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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Learning to Love Ch. 01

first-time bigk1w1 2018-01-11

She then ran her fingers around his arms and upper body slowly and seductively removing his shirt to reveal his bear chest, Anne continued to rub his shoulder and chest paying particular attention to his nipples -- the bulge in his trousers certainly showed that Mike was enjoying himself. She began to massage his feet and lower legs before removing his shoes and socks She then asked him to stand and she removed his shirt while encouraging him to massage her upper body in much the same way as Mike had done. Anne then moved to Steve and Mike asking them both to stand as she removed their trousers in similar fashion.

Campfire Fun

first-time P47 2018-01-11

My friends wife decided to warm her ass up. To be honest, I had always wanted to see her ass so I suggested it might warm up faster if she dropped her pants. Dropped my pants and started warming my ass. After she finished (or is it after I finished?), I decided it was time to return the favor and noticed that my wife and her husband has already joined us but he was doing all the work. I worked around her pussy lightly licking and tasting her sweet juices. I started up again and worked her up but this time I mistimed it and she orgasmed! Damn, I would have loved to slip into that sweet warm pussy!

Shy Indian Wife's Massage

first-time cuteb0y25 2018-01-11

At one time the panty got pulled down to the pubic hair line while her lower tummy was massaged and then the boy was clearly enjoying her navel - he was pouring oil there as some artist was enjoying the painting - he filled the navel with oil and poked a finger into it slowly and caressed the tummy along the line of oil flow. So the boy started with her shoulder by standing behind her back and as the bra was unhooked and as I was pouring oil onto the swell of her breast, each time he massaged the upper front swell of the breast, the boobs would get a little more exposed without she knowing (We guess!!!!).

my first gay sex with young guy

first-time 2018-01-10

that was strange and good feeling...he pushed his dick harder and harder...i felt less pain and more pleasure...i took my hand away and he started slamming my virgin ass more god he was big...i starded to stroke my cock...i was very horny..and it felt very good being fucked.then i sat straight on his dick and started riding it, so this way i could control how deep he was inside me :).

New Friends

first-time pj58 2018-01-10

Judy left the bed and was helping the husband to undo his trousers and release his cock she grasped it and pumped it so hard he was holding on to her for support as he watched his wife sucking and wanking a stranger, she showed no signs of letting up and I guessed she wanted me to cum in her mouth, I was too far gone to stop myself cumming and started to pump spurt after spurt into her mouth still she did not stop stroking my cock determined to empty my balls into her mouth I don’t think I had ever cum so much before, as I stopped cumming she relaxed her grip on my cock and let it slip from her mouth looked over to her husband and opened her mouth as she did this he started to cum holding on to Judy as she pumped his cock milking him dry his cum flying across the room towards his wife, Judy left the husband walked towards the wife knelt down and kissed her my cum was seeping out from their mouths as they pushed my cum between them, they broke apart and Judy came towards me some of my cum at the side of her mouth bent over and kissed me, the young wife nearly fainted as she saw this, pushed her hand back inside her panties and was frantically fingering herself as she watched us kiss.

Maid to Order!

first-time g777 2018-01-10

The process of Sheshu leaning a bit every time, to press my head also led to my hand touching her breasts continuously. Pretending to sleep, I slowly let my hand touch her tender breasts gently, at times with a curled finger, and often with erect fingers. She did not seem to mind my touching her initially, but when I started to squeeze her breasts, she stopped and left the room quietly to go to the bathroom and later to the kitchen. Starting from the top, I pushed my finger slowly into her panty, and could feel the pubic hair. Sheshu slowly clutched the dick at its base and started to rub it sideways.

The King's Concubine

first-time ToiYer 2018-01-10

Twirling and making long strides with her young body, Toi dipped his tongue into the grape as if he was savoring her own wetness. Smiling with approval, Toi reached down and grabbed her right hand. Her doe-like eyes looked on as she pulled his cock free. She looked at him with a soft smile, as his hand firmly gripped her ponytail and leaned in for another kiss. Grinning, Toi placed his cock head at the moist lips. This time, he did not slowly let her take it, but grabbed her hair firmly and forced it into her throat! Toi held her there, slowly forcing more and more of his cock into her mouth, making her milk him with her lips!

caught babysitter

first-time 2018-01-10

My beautiful babysitter Allison had her skirt hiked up and was fucking herself vigorously with a clear dildo. Allison grinned eagerly before pulling her skirt back up and returning to the porno she was watching. I gave this same treatment to her left nipple and covered her mouth with my hand so she wouldn't scream and wake my daughters up. She closed her eyes and held me in blissful rapture for a few minutes before ordering me to fuck her hard. "Three years as a college cheerleader should mean I have strong lower back muscles, right?" She smiled widely before saying "let's test that theory." She started out riding me slowly but quickly picked up speed.

My Music Student

first-time Trapper ak Bobby 2018-01-10

Ryan was so soft and gentle that he soon had me almost in a daze and I didn't hardly feel him as he moved down and spread my legs. No man had even been inside me and with that exciting thought I raised my knees and guided Ryan's very hard cock into me. Ryan just kept up the constant stroking and with every thrust into me I could feel his cock going right to the end. He started thrusting faster and faster and I immediately knew he was going to bring me to another orgasm and I began pushing up hard trying to get more of his young cock.

Office sex

first-time remi85 2018-01-10

As Caitlin position her soaking wet pussy over my cock I told her that I am going to gave her a good fucking tonight, she turn her head around and seductively purr to me "I want you to fuck me hard baby" as she slowly slide her very tight pussy down my rock hard cock. I am going to cum again...." and then she exploded with her second climax and her pussy muscles tighten the grip on my cock as my hands gave her perky tits a good groping. As I fully entered her Caitlin turn around and told me "fuck me hard and I want to feel your cum inside me", with that I start fucking her hard and driving my cock deep inside her pussy every time on the in stroke.

Jennifer's Sexual Awakening Ch. 04

first-time AveryTomDeaconHarry 2018-01-10

Jennifer moved round to kneel beside the bed between David's legs, took his cock in her mouth, right to the back of her throat and made it seem that she was trying to do a little bit more. Alessa reached toward Michael with her free hand and beckoned him to come sit beside her on the bed than, taking the dildo from him, went and stood behind Jennifer, who straightened up. 'Watch this boys,' said Jennifer, and she reached her hands out to hold Alessa's, who raised her bottom off the floor, leaned back and pulled, pumping it in and out a few times.

Happy New Year!

first-time jumbo123 2018-01-10

I made sure I was next to my wife and when the clock struck 12 all of us began to shout Happy New Year! I went over to her and said Happy New Year and lightly kissed her. As she was rubbing me with one hand she began to unzip her coat with the other. She then began to go under my coat from the bottom and was now rubbing my cock through my pants only. She commented between kisses how big I felt and began to undo my belt under the coat and unzip my jeans. He jacket was a little longer than her waist and I moved my hand down below her coat and began to rub between her legs through her jeans.

nasty white bitch becomes instant bbc cock slut!

first-time blackiecs 2018-01-10

She said yes and I told her that I have had a fantasy for a long time about watching her fuck with another man. I am glad the little red head took charge and went down on my cock because I couldn?t take my eyes off what was happening to my wife. I was so hard and excited watching my wife that I blew my load in the little red heads mouth. The black guy had now removed his cock from my wife?s mouth and was fucking her big tits. The Black man was fucking her so hard and deep her while body was shaking so hard I thought her big tits were going the fly off her chest.

mom meets daughters college friend

first-time griffen1 2018-01-10

Suzanne, Carol and Amy were all sitting around on the Her friend Amy is a real beauty, with long blonde hair, Then as I watched, Amy gently removed carols shirt and Amy now began sucking them. slide her right hand into Carol's panties. Amy asked if I'd mind We left Suzanne and Carol and got into the car. Amy positioned herself so that her breast She began telling me how beautiful I was as her hand and sucked each other's breasts lips and legs. Finally Amy moved the outer folds of my pussy. Amy's hands were now flat on the bed, one on Amy was gazing at me and licking her lips seductively. quickly dressed, kissed my beautiful Amy and drove home.

More Than This

first-time velvetpie 2018-01-10

He poured the asti and handed her a glass, gazing into her blue eyes and smiling at her. "Me, either." Dustin shook his head and gave her a smile. I love you, Jeannie and one day, I'll replace that with a wedding band, if you'll let me." "I love you, too, Dustin." He pulled back and took the box from her, sliding the ring onto her finger. there was no fear in the way her hands caressed his body, how her mouth slid across his stomach and her tongue wrapped around the head of his straining cock. The sight of Jeannie's beautiful mouth on his cock was too much to bear and the tingles that rode his skin told him that he was close to shooting.

Mormons Fuck

first-time movie_fan1969 2018-01-10

Soon enough Nancy had found like minded friends who also loved sex and were not afraid to enjoy it in spite of what the Church said. When I whispered to her that John told me that he had seen her naked photos and that they tow of them fucked like we had when I saw Tami's photos, Nancy began cumming all over my hands. When Nancy and I were engaged, she told me that she wanted to introduce me to her friend Lilly who had gone to Grad school in Texas and then moved to London England to pursuer her career with some software startup and was in town for a visit with her fiancé Eric.

The Therapist Ch. 04

first-time petitmort 2018-01-10

"Angela, how did it feel for you when Anthony felt your breasts and took your nipples into his mouth and sucked them?" With her eyes closed, she didn't notice that Charlotte had begun touching herself too, fingering her pussy just as Angela was. Charlotte took her time and when she thought Angela had relaxed enough she let her fingers slowly slide down into the warm, wet crevasse of her pussy. Charlotte was using her thumb to massage Angela's clit while her fingers fucked deep into her pussy. "Angela, the good news is your hymen is no longer intact, AND you have a wonderful, somewhat small, and tight vagina, which gets very wet when your excited.

First Time Together

first-time toomuchjlc 2018-01-10

She learned I’ve been in several three ways, but had never been deep throated and that I had never had anal sex with a woman. I didn't even make it in the room and she had my cock out and half way down her throat. She started out slow, planting kisses all over the shaft, then moved down and licked the balls. As she licked and sucked, she stroked my cock with one hand and tickled my ass with the other; all while staring directly in my eyes. I was at the point of no return and I grabbed her head and I began to face fuck her. I wrapped my hand in her hair and began pulling her head all the way down my cock.

step sister took advantage of me..and i liked it

first-time hetem123 2018-01-10

It was Friday night and I was stuck in the house with nothing to do but chill out in my room as time went by I started to doze off in seconds I was out Oddly I was dreaming of my step s****r she had two fingers in her pussy and screaming at me to fuck her every step I would take the harder my dick got and before I made my way to her I woke up. "This is the only way you're Cumming if you don't like it then ill put the sock back in you're pussy mouth"


What Are You Hiding?

first-time needingitbad 2018-01-10

Turning with a big smile, "Yopu work hear?" "Yes, I am a sales man for United Electrical Industries on the 20th. "I take the 5:30 bus home, will I see you tonight?" "Yes," my cock is throbbing but there's time to make it into the men's room, then turning toward me in the car she says "You're a nice man, I am glad we met. Then kneeing my briefcase as if to say "What are you hiding?" she gives me a peck on the check and turns around saying, "Looking for you tonight at the bus stop Don" giggling she walk away shaking her $100 million dollar ass - on purpose!

Amnesty Program Ch. 04

first-time Ambidentrous 2018-01-10

"Come in," Professor Suarez called and they entered, Rebecca first, in high spirits, and Jason following, with a touch of apprehension. "Thank you," Professor Suarez said, looking over Jason's list first. "Excellent," she said, handing the list back, "that's going to work fine." She turned her attention to Rebecca's list and had a similar reaction, although Jason thought he saw her suppress a grin. "Thanks, Sandra," Professor Denton said, then addressed Rebecca and Jason. "Let's not flip a coin," Rebecca said, sitting next to Jason in his living room. Jason was on his feet headed for the kitchen before he saw the crestfallen look on Rebecca's face.


first-time captivate 2018-01-10

Jane had not exactly saved herself, but she had never found anyone who made her want to get naked and do the intimate things all her housemates talked about. Instead, Bruce moved back slightly on the bed, sitting in the midst of the dirty sheets, and watched her. Jane watched as the naked guy stretched out on the unmade bed, his body pale, his hand busily stroking a cock that seemed happier asleep. Jane moved another step closer to the bed, hoping to drop the panties and jump under covers. "Now," thought Jane, "now he will say nice things and make it all right." Instead, Bruce looked at her and announced that she wasn't the innocent girl she made herself out to be.

2927 Vadodara Express Ch. 01

first-time prahaar2006 2018-01-10

Ados-pados ke saga-vhala man koi chhe nahin aa badhu tamne shikhvadva?)' she asked. She moved her body on her seat in my direction and raising her sari, looked down at her suckling infant, patting it on the head. 'Should I strip in this railway compartment for you to learn what a naked woman looks like (Ahin train man nagi thaun tamne badhu shikhvadva mate?)?' she asked sarcastically. Taking her large, heavy, milk-laden boob in her hand, she raised it and lowering her head, she opened her mouth and licked her own nipple. She smiled at the compliment and told me that it would feel even better on my cock than on my finger (Aangli per to kai nathi, haju lund ghusadsho tyare khabar padshe).