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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Parked in Front of School

first-time lickingherass 2018-01-07

One of the girls in my class is named Ann. I have a huge crush on her and she is so damn hot. Sure she said and we started walking down the street to my car. As she got in the car I saw her cute black panties under her vinyl skirt. We smoked out and I put my hand on her leg and started playing with her panty hose. I found a hole in her fishnets on her inner thigh right under her pussy and started exploring. An Office Working Chick actually stoped and watched for a second looking me right in the eye as my dick was hoovered into Anns Emo mouth.

My mom give me first experinence

first-time savita009 2018-01-07

(I know her cup size from all the times I would infiltrate my parents bedroom and check-out my moms undies and bra.) I took notice immediately the cleavage that was infront of me. I could tell my mom was a little unsure about the sl**ping situation when I told her there was only this room and only one bed. With my right hand I took my cock and slide it to where my mother's pussy lips were. I felt myself ready to come again, so I reached underneath and grabbed both of my mom's butt cheeks and started to move faster. My mother stopped and turned as we entered, she put both hands up to her mouth and said, “oh my god!” and giggled like a little schoolgirl.

My Retirement

first-time Rodbender2 2018-01-07

I want you to know that I always said that I would not lose my virginity until I was at least 19 years old. She said it was her birthday so she wanted to be in her birthday suit and proceeded to pull her dress over her head. I want to know what it feels like." I shot a lot of cum in her and she shook with another orgasm. She sucked it into full raging hardness and said, "Oh, he wants to play again." I rolled her over on her knees and pushed her head down to the bed. I rushed to the bathroom and came back and dove between her legs and started licking her pussy lips and clit.

How i Learnt The Pleasure of Anal

first-time 2018-01-07

I found a guy who lived about 10 minutes from me and we chatted for days and days and after a few weeks, I finally decided that I wanted to try it out genuinely, my curiosity and sexual drive outweighed the potential stigma or concern I had about what it actually meant for me to do it…essentially I was too horny to resist. I started to take off the nightie, my thong was pulled off earlier before I climbed on him, and was going to take off the bra, when he told me that I didn’t have to take it off and could wear it home if I wanted so I could have it on already when we played the next time.

Foreplay Ch. 02

first-time Redm_the_great42 2018-01-07

I stroked her arms and sides, and started kissing the side of her neck. My hands slipped from her sides to the sides of her breasts, and as I stroked her I kept full eye contact. But before I even kissed her panties, my hands went to her hips beneath her skirt. I realized in this position gravity would not be on my side and the skirt would keep falling on my face if I tried and I would look like an idiot. I started by stroking her thighs again, and soon she felt comfortable enough to spread her legs more. Brittany had just started enjoying the experience when suddenly we heard a knock on the door.

Strangers of the Flesh

first-time gadd_sex 2018-01-07

He takes your buttocks in hand, he twists and mashes your flesh, gradually working lower so that his thumbs push once more between your legs to briefly brush your labia, a tantalizing promise of pleasures to come, before he reverses course and once more works on your ass. Your nerves fire from a thousand stimuli, and when he takes your left nipple in his mouth, freeing his hand to find your clit, your entire body spasms, in such a way as to make your first orgasm seem like only a pale dream of the real thing.

Taking sarah

first-time sirmathos 2018-01-07

Tell me sara do you want me there?" "Yes Sir I do" "Good then I want you to go into the kitchen get a bowl full of ice bring it to the living room and then tie the scarf around your eyes as a blindfold. You hear a car door close and decide not to worry about the spilled ice and quickly place the scarf around your head covering you eyes. Tell me what you want to be for me!" You whisper and your voice shakes "I want to be your slut, his slave to be used by him for his pleasure." I pull hard on your hair bending your head back and kiss you deeply.

Shot of Jack?

first-time JimAfflictioN 2018-01-07

Pulling her jeans completely off her body and feeling so far from Beauty I kiss at the top of her right foot, working my mouth up her gorgeous leg to her inner thigh. Now having all my frustration brought to a breaking point I desperately arch my hips upward forcing just a bit more into her, yet she must have planned for such an event cause she has placed her hands upon my stomach gently hold herself above me. I wasn't going to be denied at this point so I grabbed her by those soft hips and forced her all the way down my shaft and held her there briefly while she must have been shocked by the depth I could see in her eyes she was relieved.

The Philanderer and Her Top Secret

first-time Epmd607 2018-01-07

"She wanted me to, I guess; she was excited when I told her I was going to come down here and tell Erin--she never asked me too though." She sort of frowned. "Well, your mom's definitely pretty, still slim, good genes--so just on that you'd fair well in the first round; but you've got an advantage with your lighter hair and blue I'd have to say you'd go ahead of Jill, since she probably won't match her mom's hotness, whereas you'll easily surpass your own mom's." She smiled and continued with the dinner preparations. "I like you holding it, but I wish you'd stroke it a little, I think you're cutting off the circulation..." She smiled, leaned over me and pressed her tits into my chest while she kissed my chin.

My first BBC

first-time likembiginme 2018-01-07

I was so nervous , I was like seriously right here and he put his hand on my head and said yes and guided my to his cock. He was pushing me down more as I gagged some abs he told me to take his cock like a good white sissy slut. I was doing my best to please him as I cupped his big balls and had him deep in my throat when I felt his cock swell abs he said here it comes fag , take my cum but don't swallow it. I lifted my head and he said he couldn't believe I had only done this once before and asked me if I would like to come over his house for a little while to hang out.

Teaching Him

first-time 2018-01-07

Touch me then lick and kiss it." He got on his knees and ran his finger thru the slit of her pussy looking at the plump lips and big clit. He finger fucked her as he sucked on her clit and soon felt how wet his finger was becoming from her cunt hole. I want you to fuck me." He stood up and pushed his cock to her cunt hole and eased inside her. He pushed in and out fucking her hard feeling the sides of her warm cunt on his huge cock. I want you to fuck me often after you eat my pussy and I suck that big cock of yours.

Serving Waitress

first-time didi_galtier 2018-01-07

With their arms around my waist, their hands would drop down under my ruffled petticoat-dress and gently rub my sexy ass, caressing my bum-cheeks and tracing the thin g-string cloth down my bum crack. I felt hands on my bum and then a male g-string glad cock was pushed hard against my ass. “John”, Victoria said to the ‘****’ syndicate leader, “you get Didi to get you nice and hard and wet and ready for her pussy, while I lube her up for you.” John presented his cock to my mouth and f***ed it between my lips. John pulled his cock from my mouth, moved behind me and then I felt a hard, and yet soft, knob against my pussy opening.

Naruto Lemon Series Part 6

first-time stephaniekit 2018-01-07

"So what's the mission again Yami-chan?" Naruto asked titling his head towards you slightly. "But Yami-chan..." he said as you saw a blush form on his cheeks making you laugh lightly. "My goodness Naruto you're beginning to sound like Hinata." you said laughing as he laughed nervously scratching the back of his head. What about you Naruto, what kind of girls do you like?" you asked tapping your chin lightly. "Well I like a girl whose confident, funny and just who I can be myself with without them judging me." he said smiling looking in no where in particular. "You'll find a girl Naruto I know you will…" you said hugging him as he tensed feeling your breasts push into his chest.

Cathy's firts Threesome

first-time hondo1906 2018-01-07

I continued to glide my tongue down his shaft and then up to the top only stopping for a moment to French kiss and tease the huge black head of Jake's cock as I stroked it gently. It felt so good to have Jake's huge black cock in my pussy that I had to stop sucking Rich's cock for a moment just to catch my breath. I stopped sucking Rich's cock to object to it, but after Jake kept fingering my ass and fucking me, the pleasure just got to me. After a few minutes, I felt Jake pull his cock out of my pussy, but he continued fingering my ass. As I continued to suck Rich's cock, Jake pulled out his finger from my ass.

His Beautiful Bride-Part 2-Touching Him

first-time englishflower 2018-01-07

All the little polite touches out in public, the casually dropped kisses on her check. Slowly she traced her hand downwards, over his abs, his fla stomach, down to his penis. She stroked him faster, seeing the drops of precut on its head. Her thumb ran around the head as she other hand reached down to flutter his sacks. Invigorated, Alaina lowered her mouth to his penis. Her pulled her onto his lap, situating her pussy over his rigid dick. Alaina's head lolled back and she gasped for breath, still riding him wildly. Vincenzo took longer to nod off, but as he did, he replayed the images of the night in his head, knowing there would be several more to come.

Something About The Way He Moved

first-time starfromheaven 2018-01-07

I drifted off, not ignoring Mr. Blassioli, or but more along the lines of..."undressing him with my eyes." You could see his huge manhood through his slacks, everyone knew he was packing some major heat. Although he didn't seem like the pounding type (more like the sweet, romantic love making type), I wanted him to fuck me hard. "You know," He moved his hand higher up to my thigh sending shivers down my spine "I have always thought you were special girl. Slowly, I moved in again and grabbed hold of his big hand and slid it up my skirt on the heat of my body. He slid his finger into my tight vagina which hurt a bit, but felt so good. I cried out "Oh God Mr. Blassioli, fuck me harder!"

Playing Possum

first-time LadyLane 2018-01-07

Kevin was reclined on the bench at the foot of Lou's bed getting his cock swallowed by some woman that I didn't even invite to the party. He was talking on his cell-phone, telling someone that he was just coming by to check the house and that he would be meeting them in ten minutes. My legs were spread and of course I'd made sure to arch my back just enough to open my ass and pussy for him. I tried to come, squeezing his dick with my muscles, but before my pussy got that far, his cock started twitching. He whined like a little boy while he came a second time.

Mature ex mother in law (The Story)

first-time putoricanxl 2018-01-07

when it was all said and done she grabbed my head and looked me straight in the eyes and said "i haven't been fucked like that in years." i told her "i learned a lot of things with you." (especially that asshole trick it really got my cock harder, hard enough to make me come cum on the spot.)

Scout camp

first-time fengunn 2018-01-07

I was pulling my dick when the scout master pulled the tent flap back. He said don't worry about it, and if I get scared again to come over to his tent. He said to come in.I told him I wasn't sure if I should be here because the woods scare me. He asked if I wanted to stay with him tonight, I said yes please. As I was pulling my pants down he said to zip the flap closed. After a while I was still scared of the noises and went to Mr. Scott's tent. It was a weird feeling to have someone else's hand on my dick, but soon felt good.

My Real First Time

first-time JiltedSavior 2018-01-07

There was just seven of us, the coach and female assistant of his that was a college senior, Alyssa, a guy who was going to attend the college in the fall, Kyle, two girls from a small town out near west Texas, Chole and Addie, the latter being a senior and the other was a sophomore, another senior girl from a moderate sized school nearby the college, Hannah, another girl that we were going to meet at the Denver Airport, Olivia, and finally me an up and coming 18 year old senior from the Texas panhandle.

The pencil test; a story about Tom and Tina

first-time MaxMon 2018-01-07

“Wow, Tom, it looks like you passed the ten pencil test.” She added under her breath, “I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not- you are one incredibly well hung guy!” She said in sincere amazement. He continued to touch her, caress her with his strong hands, with his eyes and with his unmoving engorged penis that felt like a huge vibrator set on low; she realized she could take Tom’s pulse by counting the throbs of his taught member; it stimulated her so unexpectedly that even while in a stupor she wondered how something so large and hard could feel so incredibly good.

The first outdoor experience of my life - one of t

first-time k13rz 2018-01-07

I gave her soft bites on her neck, while I rummaged my hands down her pants onto her fat young round ass. I sucked and licked and kissed and stroked that pussy with my tongue until her legs buckled as she came. She hesitated for a moment, pulled my head into her neck, pushed her fat tits into my chest, grabbed my buttocks with her small chubby hands and panted into my ear I want your come inside my pussy, please give me your come. The warm sensation of my come crawling inside her made her scream with delight and her legs gave way. I sucked her tits and kissed her stomach as she did this until she came once, twice and three times.

New Toy Glory Saddle

first-time 425olds 2018-01-07

great pleasure in eating my wife's pussy any time she have their pussy licked clean during one of her parties. Laura thought bit and then said, "I have an idea, but her body, sticking my tongue into her pussy and sucking the Glory Saddle and I was thrilled Laura was horny My face was dry and felt a little plastered from Laura's "my husband loves for me to come to Laura's parties. pussy, trying to press my tongue between them to get to my pussy is really wet so I want you to open your mouth pussy and cum tasted different than any previous woman pussy lips and it was time to clean things up. plan on eating your cum from my pussy later tonight."

Wild Child Ch. 07

first-time TxRad 2018-01-07

Rita grinned and nodded, "I swim like a fish and Mary can dog paddle enough to keep her head above water." Rita giggled and hugged her, saying, "That's alright, girlfriend, I want him to do the same thing to me but I'll wait until we get back home." Then she rubbed her breasts against Mary's collar bones and added, "Of course, I've got to figure out a way, so your face will be stuffed into my pussy, while he does fuck you." "Look who's talking," Rita said and kissed Mary softly. "Me too," Rita whispered and then she took a couple of deep breaths and said, "I think we need to swim or something."