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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Looking for mature love

first-time Swedish_Boy 2018-01-05

Infact i hadnt had sex with a woman at all. I put up my beach-chair and inflated a lovedoll , put it under my arm, and walked naked down the beach. Staring at me as i walked with the lovedoll under my arm. - Hi, my name is Anders i am 30y old and i am a virgin. - I am looking for woman that can take my virginity , are you the one? She looked at my doll placed under my arm. And that doenst count as losing my virginity i said. - Well i put you on my list of women i wanna loose my virginity to, i said and walked away. - Bye Anders , Angelica answered

Fun Times Ch. 00: Prologue Pt. 04

first-time Hogwash 2018-01-05

Carrie watched Kim laugh with delight as George led her on the dance floor, spinning her out and back into his arms, her beautiful black gown occasionally flaring up to truly scandalous heights. "We are going to Tommy's love shack," Kim said, taking lipstick out of her purse and turning to look in the mirror again. Carrie gave her an insolent look and glided on back to Tommy, George and Kim, all of whom were watching her with open mouths. Tommy whistled in appreciation and George gave him a high five over Carrie's head before tumbling into the rear seat after Kim. Tommy offered Carrie his arm but Kim extricated herself from George's excited embrace and took Carrie's hand to hold her back for a moment.

My f****y

first-time 2018-01-05

That night in bed as they sucked her tits and played with her pussy, her mom then spread her legs very wide and began to finger her clit which felt so good. As dad pushed into her tight hole, mom sucked her tits very hard. Her tiny hole was so small for the big cock, but he pushed in inch by inch and the daughter felt the unpleasant stretching of her cunt. Dad loved lots of sex and it would be good to have two women to fuck when ever his cock needed a pussy. She had her taste the flavor of the mom as she would be getting more of this as she soon would suck the moms cunt as the dad fucked her hole at the same time.

Curious No More

first-time jalyman67 2018-01-05

While he continued kissing and sucking the skin around her pussy lips, his hands found her beautiful ass and cupped each cheek in anticipation of the assault his mouth was about to give her cunt. He stopped his assault on her womanhood and kissed his way up her belly, taking another turn at her nipples, then up her neck to find her waiting mouth, and as her appreciative tongue worked around his, he ran the head of his hard dick along her slit to coat it with her tasty pussy juice and let the head rest at the opening of her pussy hole.

Acting out Fantasies Ch. 02

first-time revolution1776 2018-01-05

While in the lesbian isle of the erotic magazine section of the bookstore Shar finds a wallet dropped on the floor, she picks it up and sees the ID says the owner is 20 and is named Linda. A few seconds later I hear Shar say "You must be Linda, we have your wallet in the bedroom come follow me." As Linda followed Jill to the bedroom she can see my fully erect cock through the glass top table and was clearly shocked that I was naked in front of complete stranger. Linda was still speechless in amazement, and said "It was Amazing!" Shar told Linda that she found her wallet in the lesbian isle in the erotic magazines section at the bookstore.

Making Love: The First Time

first-time wildspirit 2018-01-05

His hands had moved to her hips and he was caressing them over her thin skirt, tugging and teasing the sides of her panties. He responded by putting his hands in her blouse caressing her back and then lifting her open bra slightly and softly massaging her breasts, her reaction bordered on being violent she shrieked with pleasure and he responded by a deep kiss and flick on the nipples. Lifting her skirt with one hand he started to caress her vagina over her panties- this nearly pushed her over the edge and all she could do was to scream his name over and over again. He kissed her mouth gently softly sucking on her lips and moved southwards down her neck to her breasts.

Diary Entry for Finns Cave

first-time tmaclean 2018-01-05

I got Sub to sit up.......twisted the pegs.......she groaned, so I slapped her (not hard.......she was obedient).......I kissed her passionately, I was falling for my Sub.......she took my cock and sucked......and to my amazement and definitely pleasure......she fingered herself......she knows how to please. I had to cum........but where......I pussy fucked her, ass fucked her, mouth fucked her, wanked over her........but how would she (not) want it.......I took off her blindfold.....her gaze never left mine as she remained on her knees while I wanked over her face.......I came, loads.....all over that pretty face and saw it drip onto her heaving breasts.......she sucked the last bit of cum out of my twitching cock then made good work of not wasting any that landed on her body, lapping every last bit of cum bitch.

My very first time

first-time BoiFromOregon 2018-01-05

I even got to see his perfect dick - 6 inches flaccid, circumsized with a perfect trimmed bush above it. But the truth was I was so horny just by looking at him I had a boner and didn't want him to find out I was gay. James sucked the head and swirled his tongue around it while playing with my balls and massaged my ass crack at the same time. I was still laying on my back so I moved my feet up flat on the bed, by my ass, and stared him straight in the eyes. I stuck two of my fingers into his mouth and made him suck them, before sticking them deep in his smooth, hairless ass.

Familiarity with the student via the Internet

first-time 2018-01-05

Soon her panties were wet, I pulled them, put her cancer and began a tongue on her pussy. After several moves, I offer up a hand to her mouth and she greedily licked them. She slowly began to suck, not forgetting to play with eggs. Soon the pace began to speed up, I realized that for a long time so I can not stand it. Vick every such movement cried, and I began to slap her on the ass on top. I began to lick her pussy and finger play with the anus. When I began to introduce a finger into the anus, it is tuned to the my movements and she started to sit down on it.

Melting the Ice

first-time JayDavid 2018-01-05

"Yes," I said, "And I like what I see, and I really wish you would let me touch you there." Over the years, I had stopped trying to play games with Tess, and we generally said what we wanted to each other. I'm not sure Tess really thought about what she said next, but she sat up and spat back at me, "If you aren't getting what you need from me, then maybe we aren't the good couple you think." I thought of how much I wanted to do to and with Tess what I had done to and with Lara, and I knew how much she would like it, if she only would loosen up and let me.

A First Time for Everything

first-time crazygirl18 2018-01-05

I take the back of his head in my hands, turning his face upward towards mine so that our lips can meet. I kiss him with one hand tenderly resting on his face, while the other reaches up to find what I had stored under the pillow earlier. I take the final item of my perfect fantasy out of the draw, the breathable gag ball with the fine leather strap sliding nicely through my hands. I kiss my way down his chest, circling back up to lightly bite at his nipples. As I rub my hand lightly over his member, his fists tighten in the cuffs, and he breathes hard around the gag, wanting to touch me too and getting frustrated at his inability to do so.

The Next Shot

first-time Watcher55 2018-01-05

My orgasms started to roll together and I knew I was going to have a huge one very soon Bob could tell as well and stepped up his game and took his hand off my breast and started to play with my ever so tight bottom I mean my mussels were so contracted right now I could have made a diamond with the pressure I was exerting. When I had him nice and clean I got up and sat down next to him, he turned his head and asked if I was going to sl**p with him in his bed tonight but I told him I didn’t know when my husband would be home and for him to walk in and not find me in our bed bit that of our friend would not be so good for either of us.

A Sex Vignette

first-time 2018-01-05

He hadn’t realized how flexible until now as he approached her inviting pussy - with her ass up, her back in a deep concave arch, and her legs spread much further apart than he anticipated. He waited there for a second, close, feeling the moist heat radiating off her vagina, then he grabbed the middle of his cock with his right hand and pulled the skin tight towards his body. This moved her left ass cheek up slightly, showing her pussy even more inviting and unobstructed, opening slightly, as if beckoning for his cock. He was still softly pulling her ass cheeks apart and holding steady with his cock only head-deep inside her pussy.

Slumber Party Experiment

first-time Johnny_Lee_Miller 2018-01-05

After the service I picked up a handful of dirt and tossed it in, then as the crowd began to thin I pulled a photo from my pocket and tossed it in. As the sl**p left my mind I felt a gentle sway of the bed back and forth I turned and saw Jason slowly moving under the covers. I wrap my hand around his girthy member and begin to stroke in time with his. One day I got a call from my mother, she had been reading in the local paper about a boy who hung himself in jail after he killed a woman in a d***ken hit-and-run when she said the name Jason Brewster my heart sunk.


first-time mysreader 2018-01-05

Running my hands up her leg with a firm touch, knowing I'm going to be safe draws me back to her full lips with a kiss that is not tender, simply wanton. Thrusting now into her hand as her right leg slides over mine and she moves into me, head on my chest knowing concentration is key and her initiation needs focus. Moving quickly now because the night is young I reach my peak and raise slightly as her hand comes back into control and continues it's quest. Knowing what I want, I pull off her mouth and ask "would you suck me?" and start kissing her neck not wanting to make eye contact in fear of rejection.

Young Love

first-time ainu2 2018-01-05

"How long can you stay big and hard like that?" she asks as she holds his cock and moves her hand back and forth. And I've never really got a look at this big cock of yours." She slides her hand on his erection as she washes. "I've watched girls on the internet do this and I've waited a long time to try it myself." She gets her lips around the head and licks and sucks and slowly takes more and more into her mouth. "Just start licking and kissing and tasting me because it's your turn, now." She slowly moves ahead slightly to get a breast, hanging loose, to his mouth.

Keep an Eye Out

first-time shotguner 2018-01-05

Someone spills a drink and Mandy yells at Jade to get the mop to clean it up walking to the storage room Jade hears Debbie moaning yyeessss omg yes do it pound me yyyeeessss and the office door is open a little looking in she sees Debbie naked on her hands and knees Kat has her 11" strap-on ripping in and out of Debbie's cunt hard and fast. Like an obedient c***d Jade does it stepping back and strips down once naked Kat comes to her and there in the door way finger fucks her to two powerful orgasms taking her to the bed she fucks her making Jade scream out orgasm after orgasm Kat asking if her hubby fucked her this good Jade says no one ever made her so wet cum so intensely in her life.

Man Maker

first-time Bernard_Marx 2018-01-04

"Are you Anthony?" Long, honey-colored hair framed her heart-shaped face with its bright blue eyes; a red-lace bra held her plump, melon-sized breasts, and a matching pair of boy-shorts was stretched around her round hips and thick thighs. "Your father told me you like big breasts." Anthony instinctively started kneading Candace's breasts through her bra; he started to pant while she purred. "Alright." Candace stood up off of the bed and quickly pulled off her shorts, then started to take off Anthony's pants for him as he struggled with his shirt. Candace started to moan like a ghost, her face turning a bright red as she clawed the edged of the mattress, enraptured by pleasure.

What a f****y to Live in #3

first-time HankWilliams1956 2018-01-04

Within a few strokes of my dick going in and out of Sandy’s pussy after I got to fucking her as fast as I can, she started cumming with her usual cum flowing out around my cock, and her pussy muscles squeezing down around my dick, which by this time I was about to cum myself, added to the fact that mom and dad was having sex in their bedroom, and I could hear mom moaning real loud like Sandy loves to do when she cums, and I could just make out the bed banging on the wall as dad was pounding his dick in and out of mom’s pussy, and I could just make out his grunting as he fuck mom too.

My Brother's Keeper Ch. 02

first-time AbsyntheLo 2018-01-04

I guess I'd closed the door a little too hard because by the time I was crouching down to sit her in the livingroom armchair, he was coming from his room, the backs of his hands rubbing at his eyes. It made my face red to think that I even thought about things like that, and for a minute I thought that I was sick in the head, ya know, wanting my sister's friend. Quick as I could without making a sound, I sat up in bed, my eyes hard fixed on the closed door of my room. "I just wanted to thank you, ya know?" She started to crawl onto my bed then, on her hands and knees as she made her way beside me to lie down.

First Time on a Bus

first-time kbking70 2018-01-04

I did know though that there was one particularly good looking young Asian standing directly in front of me – close to 6' maybe 155 (hard to tell for sure with his bulky winter coat), coffee coloured skin tone and one of those angular faces that Asians are blessed with and a small button nose. He looked down at me, smiled and winked then whispered just loud enough for me to hear, “thanks, I hope to see you again soon.” I didn’t get the chance to tell him I was off the next two days so wouldn’t be on the bus the next morning.

Training the Nanny

first-time LadyShianne 2018-01-04

It wasn't long before I was asked to watch Mr. Antonio's young son, Ben. Soon, it seemed, we were part of the family. After shifting gears, he casually placed his hand on my bare leg, slowly rubbing his fingers across my skin. His hand gently, but firmly, pulled my knees farther apart, then continued sliding to the top of my inner thigh, touching the edge of my panties. "That's my good girl." His fingers rubbed my clit through my panties. His other hand continued its movements against my puss, fingers sliding under the edge of my panties. "You're so wet, baby girl." One finger slid slightly inside me. His hand grasped me by the back of my neck again, pushing his cock deeper into my mouth.

Incident at Vasquez Rocks

first-time LeCoach 2018-01-04

I remember watching a western with my dad one time and we saw a big "Shoot em up" chase scene that went from Vasquez rocks right into what looked like Convict Lake near Mammoth! They said there was no nudity involved and the job didn't pay much but it "Would be good experience for the right model." I told them I would pass it along to Mrs. Bigley and she would deal with it. I laid down on the bed and, with only a little prompting, opened my leg, knowing good and well that my pussy hair was going to show right through the fabric.

My First Time

first-time cbreez 2018-01-04

Continued: He's lips were soft and tasted like cream soda and now&laters, he began to take off his pants unleashing this bronze sword my mouth watering and booty twitching i had no control and uncertain if i wanted any, He asked had i ever sucked dick i said no he told me" its like licking ice cream, do it slow no teeth" so i did, STOP ! " Did i do something wrong?" "No i dont want to cum yet. Baby i want to b inside you, I naively thought HOW!