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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Discovering watersports ch 2

first-time 2018-01-09

It seemed to go on forever, and my dick was getting harder as I felt the warmth and imagined the piss coming out of her big pussy lips, into her panties, onto her skirt and then onto me. I don’t need to and I’m half hard, and you know I can’t piss with a hard on” I said. So there we went, Anna with her titties showing through her wet shirt and her denim skirt dripping, and me with my jeans a very different wet-looking colour above the knee. No sooner had we got inside than Anna peeled off her wet tee shirt, throwing it to the floor, and her denim skirt followed it.

Uncle Sam Made Her a Woman

first-time Wolverette 2018-01-09

“You know when I said you’d grown, Lara, I meant it… You’ve grown into a beautiful young woman.” My cheeks were burning, I didn’t know how to reply so I turned to watch television. I let out a soft moan, “oh God, put it in me please Uncle Sam.” I pressed it against the opening in my pussy and pushed it in slowly. “Oh Uncle Sam, you feel so good inside of me, please go harder,” I said. In the morning we said our goodbyes to Sam. He whispered into my ear as we hugged, “I’ll be back again at Christmas.” We all waved as he drove off, and I smiled; now I had something to really look forward to.

Asher, Lilith and the Tigress Ch. 01

first-time ReefBeach 2018-01-09

Lilith gazed at Asher, noting yet again his unruly hair, fine features and beautiful hands. When he smiled his beautiful smile, and raised one eyebrow, Lilith knew his suggestive comments were all good fun. Lilith, My life is richer for knowing you." Asher shook his head and chuckled. Asher to look at across the office - the Yamaha incident was special, but often she stole looks at his eyes fixed on the screen, or his fingers cradling the stylus like an artist with a brush. Asher stared into the gathering dark, recalling the smell of her hair when she worked near him. She felt Asher's cheek resting lightly on her head. After a time, Lilith felt as if she were waking up after a wonderful doze.

Yard Work

first-time 2018-01-09

days in late summer, a warm and voluptuous late I calculated from behind my sunglasses as I couldn't resist slowing down and lowering you?" I lowered my sunglasses again, laying on them greeted my invitation. a bottle of Merlot, I greeted my helpers on my front were underway, I rose to bring my glass inside. towel around me, drying my hair with one end. noticed all four sported respectable bulges in the "Nice of you to bring your own tools this approached each sweaty teen. really nice!" We really nice!" We That's a different matter! not so much difference... I kissed his forehead, brushing his hair off of his sweaty forehead. for a kiss. that summer. that summer. that summer.

My Best Friend and his Cock

first-time warrior82 2018-01-09

he would let me suck his cock anytime I wanted and he would cum in my mouth which I still had not swallowed his cum yet and he would cum in my ass a lot , then one day we were d***k and we had smoked some weed and we were very d***k and he took out his cock and started to stroke his cock and as I was sitting on the couch he walked up to me and said open your mouth and I did and I started to suck his cock and I was licking balls and cock and was sucking his cock when he started to cum in my mouth I did not know what to do with the cum in my mouth I took a minute and said try it so I swallowed it and to a drink of beer and finished sucking his cock.this went on for awhile until he moved away I miss his cock in my mouth and ass

65 Taking Pam a lover

first-time alibodge 2018-01-09

“They go out about six!” She said as he scrambled to leave, “may I kiss you Pam?” She laughed “you had better young man!” and for the first time Carl leant forward and kissed a real woman, it took but seconds, but to Carl it was a lifetime, He stood blushing then turned and fled through the kitchen door. She stood and kissed him once more, he could taste the cum on her tongue, his cum, another first, she whispered to him “that she was his,” telling him he never before having had a woman this was his treat could take all her clothes off, then he could use her to find out any little detail he wanted to know, she would answer any questions, let him look and fondle any part “but (she looked at her watch) remember you only have just two and a half hours tonight!”

Norman the Nerd's First Times

first-time Uncle South Loop 2018-01-09

When I started for the door, she grabbed my arm stopping me, "Don't run away, Norman. I did and she closed her eyes and purred, "Oh yes...that's good, Norman." Her nipples got even harder. When I got really down about being a virgin, I'd watch a few porn movie samples and feel better seeing most guy's dicks weren't any bigger than mine. I never felt a cock as big as yours before, never fucked one like it either." It'd started to shrink but her hand, pressing it through my jeans, made it stop and start swelling again. I was about to pull my chair closer to my desk when she giggled, shoved her arm in front of me, grabbed my limp dick and gave it a little squeeze.

Blowjob from a Teacher

first-time DeAndre95 2018-01-09

We went into a empty class room, she told me to take a sit and the only thing i was thinking about was me fucking her right now. I just acted like i didn't saw her, while i was ordering my drink she came up to me and said hi and told me to join her friend. And there our conversation got a little bit naughty, and the only thing i was thinking about was her boobs, so i took my chance and told her that she got amazing breasts, she smiled and grabbed my crotch and said "Someone is getting pretty excited". I didn't said anything i just looked her straight in the eyes and i went for the kiss, we started to make out while she was rubbing my dick.

Caught with friends underwear

first-time 2018-01-09

Whilst playing Xbox I casually asked him how things were with his girlfriend, he told me that she wouldnt even let him touch her and it was making him depressed, but as he spoke I couldn't help but notice he had a large buldge in his jeans. "Don't back out now, carry on!" he demanded, and once more I followed his command, moments later he came into the back of my mouth and I swallowed his hot juices whole, when I finished he removed his cock and let it just hang from his jeans, "Now get out." he said quietly. I tried to convince him to let me stay but he refused to listen, I picked up my things and went down stairs, "See you again another time!" smiled his mom, "You are a great friend to my Dave.", I weakly smiled back and left.

First Time for a Marine

first-time NiBimise 2018-01-09

She asked me, "are you ready to give me that massage?" I shyly answered "yes." I climbed onto the bed, still fully dressed and straddled one of her legs which were slightly spread. Soon, her hips rose off the bed and SHE was rubbing her pussy over my hand. She grabbed and guided my cock to her pussy and told me "slow." I rubbed the head up and down her slit like I had read about so many times. I stayed still for a moment, until she said "go ahead." I slowly started working my cock in and out of her. I felt her hand come from between her legs and grab my cock. Soon, her pussy was grabbing my cock tighter and I quickly emptied my load into the condom.

Sweet collage teen tight pussy

first-time 2018-01-09

and do you think next time you can get it all in me?' Lou replied while wanking my cock quite hard and fast 'well beautiful, next time how about you come to mine and I can spend more time getting you ready so it wont be so painful and then I will show you what sex is really like' Lou just bit her lip and smiled 'are you close to cumming as my mum will start to worry if I'm not back soon!

She Lived Next Door

first-time dawoolef 2018-01-09

Slowly, without thought, I put my hands on Lynn's hips then slid them back onto her meaty ass cheeks. "How do you like the real thing?" Lynn asked as she slowly turned, letting me look freely at her naked body. "Sometimes, when a young man has sex for the first time," Lynn said, "he experiences an orgasm before he or the woman wants him to." As she spoke, she got on her knees in front of me and was now kneeling between my legs, playing with my cock and balls.. She placed her hands between her widely separated thighs and said, "This is my pussy." I stared at thick lips as Lynn moved them apart, exposing the glistening, pink, inner flesh.

Caught In The Act By Daddy

first-time Biman2015 2018-01-09

He slowly kicked his pants off, the boxers following quickly after, he though he was gonna lose it when he watched his little girl pull the toy out of her pussy her juices glistening on its shaft and it was only made worse when she licked its length before going back to fucking herself with it. “Well ,my little girl seems to want to be fucked by her daddy, so I figured I might just grant that wish for her.” He smiled grinding his hips against her pushing on the toy enjoying the site of her squirming as he teased her. Feeling it squeeze his cock tight was just too much for him and he let out a low growl like moan and started to fuck her fast and hard his hands pulling her hips toward him with each forward thrust.

best friends wife

first-time bigcityguy 2018-01-09

I was again looking at her tits and hoping to get a better view when I noticed that I too was supporting a full hard on and my short did little to cover up my dick. I began to start shooting my load off deep into her body, my hot thick seed was covering the entire walls of her nest and the excess was now seeping from her lips and mixing with her cum on my balls. Joy and I fucked a dozen times that night and then went back to the camp site just as the sun was starting to come up over the lake. Before I knew what had happened Joy was slide her head down between Sue’s legs and licking her bare pussy.

Blind date

first-time MattyNWUK 2018-01-09

Then pushing me down she expertly undid my pants and released my cock , her hand grabbing it firm at first them making long slow strokes getting my 9inches harder, the precum oozing out of the tip. Pushing her back , releasing the seat o give more room, I pushed her skirt up pulled the thing aside and lowered my mouth to her warm, wet and eager pussy. She looks alive and aroused, and starts riding me grinding her clit against my hard cock, before long her pussy is gushing, her face tells me she is on the verge of dimming, Together I say , she smiles pushes back and then rides hazarded till I can't hold no more and fill her pussy with hot spunk which is soon mixed with her thick cum.

A Cherry Broken

first-time Lucien_Al 2018-01-09

Ken didn’t answer, he just slipped his pants down and took his hard cock in his hand and started to spread his juices around his circumcised head. From time to time I glanced over at Cindy and noticed that she had slowly opened her knees which had caused her shirt to ride up like Kathy’s had, I was sure that there was a small wet spot forming on her panties. My hands rubbed her bum and I could feel her hips starting to move as she pushed her hot pussy against my hard cock. I looked over at Ken again and noticed he had progressed to his hand down the front of Kathy’s panties while she was rubbing his cock over his shorts.

Just a little something..

first-time honestlyhonest 2018-01-09

She was stunned for a moment as he pulled away, like a c***d deprived of a newfound treat, she couldn’t help but to whimper before she felt his hand at the back of her head, gripping the ponytail she’d made. Feeling his tongue poke at her hole and press further, she couldn’t help but to let out a low moan before she felt his head tilt to the side and bite at her thighs. Biting hard into her bottom lip, she felt the warm squirt of lubrication before she felt his hot cock poking at her ass, pressing her face hard against the pillows, she began to moan out as he pushed in a little bit, then pulled back, each time going deeper and deeper, his finger s sliding down to rub at her clit.

My Friend And I Take My Sister's Lesbian Virg

first-time 2018-01-09

"Ya, you're right, I am a pretty big slut," I said while I grabbed her hand out of her skirt and sucked off all the juices off of her finger. So I grabbed her hand and led her to the bed where Sam was waiting, and they started making out while undressed Molly. With that, Sam grabbed Molly, threw her on her back, and began teaching her how to pleasure a pussy, and everything she was being taught was being used on me. “The best, slut,” Sam uttered while eating, and now fingering Molly's pussy. We continued the fun for another hour or so, pleasuring each others pussies, switching positions each orgasm, until Sam had to go.

Awakening of Sensuality

first-time TheHuntress 2018-01-09

I began to rub my little love nub faster and harder than I ever had before, all while looking at Alex's hard cock, being stroked by him, And by Gunter at the same time, as Gunter filled his ass with cock. Gunter began stroking inside of Alex harder now, and Alex's hand flew along his cock as they watched me slipping my fingers into my sopping wet gash. Alex yelled out when my middle finger slipped all the way inside of my pussy and I moaned out in pleasure. Alex had returned to his knees and had his head turned to Gunter, who was kissing him deeply and tenderly with his hand up to his lover's face.

First time web/cam sex

first-time ffjester 2018-01-09

I thought I would talk and ask people about thier surroundings and day to day life, instead I ended up just clicking next to unburn my eyes of shlapping schlongs. She writes "I guess you like wat you see." I write of course "Hella Yea!" So on with the conversation we talk about all the cocks I see and I never see chicks on here and if I do they always click next so fast that I can't even say hello. Well she asked since I finally got a girl on the webcam, did I want to talk or play? I can hear her breathing, her moans, and her breathy words of "thats it, god I want that cock in me" I let out my own breathy comments on how I wanna fuck those titties, and betting her mouth could hug the cum outta me.


first-time Martinium 2018-01-09

As I continued to nurse and lick her nipple she started to slightly squirm until at one point she pulled her breast completely away. As I started to quickly tongue the left breast and tug gently on the nipple of the right one, began to intensify her movements. She actually moaned slightly as she gave in to the illicit and unknown feelings that she was having and I could see that she was rubbing her nipples with her index fingers while cupping her breasts, pushing them together. Moving like a cat, kissed down my chin, over my chest (sliding off of my shaft), and down to my stomach, her breasts tracing a path until they came in contact with my come-covered cock.

Miranda & Jennette - Another Year Older

first-time FelicityWaters73 2018-01-09

Her birthday wasn't really until tomorrow, but the iCarly cast and crew seemed adamant about throwing a special party before Miranda went home for the weekend. Looking behind her, Miranda smiled at Jennette and followed the blonde when she motioned for her to follow enjoying the chance to get away for a bit. Without an answer, she pulled the blonde into another kiss, presumably in answer because next thing Jennette knew, Miranda's fingers were on her thigh, creeping up to her hip. Reaching under, the blonde's fingers pressed against the cotton of Miranda's panties, eliciting a sharp intake of air and a very wanton look on the brunette's face. "I like your way of thinking," Jennette said, kissing the brunette's lips and tucking a strand of messy dark hair behind Miranda's ear.

Tori's New Life

first-time shotguner 2018-01-09

Smiling at Tori the girl says OK MOMMY if you want to fix things then we are going to FUCK you, see little tramp Sammy talked my 15yrs s****r into the locker room yesterday and ****d her. Looking Tori in the eye the girl says alright lets go I know a place and they start to pull Sammy and her out the door.

The photo shoot

first-time PornMom 2018-01-09

He didn't open it up all the way to reveal anything, but enough so that it was open to below my belly button and showed all the skin between my breasts just barely concealing my nipples. Bob then positioned Mark's hands on the bare skin of my belly clenched tightly so that the veins stood out. When the robe dropped off, my breasts were revealed and I bought my hands up to cup them and keep them hidden from view. Mark put his hands back down over my lower belly and Bob snapped a couple more shots. Bob took a bunch of shots of us like this and Mark seemed to be enjoying things so far too.