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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Your Sexy Body

first-time fotisampini 2018-01-09

my back and enjoy it as I ran my fingers through your hair and you did first time I began kissing your neck while my fingers were enjoying your Go ahead - close your eyes and relive the feeling of having my hard cock pound against your abdomen and crotch as we enjoyed that naked embrace. the shape of your naked body, my pulsating flesh rubbed over the soft gave me so much enjoyment and so greatly increased my sexual excitement have those smooth, warm, soft breasts surround and hug my hard shaft of I quickly had my cock into your ass crack and began to inch my way My desire to feel the softness of your warm skin greet the slaps from my

Climax to a Confession

first-time carboncopy 2018-01-09

At first my mind was racing to process words like cock and pussy and ass-fucking coming out of the mouth of an eighty-nine year old woman in a wheelchair, but as her story continued, suddenly I recognized the first signs of wetness in my own crotch. "So you went home and had sex with Harry, right?" I said, hoping for a quick end of the story that would allow me to escape before any of the other residents, or heaven forbid, Charl, noticed my cheeks flushing and my nipples beginning to harden. I sat there with my dress pulled up around me and I thought about what I had done with Harry so many times before, combined with all this new stuff Pip and Tanya were telling me, and before I knew it, I had my own sexual revolution, and I climaxed.

He Was My Birthday Present

first-time sexygirl76 2018-01-09

She gasped when his hand suddenly touched her pussy then moaned closing her eyes as his fingers explored her. Felicity blew a breath out of her mouth roughly as she felt his two fingers moving inside her body. After the first couple of times, Felicity got the idea and bobbed her head up and down over his hard shaft while her hand jacked what she couldn't get in her mouth. Derek sucked hard at her pussy as he forced himself not to ram his cock deep in her mouth. "Just relax baby, you'll love it." Derek said softly brushing her face with his hand as he slowly pushed into her.

older women

first-time bayerboy 2018-01-09

this evening, like many of the women, she was dressed to kill. a very long summer dress she had on, it was fairly deep cut, showing a very good part of her deep clevage, was was not short, i can tell you! just in time for a few slow dances, i took lg into my arms and it only took 2/3 mins when i felt lg was pressing herself, quite strongly against me, especially my thighs. i as an invite to her after the dancing........with her room number. I wrote a short reply saying i felt attracted to her at seeing her at hte airport and was looking forward to later.

First Time

first-time AerosmithChick71 2018-01-09

She returned the kiss he gave her, her hand finding it’s way through his hair, down his back, and inside his shirt. His mouth kissed the gentle curves he revealed, causing Cloud to look at him, startled. The way her back arched under his mouth as he continued to kiss her breasts made a small grin form on his face. A small noise, sounding a little like a whimper left her throat as he went back to kissing her curves and she tangled her hands in his hair. Cloud watched him for a moment before trying to rid him of his jeans, her hands fumbling with the button. Cloud restlessly ran her hands through his hair, looking for support and comfort.

Mrs. Piper

first-time craigool 2018-01-09

I got down the box which held the forbidden images, and started stroking my long member, one hand atop the other to cover the full length. So I followed her in, sliding my hands on her ass under her dress, pulling down her panties, then burying my face in her soft flaxen bush. I pull out my trouser snake, the python she loved so much, and lifted her dress to plunge my full length into her in a single massive stroke. Her husband Rick came around the corner to find me getting lemonade from the fridge, Sara doing dishes, and was completely unaware of my cum dribbling down her thighs.

Ann's Induction Ch. 02

first-time Dear Me 2018-01-09

"I have felt wonderful Mary," Ann replied, a little embarrassed when she realised everyone had been informed how aroused and excited she was. "Thank you for sharing that with me Ann. I love girls who volunteer such delicious little facts like that. She pictured her sister nude and ready after being prepared, imagining how beautiful and sexy she would look with her large full breasts and big tummy...and wet shaved pussy. "My you are excited my pretty little one," the CEO said as he looked at her lovely smooth mound. "Darling no need to be embarrassed, you look beautiful," said the CEO as he touched the wet warm panties and felt Ann's vagina through the wetness.

My Friends Dominican Mom

first-time matt_boston 2018-01-09

I grabbed her wide hips and buried my dick as far as I could in her Dominican pussy - her broken English moan were a real turn on - Aiyy, Aiy, Aiy - at every thrust...I knew my 25 year old dick wasn’t going to last long inside her pussy raw......I wanted to cum in her so bad but was afraid of what she would do if she found out; I had never came inside a woman and my skinny 25 year old frame was fitting nicely between her big Dominican ass cheeks and the sweet smell of her wet pussy was intoxicating....burying my dick inside her I knew there was no way my dick would let me pull out and cum anywhere else so only about 3 minutes in I grabbed her hips buried my 25 year old cock as deep into her brown pussy as I could go and my dick just EXPLODED, filling her mature Dominican pussy with my potent dick spasming inside her shooting my young white seed deep into her pussy....this caused her oddly to shake a bit.

The Accidental Laying of Amy

first-time PoliteSuccubus 2018-01-09

I know the girl in the car that had passed us thought like we did that the truck would advance to the turn lane in the center, but it didn't. We quickly pulled over and Bette ran into the bar to call the cops while Joe helped the girl out of her car and I struck flares. "It wasn't me," I said and pointed over to the girl Joe was helping sit down at the bus bench a few feet from her car. I shared a room with Bette and as we went to bed I knew he was going to his room, and the thought of him laying there, all beatifully made and ....

19 and Lusting for Ex-Lover's Dad

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-01-09

They had started chatting and the next thing Tracy had known, once the other swimmers had gone home after the pool closed, Paul had had her slammed against a wall in the cabana, her legs wrapped around his waist as he fucked her hard. The moment Kris had slid his tongue into her pussy while he finger fucked her ass, Tracy began to shudder and exploded in a hard orgasm. Once Kris began slowly pumping in and out of her, Tracy wrapped her legs around his waist and moaned loudly, her pussy muscles clamping around his cock, and it hadn't taken long for her to cum the first time.

Alice and Trevor *First Story ever!*

first-time TheLovelyMissSloan 2018-01-09

Trevor leans down kissing her neck as she moans softly tilting her head to let him kiss more as she closes her eyes and he slowly works his kisses down as his soft hands roam her perfect body. Finally his mouth clamps down on her soaking pussy as he nibbles and licks and fucks with his tongue and teeth and feels her cumming against his tongue licking it up slowly before working his way back up her body. Alice closes her eyes savoring every thrust she can feel as her pussy grips his cock hard milking it of his cum and she pulls on the ties before looking down and watching, she then feels his hands on her hips holding her tight as he pounds her.

Take My Virginity

first-time Ashson 2018-01-09

Rachel started off slowly, trying to hide her body while she worked, knowing that she was naked and being watched by a naked man. We just kissed naturally, with me holding her gently, until by some chance my hand reached up and cupped Rachel's breast. Very soon I was playing freely with her breasts, taking it slowly and letting Rachel get used to the feelings my hand coaxed out of her, enjoying hearing her gasp as I pinched her nipples slightly. The main difference now was that my hand was extending its reach, happily sliding between Rachel's thighs, pressing and stroking her labia, lightly scratching her inner lips as she slowly flowered under my touch, encouraging deeper exploration.

How could it get any better than this???

first-time wantssomefun 2018-01-09

It’s a bit tight in there with two beds in the room, so if you can unpack and throw your stuff into the drawers of the dresser, that will help big time.” Peggy was first and came out in her little nightie that she packed, then I went and came back to the bedroom, dropping my pants and climbing into bed with just my boxers on. When Ron saw me watching, he pulled back the sheet entirely and I could see Cindy holding that big cock in her hand and sucking on it like it was the best tasting lollipop she ever had. I don’t know if everyone felt that way, but all of a sudden the room was full of moans and Cindy was even panting out a few “fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck meeeee.”

Remembering When

first-time AnneArbor 2018-01-09

Once in the back seat, his hands and his mouth would alternate breasts, teasing my sensitive curves and hardened nipples to the point that, by the end of the evening, my pussy was so wet and achingly aroused that later, once I got home and into my bed, I could climax with a mere minute or two of furious diddling. Now Scott spent only a minimally polite amount of time on my breasts before mounting me, both of us fully clothed below the waist, and methodically rubbing his lump against my crotch until he panted and sweated bullets and shuddered in a unilateral orgasm.


Making The Grade in Biology

first-time alan55 2018-01-09

For what seemed like an eternity, I watched the wheels in Carol's head turn, thinking about my last comment. Carol had never seen a real penis and I had never seen a girl's breasts or crotch, I suggested that if we showed each other our private parts, it would help give us a better idea of what the biology book was talking about. As Carol's fingers lightly traced over my shaft and balls, my cock began twitch in response. As I watched Carol examining my cock, I noticed she started to move in for a closer look. Carol must have got caught up in what she was doing because the next thing I knew, her mouth had opened wide and my cock head was disappearing past her lips.

First time mouthfuck with my girlfriend

first-time dit69 2018-01-09

I started to caress her legs, her belly, then gliding higher to her tits, she let me doing as she likes it very much when I caress her nice small tits, my finger gliding around the nipples, then my hands were gently kneading both her tits, she closed her eyes, her mouth opened a bit and my dick started growing. Being in her warm mouth felt like heaven, tenderly she closed and her lips around my dick without moving her head and I started to fuck her in her sweet mouth, gliding in and out.

Lana's b*****r Brian and their awakening ch.1

first-time imornery81 2018-01-09

One hot August day, as my line bobbed on the surface of the lake and the sun beat down on me in my little flat-bottomed boat, I decided to see what it would feel like to let the girls breathe and enjoy the summer sun. I looked around and realized it was probably almost supper time, and the boat had drifted to within four feet of the shore where my b*****r stood staring at me as I sat up and rubbed my eyes. From somewhere in his chest, a sound like the growling of the most primitive a****l on the face of the earth arose as his hands moved in slow-motion to either side of my head.

The Shower

first-time burbonstgirl 2018-01-09

As I felt Kevin's hands on my stomach and his cock pushing up against my ass, I knew I had to have him, and I had to have him right then and there. Kevin's hands began to wander again, one traveling back up my stomach to cup one of my breasts, kneading and squeezing it, while the other one parted my lips and found the nub it searched for. I had never sucked a cock before, so I was afraid I wouldn't be good at it, but when he moaned, I slowly took the head into my mouth and began to suck. I had an initial sense of panic as I began to choke, but as I relaxed my throat, I felt it slide down until he had his entire cock in my mouth.

Bunnii Lust Pt. 3 (Road Head..Squirting)

first-time 2018-01-09

Between that feeling and the occasional time where she pulled it out of her mouth and licked along the bottom of my shaft I was right on the verge of cumming. Her pussy was so tight at first it barely fit but before too long I had started using two fingers and was rubbing her g-spot. I continued licking on her clit while rubbing on her g-spot and after about ten minutes I could feel her start to squirm and grip my fingers with her already tight pussy. I knew she was close to squirting and just the thought of that made me lick and finger her even more furiously.

Creampie Wendy

first-time billstew 2018-01-08

She drove me crazy, one night she came in & told me her bf had brought a friend, & that she sucked their cocks, & they fucked her doggy style until each had shot a load in her pussy & down her throat. Right then another guy came in, so that stopped me from giving the teasing little slut what we both wanted. I got my hands and teeth on her perfect tits that had been making me crazy, while I told her what a teasing little slut she was. This went on for a while, I was savouring the sight of this gorgeous little slut with her lips stretched around my shaft, tears running down her face from gagging.

First Time Is a Surprise

first-time OLDER AND BETTER 2018-01-08

Myra and her then boyfriend Jack had double dated with Harry, a rather nice looking fellow, and myself. To my horror and surprised, Jack groaned loudly and Myra's eyes grew wide and wild. "Are you a virgin?" he asked as he began to push more and more of his wonderful cock into me. "After all, if one cock felt that good, what would a few more be like," I thought. I began to suck and pull on the huge cock in my mouth, trying not to gag as he pushed it deep inside my mouth. I asked Jack to fuck me one more time and then take me back to the dorm.

Help with Biology Homework Part One

first-time Sexyteendude4u 2018-01-08

Normally, she wouldn’t have even been talking to me, but she needed some help with biology homework, and seeing as I was the class nerd who was good in that subject, I was the first choice to ask for help. “Well, I need help with the biology homework, I don’t know the first thing about DNA, RNA, nuclei, or chromosomes.” “So Steve, what are we going to learn first?” When Jessica asked this in an almost nervous schoolgirl tone, I nearly lost all self-control. “Well Jessica, what is the hardest thing for you right now?” I asked this in my nervous voice and I could tell she knew how nervous I was.

The Fantastic Blow Job

first-time StarScreamUSA 2018-01-08

The conversation got around to sex and Nancy, being very open in her thinking asked me if my wife (Carol) was any good at giving me a blow job. I think Nancy was trying to embarrass me, but I turned the tables a bit and told her the truth, Carol did not believe in oral sex and has never sucked my cock. She then withdrew and blew on the wet head and of course it felt cold and I started to pull away, however she grabbed my ass and held me close, then she opened her mouth wide and blew a hot breath from the bottom of her lungs, and oh my god did that feel fantastic.

My First Time In school(Based On A True Story)

first-time EbonyLust 2018-01-08

She hugged me I was like umm df(Da Fuck) than she slowly pushed me back to the principals desk. She was sucking my shit so good, I was moaning like a bitch. She had a nice bubble butt(It looks like a slightly smaller version of Katt Leya's Ass). I smacked the shit out that phat ass and was like that pussy feels so GOOD! She was like girl Jezebel you have to tell me the story though after ok. Jezebel was like omg and started laughing and said are you serious? Her thick ass starts moaning she's looking good with those huge ass titties. With her legs up and she was grabbing her massive ass titties, quivering like a fish out of water.