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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My first time

first-time RedRaptor22 2018-01-14

Sooo, I come from a very very small town where everyone knows each other, and my friends and I pretty much stayed in trouble or trying like hell to get into some so we spent a lot of time in the tiny little bars shooting pool and sneaking beer even when we were 15. Well as it got closer and closer to midnight I was getting more and more tipsy and so was everyone else, I was trying everything I could to maintain so I could win this round of pool when someone grabbed me by the collar and jerked me backwards, as I spun around it was my moms friend and she was dancing with a drink in her hand, clearly she was pretty much hammered.

Fucking my hot girl friend

first-time Vishnucancan 2018-01-14

Just tear my pussy like that i got excited much ,i enjoyed her words and i was in heaven , after that i slept ,within half an hour she started sucking my cock , that girl was bitch of bitches, like that we enjoyed the whole day ,we both were naked mre than 1 day and enjoyd taking some photo graphs,talking dirty words and fucked her in every corner of herhouse ok plz dnt post rude comments ,say whether did u like it or not ok frndz bye

True Story.

first-time 2018-01-14

Slowly pushing my entire length into his arse i began to fuck him, slowly at first and as i built up a slow rhythm i'd take hold of his cock again and wank him as i fucked him, this was great anal sex really did feel as good as it looked in the porn films, i'd occasionally pull out to see his strched gaping arse before pushing my length back in, i told him if he did'nt want me to cum inside him he better pass me some of that toilet paper, as i felt my balls start to tighten i pulled out and we both watched as i shot my load into the tissue, it felt great and i think he knew it and to be fair as i'd had my fun i thought it was time to have the same sensation as i had.

My first experience

first-time tygreg12 2018-01-14

I looked up at him as he pulled his balls out of my mouth and his cock bounced in front of my face. He pulled my head off of his cock and ordered, "Lick my shaft." I moved in with my tongue started to lick up and down his shaft. I didn't want to agree with him (I love fucking my wife), but there was no denying how turned on I was by the shape of his cock in my mouth, the taste of his pre-cum, and his dominance over me. After a minute, he gave me a serious look, "I'm about to blow my full load into your mouth." He paused for a second before he continued, "Your dad must be proud of you right now," and smiled while on the brink of orgasm.

My First Time, Truth or Dare

first-time geekerotica 2018-01-14

Jason and Tanya were rolled up in a sleeping bag, and I'm not really sure what they got up to, because I was too embarrassed to look at them and I didn't want them to see how red I was, or that I was getting extremely turned on. Jason whispered to Tanya, and she gave a giggle, She looked at me then, and said "Andrew, why don't you get one of those boardgames you really like?" The game turn went to Jason, and he told me while he was busy I should ask Tanya a Truth or Dare question. "Well Andrew here has now finally kissed a girl, I think its time he sees some boobs!" Jason quiped, and Tanya giggled, and I wondered how much redder my face could get.

Church of Evil

first-time fotisampini 2018-01-14

Father Thomas could picture the lovely woman who stood confessing her sins, not thinking that Father Thomas When Diane left the confessional booth, Father Thomas intimate acts till after the wedding." Father Thomas the Holy Father carried this lovely virgin to the Father Thomas gazed upon the lovely beauty. beauty, Father Thomas took a deep breath to savor the Laying upon the soft white body, Father Thomas was Approaching the alter, Amos looked at Father Thomas, hips caused Father Thomas' cock to twitch in "Yeah, Father, let have a taste of your holy cock!" devil of a cock, huh, Father?" Old Amos had his share Having cum twice, Father Thomas was totally exhausted. the lovely Diane, Father Thomas prayed for her.

Piercing For National Nude Day Ch. 03

first-time Gussie 2018-01-14

Three beautiful girls glided across a very busy highway, nude, except that they sparkled with jewels, and appeared to be wearing gold ornaments. With a wink at our Parlour Girl, she said, “Take care, my beautiful love, if they want to talk to you!” The dear girl went bright red at the thought. Her right hand held the chestnut child’s left breast, gently stroking her newly pierced nipple. At the first table a pretty girl, with glorious Titian Red hair curled in a simple bun on top of her face, had come to the restaurant naked above her waist. The girl was completely entranced by how the diamonds, in the up turned buttercups of yellow gold, were on the end of her nipples.

Just by chance she knocked on my door

first-time free2speakmymind 2018-01-14

I started with some sensual kissed then fondling her tits and then some gentle sucking on those nipples > all whilst I had one then two fingers inside of her wet and juicy clit. Time now to replace fingers and I asked again if she was sure that this is what she wanted her reply yes and dont cum outside I want it to explode deep inside me. I gently lifted her legs up on my shoulders bent forward and sucked some more nipples whilst entering her slowly and then more deeply as she got used to my being inside her.

Casanova Redux Ch. 05

first-time velvetpie 2018-01-14

The sun had climbed high in the sky by the time Jenny and Cassia emerged from the thicket, their young bodies covered with a heady mixture of sweat, dirt, saliva and pussy juice. Cassia hadn't wanted to leave but Jenny complained of being itchy from the dirt and her suggestion of a dip in the pond was well-received. Jenny's gasp told her that her friend felt the same way and Cassia turned her head so that she could kiss her while stroking her pussy. "Anyone can do it with whomever they like, Jacobi." Cassia smiled at him, tweaking one of Jenny's nipples and making her cry out.

Christmas with Saila

first-time the_nice_guy 2018-01-14

She laid down on the side of the couch and I was about to take my place at the other end when Saila said, "What do you think you're doing way over there? We lay on the couch kissing and both completely naked, when she stopped the kiss and said, "Wait, you're going to love this." With that she moved her way down my body until her face was inches away from my engorged cock. She looked up and said, "I want you to save all that cum for my pussy." With that she sat up and positioned her pussy right above my cock. As I got up to put my clothes on and go back home Saila sat up and asked, "So, did you like your Christmas present?"

Anne Finally Gives In

first-time tkinsc 2018-01-14

On the way to the movie, Keith moved his hand inside Anne's shirt and began to massage her breasts. Surprisingly instead of moving Keith's hand a way, Anne opened her legs slightly and allowed Keith's fingers to trace her pussy over her jeans. Keith moved his hand down and began to rub Anne's swollen lips, one finger tracing the wetness between her virgin inner labia. Anne's pussy clamped down firmly on Keith's fingers and began sent a torrent of Anne's cum shooting from her pussy, soaking Keith's hand. The next time you feel may cock getting hard like that, grab a napkin and put it over my head to catch the cum."

Memoirs of Chacha Jaani Ch. 01

first-time chachajaani 2018-01-14

This was logical so I scratched my head and said, Yaar woh achhi khush mizaz lady hain, tu unse dosti karle, mera matlab hai ki unse pyaar se baat kiya kar, to tum dono ka time achha kat jayega.. Now sleeping on her comfortable bed was a far better proposition than the stupid old sofa so I looked at Raju for permission, but he said nothing, scowled and turned his back to us and tried to sleep. As she felt the hot spurts inside her cunt, her dam also burst and she squealed softly - mai mar gayi, maza aa gaya, (I am dying, what pleasure) and Raju's cock slipped from her mouth.

My First Time With a Black Lover

first-time cc8978 2018-01-14

to James's massive cock, my hands gently stroking it, I I wanted us to cum together, his hand slid over his cock hot cum hitting my body also, I grabbed his jerking cock felt the head of his cock touch my sopping wet pussy; I watching, his long hard cock in both hands stroking Rob went behind me and started working his cock into my Rob now had his whole cock inside of me and started close to cumming, and seconds later James started straddled James and slowly worked the head of his cock I was stroking Rob's cock with my hand at this time; he fucking real hard, Rob pulling my hair and James calling

Innocence Lost: Becoming a Slut

first-time rumisunqu 2018-01-14

Milly could see that Nelly was ecstatic to be sitting close to Tom in the tight cab of the pickup, so she refrained from saying anything on the way to the party, which was at the house of a boy who she barely knew. Sid kept pulling Milly back into a conversation, and she noticed that the tall boy had a handsome face with dark brown hair and dancing brown eyes, that seemed to light up when he talked to her. Nelly obviously enjoyed the feel of Tom's hands on her derriere and breasts from the way she eagerly kissed Tom, and Nelly wondered what more her friend had done with the notorious boy.

My First Time ;) part 2

first-time horny_79 2018-01-14

So off I went while he finished paying he was taking an age so I sat in the back seat of the car waiting for him to come out and was looking though the bags and found the outfit I liked best ”the maid” so I started getting changed into it so I could show it off when he got to the car after about 10 minutes he returned with more bags I hadn’t realised that there was that much stuff as he was placing the bags in the back seat he noticed that id changed and asked me to get out to show him he walked round to meet me outside the backseat and shyly I asked “do you like it master?

Fantasy with old friend

first-time tino4205 2018-01-14

It's to the point though where it is too hard to keep it under the fabric of his boxers, so I pull out his fully erect penis through the slit in his boxers exposing his dick to my eyes for the first time. I feel that his balls have tightened and his dick feels like it has doubled in size in my mouth so I know he is getting ready to cum. Finally I can tell that he is done cumming, but I continue to suck on him and swallow what is remaining of his load in my mouth. Before getting out of the car I lean over and give him a kiss, look into his eyes as I pull away, and say "until next time" with a smile while biting my lip.

Mr. Fix-It’s First Repeat Customer

first-time appleweed 2018-01-14

June smiled and said, "If you will come with me Ben, I will ease you past your shyness." She held my hand; I stood up to walk with her and watched her ass sway until we ended in her bedroom. June slowly rubbed her hand over me as she said, "why don't you come lay on the bed with me before you fall and hurt yourself and I will make you feel really good." I slid my fingertips around her smooth, hot skin and my middle finger caught the gap and June said, "Right there Ben, now run your finger along the groove until you feel it bump something hard."

Fleur Ch. 01

first-time BrettJ 2018-01-14

Other rumors said that Fleur worked so hard to earn money for a drug habit, not true. Like anything Fleur set her mind to, if she was going to strip, she wanted to be a GREAT stripper. Fleur worked hard to look after her body and she wanted someone to notice. "I love to kiss, but Steve, I have something to tell you and please, don't be mad," Fleur said, looking at him with her cornflower-blue eyes. Steve was a kind-hearted guy and he didn't want to hurt his new girlfriend, but the more tender he acted, the more Fleur seemed to demand a wild fucking.

Amnesty Program Ch. 03

first-time Ambidentrous 2018-01-14

Jason felt his face burning, but then he caught four guys in mid-stare, following Rebecca shamelessly. "I did it this morning," Rebecca let her voice get a little louder, "while I thought about how good it felt licking the tip of your dick." "So," Rebecca whispered in his ear, "it was when I imagined what your tongue would feel like on my pussy?" Rebecca scratched Jason's stomach lightly with her fingernails and felt his whole body shudder as his orgasm played out. Rebecca started laughing in the hallway, holding Jason's hand and running for the outer doors. This and the stall and messing with Emily's head and everything all the way back to that terrifying talk in the elevator." Jason grinned.

the boy was now a man. pt 1

first-time rodma 2018-01-14

I fed my cock in inch by inch stopping as I pushed to take the sensation down decreasing the chance of cumming straight away, sophie groaned saying it felt good saying all in please, I made a final push as I hit home her pussy was gripping my shaft as she moved her hips, i knew this was gonna be over very soon, I spanked her ass as she begged for more as she reached behing and grabbed my balls making me shoot my load instantly pumping a flood of cum into her pussy, the door opened as my cock slipped out it was Candy and she had seen it all through the key hole.

Out Here, You Can Be Anyone

first-time Tylwyth_Teg 2018-01-14

The sensor tech is kneeling between his legs, his lips and right hand wrapped around Rodrik's ample manhood, his eyes closed in bliss as he bobs his head up and down, milking Rodrik into his mouth. My communicator tucked into a pocket, I close my eyes and lean back, gripping the arms of the acceleration couch and let my mind wander back to that scene, except this time it is me on my knees, my lips wrapped around Rodrik's shaft. Her beautiful martian-red hair starts to lift from her shoulders and takes on a life of it's own, arranging itself into elaborate shapes in the zero-gravity, forming a perfect frame for her fine cheekbones, undulating sinuously across her body, drawing my eye to the curve of her hip, her breast.

Deflowering my Girl friends twenty something year

first-time 2018-01-14

I went and took a shower with my new GF and ask her friend to join us. Her friend said that was sweet and looks like it feels good. To my surprise after my new GF tells her friend Kim, "you should let him take your cherry" Nothing else was said. She made comments to Kim all day about letting me pop her cherry; then giving me a good orgasm. I told Kim that I would not cum in her, (we had agreed her first time should be with out a condom to give her all the normal feelings. I will end by telling you that I am happy, my GF her friend Kim and i have a nice arrangement.


first-time 4inchBoy 2018-01-14

Jeff talked to the guest house owner and arranged to use another room that adjoined house through louvered doors. Then I heard him belly laugh and say something like "well my dick is going to have to work twice as hard then". I stood there on the landing and I realised I had to see Jeff in action, so when my girl went out to the shower down the corridor I sneaked into ensuite bathroom that was between the 2 rooms, which had the louvered doors on either side. Time seemed to slow down as they got more aroused and Jeff's member popped out of his pants and started to move relentlessly upwards towards his tummy button.

A Mile High Encounter with Laura

first-time Hangdog90 2018-01-14

I noticed she had the most divinely soft looking, sun-bronzed skin and the kind of sexy, pouting lips that rarely revealed her teeth, despite the fact she was continuing to chew gum like it was an Olympic sport she was in training for. She turned to her mother, a picture of innocence, as I felt my cock twitch and began to unload jet after jet of warm spunk over her hand (which was still tightly gripped around my shaft), and the inside of my jogging trousers. Better still, when I looked to my right into the long mirror, I could see my body awkwardly reclined against the wall, Laura bent over, and my cock sticking up in the air like a microphone while she slurped up and down on it.