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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Mommy and Daddy Really Love Me

first-time luke6112 2018-01-05

"I'm sorry I don't have tits, Baby, so I'm not wearing a bra to match yours and Mommy's, but ..." Daddy turns his back to us and slowly pushes down his slacks. Daddy kisses me and starts rubbing my tit again and Mommy's finger lightly traces the edges of the opening in the front of my new panties. "Jim, I think you should finger fuck our little girl for a few minutes now." As Daddy pushes his finger into my pussy, Mommy leans down and takes my nipple in her mouth. "Oh, yes, Daddy, yes!" I think I'm having another climax and Mommy is pushing her tongue harder and it feels like she's actually got her tongue inside my pussy and it feels sooo gooood!

Student spanked -2

first-time petdyke 2018-01-05

With one hand I take the keys, while the other lifts her chin and I kiss lightly Lisas lips. I take my time for a close look at her hairy hot cute cunny and inhale the sweet smell of sex emanating from her wet love lips. It sends her soon over the edge and Lisa comes hard all over my face. Her face red from excitement and embarrassement for losing control of her feelings, Lisa gets the tool and bends over once more. "No Sir, I never got such a sexy treatment yet." I inform her that she will get more and as she will progress I will get my camera soon, so she can see herself and how sexy it looks.

My 19th Birthday Present

first-time BlueStarGrrrl 2018-01-05

On the screen the young woman, older than me, I guess, by a year or two, early twenties maybe, goes back into the room marked staff only, with some shop assistant guy who looks like an ape, though a sexy one. You reach up your hand, all slow, and touch my chin, lift up my gaze, and you tell me I'm beautiful and to watch out for shop assistant guys who look like apes, because they're only after one thing, and I am way too precious for that. And this isn't going to take long, but that's cool, because, hell, you, this'll happen again, soon, when you drive me home, and put your hand on my thigh, rub at me, already so fucking wet from you, with you.

Does She Dare?

first-time flamekitten 2018-01-05

She'd heard a fur clad woman drag her partner along, "come, dear, let's not miss the Monet." Lucy would wait patiently for these distractions to leave the room, and then she would look, listen and feel, for long, drunk spells of time. I mean, there are so many things that you can tell about a person by the way they move, the way they dress, how they act and react, but for every tiny glimpse you get into a person's being…it's like there are a thousand new questions for every answer." He noticed Lucy's hands as he spoke, her long tapered fingers and neat, unpolished nails, no jewelry. By this time it was a little easier to track down Lucy's cool blue-gray eyes.

The Roofer!!

first-time shooter455 2018-01-05

I thought that would be it and he would be making a quick exit but he just carried on, He cleaned himself up and came back into the room and just started to play with my cock and suck on it, then got to fingering my arse, before i knew where we were going i was on my back and he had my legs in the air and was just using spite on his cock, next thing I'm getting him shoving his cock against my hole and really going for it, you could just tell he hadn't fucked a guy before, talk about rough, I had to stop him and get on some poppers to get it in there!!!

Busting my cherry (gay oral/anal)

first-time Peros69 2018-01-05

On each upstroke, I flicked the sensitive area on the underside of his glans with my tongue, which drew more moans from Ben. I went quite slowly, wanting, now I actually had a cock in my mouth, to make the experience last. Ben clearly wanted to cum now, as he put one hand on the back of my head and started humping my mouth rhythmically with his hips, pushing my head down in time with his thrusts so the head of his cock went right to the back of my throat and made me gag. I let go of him and, putting my arms either side of his legs, pushed down in time with his thrusts and let my friend fuck my mouth hard for the last few seconds until my mouth began to fill with hot jizz.

Monoped Muse Ch. 02

first-time PaulX35 2018-01-05

While Ellen turned to her cooking, by the kitchen block in the corner the room, he got up and had a look at her bookcase. Jason loved Ellen’s sharp and confident perception, her almost confronting curiosity, her perfect sensing of how he thought and felt about things. - “I saw a lot of erotica work, and some of it didn’t look like stuff you bought somewhere.” Jason had seen Ellen read his thoughts before, tonight. - “Yes, it’s unusual,” Jason admitted, “as unusual as something I like, and haven’t told you yet.” The palm of his hand moved up over the now bare skin of her one leg, Jason looking up at her.

Sexting at it's best

first-time 2018-01-05

Desiree : Now u have to lay there and watch me rub my titties and my clit......then i come up on the bed and straddle u...i let ur hard dick brush up against my pussy... Desiree : I kiss ur lips..ur neck and ur ear while ur dick pulses and continues to brush across my pussy starts to get sooo i go down to lick my juices 1:08 AM Desiree : U suck each of my nipples so they get rock hard...and u run ur hands all over my body...then u spread my legs and shove ur dick deep inside...

Losing Cherry to Co-worker

first-time smiles1277 2018-01-05

She walked by Brian's office making sure he noticed she was still there and he got a good view of her slim body in the tight, short skirt she was wearing. After a few minutes of Brian's attention on her breasts, Angela pushed Brian away and got down on her knees in front of him and pulled his pants and boxers off. "Are you sure you want to lose your virginity to me?" Brian asked giving Angela a chance to back out. Angela felt a sharp pain rip through her body as Brian broke her hymen. Before long Brian had Angela cumming in another tremendous orgasm. He started pounding hard into Angela and before long he was cumming deep inside her.

i****t is Hot

first-time Itheswag 2018-01-05

"I guess so..." Veronica said, struggling to finally pull her eyes away from my pants. I mean, my little b*****r is apparently fucking girls left and right with his alleged big dick, and I've just been sitting at home every night, doing nothing." Now show me what you got in there." Veronica said sternly, pointing to the iron rod looking outline of my massive cock. I looked at Veronica to see her breathing heavily, with a hand down her yoga pants and a big wet spot right where her pussy was. She finally noticed that I was carrying her with just my cock, and yelled out, "JESUS CHRIST ERIC, YOURE SUCK A FUCKING STUD.

Take My Breath Away

first-time AfroerotiK 2018-01-05

The sensations I felt were new, exciting and her eyes never left mine and she began to apply the slightest pressure to my throat. Every time she would squeeze my neck just a bit harder I felt the bl**d rush to my head, it pulsed and throbbed but it wasn’t just in my head. The sensations in the back of my eyes, in my clit, were like nothing I’d ever felt before. My body was thrashing around on the sofa and I was grabbing her hand with my own, trying to get her to squeeze harder, longer; I wanted her grip tighter. My life was in her hands, literally, and I felt so close, so exposed, so aroused.

Wonderful night to remember

first-time urpussysucker 2018-01-05

I couldn't walk away as if I saw nothing at all, so I asked how her night was going. I walked up to her and she grabbed my cock. She could feel it start to harden and asked me take my clothes off. She unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock which was rock hard. She wrapped her lips around my cock and started giving me the best blow job I have ever had. I was about to climax when she stopped and looked at me and told me to cum in her mouth. After, she begged me to put my cock inside of her. We had wonderful sex for about two hours and both came to a wonderful climax together.

When caught

first-time cuteb0y25 2018-01-05

During that time good friendships had formed between me and Gary as well as my wife Nancy and Debby. "Cliff, Debby...I'm not sure how to say this but Gary and I have had a whole night to think about things. I know how great Nancy can be in bed and if she gave you her best effort like she used to do for me years ago, then I can see you always wanting to have it again." Would Nancy and Gary keep their word and not act like jealous lovers when Debby and I were together? Gary was very affectionate with Debby and Nancy sat on my lap the entire time we talked.

Jenny and Tess

first-time ggt 2018-01-05

Jen: "thats your fault for putting it your mouth, I had two guys, one I sucked off and now he cums super fast and one I didn't and he lasts like 4 minutes" at this point I was thinking WTF how do these girls find such pussies. Me: "you sucking him off really has little to do with it, you should get a good hard 20 minutes of hard dick to ride on even if you tease him before hand" I kind of suspected the girls had been pulling my leg about how bad their guys were but they seemed startled about the 20 minutes like it was something super human.


first-time geronimo_appleby 2018-01-05

The vision of Angela's blonde head bobbing up and down on my cock, her firm, big tits jiggling coupled with the feelings her mouth and hands caused within my aching cock made the cum boil in my shaft. Her murmured instructions at how hard, soft, fast or slow to probe at her body with my tongue coupled with my desire to please her meant that I was able to have this paragon of womanhood quivering and gasping in rapture on my face. If I could make the experienced, mature Angela come with my tongue and cock then I felt that no woman was beyond me.

New neighbors IV

first-time Ilikestroking 2018-01-05

When I jumped Bill caught me and asked where Dan was, I said he went to lay down. My mom opened the gate and said to come home for lunch, I asked if I could stay a little bit longer, she said no and hurry up. After a few hours I heard Dan splashing in the pool and asked if I could go back, mom said not to night I had school tomorrow. Bill said to push my head a little farther and lick the bottom side of Dan's dick. After a few minutes Bill said to let go of Dan's dick and relax my body. Bill said to relax, the hard part is over and put my mouth around Dan's dick again.

A Whore is Born

first-time hondo1906 2018-01-05

I grabbed her head and pushed it down on my cock stuffing her Japanese face while she reached out with her two free hands began to stroke Marco and Justices' waiting cocks. While Marco pistons his fingers in and out of her wet pussy I started to spank her bare ass with my hands as she sucked and jerked the giant cock in her face. Suck that cock real good for me." Akiko lowered her head and engulfed his dick and he let out a loud sigh of relief to finally feel her hot mouth taking him inside. "This is hat you wanted right, you like feeling that thick black dick don't you?" She couldn't answer me because Tom had both hands securely wrapped around head forcing her mouth further and further down on him.

Consuela & Jed

first-time austin_morris 2018-01-05

Besides, with his rugged good looks and broad shoulders, Jed knew plenty of girls were giving him a second glance as he passed them walking around campus, or leaving a lecture theatre. That was how it happened for other guys he knew, but not for Jed. But it was only as he began to notice this attention he was getting that he realised how shy he was around the opposite sex and, inevitably, the more he worried about it, the worse the nervousness became. Jed hadn't noticed earlier, but at some point on the drive back, Danni had allowed the top couple of buttons to come open, exposing the gully between her porcelain breasts. "Jed, I want to be your first" Consuela murmured, standing still and letting her virgin man take in the sight of her.

Taking Centre Stage

first-time Miss Minky 2018-01-05

And while Lexie had thought she would feel uncomfortable in the cold, dark rehearsal rooms alone with Greg, she did not. She felt more confident and when she looked at the odious leading man in normal rehearsals, she imagined it was Greg looking back at her. Finally, the day came when she knew she and Greg would have to rehearse the climactic kiss between the two lovers. Lexie sat on a chair centre stage, nervously looking down into her lap, just waiting for Greg to return from the coffee machine. Lexie was startled, she knew actors did not usually kiss with tongues, but she didn't let her shock stop her reciprocating.

One of Two Ch. 02

first-time strickland83 2018-01-05

Fortunately, Carly didn't get to see the look on Nancy's face. The only thing I didn't like about Nancy was how she was apparently trying to get me away from Carly. "It looks like we have time to take care of that problem you had earlier," she told me right before she pulled me to her and kissed me. I looked deeply into Carly's eyes, aware of the feeling of her delicate body pressed against mine. I enjoyed the view of her as much as the feel of her tongue delicately swiping across the head of my dick. I was handing Carly her panties when she said, "The fall dance is coming up in a few weeks.


first-time 2018-01-05

Devin told me he was a real clubber and liked to club as much as time would allow. Devin pulled away and asked me to lay on my back with my head hanging off the edge of the bed. After a few minutes I tasted the salty taste of pre-cum - Devin pulled away and began to stroke his cock. I reached above my head grabbed his ass and pulled his cock into my mouth sucking eagerly. Devin bent over and kissed me hard for several minutes, both of our tongues tasting cum. I loved looking at his big brown eyes and feminine face as he sucked my cock. I loved being able to grab his cock through out the night and greatly enjoyed sucking his morning wood when we awoke.


first-time Decadent Switch 2018-01-05

The wind has been howling for hours now, but the rain still took them by surprise when it finally came. Cold food and bottles of wine sat nearby, strategically positioned so everything was within reach while they lounged on the towels. and they had turned their backs on each other and were peeling cloth away from wet limbs. Wet skin, reluctant to part with the denim was gradually forced into the light of the fire and the candles and suddenly, two pairs of jeans were being thrown aside, leaving them in just their underwear. So he rose slightly, peeled them off in one quick moment, grabbed a towel and set about drying himself off quickly before she had received more than the briefest of glimpses.

Yuka's Confession

first-time gorgeousmika 2018-01-05

Yuka tried to shake off the feeling of arousal that was building inside her as she sat in her English class, waiting for the teacher to arrive. "You look very…" Yuka couldn't come up with the word in English, but it echoed in her head in Japanese. Yuka's short-lived comfort in Japanese disappeared as soon as he started speaking English again. The door began to open with entering students and immediately Yuka saw the transformation her teacher underwent when class was about to start. As they walked, Yuka took Kazuo's hand into hers for some much needed courage, to which he glanced at her with a smile. Yuka felt her breath catch when he began stroking his cock in one hand and playing between her legs simultaneously.

BMOC: The Innocent Ch. 02

first-time TripleL 2018-01-05

"It's going to take some work to get his big thing in you." Kelly started bobbing her head faster, beginning to lose herself in sensation, as Alyssa kept talking. Kelly took a deep breath, and screamed out one word, one I wouldn't have expected from her: "FUCK!" Alyssa seemed shocked as well, but didn't stop working the younger girl over with her skilled hands. Kelly managed to get me a bit deeper this time, and she started bobbing her head, mimicking what she'd seen Alyssa doing earlier. Kelly used her fingers to scoop the cum off her face—and right into her mouth, I noted approvingly—and watched attentively as Alyssa's almost worshipful display kept me stiff and ready for round three.