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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Askook Becomes a Man

first-time walterio 2018-01-15

Askook looked on in shock as the dark haired woman leaned over and took his throbbing shaft in her mouth. Bridget then moved her head down next to Laura's and they took turns sucking on his hard shaft. Askook found that he liked being in this position as he could look at the woman's lovely bottom and watch his shaft slide in and out of her womb. Laura pulled the spurting shaft from Bridget's bottom and watched as it sprayed semen all over the blonde's buttocks. Laura stroked the pulsating shaft coaxing the man seed from it and she noticed more of it running out of Bridget's anus. Askook got carried away watching the female sex and subconsciously drove his shaft deeper into Bridget's rectum.

Crossdresser drinks cum

first-time 2018-01-15

Nikki looked up at me with her big, brown eyes as her head bobbed on my cock. Nikki took a long time to let the load drain from her lip to my tongue. When her mouth was empty, Nikki smiled and let out a soft giggle. "I know honey," Nikki said, while patting my thigh. I got off work early on Friday and headed directly to Nikki's place. There was no way of cleaning up my face and getting my clothes without Nikki seeing. "Nikki," I said, "I wouldn't be any more surprised if I opened the paper tomorrow to find out Boy George was straight." "Do you know what it feels like to have a cock shoved up your ass?" she asked.

Brian and Ballet Pt. 01

first-time DSauthor 2018-01-15

Brian's hair stood on end as the bell rang, evoking a herd like response from the class. Her blue eyes...those deep ocean like eyes that stopped his heart whenever they met locked in on his, and she gave him a warming smile and she walked passed him and out the door for the weekend. Would you do absolutely anything to get a once in a lifetime chance to get close to your true love?" James said with "lovey dovey" eyes, which earned him a punch from Brian. "Join ballet." Travis said, with a serious look on his face. "I want to take ballet class." He said louder, with a bit of confidence this time.

81% nerd

JOY - Chapter 2

first-time sushicook 2018-01-15

Then I opened a couple of buttons on the neck of my light summer dress, pulled it all over my head, and there in full nudity I stretched myself out on my belly. And the warm fingers came again, spreading it out over my soft belly, down my legs, along my arms, onto my shoulders, then gently onto my white round breasts and even onto the two already stiffening nipples. Then she tried to run, only God knows where to, but her panties got caught between her feet and the poor girl collapsed head first onto the humid ground, still displaying her nice naked bottom to the best. Soon I got tired of standing on my own legs but the only way to relax a little bit was to lean back against the body behind me.

Sex Studio Secrets #21: Anne-1

first-time petdyke 2018-01-15

Anne is an attractive slender sexy tender tasty teen blonde beauty her long hair has a reddish hue Nice to watch how Petra is complete command of the tasty teen who sets her hope on sexy serving Petra Hotly Anne hopes she shall be able to satisfy Petra's sexy wishes, she even starts to look forward: Tasty tall teen looking like my age and as slender, long chestnut coloured hair a bit curly as well Petra enjoys her feeling full control over this tasty teen cute beauty to play with as long she likes Extremely sexy how hot Petra squirts in her face from first orgasm on, Anne loves to learn much more!

Hart's Desire

first-time MatthewK 2018-01-15

Having cared deeply for each other for years, they knew warning signs of trouble, usually being able to help before problems got out of hand. Sheila was sure he masturbated thinking of her too, and the thought always left her feeling warm and sexy. He looked like he was going to deny it, then thought better of it and simply nodded. As her hand ran over a circular scar on the ribs, Jesse gave a short, harsh cough, his entire body spasming in pain. Shifting position slightly, she applied more oil to knead his buttocks, enjoying how the firm flesh and muscles clenched and relaxed beneath her fingers, and the tiny gasps of pleasure Jesse made.

Tracey Ch. 01

first-time woody_strokem 2018-01-15

Without thinking I stripped off my boxers (I normally slept naked, but with Tracey around I thought it best to wear something in case I had to walk to the bathroom at night) and started masturbating. I know this because she often kept her curtain open at night before turning in (as did I), and it was not uncommon for me glance into her room on my way back from the bathroom and find her sprawled out on her bed reading, her long lithe legs sprawled out behind her, her taught ass jutting into the air. I quickly closed my curtain, turned off the light, and sat on my bed listening carefully for sounds from Tracey's room.

First Time Gay III

first-time robin48 2018-01-14

I felt like a girl as I sat upon his lap and placed my arms around his neck. I told him to suck my cock. He asked why and I repeated that I wanted to feel his lips on my hard cock. I had the best feeling as he sucked and licked my cock. He told me to sit back down on his lap and he began to suck me again. This time I felt electricity from my ass ,up my cock and up my spine. My cock jumped and I came into his mouth with a few bursts of teenage sperm. I pulled him off and he came up smiling and kissed me. I wont forget his sucking lips and soft hands.

Mandy "Rides" Again

first-time LoreLai 2018-01-14

Rick Garrison was sitting in his office chair at his desk on Tuesday afternoon, considering pulling out his hardening cock and stroking it yet again...thinking about that hot little piece of ass he'd nailed late last Thursday night. Rick, leaning back in his chair and rubbing his cock on the outside of his dress pants now, remembered back to how tight he'd gripped his cock in his hand, wishing it had been Mandy's cunt he was forcing his way into as his hips bucked forward rough and fast through his fist. Besides," Rick began, turning her around to stand in front of him, both facing the long mirror that stretched above all of the sinks, "look at you." He ran his hands down her arms and back up as they smiled at each other in the mirror.

Selected for Sport Ch. 02

first-time SmileWhenYouMeanIt 2018-01-14

With her vision removed, Alanna suddenly became acutely aware that her sensitive nipples were still aroused and aching, brushing teasingly against the bodice of her gown as she was guided up the steps to the edge of what must be the bed, and pressed to sit by the murmuring ladies around her. Alanna flushed again as the position pressed her nipples firmly into her bodice, and a twinge of heat caused them to ache even more fiercely, partly from the sensation of the fabric against her sensitive flesh, and partly due to the knowledge that she was being arranged, displayed, with her breasts pushed out towards the door through which the Tahl would enter.

Happy Birthday!!

first-time Schnuckems 2018-01-14

I went back inside, kissed my mom on the cheek and said thank you probably a thousand times as I put on my new jacket and sunglasses, grabbed my iPod, and headed to my car and turned my sound system on high and blasted “Sexy Bitch” by David Guetta. Just giving my daddy a little birthday treat.” She smiled again and started sucking on my head while rubbing my shaft with one hand and my balls with the other. “Oh god baby I’m gunna cum.” She immediately gets off my cock and starts sucking me hard and jerking my cock while I finger her pussy and rub her clit to keep her orgasm going.

Ashley in Amsterdam - 3rd episode

first-time petdyke 2018-01-14

After Ashley came third time under the shower, Pete carried her to her bed. Ashley sighed deep, in expectation and curiousity, what he come up with. Indeed, Pete kissed and caressed Ashley all over, inevitable slowly focussing on her most sensitive parts. Ashley was breathing deep by now. The taste enchanted Pete, who eagerly licked her juices till Ashley came again ... While her convulses receided, Peter slowly entered Ashley. It send Ashley halfway heaven again. Suddenly Pete was all over her. Ashley felt like in heaven again. Despite being an experienced hand in this sport, Pete couldn´t keep control when Ashley´s fifth orgasm milked him dry to the bone. He happily collapsed in the arms of Ashley ...

Paul's Journey

first-time paulskins 2018-01-14

The feeling of her wet lips closing around my cock head sent shivers down my spine and it radiated throughout my whole body. I was in my own little world of, until I could feel Christy licking my cock trying to clean it. "Look, Paul, one of the hottest things you can do for a girl is to kiss her right after she has just given you a blowjob. Taking a chance and knowing that this could ruin the chances of me going any further, I lowered my had and licked her pink little puckered ass. I pulled out and pushed back in, but this time when our bodies met, I ground the base of my cock against her clit.

Chasing Nadine

first-time hisigorness 2018-01-14

She was obviously reticent but ultimately I got around to unbuttoning her conservative cotton shirt and started to get in the habit every night of massaging her breasts and nipples to the point of her extreme frustration and pleasure. After about 30 minutes in the freezing cold of an upstate New York storm, we both said fuck it and went into my place which was a two and a half room apartment with free heat at $185. As we knew, they walked in while we were bliss ed out with Nadine half dressed with her hand down my pants obviously massaging my cock and balls. The end came when I started to be attracted by a new girl at work while Nadine was pressuring me to make a real decision.

Give me an A

first-time PrincessS85 2018-01-14

His hands moved away as he pleasured her breasts with his lips and tongue, caressing the soft skin of her back in slow, erotic circles, moving lower to cup the twin globes of her ass, lightly massaging, pulling her closer to his body until the bulge she had felt on her thigh pressed against her panties. "Better!" His finger slid in again, moving in swirling circles as his open mouth engulfed her pussy, his tongue flicking and stabbing in all the right places as she writhed on his desk, his other hand splayed across her stomach to try and hold her still.

My First Job (2nd Day)

first-time DiamondLife 2018-01-14

In a flash, he gripped my head and pushed his cock into my mouth, I tried to stop him, by clamping my mouth shut, but he pinched my nipples so hard,I opened my mouth for just a split second, to say Ow! That was enough for him to begin to face fuck me,I felt the hot salty flesh, swell in my mouth, with each stroke he pushed me deeper onto his now fully erect cock, I was getting short of breath and began to gag and choke. My little mouth had got him throbbing,he then stopped holding my head and pressed my boobs together."Oh yes lets tit fuck you now" he shouted. After a few strokes, I felt him tense, splodge- his hot sticky cum exploded over my lips and boobs hanging in droplets from my chin.

The Birth of a Slut part II

first-time submama79 2018-01-14

I reached for the remnants of my shirt and panties but was quickly slapped by one of them and told “we didn’t say get dressed did we whore?” So bare ass naked I walked up to the back door, through the living room right pass my still passed out uncle, and up to the shower. Wayne, my own b*****r, said “kind of an ugly little whore.” Andy said “yeah, no tits, but I like the bald pussy.” My mind was reeling, one of the said “she fucks OK, how’s the blow jobs?” I opened my mouth to protest and Andy slapped me so hard I feel back, my bare ass scr****g against the concrete.

Yorkshire Sara's first threesome.

first-time york-fun 2018-01-14

A short while later Sara went to the bar for another round and I turned to Danny and said “I bet that Sara would suck both our cocks if I asked her to”. Watching this Danny said, “Oh fuck I’m cumming too” Sara quickly turned and took him in her mouth and started wanking his shaft while looking up at him. I grinned at Sara and said, “Fucking hell love, you don’t normally swallow!” She looked at her watch and said, “At this time of night it looked like the only thing I was going to get to eat!!” We all laughed and started getting dressed.

My First Tranny Experience

first-time mjam21 2018-01-14

She slid the panties down and her beautiful cock sprang out, already semi erect. My cock was now becoming very hard as I enjoyed the feel of her soft hands caressing me. She took another drag on her cigarette and then knelt on the bed next me. I was a little shocked to find that I was wondering what it would be like to feel her cock slide into my arse. I was certainly ready as my cock felt like it was going to explode. She smiled as she took my cock in her hand and I tensed. We continued to stroke each others cocks until I couldn't stand it any more and shot a huge stream of cum all over her hand and onto my chest.

Extra Lessons

first-time Gee_star 2018-01-14

He was the hot music teacher at university; at 25 he was just three years older than she was, aged 22, and Jane knew his secret -- he would take the virginity of girls he suggested might need "more lessons", in return for them keeping the secret quiet. He moved his hands over to my thighs, and before I could open my eyes, he picked me up, and carried me upstairs, not once breaking the kiss. My head and my hands moved together, stroking and sucking, feeling him writhe under my touch. I breathed hard, felt sweat drip from me, the clamminess of his body, and the soft touch of his hand on my face, lips pressing to mine.

a gift for you

first-time 2018-01-14

You grab it and wrap it around your wrist not wanting to let go feeling the rope tighten around your wrist tangled infinger you touch it, stroke it thibnk of my cock in your hands....I see your eyes lighten up as your bring her closer to you......You take a deep breath from your nose and this clean unused smell coming from this petite female....this virgin slave......wanting her, to be able to dominate her.....make her feel your pain, your lust to give her your pain of pull her closer to your body as her face bounce of your breast when har face hits your cheast.......i grab her head from behind f***e her head towards your breast again and push her face onto your breasts moving her face from side to side as her nose flicks your nipple.

You Bet! Ch. 01

first-time Charkas 2018-01-14

"You are way too naïve Thomas!" Michalis said. "Yes," Thomas said not realizing the sarcasm in Michalis' voice, "but I got bored of that as well. "Okay Thomas," said Michalis sitting down again, "but just to let you know, no one is exempt from the law . "I haven't paid my taxes for the last three years!" Thomas said and his face retained that inno - cent stupidity. I bet that you can't find a prostitute working there that is also a virgin!" the tax collector said. "We'll enter the brothels and ask the madams there if their prostitutes are virgins!" Thomas said. "Sounds like a reasonable plan for us," Michalis said raising his hands, "appearing like complete idiots to the people working there."

Trip to the clothing store

first-time Ilikestroking 2018-01-14

We went to the department store and mom picked out some pants and shirts to try on. I was in the dressing room when a man said my mom wanted me to try on some underwear. He said the underwear may not fit right with my dick standing out. I was heading back to the dressing room when the man said he'd help me change. We went in the cubicle and I was going to take everything off, the man said he'd help me. I said it felt funny, he licked the other one and unsnapped the pants and pulled them off. Mom said to stay there, she wanted to see a few things while I was being fitted.

I am the man of the house

first-time murads11 2018-01-14

It was my mother and her lovely body. My mother under me, naked and on bed. breasts my dad squeezed and my mother used to things got normal, my mother went to a movie room door open only to see my mother well mother is looking like an elderly woman just opened my mother's blouse to enjoy her juicy fuck the base!' I could also feel my mother's Before I realised I am fucking my mother as my lovely mother, let me fuck her in the same relationship has turned into a mother-son Mother moved into my room which used to my mother by day and my woman by night. Few months later, at 43, my mother Indira got