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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

my doctor put his cock in my ass

first-time leecooper91 2018-01-10

Monday I went to my doctor every six months I did check my pussy and my ass. because my husband loves fisted me, but I do not want a pussy or a distended ass. before going to see my doctor, I carefully shaved my pussy and my ass, and I dress with a little dress and panties. agree we will look at it, you still practicing fist in your pussy and your ass. has spent several months you just see me, and I control your pussy and your ass, you are always shaved, after each visit I have to go masturbate in the bathroom, now I have not been able to remember, I'll fuck you.

Amber's Awakening Ch. 01

first-time CarolinaPeach 2018-01-10

The ordinary bun I put my dark hair up in was a little worse for wear, my clothes were disheveled, and Terry had grabbed my arm pretty hard. "That art school guy give you more trouble?" Cody wanted to know, looking a bit grim. Cody and his roommates Neil and Michael were home the next day, listening to music while I sketched away. I turned my head a little to look, and it was Cody, gently putting his mouth against me and licking the salt of my skin. His tongue against mine, smooth bare skin under my hands, a beat in my throat pulsing steadily, my center flowing with hot, dark pleasure, it was too much and I broke our kiss to moan his name.

A taste of the exotic

first-time lyn_hornygirl 2018-01-10

fancy you, you are stunningly beautiful, as I am sure you already know, and you have a fantastic body, probably Her pussy lips were full and dark, and at the top came to a pronounced hood. lips, and a generous tongue, and although she didn't quite know what to do, her wet tongue slipped into my open I moved down her perfect belly and tongued her navel, looking up between her big tits at her stunning face. I slipped my tongue inside the hole and scoooped out her juices, she tasted like she smelt. My little tongue ploughed my way through her large and meaty pussy lips, SO unlike "FUCK!" she said finally as outrageous amounts of pussy cream coated my lips and chin.


first-time bifun4u 2018-01-10

He leaned over and started sucking my little cock and licking my balls and another guy stood over my face and jerked off into my mouth! Two of these guys who had just arrived got some of their buddies together and about 10 of them left the room while I sucked a few more cocks and balls, I even had to eat a couple of the guys asses out which I actually liked even though at first, I thought I would puke! My parents think I got a job on that yacht as a crew hand on weekends but little do they know just how filthy there only teenage son can be and how many old men have fucked my mouth and ass and how much cum I have swallowed from complete strangers!

How it all began

first-time sidhuputt 2018-01-10

With a devilish grin he came back with, "I'm the local serial killer and this way, I'm not easily caught.” Then at her shocked look, he added, "No I'm k**ding, I just didn't want to live by their rules either, I like my own space and would have hated to share a room with someone. He laughed at this a little and asked, "Are you sure you want to know, little one, I may shock you," at her nod, he continued, "I thought of you all night and what would be the best way to seduce you tonight. Silky sighed and repeated, “I was telling you, how Marcy thinks you are such a hunky man and how you could probably ride like a champ, if you know what I mean,” her eyebrow arching?

The Fires of Beltane

first-time golden smog 2018-01-10

"At twilight one evening, the tumbler asked the young woman to come to his inn room that he might show her some costuming items he had purchased that day, and which he thought she might like to make use of. "As Natalie let out a soft cry of pleasure and satisfaction, the young lady was barely aware that her hand had strayed between her own thighs and was moving slowly there. Indeed, while the young lady's conscious longings had been for the tumbler, it was the sight and sounds of Natalie's pleasure that caused her breath to quicken and the pressure of her hand against her own body to increase.


first-time cockteezer 2018-01-10

I danced naked in front of her until she said, "come here and drink your wine, Chris." I sat beside her and took a sip, then snuggled up against her warm body. Jessica took me in her arms and we French kissed while she stroked my penis gently with her red-nailed fingers. I kissed her nipples and played with the little barbells with my tongue and lips, while Jessica moaned with pleasure. After about 20 minutes of licking and kissing her vagina and sucking on her great big clitoris, Jessica began to moan softly and she rhythmically pushed her vagina against my mouth.


Visiting Peter and Helen

first-time slutboy49 2018-01-10

I realised that I was not hurrying as Helen was looking sensational and I didn't want to rush off and miss the opportunity of ogling this gorgeous woman. Her orgasms were loud and absolutely enjoyable as she rolled around in pleasure going from one hard working tongue to another. She took my aroused cock into her mouth and started sucking was sensational as I looked down to see Helen being spit roasted with Peter's cock fucking her madly as I was fucking her mouth at the other end. I tried to concentrate the desire to blow but hearing Peter blow then that thought want going to last as I blew a full load into Helen's very receptive mouth...

The Gamer (Intro)

first-time brendan_69 2018-01-10

One day after school everything changed I had always try bring up the subject of sex with Kim but she would always say that we going fast enough and we should wait for marriage I didn’t f***e the subject since at that time I loved the idea of her just waiting for me. When I stopped it was dark and that was a shock to me I Looked up and saw I shooting start I made a wish ( I wish Jason and Kim was DIED) ‘Okay don’t blame me for that I was angry what can I say’ Then I said I wish my World would just change.

A Good Deed

first-time Whovian19 2018-01-10

Sydney has been telling me for the past few weeks how a college is going to come watch her solo to see if she's college material. We still had almost an hour until it started, so after I set up my drum set, I just chilled for a bit, until suddenly Sydney grabbed my arm and pulled my up from my particularly pleasant daydream of my girlfriend. Sydney, what are you planning..." my friend has been known to do crazy things in the past. "Sydney, what are you planning?" I asked as my sixth grade friend dragged me to the stairs up to the roof of the school. "Wait- Wha- did you just say-" She grabbed my arms and pulled me in close and kissed me.

Sexting with a Co-Worker

first-time damkkr 2018-01-10

Dishwater blonde, wonderful curves accented by tight jeans and tall Mary Jane heels, Melissa immediately made an impression. Sitting in my cubicle I'd watch this beautiful woman walk toward me, always stopping to say "Hi!", asking me about my day, then moving along to her business, eventually heading back to her desk. As I lay there, my erection springing to life, I'd slowly stroke myself, imagining her hand, touching me, her breasts pushed against me, her skirt hiked up as she straddled my cock, rocking back and forth, heels bumping my calves. "Under the table I'd slowly push your skirt up, sliding my hand along your inner thigh" I continued.

Teasing my aunt Betty

first-time magoo222 2018-01-10

She enjoyed walking around the house in nothing but shorts and a thin white t-shirt, her nipples always seemed to be big and hard no matter what the weather was like. I dont get to see her as much as I use to but my cock still gets rock hard when I see those nipples. We were sitting at the kitchen table catching up on each others lives but all I could focus on were her nipples, soon I could feel my cock filling up with bl**d and I was rock hard just like when i was a k**.

That Duck was Pissed Parts 1 & 2

first-time SWeathers 2018-01-10

For the first, time and almost immediately after I let him know he had nothing to worry about, that he was ok----he placed his hand on my inner thigh, his palm touching my cock and balls and squeezing gently, looked at me licking his tender lips and went “mmmmmuh!” Yes, Wetzel was a paradox, scared to death of a bully and yet! I took his tender, semi hard penis in my right hand and lifted it up where I could lick the under side of it------when I got to the head of his six and half inch cock, I let it rest on my tongue and his piss hole rested on the middle of my upper lip, while we continued eye contact.

Library part one

first-time cdanielk1976 2018-01-10

“That's a good series.” I said, holding my stare to catch her eyes. He took her hand, a soft extension of her body that he now took considered with a more intent eye. “I agree,” she said, walking to the window and placing her hands on the seam, her body arching slightly. I moved closer to the window, feeling the warmth coming off her body next to the cold outside pushing against the glass. I could tell by her kisses that she wanted it too, and I felt her hand against my cock, squeezing grips at the bulge in my jeans. “I know a place,” she said, and I followed her down the hall, watching the rhythm of her hips as she led the way.

Her Irish Neighbor Ch. 02

first-time EnvywithJadee 2018-01-10

Cassie watched as Sarah jumped at every opportunity to touch Sean, to be close to him. Cassie saw Sean shrug it off and each time Sarah would accidentally bump into him, he would look up and smile at Cassie or pucker his lips at her. But what really pissed Cassie off was when Sarah had the nerve, no, the balls to grab Sean's hand to make him touch it and he let her. Grabbing Sarah's wrists in both hands, he roughly pulled her behind him into his office where he had just made love to Cassie not an even hour before. She yanked the door open, slammed it behind her and dead bolted the door, making sure Sean couldn't use his spare to enter her place.

Having fun at raging waters, a sexy water theme pa

first-time joeluvsthe 2018-01-10

One of these bitches bikini had a tube as a top and supper low cut bottoms, she also had nasty huge implants they looked like DD maybe Es and her ass was huge so big she had stretch marks on her thighs, I felt I was gonna be sick having to stand behind her to long. We all stepped in to this tube where you sit Indian style Alan and a hand full of guys in line enjoyed the sight of this bitches pussy lip, actually one whole lip and partial clit were out, she did nothing about it. Alan is floating next to me, he noticed my ass cheeks were exposed, he like it and told me that I was turning him on.


first-time searching1967 2018-01-10

One of the older adult students told me that she was having trouble with getting my figure down properly on paper and asked me if I would do some extra hours modelling for her at her home. Her name is Edith, I had been modelling for her and other students in life-drawing class for the whole term and then those couple of times at her place before that evening that she asked me to stay over. I continued life-modelling at the art school but Edith did not show up at class again that term. Maybe because of Edith I had lost some self esteem so when we finished the session and he asked me if I would like to stay on for a glass of wine, I agreed.

Alexandra Makes The Grade Ch. 03

first-time peechka 2018-01-10

When the final bell of the day rang, Alex found herself at her locker only hesitating for a second when her fingers touched her Trig book and notebook before sliding it into her Vera Bradley laptop bag with the rest of her homework. Jack could barely take his eyes off Alexandra as she took her test Friday afternoon. After all, here you are, in the office of your math teacher on a late Friday afternoon long after the last bell has rung and your classmates and other teachers have left for the day." Jack stood up and walked around the front of his desk, sitting back casually against it.

My nephew and I

first-time wildbill975 2018-01-10

He moaned more and said," OH MY GOD that feels soo good Bill." I sucked on each ball then kissed back up his cock and took him deep in my mouth again. When he broke off the kiss he told me," That was great uncle Bill I never knew another guy could make me feel like that." I looked at him and said "Chris you dont have to pretend I know you have wanted me. Was that your first time sucking cock?" He looked at me and said "Yes it was did I do good?" I just smiled and kissed him forcing my tounge imto his mouth. He looked at me and said," Please cum in my ass uncle Bill." I started to fuck him hard and fast feeling his tight ass gripping my cock.

Breast Man Chronicles Ch. 02

first-time Tomcatfive 2018-01-10

Then he opened the rear door, and, looking right at Florie, gave her a big smile and said, "Good evening, Miss." After I got in he closed the door in silence. As she gasped, a look of shock on her face, I smiled and said, "Thank you for coming with me, honey, it's not often I get to be with someone that draws so much attention." That changed her expression to a smile, with a little wonder mixed in. I said quietly, "Wet your lips Florie, and open them just a bit." Without giving her a chance to reply I leaned forward and kissed her again, this time pressing my tongue against her lips.

My Shy colleague, ex-student and emergency sec par

first-time 2018-01-09

I always have a hard time not cumming too quickly so try to peel her feet away as I want this to last a bit longer. She is so horny by now and pushes back as hard as she can, while holding on to the dick of our colleague and trying to catch his dickhead with her mouth. Her cunt is tight and she manages to control her pussy muscles, squeezing every time I pull back. She steps over my legs, lifts her pijama and position her pussy in front of Betty's face. I feel left and right and find two pussies, still open and sensitive, while I feel two hands picking up my dick, trying to bring it back to life .

My Frist Time

first-time clarkbrian82 2018-01-09

He throws me into a big walk in closet and it was dark I have to say was freaked out but then the light gones on and i was standing face to face with a hot older lady! Now i'm a big guy and she seemed to like that about me. She said "on your knees now hunny" I fell to my knees she said "lick my pussy" to wich i said "i've never done it before". She just smiled and said "well just lick and kiss" so i did as i was told. I don't think i did to bad becasue she was yell "fuck yeah go hunny go". That was the frist time licking a girl out and i loved it!

Re: Bridal pregnancy

first-time billstew 2018-01-09

When my wife and I first got married we didn't know about the lifestyle. She was a virgin on our wedding night so I wanted it to be special. I talked her into letting me hire a photographer to shoot us while me fucked for the first time. The guy I hired was black, a great photographer. Its just us and the photographer and we are both naked. My wife notices the photographer is tenting in his pants so she reaches out and grabbes it. He is embarased so we tell him to get naked too. He is so hard so I let her and before I know it he's plowing her, going deeper than I ever could. She got pregnant that night I think.

Tights to Work

first-time hardnutt 2018-01-09

Since I was at last free I could feel my cock growing under the satin and was starting to get a bit horny. My cock was now really hard and I reached down to feel it through my tights and panties when I heard his flies opening. I looked round to see his long hard cock and he said that he was going to have to wank over the sight of my lovely ass. I took hold of it and he gave a little moan then I moved my mouth over the helmet and got my first taste of dick. He seemed to be a bit unsure so I bent over the basin again to se if the sight of my nylon, panty covered ass might make his mind up for him.