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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Night of Firsts

first-time old_n_dirrty 2018-01-12

"Damn Gina, you must want to get fucked before Joey gets here," said Dennis, as he wrapped her in his arms and massaged her body from top to bottom. "Let's get your clothes off and go upstairs." Dennis helped Joey step out of his jeans and underwear while Gina pulled his shirt over his chest and off his body. Dennis will tell you that I don't mind letting him know when he does it right," she said, edging her body closer to Joey's face and feeling his breath on her sensitive lips. You want my hand on your cock, or would you like me to wrap these red lips around it and use my tongue on it?" Margaret asked.

Car Buff Ch. 03

first-time Celestite 2018-01-12

I kept up my thrusting as Kat's pussy started milking my cock trying to coax the cum out of me. The pulsing from her quim quickly spread throughout her body and her ass started to constrict and relax with each orgasmic wave crashing through her body milking my cock for all it was worth. "She is going to be sore in the morning," I thought to myself as I started to search around the living room looking for the phone Kat was talking on an hour earlier. I looked around for another hour but came up empty and I didn't want to risk anymore time as I had no idea how long Kat would stay passed out.

Sammy Learns To Follow The Rules

first-time shotguner 2018-01-12

As Ronni bends to check the oven Kat slides her hand over her ass Rose sees this and as Kat passes her reaches out cupping her tits my wife not one to care about new people pulls Rose's mouth to her breast as her hand lifts her dress fingers go to her cunt and soon the kitchen is full of moaning as both Ronni and her mother do there best to please there mistress leaving the s****r-n-law and friend to watch.

Game Night

first-time Ravlicious 2018-01-12

He and his best friend, Samantha, hadn't had a game night with just the two of them in over a year. "Like Chet." Chet was Sam's current boyfriend, and David didn't think much of him. Not that he was a hoodlum or anything, but he'd told a few stories of how he and his buddies had been trouble makers in high school, so David liked to tease Sam about Chet being a bad-boy. "You're not going to give me the satisfaction of watching you move to jail square by square?" Sam said in a mock pout. "Here you are, going to jail, while I'm winning second place in beauty pageants." She gave a big mock sigh. "Sounds like your future life with Chet," he said with a smile.

Brian and Ballet Pt. 03

first-time DSauthor 2018-01-12

He just thought a girl like Emily would have a million other better things to do on a Friday night. Travis and James took their eyes off of the screen as Emily entered their domain, taking her in just as Brian had. Neil was a nice guy, introduced himself in earnest to Brian, explained that he had an ordinary body, but with dancing and working out he managed to put on some muscle. The girls were standing around in their normal circles, however Brian was actually talking with, or more like listening to, a group of girls that consisted of Emily, Stacy, Emma, and a few girls he didn't really know named Kim, Anne, and Ciarra.

I Spy

first-time SurferGirlBee 2018-01-12

Now I never smoke anything but I was having such a good time and didn't want him to think I wasn't fun so I said yes. I never hook up like this with I guy I don't know but I wanted him bad. He said he would spend a few minutes in the water then hit the changing rooms. But I was all high and really wanted to have a guy feel me all over. That last joint really started hitting me making me daze in and out taking away all of the hesitation I ever felt about sex and making me just want to let loose and get fucked. He turned in the shower still behind the curtain placing my hand on his now raging stiff cock.

An Indiscretion by Beth

first-time redman2r 2018-01-12

Rick had started acting funny toward me, things like ignoring me when I was clearly sending signals I wanted to have sex! He pushed his cock head against my panty covered pussy lips. My legs gave a little and he slipped his big cock between them, and against my pussy lips. At this point, I had one hand stroking the back of his head and the other pulling his massive cock tight against my pussy lips. He kissed down to intersection of legs to body and then started alternately licking my pussy, pushing his tongue deep into my slot, and nibbling on my clit. He moved up and placed the large head of his cock against my pussy lips as I spread my legs wide to accommodate his entrance.

A First dinner date with a Lovely Woman Desire

first-time sly77 2018-01-12

She was going to wear her black dress suit and black ankle strap shoes, because she knew they made her legs and feet look sexy. She said "I hope you like strawberries, since it's early I took the liberty of ordering fruit." She reached out and picked up a berry, dipped it in the cream, and slowly raised it to her lips, sinking her teeth into the flesh. He rammed his cock into her and grabbed her hips and held her there, shooting hot jets of cum deep into her body. She was screaming with delight, and he said "It's all for you, yes, mmmm, yes." His finger was all the way in her ass, and his cock was deep in her pussy, spraying hot thick cum deep inside her.

Husband In Training Cuckold

first-time 425olds 2018-01-12

"Look I love getting fucked by that big black cock of yours, but my husband is the one I love, despite his uh shortcomings!" she said laughing. I think Henry thought they'd progress to fucking but she started to suck his cock even faster, cranking it with one hand as she did so. "Well I can see you were excited she said pulling off my blanket where I had jerked off watching her, "Remember I said I'd get that 'Queen-of-Spades' tattoo after I'd let another guy cum in me, well I guess we are going to the tattoo shop this weekend," she laughed. "Enjoy the taste, this will not be the last time!" she said as she got off of me and let go of my cock.

Ditz the Babysitter

first-time HarveyMarcus 2018-01-12

So, one day, at the bowling alley where Smith and Jones and I meet once a week to roll a stupid ball down a narrow path to knock over ten pins - don't get me started - I pour my heart out about how Harriett and I never get any time alone. Turned out, Harriett reported that Daphne seemed competent, with excellent references, not only from Smith and Jones, but other families as well. She came so cheap, Ditz could be Annie's company even if Harriett or I were home. Ditz helped Annie select a costume - ballerina - and even assisted Harriett in putting one together.

A Night To Remember

first-time camera_shy 2018-01-12

He gazed at her in surprise arousal as she pulled the zipper down ever so slowly, to reveal her naked body beneath it, and she removed his hoodie. She breathed deeply and moved her position so they were perfectly lined up, and locked lips with her love, devouring his mouth hungrily and feeling his hard throbbing erection pressed into the crevice of her thigh and wet vagina. She moved her hand to the spot, applying pressure and immediately he thrust forward, his hard penis making contact with the lips of her moist vagina. And then she thrusted harder and harder against him, her senses screaming, her vagina and entire body immersed in pleasure as she finally came, trembling and moaning so loudly, she had surely woken up the house.

My Sexy, Mature Mother In-Law

first-time liphish28 2018-01-12

Although pretty in her own right, my wife looks absolutely nothing like her mom. I was standing in front of her with her face literally 6 inches from my cock when she just kinda mumbled, putting her hands in the air signalling to lift her night gown upwards. I gently pulled her hips closer to the side of the bed and in a careful, deliberate motion I spread her legs and placed my cock on her lips. I said: "Goodnight mom" and she just replied with a "uh huh, you to hun" half muffled/half mumbled voice, drifting into either d***ken sl**p, pure pleasure or deep thought...not entirely sure!

It's All About Trust

first-time Lovepotion69 2018-01-12

"New York University," mom said, eagerly handing me a white envelop. "Seriously, though Cathy," Steven said, and suddenly a dark cloud seemed to come over his other so cheerful mood. "Steven, you know I will always love you like a brother," I said and put my hand over his. "Steven, nobody will take your place," I said, knowing perfectly well how cliché it sounded. "If I have to choose between you and some girl I've gotten to know in a club, I'll choose you." He took a sip from the big tea cup in his hands. "Not 'just', but best friends." Steven took a deep sip of his tea, and I could see a cloud rising from the cup.

My first taste

first-time smallcock 2018-01-12

In our last year at school, we were both 16, Ian came up this Saturday, I'd just split up with my current steady girlfriend, and Ian was upset by this, "Why" I asked, "It would have been nice if she could come down and wank me off" he replied. He sat up and said "What you doing", I said "For this time only I'll give you your wish, you wanted to know what it's like to be wanked off, then just relax", as I continued to run my finger up and down his 6" cock. As he reached over her pulled my pants down, releasing my cock, he looked and said "I don't know if I can do what you did", I replied "I can fuck you if you want", he thought about it and said "Ok" but we mustn't tell anyone, I agreed.

What I Did With Brittany

first-time xSteamPoweredx 2018-01-12

Open, about their bodies, guys would smack their asses as they walked by, and you could walk up and start feelin up their tits and they would just laugh and stick there chests out to give you a better grip. I'm not sure what it is with me but I always find a girls eyes to be the most interesting and often times the most beutiful part of a woman. So I sucked harder and flicked faster and slid my finger into her tight pussy and started pumping it. She leaned her head back down and let go of my hair, which she had grabbed ahold of when she started her orgasm. I got up and sucked on her nipples and massaged her chest, not for her, but because I love tits.

My first time with a guy

first-time fatmanjake 2018-01-12

I pulled up my pants and tried to cover up my cock with the bed sheet, but it stuck up like a tent. He found a pic with two girls eatting cum from a big black cock and and said " look at this, I would some of that". He pulled out his cock and started rubbing it slow. after a few miniuts he pulled back the sheet and said he could give me the best blow job ever if i would let him. Sure i said. he ask if i wanted to try it, I said I would. I tried not to gag but I did spitting the load down we chin and his leg and cock.

Jim's Seduction Ch. 03

first-time JackMoz 2018-01-12

Then Jessica gave me a bright smile, straightened my tie, and pulled me down for another quick heated kiss before sending me on my way. When we broke the kiss, Jessica looked up at me with a content smile on her face. We talked about a number of things, including the fact that Kate had called from the airport and had promised that next time she would let Jessica and me come along with her, which made both of us laugh. Jessica pushed her hair and water out of her face before she said, "Let's go get in the hot tub and talk for awhile." I nodded and Jessica swam to the shallow end of the pool and started walking up the steps.

Ethan and Carrie Ch. 03

first-time jallen944 2018-01-11

Now what, Ethan thought, standing in the middle of the living room, suddenly realizing that he was not as familiar with Carrie's house or her family as he felt coming up the front walk. Ethan blushed with embarrassment that she would write a letter to her mother to tell her about what they'd done, as well as with the thought that he was in another man's bed at that moment with his wife while he expected to be in another bed performing similar intimate acts later that evening with his daughter.

Caregiver with benefits

first-time cumcraverbottom 2018-01-11

He looked at me and smiled and said, "I'm sorry i'm getting an erection, I haven't had my cock stroked ever since my wife died, and I'm straight I don't understand why this is effecting me in this way." I reply, "It's normal for a man regardless if it's a man or woman stroking it, to get hard from the sensation." I continue to soap his cock and gently caress his balls with my other hand. He moans and grabs my hair to push my lips down on his cock, I relax myself and let him ease his throbbing manhood deeper into my mouth, making me gag as the head tickled the entrance to my throat.

POV Sexual Interlude

first-time sexuallyadored 2018-01-11

I feel your fingers lightly teasing the skin of my shoulder, my spot, the one that you know makes me instantly wet. I hear the bed creak and feel the pressure of your hand on my ass change slightly, I can feel your breath before you lips press against my lower back. I grasp your wrist, pulling your hand out of my panties and I bring your soaked fingers to my lips which you're still toying with. I press the tip of my tongue against the sensitive spot under your head with your cock still in my mouth, I feel it twitch. I suck you to the back of my throat and feel your hips press up at the same time your hand grips my hair tighter.

Chloe's Cherry

first-time YoureWet 2018-01-11

As they carried on kissing, Harry slowly slid his hand from Chloe's knee to the upper surface of her thigh. Harry slid his hand an inch further up Chloe's leg, and moved it inwards so he could touch her delicate inner thigh with his fingertips. They stopped kissing, and Harry looked at Chloe while he gently rubbed his finger up and down, lightly massaging her pussy through her panties. Harry shifted his hand and turned his finger downwards so the whole length could slide through Chloe's wet groove. Harry slid his hand onto her navel, across her exposed panties and down onto her wet pussy, pushing his finger inside her once more.

Charlotte, my favourite BBW fuck buddy!

first-time marcusp1979 2018-01-11

As charlie sat beside me on the sofa, she placed her hand on the side of my face and pulled me towards her, her soft lips tenderly meeting mine, gently she nibbled my bottom lip, as her hand lowered its way down my body i felt her large breast gently brush against my arm, instantly my mind began to imagine just what would be awaiting me underneath her jumper. After removing my shirt, charlie slipped off the sofa to position herself between my legs, with her hands sliding their way down my stomach, she started to then unbutton the flies of my jeans, with the first three buttons undone she eased her hand inside and wrapped it around my flaccid cock, a look of surprise appeared on her face, due mainly to the fact that i wasn't wearing underwear, which i tend not to do when just chilling at home.

Scout's Oath

first-time Tx Tall Tales 2018-01-11

"Ignore the cowards, they've got nothing to show," Alex said with a nod toward the three DKEs, and a wink at the girls. Lisa walked beside the pair, taking Jeannie's hand in hers, grinning. The new girls fell in step as Alex kept walking, dragging Jeannie along at his side. Alex took a few seconds to think that one over, as more people started to wander through the quad, eyeing the odd naked couple doing a survey. Jeannie turned to Sandra, the pledge mistress, and thrust the clipboard at her. The startled Sandra took it in her hand and started reading it as Jeannie pulled on her panties. Shit, everyone on sorority row knows Alex." She turned and faced Sandra.

Days Gone By

first-time Master_Vassago 2018-01-11

She finally on the way home told me to pull the car over because she had a question before we arrived back at her house, where her parents would surely be waiting at the door. As the time wore on and I knew she would be needing to get home soon I slid up and asked her if she was ready, through glassy eyes she smiled and said yes. Her whimper returned and asking one final time if she was ready she softly shook her head and said no. After being so near some women in tech school and not allowed to do anything even if I hadn't been committed to the beauty back home I was ready to explode from the way she smelled the first time I saw her again.