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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Never Have I Ever

first-time SmallTownPrincess 2018-01-04

Recently, for reasons she couldn't entirely understand, Cassie had begun to feel awkward around Andrew; too often she found herself blushing for small things, or giggling nervously, or losing the courage to do things like brush a hand through his hair or jump on his back for a piggy-back ride - things that a few months earlier she would have done without thinking. Andrew hadn't taken his eyes away from her yet, and still didn't as he answered without hesitation, "Never have I ever touched every inch of a girl's naked body." His hands were already reaching out to touch her shoulders, trail along her leg, cup her face.

Marla Sue

first-time TxRad 2018-01-04

Looking back at my face she smiled and replied, "I've never really seen one myself but here in this enchanted wood, they live inside the big trees. She laughed and nodded, "I know but…." She studied my face for a moment and then said, "I do know you; you're the new guy that moved in with his aunt and uncle, on the other side of the cemetery. When I continued to look confused, she said, "Oh, so you don't know." When I shook my head, she grinned and moved her book off her lap. "A kissing cousin and a girlfriend, I take it." She whispered in a way that made me think she was hurt by the fact that I had already seen a girl's sex.

My first time (true story)

first-time Lrac26 2018-01-04

As my confidence increased I slowly slide my other hand down her pants, she had hair but it was fine and soft, carrying on past her pubic hair I separated her soft small labia with a finger feeling the moistness on my finger I started to slowly move my finger backwards and forwards between what I now know to be the clit and the opening of her vagina, not yet penetrating but massaging the entrance of it with the flat of my finger. When my finger would come back to her clit she would let out little gasps of pleasure so i would start spending longer there when I moved back to it tracing small circles around it and on it, her knees would buckle a little but I had her firmly pressed against the wall while massaging her breasts so she never fell.

Innocence Gone

first-time jandafun 2018-01-04

My hands found the bottom of her dress, and I slowly raised it over her body as we continued to kiss. I removed my shirt, and started slowly kissing my way down her body. Steph looked me in the eyes and began caressing my shoulders, almost as if urging me to continue moving down her body. My hands grabbed her white panties and slowly removed them while I looked deep in her eyes. She let out a moan or two before saying, "Oh my God. This is incredible." My hands moved to her breast and I kneaded and caressed them as my tongue probed her deeply. Within a minute her body began to shudder as she let out a loud moan.

Connecticut interview Part 1

first-time wtchswife34 2018-01-04

Nathan said he would like my husband because he wanted people to see me being fucked by a “nigger”, and turned on every light in the room. I needed to explain how their seeing a black man fucking me had come about and started with my husband’s choosing my clothing, his fantasies and requests for my travels and especially how he wanted me be naked or nearly so and even use my vibrator occasionally to please truck drivers. Then discovering Nathan was coming here and how the photo of his cock fascinated me finally that I called him without thinking about it ended “with you guy watching him giving me his first load of sperm.”

Swingers club Adventure

first-time lakewalescouple 2018-01-04

I watched as the brunette unbuckled his pants and sucked him to fruition while the male half  watched me rub my titties in my husband's face and me giving my husband head . After a few minutes the brunette was rubbing herself watching other couples play. I crawled over to them and asked if they shared, explaining that many couples here just enjoyed being watched but only played with one another. The brunette went back to giving him head and simultaneously rubbed my embarrassingly wet pussy. The girl thanked me and said that this had been a fantasy of hers for a long time and that they would definitely come back to the club and hoped they'd see us again. 

The cock milker pt 2

first-time dom_dictator 2018-01-04

I had just got out of the shower and yet to put a t-shirt on when Mrs. Ahuja walked in with a cup of tea for me. when Mrs. Ahuja walked in and asked me if I would like to have some I handed the things to Mrs. Ahuja and went into my room. When I came out of my room I saw that Mrs. Ahuja had changed I was on my bed the thoughts of Shaila and Mrs. Ahuja on my mind my cock to the shower and wanking off when Mrs. Ahuja came into my room sat on my knees she bent down and held my cock in her hands. my half limp cock in her hand and while playing with it she told me her

Claire's First Time Penetration Ch. 02

first-time ostinatobravado 2018-01-04

She still could not believe how good it felt to have a big cock deep inside her for the first time, making her orgasm over and over again, and squirting like she did. He made Claire do this for what seemed like a very long time, making his cock extremely hard. "Oh Mr. Strong, I need your big hard cock inside me sir." Claire said, in a soft submissive shaky voice. Claire bit her bottom lip as he licked her, cocking her head back and moaning loudly with each back to front long strokes he made. The principal slowly pushed his long cock into her young pussy as he grabbed her hips in his hands.

potting pussy on the p*o,l table

first-time scooby0007 2018-01-04

fucked her on the bar, over a stool on the floor, absolute filth, it was only after a gud hour that tony said he was ready to cum, ray was busy burying his cock in my girl as tony emptied his load over my girls tits and rubbed it in, he made her taste a bit but she wasn,t to keen on that at the time. my girl never did go back though not just cos of tonys missus but she said that she genuinely couldn,t walk 4 properly 4 a fortnight.we,ve all been they,re boys wanting to fuck a right dirty slapper i,m lucky in that i have a very sexy girl who isn,t shy went it cums to gud sex, needless to say i buried my cock in her after she told me her story

My First Bisexual Experience [MMF]

first-time explorebi 2018-01-04

This went on for a while, and I remember him fondling my soft cock while I was down there on his with his wife, until he eventually started to throb more and grunt his enthusiasm...I was excited, I was all in, I was sucking a cock with no thought or plan or inhibitions at all, and it felt so natural, so the natural thing to do was to attempt to take his seed in my mouth...I tried, I really did, but it didn't go too well...his cumshot was incredibly powerful and the first shot made me pull my head back and my mouth off of his cock as I kinda half-gagged in surprise as he finished his ejaculation on my hand and his wife's tongue and a little more went on my tongue as I tried to get back into it...It was quite the surprise, and she swallowed what she could and came back to kiss me to make sure I was still in the game.

My fantasy for the perfect girl

first-time 2018-01-03

     As I thrust upwards you lower yourself on to me completely, we kiss deeply, we can not get enough of each other.  We are both lost in the ecstasy of the love making.  I begin to lose my breath and my testicles get tight, just then you stop as if to punish me again.  You tell me I have to wait and that your are not done yet.  You begin to move away from me but grasp me by my  cock and lead me to another room, while keeping eye contact the entire time.   As we enter the room you tell me to wait here as you proceed to go get on the bed.  You tell me it's my turn to watch and you begin to fondle yourself, starting with your breast and moving your way down, you begin to masturbate for me, moaning and telling me how much you want me, you alternate hands and lick you own juices off of your fingers.  Asking if I can join you you tell me no and continue, you notice I begin to stroke my cock and can no longer control my self.  I beg you if I can join you but you still refuse saying just watch and I will get my chance soon.

A Year Of First Times Ch. 04

first-time Theeeeee1 2018-01-03

Before long her head was so far down she licked my belly button and started tongue fucking it just like I had done to hers at different times. Repeating my request for the third time, I softly said, “Torrie, kiss my dick.” Reluctantly, Torrie lightly kissed the head before moving her mouth away. Moving her mouth back to my dick head, there was a slightly longer kiss and she didn’t move her mouth away. Torrie must have tasted a drop of pre-cum that was there because she licked the head again like it was a lollypop. Moving her hand, Torrie slowly sucked the length of my dick into her mouth until she couldn’t take any more. Torrie continued sucking even as my dick began to shrink in her mouth.

Hot Tempered Broad In This Manse World

first-time ts735b 2018-01-03

The latter figured that my je nais sais quois flair with the english language (perchance such command of lingua franca accurately and amazingly gleaned from a recent personal posting) set in motion an intuitive sense that this guy noir could be (at a minimal) one stepping stone to that elusive sought after ticket to paradise! Difficult if not well nigh impossible to discern any traceable clue of such depraved motives in the rather cute and furrowed brow, heart and soul of this ape men, who considered these young women on a par with children that happened to be above average!

Liz Discovers Her Sexuality

first-time sixstring1987 2018-01-03

Her tight little treasure box started producing more juice, as she watched the porn star taking the guys dick all the way to the back of her throat. "Wow Liz what the hell are you doing?!" Dave said with a huge face of surprise as he withdrew his hand. Dave grabbed her wet hand, and stuck her fingers in his mouth. "If you want to suck my dick, you're going to have to put your finger in your pussy and taste yourself.'" Liz gently grabbed Dave's dick and held it upwards to expose his family jewels and started giving quick licks. Dave put his hands back on her head, to make sure she wouldn't pull out his dick when he shot his jizz.


first-time JOHNFINASMITH 2018-01-03

While watching Nolan taking my wife tits in his hands caressing them and squeezing them, I noticed Mona holding his cock and masturbating him .Nolan’s fingers were wet with the pussy juices. She started to kiss me so hard she could taste Nolan’s cum in her mouth, but I didn’t care this made my dick so hard knowing my wife was into this hot and heavy fucking. Then Mona demanded that it was her time to call the shots, she wanted Nolan to lay down on the bed, Nolan’s cock still hard and hasn’t cum yet, she climbed on top of Nolan’s cock and told me to fuck his mouth.

Judy Was A Jewel

first-time goinstrong 2018-01-03

Judy was slender, well-proportioned though slightly small breasted. One of the group ended up enlisting in the military, and Judy hosted a "going away party" at her apartment. Judy eventually opened the door, and it was apparent I had awakened her from a deep sl**p. As the shorts descended the length of her long legs (I guided them down slowly), I came "face to face" with her pussy. Judy began to tear at my clothing, quite differently than the gentleness I had used undressing her. After a few minutes of stroking, I looked at her eyes and said, "I'm still hungry!" I descended to her mons pubis, and enjoyed a great liquid banquet. Believe it or not, that was the first and only time Judy and I were ever intimate, though we remained friends.

"Ohhh...Mommy," I Groaned

first-time fotisampini 2018-01-03

They read silently for twenty minutes, both of them luxuriating in the feel of the suns rays on their bodies, before Patty finally said softly, ""I saw it this morning." "Yessss," her mom answered, a big grin on her face, remembering what Bobby's father had felt like. "You know Patty's a virgin?" his mom asked as she and Bobby watched his s****r swimming in the surf as they sat side by side on the beach the next day. "I don't know how I ever got out of there...or Patty did...when I was're so tight," he said as he felt his mom's birth channel clench even tighter on his engorged cock. "It's too big," her mother warned Patty as the young girl opened her mouth and popped Bobby's fat, round cock between her lips.

Nude Beach Experience

first-time evilbb 2018-01-03

To make sure my husband was feeling horny and keep his cock hard I decided to start pointing out some of the really hot woman and asking my husband if he would like to have her suck his cock… into my game and soon was pointing out men with huge cocks asking me if I would like to suck I think he was a bit surprised as I know one of his fantasies is to watch me suck another cock but I I knew I wouldn’t last long and decided that I needed – wanted to cum all I knew he was going to cum soon and I wanted to taste his cum… He held my head still and

First White Chick 3

first-time Plumppussy 2018-01-03

As I meet with her at the car I helped her get out and I notice she had no underwear on(shaved). So I took her by the hand to lead her into the house, as we were making our way through she stop me and said softly come here with her finger. We began kissing softly than aggressively with me kissing all on her neck and lips. She began to shake as I was using my tongue and lips on her thighs getting closer to the prize. As I got closer she put her hands on my head to lead me into her juice box. As I placed my tongue on those already wet lips she began to tremble and moan uncontrollably no longer than 2 mins she came.

Fucking my innocent virgin student.

first-time spoiled_boy 2018-01-03

I test every good looking girl by touching her at soft places and if the response is positive or neutral, I go a bit beyond just feeling their body. It was her second year and by that time I was confident by my advances towards her that she did not mind my bit feeling and playing with her lovely soft body. From that day on wards I took her for granted and at the filmiest excuse on finding her alone, I would catch her, kiss her, squeeze her smooth buttocks, grab her lovely curvy breasts and only then let her go. After she became busy writing, I put my hand around her waist and slowly started feeling her rear.


first-time Hotwife805 2018-01-03

After picking up most of the things I needed, I was in the canned vegetable isle when I heard this masculine voice say, "Excuse me, miss." I turned, and was looking my mystery man in the face. As our hands touched, I looked in his eyes and knew that instant I would spend the rest of my life with him. My dad not only liked Chuck, but gave him the keys to his Jaguar, explaining he wanted me home alive. I pushed up on my tip-toes, looked him in the eyes, and just as our lips touched, the door opened with my mom standing there. Chuck asked if he could take me out again, and my mom said, "She is eighteen and can do what she wants." That amazed me.

Danny Learns, and Passes It On

first-time Rex Siter 2018-01-03

There had been one night when their kissing session had been long and more fervent than usual when she had suddenly asked, as he squeezed at her thick cotton covered breast, "Would you like to touch me there but on my skin?" He had no hesitation in pushing his hand under her jumper reaching for her bra release. "He told the review board that I was frigid," Natalie said, and Danny was very aware of her eyes searching his face for his reaction to that. Use your whole hand." Natalie could not believe just how good she was feeling, how much pleasure Danny was giving her.

The Nanny

first-time Christie052780 2018-01-03

We sat and chatted and I kind of liked how they treated me as an equal and when it came time for bed we all three went to the master bedroom and Anna gave me a hug and then Randy did, too. It was strange to feel my little boobs squish up against Anna's ample chest and then when Randy hugged me I went to hug him in that way where you just lean in to someone, you know what I mean? When I got done with the girls there was no wine waiting for me as I went out to the living room and Anna and Randy took my place.

My dream

first-time 2018-01-03

I cock was getting hard and I looked down and noticed his was too. I told him I want to feel his cum inside me. So he started to fuck my ass very hard, he didn't even slow down. The next think I knew was I felt warm wet stuff in my ass and he gave a final push and started to fill me with his cock. I went inside and started to fuck him. Before I knew it I filled his ass with my cum. He has also invited man of his friends who are 60 or older, and had a gang bang, were I was fuck and enjoyed their cum loads many times.