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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Make Yourself Comfortable

first-time squirtdrinkr 2018-01-13

I fished my hard cock out of my shorts and started to rub the head as Miranda cried a little as her tiny asshole was stretched to the limit. I had to stop my jerking off completely, as I was getting pretty close to cumming, I rubbed the head of my cock, milking out a fairly thick drop of precum. Faster my hand flew up and down my cock, it was a good thing she was wearing head phones as I grunted and exhaled as I shot my load all over the carpet in front of my room. I took one more mental picture of this chubby little slut that had just masturbated in my bed and quickly dried the mess as best I could with a towel and left the house again undetected.

Fateful Plateful

first-time Global Carol 2018-01-13

I may not have been able to rate his cock based on previous fucking experience, but I'd given enough guys hand jobs and boob jobs -- well, not the implant kind -- to know that his dick was above average in length and girth. You see, Lucy's brother Gil had built an entire server dedicated to housing his stash of terabytes of illegally downloaded porn, including photos, stories, and videos. How does she not have any zits?" Then, after studying her body a little longer, I said, "I wonder how old she actually is?" Then I got personal, "Her boobs are so big, but mine are perkier.

she comes home with a surprise

first-time jonny_66 2018-01-13

I think he’s torn between fucking her and getting his cock sucked again by the way he is hovering at the edge of the sofa with it gripped tightly in one hand the other starting to explore her pussy. ‘Did you like watching him inside me?’ she asks and I can’t lie to her because I’m wondering if this does mean she’ll fuck him again, so I grip my cock, but can’t take my eyes off his hand between her legs. Fucking cum in me you bastard!’ Her head is flung back, her firm tits with their hard little nipples pointing up as his balls twitch and he lets out an almighty, deep groan, pushing himself into her, her hand kneading his balls as he shoots his hot load inside her.

Sweet Release

first-time phantacy 2018-01-13

Pulling from the kiss rather quickly I ran my fingers over his face, the small patch of soft hair beneath his mouth, running my fingers across his lips, up his jawline and wrapping to the back of his neck, leaning in to kiss him again, feeling lost in the moment. I felt his hands back on my tits and I leaned forward a bit, letting my nipples rub against his chest and I slowly worked my way up and down his hard cock.

Camping with Stepdaughter 8

first-time 2018-01-13

She came out of the van in the white tank top that left nothing to the imagination, white shorts that did not entirely cover her freshly shaven pussy and a pair of hiking boots. After you passed these camps it opened into a large parking lot where people could park and go hiking or mountain biking for the day. Lesly said that she was going to go to the restroom and that she would be back shortly. I walked down the trail a little and could see her talking to three guys that were unloading their mountain bikes. She let out a loud moan as the head of my large cock penetrated her lips and entered her tight young hole.

Mums Best friend.(Made up but hopefully you like i

first-time youngandfree 2018-01-13

One morning as I woke I heard laughter from downstairs I know one was my mum but was not sure of the other laughter so i got dressed and went down to see who else was there as i went into the livingroom there she was the women i always seem to think about when im alone in my bedroom ;-). when my mum leave for 10 mins or so I carn't help but stear at Susan the way see looks is amazing. before I could speak I was being dragged upstears it seem the it didn't matter how I answered before she still wonted me as we got to me bed she pushed me on to it and pulled down my jeans and boxes at the same time and went in for the kill.

Little Sister

first-time Bruno1027 2018-01-13

Most women would never notice him on the street but with a second look you realize how perfect his face seems- his deep eyes, soft lips that turned slightly up at the corners and dimples unseen until he broke into a wide smile. Candace half hoped to hear the vows of vengeance and threats against the boys manhood that would be expected of any woman whose younger sister was wronged in such a way though she did no such thing. Looking over at her younger sister, dressed ready for bed in her flannel pjs, Angie couldn't help but wonder how far she'd gone with the jerk that left her just before the most important night of her high school life.

Dark Loving

first-time KrissyKitty007 2018-01-13

Soon I was right in front of him, motionless; realizing that even in a room simply illuminated with dim red and yellow lights I could make out all his facial features, paying particularly good attention to his eyes and lips. I begin to pull away and felt his lips suck on my lower one. I try and silence myself but as soon as he stops kissing my chest he lifts my head back up and returns to my lips. One hand pulls my soaking underwear to the side while the other begins to caress me. The fingers felt so huge against my small opening that it's slightly painful and I begin to feel tears forming in my eyes.

The first meeting

first-time spankbuoy 2018-01-13

Gently she put her lips against mine, I let my mouth open a little and she took the hint, pushing the tip of her tongue into my mouth. Her hand moved onto my tummy and slid down until she was stroking my hard cock, it was tucked facing down in the little black panties she didn’t yet know I was wearing. I took a length of rope with loops at each end, fed both these through the standing part and put one over each wrist, pulling them tight. Involuntarily I started to gently thrust in and out, enjoying the feeling of her lips and tongue around my cock.

Chapter 1: We Get Married

first-time hubbymelissa 2018-01-13

It wasn't long before Melissa started to mention "c***dren" and although I wanted them too, I was not sure we had had enough time alone yet and wondered at the wisdom of having them right away. Realizing the problem, Melissa took it upon herself to spice up our life a little by dressing a little sexier. Melissa would make it a point to dress as “hot” as possible whenever we were together and especially when we left the house together for an evening out or even just a quick dinner at the local restaurant. Melissa was 25 when she joined a gym and started working out with a vengeance, making her near perfect body absolutely flawless.

Now we both can Share Gay

first-time 425olds 2018-01-13

Just as I unzipped a big black guy walked up next to me and started to take out his cock to pee. Then I slowly nodded my head and stared down at his crotch and huge hanging black cock. I slowly moved my hand down his shaft and pulled the skin back off his cock head. This left my mouth wide open and he moved his hips forward and his cock touched my lips. The heat was pouring out of his cock and I moved my head forward as I opened up my drooling lips. I didn't know what would happen once he started to gush, so I tried to pull his cock out of my mouth.

The Cherry Poppers Ch. 05

first-time BlewWater69 2018-01-13

Nina and Chad were good together again which gave Caitlin and Jason a few minutes alone at various times. Jason could feel her hot breath blowing on his cockhead as her fingers worked both his cock and balls. Jason next felt Caitlin's mouth engulf the big head of his cock. Caitlin leaned back to get out of the car like Chad and Nina were doing. She saw Nina glance over the seat, see Jason's big cock, lick her lips, and then smile at her. "Sounds good to me," Jason agreed, unsure how they would have arranged things in the small dorm room anyway with Nina and Chad there. Caitlin backed off his cock to the head just in time as Jason's cum blew into her mouth.

Indian Girl On A Party Night

first-time lovepriya 2018-01-13

I said to Shefali that the dress is too good for the party. Shefali said that I couldn't even wear a panty with it, as the panty line doesn't look good on it. Shefali introduced me to a few guys and handed me a margarita drink. He started reaching my left thigh through the slit of the dress. The guy was sucking Shefali's breasts and she started moaning. Shefali just started to leave and another guy came from the other side. Shefali was having her drink and the guy started rubbing her ass. Since Rohit was too slow and patient, I guess he didn't do much compared to the Shefali being fucked by two people during the same time. Rohit and me came back near the pool and saw Shefali and Seema there.

The Knave of Jacks Ch. 01

first-time WifeWatchman 2018-01-13

A tape came on, showing Dr. Romanov of the University's Center for Politics, as well as (deeply biased) reporter John Hardwood, in a taped interview the day before: "Yes," said Hardwood, "Ms. Stiles's campaign is single issue, based upon the treatment of women by the District Attorney's Office. "Captain," said Theo Washington to Cindy Ross, "what do you think of Krasney using the record of Commander Troy and ADA Patterson against Jenna Stiles?" "So..." I said, musingly, "to answer your question, 'Coldiron', maybe Silver thinks it's okay to try to come in and set something up over here. And you better believe the Iron Crowbar is just watching and waiting for someone to come in and try to set up behind Westboro's fallen house of cards."

My Swiss Miss

first-time swollenbell 2018-01-13

Mila told me of the fun she was having with the children, how much she loved hanging around with the family and teaching them the ins and outs of the local culture, food and other things to do. Looking into my eyes with hers she spilled out her words, how she had heard about me from my sister, and conjured up a dashing foreigner, how she had met me and fallen hard, how she wanted to lose her virginity with me and had planned out the night in the Chalet since she knew the weather was going to turn nasty, and how she had taken me to the breeding rock because she wanted to get pregnant with my child.

The Night It All Changed

first-time magas911 2018-01-13

I watched as Val began whispering in Alexis' war again and saw her eyes widen and look at me - I knew Val had just told her that she had just licked my cum off her fingers and worried for a moment before relaxing - Val had as much to lose as me - she must trust Alexis already and given the way they had just played it didn't look like the first time. She gripped my cock tightly and wanked it furiously - her big eyes looking up at me above her and begged, she begged like a good slut until I couldn't hold back any more - every filthy word that slipped from her lips pushed me over the edge until I exploded. Val's hand dropped to my lap and rubbed my cock through my pants as I grabbed the back of Alexis' head, my fingers twisting in her hair.

Popping Stephanie's Cherry

first-time bigrob40 2018-01-12

The contacts hurt my eyes sometimes if I wear them to long." Stephanie says." Yeah you have a very pretty if I was 18 and you weren't Vanessa's daughter I would so want you as a girlfriend" I replied. I want you to to pop my cherry right now please be gentle like you were with my mom and Aunt Michelle" Stephanie says as she lays down on her back. Stephanie got on her hands and knees and went over and sucked my cock to get me hard again as being caught made me go limp. "Mmmmm tastes so sweet and salty thank you for being so gentle to Stephanie she needed to be treated with tenderness and love" Vanessa says."Robbie Mom and Aunt Michelle were right you are a great lover.

Innocence Has Its Secrets

first-time mjs500doo 2018-01-12

The girls in his school always seemed to look at him enviously, and it wasn't out of the ordinary that he'd have to scoot away, or sit alone to stop drawing attention to himself. Walking into the room, as if in slow-motion, the stud of the school Brad Giovanni had whirled around the tables, and went to his assigned seat-right next to her. Brad was busy thinking about the newest way to try to get her number, when he had turned the corner in the hallway and crashed right into someone's breasts. The one reply immediately triggered a new response from Brad, and very pleasingly, she looked at her phone ringing in her hands, and answered it.

Another story about the slut that is Chloe Khan...

first-time graw369 2018-01-12

We got back to the flat and went into the lift, it seemed to take forever to get to Jon's floor, I could feel my cock getting harder standing behind Chloe and her friend must have noticed as she looked at me and smiled. As Mark pulled out Chloe licked her lips eagerly, seeing his big black cock glistening with her friends juices and covered in creamy white cum. Mark wasn't far behind and he had the same idea, he pulled out and shoved his cock in her face which she began sucking and wanking as my cum dripped off her chin and out of her mouth as she worked his monster.

Helen's Billy

first-time cheto1 2018-01-12

You still like me don't you?" To emphasize her last remark, she leaned down, kissed the tip of my very wet cock, and then suddenly dropped her head - swallowing it all the way to the tight ribbon! One of her hands gently touched my cock and moved it up from the position it had been in, pressed between us, to the open area between us and directly in front of her shaved pussy. What seemed only like seconds later, she stiffened and lifted herself up off the bed as she came hard with a bit of a scream and a lot of loud moaning. You will be totally in charge, dear." I helped her urge her willing sweating slim little body over my hard 'sticking up ready' cock.

A night in Japan

first-time vdub-guy 2018-01-12

so I headed down to the area with all the night clubs. already turned on so I said, "Let's go." When we got to my room we started making out and she got me naked and put a condom on me and again sucked me This time she took the condom and poured the around and handed me a condom and said, "Fuck me in the ass, you know you want too." I pulled out and got rid of the condom and stiff cock covered with a condom. started to jack her off and then she said, "Go ahead Then she said, "Let me fuck your ass and make you my Once she cummed in my ass, I was hard and about ready

The Fraternity

first-time brian54806 2018-01-12

Then Ron got up and started to get undressed and then went in to the bathroom and showered. When Ron came out, John said, "I'm next", and got undressed. Ron still naked took his seat back on the bed as John headed dto the bathroom. He went on to say that he and I should put our dicks and balls between our legs so that only our pubes were visiable and that John and Dave could help us get off. Dave's tongue was now on my nipples and his had was moving towards my dick, and I was enjoying the sensations.

Mrs. T******

first-time hamboner28 2018-01-12

After a nice slow start I quickly ramped up the pace and fucked her for all she was worth and she came first her pussy tightening on my dick sent me over the edge too cumming inside for a good 5 or so gushes. When she hung up she said that she had to go pickup the boys ending our hour of fun and excitement and with that she said one more where she grabbed my dick wacking me off till I came on her face and her big beautiful tits and she scooped it all up with her like the icecream we were supposed to have and ate it all and in a way she got some nice white liquid though it wasnt cold at all it was hot and sticky.

Taralee's First Time Ch. 01

first-time cubalover 2018-01-12

And the heat between my legs came from mom; she still got a goofy grin whenever dad walked in, and she didn't bother to hide the musical sighs and yips that rose as counterpoint to the rhythmic thumping of their afternoon delight. Ken stood hard as I climaxed three times until he couldn't hold it any more and with a yell he thrust up so hard my head banged on the roof of the truck and I collapsed laughing even as I felt his hot semen spurting into the prophylactic between my legs.