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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

self-control to supersexyhornygirl part 1

first-time supersexyhornygirl 2018-01-11

Self-control didn´t know, but since the supermarket when i downed my dark glasses, was for have a good like on him, i thought myself on the moment i invited him to come in for a coffee, i said to myself very low, almost whipering; "He´s cute!" I opened the door, and asked self-control has put the bags on the place i said, on kitchen´s table. We chated at the table for almost 20 minutes, we were having coffee, and he told me he was truck-driver and used to heavy objects, and i could see he got muscled, tall, handsome, good-looking, cute...and obviously thought of that dick fucking me, and i was thinking of a some "games", yeah, self-control didn´t know about my secret room at home.

Coach's Pet

first-time SlightlyDivine 2018-01-11

"Alright girls, get back to the doesn't look too bad," Coach Davis replied, holding my ankle in his hands while the other girls slowly scattered. Coach Davis immediately squatted down and began bending my ankle this way and that, pushing my foot forward and back until I finally jerked away, crying out in pain. I closed my eyes as I grabbed his shaft and wrapped my lips around his cock head, applying gentle, sucking pressure and tasting his precum as he groaned, placing a hand behind my head and urging me to take more of him in my mouth. He grinned, placing light kisses on my neck before grabbing my legs and suddenly spreading them completely apart, on either side of his hips, exposing my wet, pink pussy to his hungry gaze.

When Two Becomes 3

first-time lemondrops 2018-01-11

A a guy this was kind of strange to me as usually I would do the neck kissing but, it was strangely arousing, I could feel the bl**d rushing to my penis and myself starting to get hard. Slowly I exposed her breasts, at this stage our watcher unzipped his trousers and started to touch himself (this was the first time that any other guy had seen my girlfriends breasts so it was kind a bit weird for me but I very quickly forgot about that.) She slowly at this stage had unzipped my jeans and was starting to slowly suck my rock hard cock.

Compete For A Virgin

first-time taurents 2018-01-11

Tracey had decided that on each date day the guys would all see her, even if only briefly so, wearing a short silk dressing gown she opened the door to each of the three guys; Pete, Rod and Steve who turned up to collect their dates. Wednesday evening was the guys second date , this time Rachel got Rod while Sally had Pete. Meanwhile in real time in the dim light Tracey could see the pale flesh of Sally's tits while right beside her Rod was kissing Rachel who in turn had loosened his zip and was exploring within his trousers.

The Barbarian and the Wench

first-time RegularGuyinOly 2018-01-11

"Do you see something you like, M'Lord?" the perky blond asked, leaning over the display case and offering a stunning view of her full breasts, barely contained in a low-cut peasant blouse. "Your beauty makes it look like a pebble in comparison," I said, not believing I could deliver such a line with a straight face. A couple of women gave my ass a squeeze and one even slipped her hand under my loincloth. "'Tis quite dark, M'Lord," Rochelle said, now clutching my arm. Set in the middle of a bare patch of ground, the wooden contraption had one large and two small holes to secure a prisoner's head and hands, like something from old Salem.

My First Time With An Old man

first-time bigdong6969 2018-01-11

Now whenever I was over there house I would sometimes sneak into the mothers panty drawer and rub my cock in them, sometimes even shoot my load into her dirty panties in the bathroom. At this point, my cock started getting hard again and I told him yes. He took his cock and started rubbing it against mine taking both into his hands and stroking them. It felt so good that I then took his cock in my hand and started jerking him off. At that point he took his hands and put them on my head and f***ed my down on his cock as he shot his creamy load into the back of my throat.

Sara's twin boys

first-time 2018-01-11

Do this fast and make mommy cum." Jim was a fast learner and seemed to love his mom's body and began to finger her hard and deep. Give her your nice cock." soon she felt his cum enter her hole and was thrilled her son was a fast learner and would be a good fucker in the future. She put one on each side of her and told them "I am going to let you both play and fuck mama and play with each other." She started with each one sucking a tit as she stroked their hard cocks. Tim was pounding her cunt hard with his cock and soon both boys filled both holes with cum.

A Different Kind of Family Pt. 01

first-time bluedragonauthor 2018-01-11

The last couple of years had not been very good for the farm, and the Masters had cut back a little on feeding Katie and me. Katie was already awake when I began my examination of her body, and when she realized I had joined her in the world of consciousness, she moved my other arm off of her hip and turned around to face me. My heart was pounding, and in shame and confusion, I tore my eyes away from Katie, turning around and facing the wall, willing my thoughts towards something else. Perhaps a half an hour later, Katie turned around and stared into my eyes, her head still pillowed on my arm.

24-Year-Old Virgin

first-time Waytoomuchfun 2018-01-11

Her eyes got wide as she wrapped her hand around my cock, and she said, "Oo, big!" I laughed a bit, but then she began stroking me. After a couple of minutes, I started reaching for her boobs, but she said she just wanted to play with me at the moment. Nothing more happened that night, but the succeeding days saw more and more clothing come off every time we got together. Around Christmas time, we were half naked, with me sucking on her boobs with her down to her panties, and me mostly out of my jeans with my cock hard as a rock. I got all the way into her on her second time of having a cock in her, but really, her first official complete sexual experience of this calibre.

The Elevator

first-time dirtywriter 2018-01-11

He pulls back, "I've been wanting to do that for years" he says as he firmly grabs my ass, while I lower my feet to the floor. I kiss him, my tongue tasting every drop of my cum left in his mouth, sucking it off his bottom lip gently. Always wanted to know what it was like." He rubs his cock up and down my lips teasing my pussy. He leans towards me, our lips meet, simultaneously he inserts his tongue in my mouth and thrusts his cock deep inside my tight wet pussy. I came again, I started to scream, cum flowing down his cock, down my ass, soaking into the rug in the elevator.

The Courier

first-time Ausgirl66 2018-01-11

I just want to see if they are like Kaye's, so how about a quick flash?" I didn't feel right about it, but he said he is part of the family, so I pulled my top up and down quickly, flashing my bare boobs at him. To cut a long story short, I didn't show him, but instead, he stood up from the table, unzipped his trousers and pulled out his dick, and told me that Kaye likes feeling it and sucking it and he thought I would like to feel it too." Well, that much was true. Harry looked at me with a wide smile and asked, "Would you like to jerk me off, Carol?" I was shocked and I had to admit that I hadn't done that before and I didn't know if I could do it properly.

my slutty girlfriend

first-time 2018-01-11

this was the first time my girlfriend soon to be my wife was with someone else. We had been out shopping all day and when we got home my gf went and had a shower and tried on a new summer dress she had got that day it was short and low cut so her dd tits wre spilling out. she had a little to much wine with dinner and went to sl**p on the couch. A friend of mine called me and asked if her could come over and have a drink when he arrived my gf was still asl**p on her side with her nipples just starting to fall out of her dress. Comment if you would like more

Taking Maryam Ch. 01

first-time MisterGoneFL 2018-01-11

Her shoes, sunglasses, and modest earrings added the slightest touch of elegance to the casual outfit, and all of the colors she wore accentuated her copper skin, long black hair, and almond eyes. That she probably shouldn't do it; that the very fact that she was considering wearing lingerie at all meant she should rethink whether to meet me on this trip. I pulled her chair out and she moved like the nervous girl she was as she sat in it. So I sat back in my chair, smirked, and silently looked into her eyes for a minute. She didn't even realize when I stopped holding her head to mine, when my hands drifted down to her waist.

The Baby Sitter

first-time keen2trybi 2018-01-11

I almost came on the spot, i stripped naked, my hard on pusling with each heart beat as I nested my lips & tounge on my wifes warm, cum filled pussy, i lapped at Joey's sweet young boy cum as it oozed from her pulsing vagina, i was in awe of how much cum was inside her, but then thats the joy of being a 19 year old cum machine, the cum was sweet & salty at the same time, it was warm & sticky & I lapped it up till her pussy was clean, I swalled some & then as michelled had asked I kissed her & swapped the rest of Joey's cum into her mouth, she groaned, she loved the thickness & sweetness & the forbidenness, then she raised her legs a litte higher & guided my stiff hard cock into her arse which was lubed from my saliva & remnants of joey's cum.....

The Boy Next Door

first-time JeanCFNM 2018-01-11

Cynthia then leant over and grabbed Allan's cock and Allan told Mick that he was theirs to play with. I told him to slowly turn so that all the ladies could see him properly and by the time he'd gone through 360 degrees he was quite hard, probably as much as Allan but not as thick. Mick jumped every time they touched his cock or balls and even more so when they played with his butt crack. After he had recovered a little I told him that if he came into the garden and was alone he should always strip if he saw me and that he should visit my house often and would be expected to be naked.

The Girl Next Door (When Irish Eyes Are Smiling)

first-time georgeblack 2018-01-11

"Chris, you know how overprotective my family has been, especially my brothers." She looked at me like she was expecting some sort of response. I wasn't going to hurt her or let her make this decision without at least knowing that she was sure about it and that it was what she really wanted. "If you're sure it's what you want; I'd be happy to be your first." I said it as if it was the furthest thing from my mind, and I was only thinking of it and agreeing because she brought it up. Aileen went off to college in September and I started my last year of high school.

Turn Down Service

first-time litguy100 2018-01-11

I rose and stepped back to admire her small body moist with sweat, her pert tits, the narrow of her waist, the widening of her hips, and legs spread wide showing me her swollen pussy beaconing my cock. With a look of absolute lust she reached down between her legs, spread her pussy lips wide and said, "I want you to stick it in my pussy right now while it is still tingly. I looked down to watch the girth of my cock split her pussy lips wide. She grabbed my balls with one hand and pumped my wet dick with the other as she brought her face close to the head.

Diane & John Ch. 01

first-time MathGirl 2018-01-11

After I'd thanked John for my presents with kisses until he made me stop, I took them and went down the hall to shower and change into my new things. John whispered that he wanted to see how I looked in my new nightie, and he sat down in his I feel like my nipples are shining through this thin fabric like headlights, and I know he can see my bottom right through the nightie and panties when I turn around. John then untied the little ribbon which held my nightie closed, parted it, and kissed me John looked at me and said, "Diane, you have the most beautiful little pussy I've ever seen.

Innocent and New

first-time busmale 2018-01-11

Slam, slam, wham, bam, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, oh, ahhhh, yum, ysss, I said every word I knew that what short & quick, to match his bam, bam, bam, into my pussy, and wow, talk about feeling good, his cock in my pussy must have gone up me into my belly, I could feel it sliding into me, when he started getting tired, and that was a real bonus, to feel it sliding into & out of my pussy, it was just too good, I wanted to lick & as he was fucking me, I wanted to suck it down my throat, and gag on it all night, it was just soo good, my tits were on fire, the air touching me was like liquid excitement, the rough canvas was better than any feeling I had ever had in my entire life!

Random Wanderers Ch. 02

first-time Gonekrazed 2018-01-11

I don't know why I would like Giraffes, but I have always loved camels, especially the way their toes look…" replied Grant hoping she would see through his comment. Grant took his large dick into his hand and slowly began to position it in front of the entranceway to Amanda's innermost secrets. It can't possibly be the rug, because if that was the smell it had been giving off in the first place, it would still be tacked down." slowly said his mom beginning to get horny from the aroma of hot sex. "That got me all hot again, I wonder how your parents are going to fuck?" moaned out Amanda as she took her hand out of her snatch and began licking it clean of her juices mixed with Grant's cum.

Boogie Nights

first-time miguelandal 2018-01-11

She also said, "So, that's why your cock is way bigger than anyone I've been with." And then she opened up to me that this was only her second time to have sex with a stranger and that she really needed the money also that she was twenty two years of age. In the shower she proceeded to wash my body with the hot water and the soap provided, paying special attention to my cock. She took my cock in hand and proceeded to guide its way inside her delicious pussy. She did and then I knelt in between her legs and started to push my cock inside her pussy.

Anne's First-Ever Lap Dance

first-time nikz 2018-01-11

As Anne was playing with the strippers tits, Laura began to massage Anne's crotch through her jeans, eliciting a gasp and a side glance at David, who was taking in the whole show. Laura drew Anne's lips to her right breast as Dave began to suck on the left one. Laura reached down the top of Anne's shirt and pulled her right tit out, shocking the blonde girl. She spread her legs wide as she felt Laura gently begin to part Anne's engorged, wet lips so that she could encircle Anne's clitoris with her fingers. Anne felt her legs being spread wider by Dave, while Laura positioned herself behind Anne, making it easier to support her so that Laura could continue squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples.

neighbor sitters 3

first-time dixieman54 2018-01-11

She also said that while growing up, it was a father and daughter ritual to sit together in the recliner and watch a comedy movie in the DVR. Shelly and David had engagements that evening so she went to Mark and said. One, my buttocks moved higher up his thigh, and two, the bottom of my nightgown was slowing raising up with each time I sat up. I started going under the leg opening and gripped the length of his shaft and he reached in the buttons of my nightgown and under my bra. He then said “Well, if mom is getting David in the mornings I am not here, then what is the harm?” I replied, absolutely nothing.

The Enlightenment of Bay Ch. 02

first-time Kawaii Anime 2018-01-11

With the beach side nightlight and her beauty, he didn't stop himself when he took her chin in his hand and told her, "You are truly beautiful, Mistress." She just looked at him, blushing and licking the ice cream off of her lips. Bay noticed she left a spot where she couldn't reach, he had meant to wipe it off with his thumb but his body took over and he quickly bent his head, licking the drop off of her jawbone. His mistress let gravity take over and impaled herself on his thick cock, she was tighter than he would have expected so he helped her by holding her by the hips and pushing his legs so that they cradled her in a gentle manner.