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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Never Been Touched

first-time Fionavar 2018-01-04

They walked along the canal path, the sun dappled through the trees, the light breeze cooled the air, it was still warm, he sat her down on the bank and they kissed, deeply, he asked her if he could brush her hair, he loved the smell of her hair, she gave him her brush and he sat behind her, he brushed her hair the slight pain where he caught knots, heightened the sensation of his closeness he brushed her hair back over her shoulder and leaned down to kiss her neck, his hand came around to cup her breast, she moaned softly he lifted her t-shit off and un-clipped her bra, then took it off, she did not protest, she wanted him, he pulled her back and looked at her large breasts pert nipples standing to attention, she could feel his cock hard against her back, she was so innocent yet so ready to be a woman.

The Dead Boat

first-time Silentbob 2018-01-04

When it felt that it wasn't going to grow any longer, she slid it out of her mouth and started licking up and down his shaft, looking at him the whole time. She got his cock nice and wet and went back to the head, taking it into her mouth, and started her voyage downward. The blowjob started getting her extremely wet to begin with, and after he slid a finger inside of her and kept his mouth sucking on her clit, she just went off like a rocket, grabbing a pillow and putting it over her face to keep her screams from going above deck.

Mrs B Ch. 01

first-time BushRider 2018-01-04

I was an only child and spent a lot of time at their house, I suppose looking for the company of the brothers and sisters I never had, and I became quite close to all the family, Alice often using my metaphorical shoulder to cry on to let off steam about her absent husband. The feel of her fingers caressing my chest was getting me more turned on than ever, making my now totally rigid prick very uncomfortable in my jeans, a fact that Alice seemed to recognise, as she moved her hand down to undo the top button, and then slowly slid the zip down.

Happy Birthday

first-time fotisampini 2018-01-04

She opened her eyes and looked into my face but said nothing and, in that moment, I knew she would never let anyone else know about our intimacy and I knew that she wouldn't fight me anymore. I could only imagine what it would feel like to have her mouth on my cock, but I moved away; with everything else that was happening tonight, I wouldn't f***e her to suck me . I covered her mouth with one hand and at the same time I took one hard, deep push and thrust all the way into her no longer virgin pussy. We lay there motionless, my cock still buried inside her, my head on her breast, my cum just starting to drip from her lovingly abused pussy.

Just for you.

first-time ishouldnotbehere 2018-01-04

His rough hands, gentle touch , the way he moaned, how he looked at her , the smell of his skin so close to hers was all so new and perfect and she came over again each time harder than before. Between the deep pulses of her throbbing clit and her g spot being beaten by the best cock she ever had she started to cum ,his groans got louder and he fucked her even harder , shooting his load deep inside her pussy making her orgasm feel even more incredible like she had never felt in her life .

My Friend Katy

first-time zimabean 2018-01-04

We were both very excited and finally the time came and off we went with Katy's mom, Molly and her friend, Tina. Katy had told me about how her mom screws around often so I was not surprised when the first night of the trip Molly and Tina brought a couple of guys back to the hotel room and fucked them. I was so close to orgasim that on his fifth thrust I came hard and he must have sensed this as he pushed as deep as he could and I felt his cock swell and then pulsate and I could feel his cum pump deep into me. The rest of the trip, we would wait for Molly and Tina to fall asl**p, and then Katy and I would go get their men and get some cock of our own.

My Wife Gets Trained

first-time 2018-01-04

The feeling of repeatedly being empty and filled pulled Elaine's mind from Will's fingers in her ass, from Joe's cock in her mouth, from everything but the pleasure pulsing from her cunt. I gasped, but Joe replied "What about all that stuff about not being on the pill and not getting pregnant?" Again my wife hesitated to answer, and again all it took was a faltering of the rhythm, breaking her orgasmic train, to get her to shout out her response "I don't think I'm fertile right now, but even if I was, I HAVE to feel your big cock blowing off. I've been balls deep in your ass, now I want your mouth and your cunt." Without waiting for a response, he wrapped his hand into my wife's hair and began dragging her towards the bed.

Couldn't Wait

first-time comet67 2018-01-04

I went further down and kissed your stomach while stroking the rest of your body gently with my hands going over your arms, legs and thighs. You go fucking crazy with pleasure and try not to make noise, after a few minutes I come up and slide my hard cock inside you. You throw your head back and push your arse back so your pussy feels the full penetration of my hard cock. I pound you hard and fast telling you how good your pussy feels on my cock. We continue fucking and soon enough you're going to cum and just as you do you let out a loud moan and at the same time I explode my spunk into your deep hole.


first-time storybaby 2018-01-04

One morning at breakfast her mother had a guy there and both mom and Polly had on the silk robes when the man asked if he could see the mother and daughter side by side as they were both so sexy. The man was thrilled to fuck a virgin and he pushed Polly to her back and began to kiss her and tongue her mouth and then suck her tits as he fingered her cunt. The film started with Polly naked making out with the young guy and he was sucking her tits and eating her pussy and just when he put his cock in her the mom walked in to catch them.

Max and Wendy

first-time storytyme 2018-01-04

Wendy finds it romantic that Max allows her to hold his hand and doesn't complain or try to pull away. Taking Max by the hand, she starts walking further into the house and says, "Let's go sit on the couch and watch some TV." Max waits until his sister is gone then gives Wendy a big, passionate kiss that lasts for seconds. Max walks her to the front door, giving her a long kiss and grabs her butt cheeks just before she leaves. She places her hands along his jaw line and gives him a long, passionate kiss then tells him she has to get home.

first time with both

first-time Lauren_lee 2018-01-04

We started kissing and she sucked our dicks, first mine, then his, and then both. She started fucking fast and I could no longer lick his salty balls. "Do you like two sexy girls, honey?" she asked. She pushed my head off and started reverse cow girling him, and motioned to me to stand in front of her. She grabbed my dainty little skirt and pulled my seven inch cock from under the fabric and started going to town on two cocks. I then went down and licked her clot; after intense moaning, sweating, and screaming she climaxed. After getting off she sucked his dick until all the white was no more, all the while licked her asshole.

Andrea & Jack Ch. 02

first-time BigJackHorner 2018-01-04

As you taste me on your lips, your hands begin rubbing the rest into your skin, cupping your breasts and gently caressing them, then pinching your nipples, which are still stiff and sensitive. My hand drifts down between your legs and I press my palm against you, covering up your labia as my lips softly kiss your hips, your thighs and move closer to your crotch. You groan as my tongue leaves your pussy but you moan louder then ever when my lips slip over your clit. I cannot help but moan back which has the effect of making my mouth and lips vibrate with your clit trapped inside.


first-time sandros399 2018-01-04

I told him to lay on the bed - and went to wanking him telling him he had a nice cock and balls ! I got on all fours and felt his thumb on my right asscheek - and then his big flat wet tougue rimming me - round and round and up and down- i wanked my cock as he did it. I was his 1st - showed the boi the ropes - shaved his arse and balls - spunked him orally and anally after that and got him in panties and stockings too. The gayboi wanted my spunk in his mouth so he said !

A Drive in the Woods

first-time LitRiter 2018-01-04

As Lyle moaned and groaned, Linda ran her hand up and down the shaft, holding tightly, but stroking slowly. Help me off now, please, Baby?” Lyle moved a little as if to help, but he bumped her legs and applied just a little more pressure to her hips than before, and Linda wailed like a cat in heat as she slid down the entire length of his cock, coming to rest when he was fully inside. But when Lyle felt her pussy begin to grab and suck at his dick, and an unmistakable feeling of wetness began where their bodies met, a wetness that poured from between them and pooled between his legs on the seat, Lyle knew this was as it should be.

Showing Him The Ropes

first-time menensia 2018-01-04

"Just remember to kiss slowly and deeply as you work your way down." I suck on his earlobe gently before continuing; "And don't be afraid to be a little naughty," I finish, nipping his neck as he moans quietly. After the bite he couldn't contain himself anymore and pushed me back on to the couch, thrusting and kissing my neck (with more gusto this time). "And you're going to ruin me," I reply, starting out slowly so that I could feel every inch of him as he pushed inside me. I slow us down so I can look him in the eye as I say "I want to feel you come inside me," and he wastes no time.

God I Love My Alislut

first-time TheCowboy 2018-01-04

She glanced back and saw the look on my face and said, "Yes, I know. "I guess working in a sex shop makes you a very sexually open person, especially when you don't have the desired means to let out of sexual frustration." I looked around the room and noticed a bowl on the coffee table with a variety of dildos and vibrators. She got the hot pink shirt off, but before she could do the bra I asked that she wait. I needed a good look at the article of clothing that had been making me rock hard since I saw her that evening. My fingers tickled her and I then began to kiss around the area making sure my mouth didn't come in contact with the hole.

A Special Lesson with Miss Wong

first-time MatthewVett 2018-01-04

And now, as she spoke to the class and gestured dramatically, describing the murder of the old woman, her chest jiggled slightly, and I found myself yet again wondering what she looked like underneath that cherry red sweater, what color her nipples were, how they would feel between my lips were I to gently suckle them to hardness... "Jason, I was going over your notes from last week, and I happened to notice that in the margins, someone wrote 'Miss Wong' in a heart." Okay, I'd like to have silence back now... The only thing in my mind right now was the pleasure I was feeling, the sensation of cumming inside my teacher's pussy, losing my virginity to such a beautiful, older woman as my cock surrendered its essence to her moist quim.

Girl On The Beach

first-time Ashson 2018-01-04

Ray had lifted himself up slightly at this stage, resting on one hand, while the other played with Teresa's breasts, watching her face to check her reaction. The second bow popped open and Teresa could only watch as Ray gently lifted the bikini away from her, revealing her to him. Starting at her feet, he moved his hands slowly up her legs, fingers trailing along the sensitive insides of Teresa's legs, and without knowing it was happening, Teresa's legs drifted steadily further apart. Biting her cheek, Teresa mimicked what Ray had been doing, running her hands over his feet and then started up his legs.

Simple One-shot

first-time karla0223 2018-01-04

You’re everything I wanted in a woman, and these years… Babe,” he begins as he gets up from his seat and walks towards me, “you have no idea how cold it feels to not have you,” he gently strokes my cheek and hold me gingerly by the nape of my neck, “all in my life. I look him deeply in the eyes as I feel my body temperature rise and ask, “Baby? “No turning back now.” I think before saying, “I… I’ve been waiting to see the little man behind these trousers.” I lean in and caress and kiss his inner thighs as I reach his crotch. I run my tongue all over his erection like it’s the never ending popsicle I’ve always wanted.

Summer Rain

first-time Unykorn 2018-01-04

A friend that, after realising that the attraction was mutual, had stopped coming home with my brother and had moved to another city then stayed away for 6 very long years. Dane knows precisely why I'm heading back to the house and his look lets me know that my avoidance won't work forever. But what I really want to know is why you bothered coming back after all this time, why now?" Dane straightened up and prowled towards me, pressing the stop button on the cd player as he went past it. Hoisting up the basket of washing I head back to the house and hear the rumble of the trucks coming back, they are early so they must have finished.

Seducing My Roommate

first-time JohnDosPassos 2018-01-04

As I watched, my hand went to my cock again, involuntarily this time, and started to rub up and down over the head. Katja's arms worked the razor up her skinny legs in short strokes, and every time she moved to reach further down, I got a peek between her ass cheeks at her small mound. But when I went to try to kiss her, she pushed me away, protesting, "no, we can't do this." Back at the apartment, rather than going straight to her bedroom, she stayed out in the living room to talk to me. Her skin was milky white and I couldn't help running my hand up and down her body, from her face and neck, in between her pert breasts, down over the bony expanse of ribs and hips, down over her porcelain thighs.

Pam's Gift

first-time AddToWater 2018-01-04

And although I went to sleep that night with a serious case of blue balls (even after masturbating and blasting a load of cum nearly halfway across the little room), I slept deeply and happily, because Pam had also promised with all her heart that her Christmas gift to me would be her virginity.... "That's what I thought." And with that, she got her fingers into the strings at her hips and began to push downward, slowly, oh so fucking slowly, until at last, in glorious detail not three feet from my hungry eyes, my girlfriend Pam exposed her completely naked ass to me. Down, slowly, slowly down...Pam eased her weight down, and I began to feel the head of my cock squeeze tightly into her pussy.

Convention Slave

first-time ironrodd 2018-01-04

On our floor, I led her down the hall to our room, and then kept on walking, jerking her leash as she stopped at the door. Then I lifted her breast out of the cup and said, “Oh, here it is.” But then I looked, and saw I’d found her license. Then I said, “Hang on a second, I need to make sure everything’s okay.” I opened the door, slipped into the room, and shut it behind me, leaving her standing in the hall, naked, with her hands tied behind her back and her bikini bottom stuffed into her mouth, covered only by her cloak. I quickly grabbed a sl**p mask, then opened the door and pulled her into the dark room.

me and a friend

first-time dongress 2018-01-04

the next day came and he come over to my house after work we where seating on the chouch and deside to order a pizza while we waiting on the pizza we started to watch a movie about half way thru the movie the pizza showed up we eat the food and the movie was just about over but on the movie there was a seen where it was a bi seen and it started the topic off he said what if we went bi cuz guy are always wiling to get laid I said yea we are but both of us have never done anything like this before except a 4some with are girls so we knew what we had for cocks already look like we end up saying maybe but not now but the maybe the next time we get d***k to getter.a few days have pass and its now the Friday night I whent to the beer store and grab a 28 of Canadian beer 5.0 vol I wasn't a specking him to come over that night cuz he said he had some f****y thing to do.