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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Late Night TV

first-time 2018-01-06

I was confused, however, because we were friends but what I felt was telling my body other things. I felt my own lubrication moving inside me and was afraid of any of my ’excitement’ becoming visible on the light-colored clothing I had selected for the visit. This time, she put her hand on my stomach and moved her fingers slowly, as if to console my belly after some unknown fear. Radiating like lightning from a summer sky, fiery nerves flashed from beneath her hand to my hips, to places I never felt when around her before. She felt my body, the contours, the wetness I had tried to conceal, and she circled her hand without stopping.


first-time xhamaster81 2018-01-06

“You ready for daddy’s hard cock, babygirl?” She nodded her head, but looked a little scared, “will it hurt, daddy?” I leaned down to kiss her again, “it’s going to hurt very much at first … but the more we do it, the better it will feel.” She closed her eyes and grabbed handfuls of the sheets, holding on tight. Micah taking photos and laughing as my cock ripped his ass open, “he’s crying like a baby, daddy.” She got up on her knees, her pussy licked clean, and moved down beside him as I shoved his face down into the bed.

Judge Not 01

first-time JayDavid 2018-01-06

Now, months later, his mother and little brother were out, his father was at his accounting office, Shelby was in his room, her perfect breast was nestled in his palm, and Nathan didn't know what to do. Nathan forced himself to tear away his gaze from the perfection of Shelby's left breast and look at her face, which was flushed, at her pink lips, of course bare of any lipstick or gloss, which was not permitted, and then at those ice blue eyes. He sort of believed that Shelby might not think it was wrong, considering that she had been the one to open her shirt, and didn't stop his hand from reaching in to first touch the smoothness of her bra, and then the warm softness of her breast.

Growing up in a house full of women, part 3

first-time abc12345 2018-01-06

She grabbed my left arm (I was lying on my right side) and pulled it to her, and I felt myself holding her boobs again. Maybe it was thinking about Granny's boobs, or pushing against her butt with my cock. I used my left hand to basically knead her boob like dough, and then I bent over and sucked her huge nipple in my mouth, but not too hard. "I wanted to show you how to be good with a woman in a very sensual way." She continued to hold my very hard cock in her hand, and actually started moving her hand.


first-time hondo1906 2018-01-06

When Richard came to lunch I couldn't help wondering if under his clothes was a big cock like that, I decided not to see those pics again. I searched his desk and found the key I picked the 3 mags on the top and started to read them, On the first I saw a white girl taking 3 guys, Id never seen double penetration and I was amazed, the cocks were so big I couldn't believe it and the girls took the cum in the face. In the first scene a girl took on 5 huge cocks all the guys were black, I was aroused, I took my panties off and left them on the floor lifted my skirt all the way up and started caressing my pussy while I saw the film.

fucking a friend

first-time shahassxs 2018-01-06

my dick was already getting hard in my paints so then i said to my self "fuck it i'm going to do it". i slowed down but went in hard fucking her making her scream more and more. i smacked her ass and then pt my dick back in this time going as deep and as hard as i could. i then moved my hand to her pussy and started to rub her still wet pussy.i slipped two fingers deep in her pussy as she jacked my big dick. my fingers went deep in her and soon hit the g spot making her scream as so came. "that's good cuz i feel alot better to" i said as my dick started to limp.

The Sad Virgin

first-time kenya_tree 2018-01-06

The next time we met in the lift, I put my hand on her shoulder and pulled her to my side. Enjoy the feelings my hand will produce on you." I cupped her small mound and she moaned. My hands caressed her breasts, tugged her nipples, cupped her ass and pussy; they were all over her and kept her hot and wanting more. I moved between her thighs, held her two ass halves in my hands, lifted them up and put my mouth to her nether lips. I covered her pussy lips with my mouth and pushed my tongue in. As my cock softened, I pushed it in her mouth and said, "Lick it baby." She licked me clean and I became limp.

My 1st time with a Japanese women

first-time 312chitown 2018-01-06

We got into bed and I started to work on her breasts. I sucked on them for a few minutes and then started to titty fuck her huge breasts. She then started to slowly go down a little more getting it wet and sucking on her upward motion. I shot so hard and so much she started to choke on cum and ran to the bathroom. I then slipped in one finger into her soaking wet pussy and started to feel for her g spot. In the morning when we both woke up she gave be a quick bj to get me hard as I rubbed her clit to get her nice and wet. When I was finally ready to cum I pulled out a shot a few spurts on her huge breasts.

Our third Date

first-time fulltimeflirt 2018-01-06

When she came back to see the start of the second movie she was ready she said and I said what for she took my hand and I was now stroking a wonderful lightly hair covered pussy she had removed her panties in the ladies room .I made her cum twice with my hands that night and I was still so hot ! I was working her pussy now because now my mouth was licking her and tasting the sweet hot juices she was cumming again for the night was still not over she laid me down and told me it was my turn she sucked the juices from my face then went down and sucked my cock some more .

Sex-Starved Virgin

first-time blooke1234 2018-01-06

She began to play with my cock which I realized was hardening again due to the proposition of eating Paige's ass out. As my balls came to a rest on the bottom of her bottom signifying the fact that my cock was fully buried in her ass I thought to myself, This girl must shoved these rubber cocks now hidden in her dripping pussy and mouth in her ass on many occasions if she can handle my dick with more or less no warmup. After her second orgasm, Paige pulled the rubber cock out her mouth and exclaimed, "It's finally here!" I looked up to see the busty blond in the porno slipping the cock out of her ass as she turned around and swallowed the guy's dick.

A Mother Knows Best 1

first-time 2018-01-06

I masturbated to the vision of Mom sucking my cock deep into her mouth. My head began to spin with thoughts of "Is this really happening?" I'd wanted Mom for so long but it in that moment it seemed so wrong. Her fingers clenched around my cock and stroked it a couple more times, coating the shaft in my pre-cum before she eagerly lowered her head to it. Mom's lips moved even closer and kissed its purple head, sending a wave of pleasure through my body. Mom's head moved back to the sensitive, purple tip and rapidly slid my throbbing manhood back into her mouth. Mom shoved her mouth down on my prick and pulled it back out making popping noises each time her lips left the purplish head.

Me & You

first-time waywardviking69 2018-01-06

Gently I trace circles around them with my fingers slowly diminishing in size until my ministrations are solely focused on your now extremely sensitive nipples. I can feel how moist you're getting, I dip a finger inside the folds of your lips to gather a bit of that wonderful moisture so I can have a little lubricant to focus my attention to your clit. You lay back to allow my mouth to begin exploring your breasts as my fingers continue to dance across your clit. Slowly I insert a finger into your pussy as I increase to speed of my tongue across your clit between my lips.

Adventures of my ex: The Nine Inch Dick, part 3

first-time billeyed 2018-01-06

"Your such a pretty little girl with your sexy little panties and your tight little puuussy...mmm..I can't believe you like to let Uncle Mike play with you like this it feeeels soooo goooood." "I hope your mommy calls and says she is going to be late so I can take good care of your sweet little pussy all afternoon." "God I wish her pussy was as good as yours, Damn Joy you really feel too gooood" "I'm going to have to cum soon, the longer I fuck you the better it feels." He places his hands on her shoulders and begins to pull her back as he thrusts his cock in, picking up the rythm faster and faster crushing the back of her pussy with the wide head of his thick cock.

Memories of an old friend.

first-time 2018-01-06

I ran my tongue in her lips and out, deep in and out and back to sucking her clit, sh came softly and I would not stop, she came again sand this time I head the sounds of a woman. Pulled it back and let the head enter and out, over nad over, she stopped moving her body and just sucked in air, I had seenb this before, she was about to have a big one, I kept iot slow and stroked in and out of her lips, could feel the rim of my thick cock head hitting her rough G spot.

Claire's Little Adventures Ch. 01

first-time AlricSanosake 2018-01-06

Claire got up and slid out of the covers, she beautiful and ample body open to the world of her room. I haven't, I want to find just the right guy" She smiled at Kevin, she liked him. "I wish you the best, I want you to have a guy that will treat you right" He smiled back, he looked after Claire like her brother Rob did. Claire smirked and walked over to him, then got on him her legs on either side of him, looking into his eyes "Kevin..." Kevin took in every detail, her soft dark purple hair, her bright blue eyes, her lush, soft skin, her ample bust, and her pink, wet, entrance.

86% bbw

The Neighbour

first-time mercer78 2018-01-06

After a short time, Rachel came back into the living room, and sat on the sofa behind me, "Here you go" gesturing with a bottle of water she had in her hand. I had no idea how to respond so I just sat there with my face feeling hotter and hotter, she looked at me brows slightly furrowed then her eyes widened suddenly and she said "Oh my god, you fancy me don't you? Rachel stood there looking at me leaning slightly to her right with a cheeky little smile on her face. I continued tonguing for a short while, then I began to alternate between teasing her clit with the thumb and forefinger of my left hand and tonguing it, resting my right hand on Rachel's hip.

Meeting In The Woods

first-time annette14 2018-01-06

I stopped and looked in the bag for my lipstick, Mmm, then I put lots of it on, making my lips very slippery, I love wearing lipstick! I must admit, as I had not done this before and as I was so excited, I could not hold back and told him I was going to cum, so he began wanking me! Meeting this man was about the only time I have done it in the outdoors so to speak, I have met at other transvestites houses and a couple of times with a straight man when his wife was away, that was not too long ago either, but the best has to be when I was so much younger, I woke with an erection and it only took the glimpse of a ladies slip during the day to make me so horny I would often just park up somewhere and masturbate!

Second Girl Ch. 01

first-time cantdog 2018-01-06

I wanted to make her scream out loud, and I went right to work, doing everything I'd said I was going to do, with narration! Some of the stuff Charlie liked really well made Heather pull away a little. Heather liked active things to do, so we planned to climb Chick Hill Tuesday morning together. She took two loads in her mouth and I believe I gave her two, because after my second one I turned about and just got between her legs and licked her until she had me stop. Oh yes, now open, and suck..." I talked and fucked her sweet face, coming a third time onto her tongue and having her kiss me with cum in her mouth.

Sex Parties

first-time RovingHusband 2018-01-06

Doing an unrelated internet search, espying a suggestive link, clicking it, and now here we are. Five days of scheduled parties coming up this week, two each day. Clicking randomly on the party scheduled for next Tuesday. On the screen, photos of Sylvia, Naomi and Svetlana. At the side, links to her porno videos, click these to download. Number of males at each party, average six, not more than eight, half of them will be resting from their exertions at any one time, so you’ll always be able to have one of our girls to yourself, sometimes two. Looking at the list of parties, the contribution for drinks and snacks set out against each one.

Blond, Doe-Eyed, Short Skirted on a Japanese Bus

first-time 2018-01-06

Then she told me how she had done it a few times when she was horny, got onto a bus and stood provocatively in a short skirt, holding onto the rail, to make her skirt rise higher and expose her panties, then then the men would surround her and start feeling, she always had an orgasm, sometimes more, depending on how horny she was, giggling the way Japanese girls do, hand over mouth, very touching and very girlish. This embarrassing realization momentarily brought me back to reality, and I started having doubts, I wanted this to be a voyage of discovery for me, I wanted these men to seduce me into wanting it, not advertise my wet cunt as needing to be fucked, but as I said momentarily, as it was now a mute point, some hands had already wasted no time in venturing under my short hem and were already caressing my buttocks.

That Special Someone

first-time adam applebiter 2018-01-06

A week before 'the night', I popped round to Emma's for some tips on blowjobs, figuring Danny would like one (and I might feel sore enough to not want a second go). The shock wasn't the detail of these explicit images, but the sexual arousal that was so apparent and the sexual acts that were depicted: A three foot long tongue probing an anus a foot across; A close-up so enlarged only the lower half of the girl's vagina showed on a five foot square canvas with the point of focus being a huge, pearly drop of female secretion that, at this magnification was the size of a soccer ball; An image of semen dribbling from a squatting woman's vagina into the glisteningly moist looking mouth of another woman; Several images of the two women being penetrated by an enormously over-sized penis; The most explicitly pornographic image was of one of the women being fisted both vaginally and anally by (I assume) the other woman while she was wearing shiny steel handcuffs.

Dance of the Gypsy

first-time sticky_cherry_syrup 2018-01-06

Felicity Prescott sat at the end of the very long banquet table at her own engagement celebration, not at all welcoming the salutations that had been sent her way throughout the evening. Indeed if he'd had his way, Felicity would have been married off to Don Felipe the moment they had stepped off the boat at Santander. The way the woman's body moved with the music…it made something stir in Felicity that was both delicious and sickening. She watched as the dancer got up on her hands and knees and crawled like a cat to where Don Felipe sat in a chair. Felicity strained her eyes to see but the fabric of the woman's skirt was in the way.

Bringing In The New Year

first-time offaxis101 2018-01-05

Her breathing increased as she began to fuck herself closer to orgasm, I watched as her thumb began to rub fast across her clit while her fingers continued to slide in and out of her wet pussy with increasing speed, her moans were beginning to turn into screams of pleasure as her other hand grabbed tightly onto her tits. Leslie slowly rubbed her breasts before letting her hands trail down her toned body, as they reached her mini skirt she turned and slowly slid the skirt over her arse and down her legs as she bent forward, revealing her tight wet pussy and her little rosebud that looked so tight, I couldn't wait to get my cock inside her.

The morning sun

first-time mikenmikena 2018-01-05

My hand sliding down your side and over your hips before coming to a rest on your silky thighs, my fingers stroking your labia as your legs open further like the flowers to the sun. The feel of my mouth kissing the sides of your breasts as my fingers begin to slide deeper into your ever moistening crevice, makes your back arch slightly. Slowly I push my fingers deeper inside you, and you spread your legs further before you grab your breast with one hand and reach for my hard penis with your other. As my mouth flows over your genitals, my tongue drilling your pussy as my lips suck your pussy, teasing you until you grab my head pushing it against your crotch, your legs spread wide allowing my tongue to now lick firmly your clitoris.