mine; she surrendered to me like a good girl should...I bent her over to have my way with her...her ass was sexier than I had imagined...small, round and yet curvy and womanly, soft and so girlish...a perfect hourglass body...her sexy Victoria Secretesqe panties came down so easily, but then I was forceful with her...I needed manly desires were on overdrive...somehow I fumbled my pants down and my cock out to service my fingers entered her dripping wet vagina she gasped out and I clenched my hand over her mouth and prepared to bitchfuck her my huge throbbing prick entered her snatch the muffled squeal of her girlish ecstasy only made me throb harder...thrusting deep up inside her hot young womanhood I delivered every hard manly inch into her young girlish love.

My Little Indian

first-time 2018-01-15

Finally, I settled in on her clit and slide a finger deep inside her very tight soaked pussy. I pushed her legs back and pinned her a bit and my dick lined right up with her pussy. I looked at her and pressed a finger to her lips and said I know she wanted and the look in her eyes gave her away. Finally my dick head entered her wet and very tight pussy. Finally her moans started to have more of a pleasurable sound to them and I picked up the pace slowly and a few minutes, I slid her back on the bed so I could get on her in true missionary position. I kept my dick deep in her tight pussy throughout my orgasm.

Giving My First Blowjob

first-time Tamara Erison 2018-01-15

His cock lined up with my mouth, I opened my mouth wide to welcome him in, he grabbed the sides of my head and gently pushed his cock into me, three inches slipped in, I felt him push the shaft along my tongue, five inches slipped in and now I felt a little pressure, he was pushing more in, a bit slower, and I was feeling his cock tickle the back of my throat which made me gag, but Mark kept his hands on my head and held me there and slowly continued to push. I moved his hand away and gently took his cock in my hand, I pulled the foreskin back and placed my lips on the head of his cock, running my tongue up and down his slit gently, he started to moan of pure pleasure, semen was still dripping into my mouth, feeling its salty taste and found it enticing.

First Time Bisexual (Threesome, MMF)

first-time naughty_bi_interest 2018-01-15

I went in my room, closed the door and stripped down to my boxer briefs and a t shirt, turned on the TV and got into bed. I thought at first Matt fell asl**p and she wanted to play around (which would have been ok with me) but then she grabbed my arm and said, Lindsay slid off his leg and Matt got up and said he needed a drink and a shower. I told Lindsay I really wanted to fuck her and had thought about her and jerked off so many times. Asking me If I liked sucking her boyfriends cock and how his cum tasted. I knew she didn't cum so hard because I'm such a stud, but because she liked watching me suck Matt.