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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Road Trip

first-time Eagle100 2018-01-08

Jeannie also pulled the lube out of her bag, and put some in her left hand and rubbed it on her already wet pussy. Jeannie watched the videos and the three guys jerking their cocks to her, and she shouted, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum…..she said, fuck, fuck, fuck, as she came fast and hard! Jeannie started cumming for the 5th time and Max watching her said, fuck yeah I’m gonna cum….Jeannie turned to see him as she came hard again, shouting out. Steve then mianed loud and Jeannie watched as he came hard moaning loudly, and watched his cum shoot on him and the steering wheel. Jeannie came hard again as Jim and Max each reached around and rubbed their cum on her nipples.


first-time 2018-01-08

When Christmas came around, I printed some pictures of young black guys with huge cocks fucking little blond wives like Jackie, I made a calendar for Jackie with 12 pictures. Jackie was already starting to climax, but he just stayed there, deep inside her, she was gasping for brief and moving her hips, but Michael just moved in close and kissed her deep, he kissed her like this for about 10 mins and was whispering in her ear, she was nodding and nearly cumming. My wife was begging him to fuck her again as she lifted her ass of the bed to meet him, I could see her white hand on his cock as she placed it back inside her sopping wet cunt.

Bookshop Girl

first-time clarissaj1982 2018-01-08

I bought a book and..." she rummaged in her purse and finally pulled out a rubber cock, about eight inches long, "and this, to practice with today. I can't be sure I'm doing it right." She looked at me with her big eyes, "Do you think a blow job is the next level? I pulled out the desk chair, turned it around to face the room, sat down and spread my legs. I'm going to try what my book said to do." She pulled her tit from my mouth, stood between my legs and bent at the waist. "I'm counting on you to tell me if I do something wrong." She wrapped he lips around the head of my cock and began moving her tongue in slow circles.

33 day education

first-time Daleharris 2018-01-08

One of the new girls was Tina. The other girls had warned Tina about Mike. One evening Mike asked me to ask Tina out for him since nothing else was working. On my way back, I asked Tina if she was interested in Mike. I went back inside and gave Mike the bad news. He got over it quickly and moved onto the next new girl. I started picking up Tina on my way to work. Sheila gave me the bag of money and asked for me to drop it off after Tina and I got done cleaning. Tina immediately stopped after seeing Sheila leave. My pants and underwear were around my ankles, I had just undone the last button on Tina's shirt.


first-time bifun4u 2018-01-08

Pull his cock out and feed to his wife or continue on knowing that I was about to catch a big load of cum in my mouth for the very first time my cock and licked and sucked it clean, then he ate her pussy out and swallowed my cum from her sweet hole! It felt great though and while he fucked me, I was still eating that pussy until some dude came up to my face and shot his cum all over her The rest of the party was equally fun and cum filled and by the end of the thing, I had swallowed 4 loads, been ass fucked twice, eatin three cream pies and had even licked some guys asshole!

Trip to Cancun / Day two

first-time Msbehaving2 2018-01-08

Kate said she was a little nervous that we might run into our friends from last night. Seeing us walk in the door the host said, looks like we have one more couple, please come up here and take a card from the deck. I looked around the room and didn’t see Kate anywhere so I declined the offer and we said good night. Kate sat down on her friends lap and started kissing him some more. Kate smile and said, well I didn’t really fuck him. As we were walking back to our room, Kate looked at me and said, you thought I was fucking him? Kate stopped in her tracks, looked deeply into my eyes and said, well then let’s do it!

Intent Sealed

first-time Ideasmith 2018-01-08

He told me how beautiful I was and I dared to believe him, turning my head away so he could not look closer at my face and realise his mistake. Before I knew it, his lips were on mine, but I turned away, red with embarrassment, and mumbled something about brushing my teeth. In the car we hugged again deeply and he pulled me, seemed to lift me from my seat like a feather over the transom and sat me in his lap wedged only half-comfortably between his chest and the steering wheel. Without even trying my shy lips, he nuzzled into my neck again as his hand first rested and then began rubbing on my belly.

Daddy after Midnight

first-time BadLilKitty 2018-01-08

"I've never been much good at many things in my life Jessica; but I know how to fuck!", he said as I felt his big cock start to penetrate my wet slit. He immediately started fucking me incredibly hard, powering his cock in and out of my tight wet pussy. Cumming on this mans big hard cock as he continued pumping into my now soaking pussy. "Cum for Daddy Jessica, cum for Daddy!" he roared as he grabbed my shoulder and pushed me down on the bed to stop my thrashing as he continued pumping thick cock deep inside me. I grabbed onto his wrist as he powered his throbbing hard cock deep inside my well fucked pussy.

I'm Straight! PART 2

first-time john1195 2018-01-08

A strange sadness fills me as I realize that when Trey takes his cock ass-cum churned up by Trey's huge cock deep in my bowels. each of the words with a slightly harder fuck stab of his cock up my ass. so good in me, make me your bitch, Trey, I want you to fuck me like I'm my bitch you better be able to take my FUCK!" in a voice that is filled I was aware of Trey Howling in release and felt his cock spasming up And when Trey finally pulled out of my ass some 25 minutes later, I want to disturb them, but also, this really felt like my place, now...

My favorite bi play

first-time ddwain69 2018-01-08

My favorite bi pass times, is getting to watch another man fuck my wife, and I get to lick and suck his cum from her pussy. He got up and turned my wife on her back and put his cock in her pussy and started fucking her with passion. I watched for a moment taking in the view of his dick fucking her pussy and his big balls bouncing off of her ass. After getting into fucking my wife, I noticed his balls start to tighten and he took his dick out of her pussy and stuck in my greedy mouth and shot a load of cum down my throat, all the while still humping like crazy, but instead of her pussy, it was my mouth getting fucked.

Keeping A Promise by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2018-01-08

The whole school knows that only girls who have had their cherries popped get to go to the prom." "I asked Richard, as a personal favor, to bring a friend here, so you could get to the dance," Rachael said, looking aggrieved. "Oh, Richard, I want that thing so bad, I can feel myself coming!" Rachael gasped, arching her hips up and down in a copulatory motion that was very exciting to Jennifer. Jennifer could hear the wet sucking noises as Richard's cock lunged in and out of Rachael's cunt. She would have liked to have Billy there, to decide one way or other, but knowing her b*****r, she knew he would be furious because she was alone in Rachael's house with Richard and this notorious boy, George.

The Bus Home

first-time mujamacc 2018-01-08

I reached under me just in time to meet Langdon's hand slip into the back on my pants and I almost squealed when he grabbed my left ass cheek hard, I felt my juices flowing more forcibly and running down my inner thighs. Langdon's right hand moved from my left breast and I could feel him unzipping his pants, when they were unzipped his cock loudly smacked my ass and almost, made me cum. Langdon played with my clit some more and at the same time f***ed his pinky into my over juiced wet pussy, he pushed all the way up inside of me until I felt him tear my hymen a little, the pain was so hot, I hit another orgasm when he said he was going to cum into my ass.

Love and Pleasure Part 1

first-time fotisampini 2018-01-08

"I think you know exactly what I need Amara" as he gave her a weak, but genuine smile. "Sweetie, take all the time you need to give me the money, I know it's been hard for you lately." He paused as if he were going to say something else, glanced down at the floor and then back at her. She slowly put her hand on her hairless pussy rubbing her fingers over her clitoris until she was close to coming, making little gasps and moans as her muscles tightened and she came, slowly but powerfully. She said hi to suzanna, pulled back her hair, and started waiting tables as usual, nothing of importance, or out of the norm happened, just another day at work as always.

Work Out

first-time spitfire71 2018-01-08

All excited, she sits on the seat of one of the weight machines, Alex is standing by her face, she lowers his shorts and pants and pulls out a big cock, swollen with desire and pleasure, she is thrilled. Alex presents his hard cock to the pussy lips of Sue, he strokes her clitoris, then slowly enters, she feels that big cock in her, she takes Mick's cock and he pushes it deep in her mouth to stifle the cries of pleasure. After a few minutes she gets up on a larger weight bench and Alex impales her pussy so wet and swollen with desire he shoves it deep, she wants it so much , riding faster and faster, moaning in pleasure.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This Ch. 01

first-time Innuendos 2018-01-08

It wasn't unexpected, but Jahn hadn't liked the guy since the beginning; he came off a cocky bastard who had none of the physique to back up the unspoken threats of violence that he always seemed to carry with him. The blonde mane whirled around and wide, pretty blue eyes stared at him, immediately followed by a yelped, "Shit!" as the girl sitting there popped up like a jack-in-the box and fled for a staircase that led up to the second floor. Fuck you." She raised a hand to her mouth, stifling a giggle, and said to Fiona, "Yeah, I bet you picked him up just because of that, didn't you, sis?" Turning her attention back to him, "She totally had a crush on him in Top Gun even though he's like, insanely old now."

Venture into the unknown - first time with a guy s

first-time tr3b0r 2018-01-08

We had both said that we wanted 2 girls to one guy, but could not afford this today! We were both quite excited to say the least and I had a permanently hard cock, thinking about what lay ahead. "Do some star jumps, I want to see your tits and belly wobble" I did as he requested, as he filmed me on his phone, laughing all the time. He used fingers to guide all the cum into my mouth, with me licking his fingers and then his cock clean. It was incredible, but I had not yet cum and still being in my role of bitch and whore I did not want to ask.

My First Time

first-time miramani 2018-01-08

I really did want to meet guys, but it made me nervous just talking about it, even with my best friend. The next day I took a tour bus and saw a few more sights, and met Adam again in the evening. Adam sucked on my tits again, and slid his fingers up and down my slit. "I want you to suck it," said Adam. "That was great!" said Adam, and went into the bathroom. Adam positioned his cock at my pussy entrance, and began to push in. Adam moaned as I felt his balls touch my skin. Adam cried out and pulled himself into me one last time, and I felt the heat as he came.

A Red Letter Day

first-time jacqui_hills_uk 2018-01-08

As I reached the top, I could see my bother and his friend – I think he was called Andrew – in my room watching a video. I was kneeling between them and I quickly took each of their cocks in my hands and I said "want some help, guys?" I tasted the cum around his cock and slowly took him deeper into my mouth. In response, Andrew put his hands on my face, gently pulled me towards him and licked off his cum from my nose. I had a short denim skirt on and as Andrew continued to lick me, his hand started to undo the top buttons at the side of my skirt.

Deeper Motivations

first-time DickLover59 2018-01-08

"Oh yeah," Dylan said, and he laid his forehead against the back of the couch as he felt his anal sphincter being invaded by Clarence very large, mushroom-shaped cock head! "Oh GOD!" Dylan said, expressing the curiously pleasurable dis-confort of having his ass invaded by another man's cock, but the more he concentrated on not resisting, and by continuing to take deep breaths, Clarence was soon almost all the way inside his, until then, never-before-fucked anal passageway; and Dylan found the sensations of that incredibly powerful! Then Clarence withdrew his big fat, black cock, still basically erect, from out of Dylan's ass hole, and he smiled once again as he saw some of his sperm beginning to slowly ooze out.

Married Preachers Daughter Seduction Ch 2

first-time harleyrider6969 2018-01-08

I then elaborated, "last night was a accident, but I admit I liked feeling your hot body against me and this morning I could have asked you to move -- but wanted to press my cock against you -- you have me so damn horny, sorry about that!" Laura turned red and before she could speak, I asked her, "did you like it?" Laura's eyes flashed red and she turned red faced and her neck flushed -- she did not answer me, she only said "YOU PERVERT!" I just smiled.

Dreaming of a Girl

first-time papertriangle 2018-01-08

The day at school went by very slowly as I once again rushed to the toilet after seeing her ass while she was bending over to get some books of the floor. I couldn't believe it, I was talking to the girl I had a crush on for as long as I went to this school! Alex placed her hand on her belly and slowly started feeling it, going down to her legs and up again. I didn't want her to know I was there but the door of my room was open, and never being more turned on in my life I couldn't resist taking another look at that beautiful body.

Sex at the opticals shop

first-time taruns23 2018-01-08

Coming to the story which happened a few years back is about having sex with the optical showroom lady named Meena. So after I came back from the office at around 8 pm i went out in search of an optical shop where eye testing was also done. Then Asha showed me the way to a small adjacent room where the eyes will be tested. She gave a beautiful smile at me and sat at the chair in front of a small table having an eye testing machine. As there were no customers and we were only two in the testing room i got the courage and kept my hands on her thighs and started rubbing. She told me you are having a beautiful cock and started masturbating slowly.

Closing Night

first-time isabel11 2018-01-08

I still had my hands against the wall like I was pinned but when I felt him slide the straps of my bra off my shoulders I dropped them to my sides and my bra fell on the floor exposing my hard, light pink nipples. I whimpered softly to let him know I didn't want him to stop, but he kissed me and began rubbing each of my tits to make it up to me. Now the head of his cock was purple, and so hard I thought it would burst immediately, but he pushed in the head and very slowly began the rest of his long 8 inch shaft.

Stalked and Fucked: The Cumclusion

first-time JizzThisJewess 2018-01-08

Speaking of erect, I gasped in awe and wonderment as this lean, hard-bodied Aryan quickly disrobed, revealing a big, fat, stiff cock that would make a woman three times my age want to kneel and worship it. Thus, I swelled with womanly pride as he pulled out of my cunt, stroked himself for a couple seconds, and then snarled like a b**st as he pumped a HUGE fucking load of hot, sticky, woman-affirming cum all over the soft, smooth skin of my nice trim belly. I think of it every time my current male owner slaps me around and calls me a slut, every time I take a load of cum on my face as I kneel before the True God of women, every time I invite a virile young delivery guy into my home and beg for his cock.