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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

After-Class Fun

first-time dreamweaverxx 2018-01-07

I had only met James a few hours ago, he had smiled at me from across the lecture hall and I had looked around in confusion before returning a meek grin. I fell back onto the bed and James climbed onto the bed, pulling me toward him by my legs, spreading them suddenly, the air felt cool on my lips. He got on the bed, positioning himself between my legs, the tip of his cock hitting my clit. He thrusted faster and faster until I felt warmth in my butt and he stilled, emptying his semen into me as I shuddered in orgasm, liquid dripping from my pussy joined by semen escaping my ass as he pulled out slowly.

My First Time

first-time missjessica89 2018-01-07

I had been dressing at home full-time for few months, so I felt comfortable enough to have some fun and make an OKCupid profile to see how many guys would be interested in me I got a ton of messages from interested men, but typically I would just flirt with them for a little bit and then kind of fade away when they wanted to meet up because I was shy. We snuggled on the couch for a little bit, but then I felt his cock grow hard again. I wanted his cock and his cum inside me as long as possible, so it would feel like he could impregnate me.

Jamie's Descent Part 1

first-time nikkiesilk 2018-01-07

I began to feel dizzy and my mouth felt dry. I began to feel light headed and I felt a flush creeping across my groin and I felt my cock harden as I hungrily took in every new picture. felt like it was three times too big for my mouth. Yes, I know what you want Jamie. As I opened my eyes she slipped her finger out of my mouth. 'Jamie, I want you to remember what you felt when you looked at the You want to feel the power of a cock cock; you want to feel it slide in and out of your mouth slippery with Vanessa's voice seemed to come from so far away as I took more and more

Cave Woman, Cave Man

first-time IanSaulWhitcomb 2018-01-07

Pleased with myself, I step toward the bear, a hand out, reaching for my spear, meaning to pluck it loose. Looking up, I see you lift a hand from the bear's fur, your palm wet with its blood where the spear's shaft had plugged the wound. Once more my fingertip pierces the bear, and I draw my sign in the center of your belly, the wolf's head, sharp ears and narrow eyes. But your hand around my back tells me not to pull too far away, and your chin and eyes duck to order me to look downward, past your breasts, where your other hand is pointing at your belly, and the damp, sweat-blurred wolf's face that I drew there.

Just What the Doctor Ordered

first-time bahamadya 2018-01-07

Amber was easy on the eyes, she had medium breasts with dark nipples, curved hips, and legs that led to a patch of hair that formed an arrowhead slightly above her pubic lips. She rocked her hips thrusting her pubic lips against the stubble around his mouth, the doctor dug his tongue deeper as he reached his left hand and found a hardened nipple with his finger tips. Still holding her head against the table, the doctor approached the side she was facing, removed the hair from her eyes and mouth and tightened his other hand in the dark curls that fell around her shoulders. His fluids continued to pump out over her reddened tits as Amber wiggled her pussy in the open air, her muscles clenched and her juices flowed once more.


first-time hamptonite 2018-01-06

The first night that I walked her out to her car, I was still behind on my work, and knew that I was going to be in the office until nearly midnight. The fact that Renee is 5'3" with curly blonde hair, sexily wide hips, perfect ass, and the most amazing blue eyes of anyone I have ever seen, made the decision to drop my work all the more easy. Finally, about a week ago, I was finishing up some real work, as the hotel had been busy for a holiday weekend, with the rooms booked from Thursday through Monday nights, which is about as crazy as we get. So I was finishing up my work about eleven, surprised that Renee hadn't come to get an escort to her car.

Old Lonely finds a Friend

first-time n2oral 2018-01-06

The next morning I pulled up and went to the parsonage door with my tool kit in one hand and my red Maytag floor pad in the other. She showed me to her kitchen, where I rolled out the carpet and got down on the floor and began inspecting the dishwasher. As she stepped over to the sink next to where I was lying on the floor, I looked up. I wear shorts in hot weather, and as I was finishing up screwing the panel on I felt her bare foot graze my leg as she stepped over me again to get the cups. I rolled over and watched her plump breasts swaying in her robe - God, she wasn't wearing a bra, either!

Cheryl and I

first-time GuyCD 2018-01-06

Cheryl was sitting on my lap and she looked at me and I said: "I'd like to see you in it." She agreed that she would show it just to me and got the bags and went into the bathroom. Lisa looked at us and slowly spread her legs wide showing us her wet pussy and said: "How is this?" As she was feeling my hard cock Cheryl said, "Maybe we will get you some lacy see-through panties." She pulled up from sucking my cock and said: "Do you want me to share your cum with you tonight?" Lisa came over and kissed me and said, "Mark is so looking forward to this and it is so HOT!"

A doggy style

first-time nabil1210 2018-01-06

I’d suck one cock for a few juicy slurps before turning to the other, all the time moaning and grunting around a mouthful of throbbing hard-on while occasionally working at my clit with my free hand. Then, with Emma staring back at me over one shoulder with that hot-eyed “just stick it in and fuck me” look on her face, I slid the dome of hubby’s cock-head through her sex a few times. As I came, groaning and grunting, my jaw clamped shut, teeth clenched and with what felt like every muscle in my body tensing with effort, I pushed Emma away and cried out that I wanted as many men as could manage it to cum on my pussy.

Truth is BETTER than fiction

first-time gokothegiant 2018-01-06

Jenny was now wearing a tee shirt with no bra and cut-off shorts that showed the crease of her ass and barely covered her cunt with a narrow strip of denim.since there were 5 of us, strike only took about 15 minutes and Gwen, John and Rhonda left to go to the bar. Taking a deep breath, I said,'Well, I know you and Gwen went to Billings last week went to the movies.Made a few new friends there was what she told me.' she had the most amazing mouth, her cunt was so tight I was halfway thinking I wouldn't even be able to get my cock in, and her ass........I had never fucked anybody in the ass before Jenny, and as a life experience, I was changed forever.

Invitation into a virgin ass #5

first-time petdyke 2018-01-06

Sexy scenario in a long series of short sexy stories. She is f***ed to come second time. Right in my face! She starts to get wet. She smells so sexy! Snug up real close behind her with my face. Start to kiss and lick her lusty lips. I circumsize it with my lips. She longs for my long tongue to try for a touch. Sexy slit she has! Try to f***e her to come. Lick her lips. Second set of smiling wet lips for me to smother. She shrieks as she comes second time. Sphinxter spasms in sexy expectation. She knows: now I´ll tongue treat her naughtiest next. She loves being spoiled and coming. She is my sexy sweetheart hot hard-ass!

Summer's First Love

first-time andtheend 2018-01-06

The perfect place to hide from the crowd, most of the little kids can't swim out this far and, since I've always been a strong swimmer and, until the mad mob came, I had the raft to myself. The hot sun was making me horny, so I closed my eyes to go with a sexual fantasy, while resting my hand on a spot between my legs, I knew would get me excited. I imagined the lifeguard swimming up to the raft, climbing on, and watching me touch myself without me knowing he was there. I imagined running my fingers through his lush hair, as he undressed me with his eyes and touched me everywhere with his big hands, while French kissing him.

Introduced My Wife to Black Cock (1st Time)

first-time east_tn_gentleman 2018-01-06

Joe then began to fuck her, slowly at first as she started having multiple orgasm's then he started fucking her pussy harder and faster, banging his Large Black Balls off her tiny white ass cheeks, he was pulling his fat cock all the way out then sinking all 8" back to his balls. He flooded My Wife's white pussy with a huge load of Black Cum as it started running down the crack of her hot little ass, My Wife was in total bliss as she continued to orgasm all over his Thick Black Cock till he was exhausted fucking her and collapse on top of My Wife.

Recurring Dream

first-time 2018-01-06

I just start to pee and what a releif it is, then i hear the door open and someone come into the toilets, Then i hear his voice and he says "My dont they suit you" its then i realize i am wearing black c thru pantys . Here i am in a public toilet in a shopping centre with me stood in black pantys in front of a man i dont know, its fucking horny . He starts to fuck my mouth with his thrusts, all the time trying to do our best to be quiet as we can now here ppl using the toilets.

Nights of Alsitor: Xanthe & Narciss Ch. 02

first-time Synovex 2018-01-06

"Why not?" Narcissus asked, looking calmly into her eyes as he grabbed the hare's head and twisted, snapping its neck. Hours later, the sun was down and torches were lit around the platform on the high tree, where Xanthe stood, bare-skinned and with a stern face. He dragged it under her hair and twisted it around her neck; a leather strap, lined in fine, smooth, velvety fur that Xanthe realized had come from the hare, with the two ears draping down the front like ribbons, the white fluffy tail on the back, four hare's-feet resting on her shoulders, and the edges lined with a double-black stripe.

My Friend in Bangalore -3

first-time rajivkumarrr 2018-01-06

I bought a pack of condoms and in addition of beer I also bought a half bottle of Rum. I also bought parathas and chicken. After one beer we started talking about our friendship,how it started and all. She smiled wryly and said "All are finished" Although I had this doubt, this is first time I heard it from her.At the moment we finished all the beer I got from the shop. With a winked smile, I took out the Rum from the bag and said " I have only hot drinks, are you Ok" She was very happy and without asking me she snatched the Rum and started pouring in two glasses and told me that this was the first time she is taking hot drinks.

Tomboy Ch. 05

first-time Slickman 2018-01-06

"I think I like the old Jo better," her mother said as she opened the door and moved out of the room. Margaret Thompson sat in her kitchen drinking a cup of hot coffee the next morning as she pondered what she would do about her daughter Jo. She realized Jo really cared for Tom and she didn't want to mess it up but she also knew what they did was wrong. "I think I was until Grandma Bell visited my mother this morning," Jo smiled as she moved behind him and hugged his bare back into her soft mounds. "Fuck you asshole," O'Leary said glaring at Tom. She turned and smiled at Jo.

Jack and Jenny

first-time jab05 2018-01-06

She's too young, too good, I know that can't be what she wants." Jack then began to think about the grin. But, me?" Jack, even though very confused, couldn't help but notice that he was getting hard thinking about Jenny's little plump ass, her perky breasts, and that voice! Jack sat down on the couch, opened a beer, and thought over and over again about Jenny's little grin. Jack had his way with jenny's ass for a good while, and then he knew it was time. In the bathroom, Jack took a five minute piss, and Jenny tried to get all the cum that was oozing from her ass. "Oh baby, were gonna half to do this another time," said jenny while she tried to walk to the bed."

Caught by the high school principal

first-time tim3196 2018-01-06

Brad and Tom I want both of you to move down and start licking Tricia's pussy. I want a good view of Tom licking her pussy." I pull Tricia's legs back far enough that her hips move up. Tricia, how does it feel to have a fat cock in your pussy?" Principal Collins asks. "Brad, start thrusting your cock in and out of her pussy." While I have been doing this Tricia has been sucking on Tom's cock. "I did not tell you to stop Tom. Keep pushing your cock all the way into Tricia's tight teen ass" Principal Collins growls. About thirty seconds later Tom began to jerk his cock faster, groaned, and shot his load of cum on to Tricia's titties.

My first time tasting cum, and I love it :)

first-time cuplfun 2018-01-06

I of course obliged and began fucking her tight bald pussy while licking her erect nipples on her DD tits. I began licking her clit but obviously there was a new flavor I had never tasted on her before and that was my cum. I could feel my wife loosing it in what I was doing and she was grabbing my head and bucking her hips into my mouth making me suck up every drop of my cum. After a good fuck I laid on my back, grabbed my wife's pony tail and f***es her head between my legs to lick and suck her juices off of my cock and clean me up.

My Wife Goes Out with Her Friends Ch. 06

first-time andrewsixpack 2018-01-06

When I got to my SUV in the parking lot, I opened her door, put my hand right on her ass, and rubbed her butt, reaching between her legs, to feel her soft little pussy, all nestled in those stretch pants. I felt her moving her hand back and forth on my cock, thru my pants, as I reached out and began to feel her beautiful little tits thru her tight top. Fuck I could barely even get my hard cockhead thru her super tight opening, I looked down at her pretty face, and her eyes were locked on mine as I began to slowly push my hard older cock, into her hot wet younger pussyhole!

All the Way to Heaven

first-time AfroerotiK 2018-01-06

Aaron wasn’t a virgin and he knew that Taisha was going to remember her first time until the end of time. He wasn’t sure he was up to the task of making someone’s first time memorable and special but he made the decision in his heart and in his mind that he wanted to share this with Taisha and he was going to do what he needed to do. He’d done all the typical stuff, like making reservations for dinner and ensuring the sheets were clean and the apartment tidy but he had also gone to get tested for STDs because he wanted Taisha to feel safe and secure in his arms in every way possible.

My First Time

first-time porterguy 2018-01-06

I was used to seeing new faces at Angela's, we went through staff like we wanted everybody to have us on their resume. She looked like she weighed maybe 150 lbs, not much going on in terms of breast size but she did have a nice round ass that her pants clung to as if they were two sizes to small. "Second day," she said with a pretty smile, then walked back to the front of the restaurant to continue serving customers. I talked to Julia like usual, she must not have seen my comment on the photo or just didn't care because she didn't mention it. "I think I want you, Julia," I said bluntly to her.

Illicit Affairs: Tales of the Heart

first-time 2018-01-06

"Well" says the man, "there's a pub down the road, maybe a mile or two and they have the best homemade brew and wings you sure did ever taste!" Quentin smiled and says "Alright sir, I'll let you know just how good your advice is when I get back." The man smiled and went to answer the phone chiming away on the cradle. “Oh Amanda, I’m going to fuck you so good you dirty girl you”. Amanda was moaning and Quentin was lying back, fingering this hottest piece of ass he’d ever had the pleasure of meeting. “No Quentin, I’m going to fuck YOU so good. I’m going to fuck you so good, you sexy girl you.” She throws her head back with having her neck exposed.