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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Good secretary mature

first-time 2018-01-03

Strong and rough hands gripped her ass Sergei helping her deeper into his sazhivatsya petrified trunk. Helen was moaning with pleasure, her ass was moving rapidly towards this delicious and voracious trunk. Sergei raised his hand and slapped with a sling Lena ass. Then Sergei threw doubts and asked Lena to come to his office. Grabbing Lena's ass, he told her that he is now her vyebet and now every morning Helen will have to come to his office and spolnyat duties. Sergei knew that Helen wants to escape. Sergei felt something that Helen is close to an orgasm and for a moment forgot Helen was on the edge and the words of Sergey and prurient and mocking look Slavka clouded her head wild with desire.


first-time 2018-01-03

Running his hand down her back he crossed over the strap of her bra and pulled her away in dismay."Why do you insist on offending me in this way?" he announced with an annoyed tone. He reached down the front of her sweater and grabbed her bra roughly in his right hand."What is this?" he asked as his left hand made its way up her thigh to her crotch and grabbed at her panties. He ordered her to spread her pussy open to allow her clit to fully contact the seat.He watched her raise the front of her skirt and slide her fingers under her pubic bone in compliance. Arriving at her home he pulled into the drive and walked around to open her door.

A New Friend

first-time jerkson08 2018-01-03

I started pumping slow and easy let my cock plunge deep inside her and the pulled up until the head of my cock pulled out. I stared to thrust a bit hard and deeper to work her up to a big climax, I started to pump faster and faster. I said because you teased me for so long, I wanted to return the favor… She begged me to start pumping hard and faster, I smiled and said I would when I am ready. She layed there and quivered and shook for a few minutes telling me that she had never come so hard and that I surprised her by teasing her pussy then thrusting when she least expected.

My First time.

first-time 2018-01-03

it was as thick as 3 German link and it had a raunchy smell to it i didn't care if he didn't wash I really wanted it in my mouth and he pulled me close with his soft hands and i got on my knees and as he layed on the bed i picked up his cock and put it close to my nose and sniffed the hell out of it then tasted the skin with my tongue and it was so good. We didn't know when my father was ever going to come back home so he told me to suck his head faster as he stroked his shaft and the look on his face as his chest and face got red, butt clenched up and his moaning ringing in my ear made me suck harder and I felt this warm sensation shoot down my throat and as salty it tasted i drank it and i love the taste.

Weekend Getaway

first-time mikef29 2018-01-03

There was a slight movement in Kelsey and Tom's bed as I slid one eyelid open not to find one of the girls at my bedside but Rob and his hand slowly massaging my pulsing meat. The slow deep breathing in the neighboring bed hadn't stopped and so neither did Rob. I was gritting my teeth with ever muscle contraction deep in his hot throat and found my hands rubbing his broad shoulders. I had stopped pretending a girl's lips were on me and embraced the fact that a sexy guy was eating my cock, I lifted him an inch or two by the hips and started to suck on him the way I'd always wished girls would.

A Long Way Home Ch. 06

first-time dan57 2018-01-03

In the swirl, they got separated and the girls surrounded Tim and Tom while Naina and her sister couldn't even see their boyfriends. Naina discovered that her breasts wasn't the only place that was dripping : her cunt was oozing a river of love fluids and he had just rubbed a couple of ice cubes on her breasts! Naina discovered then that the pleasure she had felt as the cold cubes were rubbed against her sensitive breasts was nothing compared with what she felt when Tim replaced the ice cube on one of her breasts by his quite hot lips. The girls were so softened by the pleasure bubble into which they were trapped that Naina obeyed immediately when Tim told her to suck and lick her sister's nipples.

Sharing Cock with my Girlfriend-True Story-Pleae C

first-time bmckzi 2018-01-03

Then Barbara said its my turn and I sat down on the couch while she took her little fingers and stroked my cock while sucking me off- She rubbed her pussy and Rich said"let me do that for you" and he rubbed her pussy while she sucked me- he told her to take her time and he tried to pull her pants down but she got nervous. I said that they both fucked her good and she loved both of them and got on my knees and pulled out Bruce's dick and sucked him hard and then sucked up and down until I could finally taste his cum from his cock (I had tasted it in Barb's mouth after I kissed her good bye).

sex in theater

first-time jhonmartyn 2018-01-03

Mala and me were sitting between Arun and Rahul The lights went off and the film started. He slowly made her lie down and entered his stiff cock in her and started moving in and out...It was a very hot scene. The couple sitting in the front row was also looking back and enjoying our cock play.Mala was also looking at me stroking Rahul's cock. Rahul too had become excited and had pulled out my boobs and was freely fondling them Suddenly I found Mala touching my left boob and Rahul playing with my right boob. Mala and Rahul were both playing with my boobs and now Rahul's hand was playing with my love button.

The Shot-Putter's Sister

first-time Longstretch 2018-01-03

We parted when we got back to Boston: Livi to her house to change for the mixer, me to the room at a hotel near the college that I had taken for the night, to change into a coat and tie. As we lay down beside each other on the bed, Livi took my face in her hands. Holding the shaft steady, she moved her tongue around the head, then took it into her mouth and pulled off with a popping sound. She helped me re-place my cock at her opening and kept her hand on the shaft as I moved in slowly. Livi swallowed hard and said "You are gong to cum now Peter?"

I Still Wonder

first-time openeyeddream 2018-01-03

Well all of a sudden, a lady came with a nice figure and asked for the salad. I looked up and was surprised to see that the lady in front of me was shouting like crazies "Well madam, do you think that money is a matter to bet over for hitting one over his head, to result his broken head which could have been a cause to kill him?" I replied, "I had always thought that when ever I will gift my first kiss to some girl, I will make her feel that she was the one who deserved it. Slowly, she stood up with apologizing posture, came to me and said, All of a sudden she removed my pants and kissed my dick.

Busted 6: The Moment of Truth

first-time cambriakid 2018-01-03

I didn’t get to see Bob cum because I was busy eating pussy at the time.” my wife said. Judy was right next to Renee also on her hands and knees getting fucked from behind by Tommy. Before I could answer, Judy who was also still taking it from Tommy said, “ I like the way you keep Allen completely shaved Renee! He’s going to be fun, I can tell!” Judy said in broken breaths from the steady pounding she was getting from Tommy. As Tommy put his giant mushroom shaped head of his cock to my wife’s spreading pussy lips a glob of Eric’s cum dripped to my awaiting mouth. Renee got in to position just like Sally and took my lifeless cock in her mouth.

Emancipation Ch. 04: Screamer

first-time LitEroCat 2018-01-03

I don't think I told you I like my ass gently and lightly stroked." Sue watched as Lois managed to pull my Speedo below my ass. As Willy chilled, Sue put Lois's hand on my dick with hers and whispered, "Keep it warm, squeeze and stroke [76] slowly. Lois wasn't ready for this so, when Sue licked the last dribble off me and showed Lois a mouthful [80] of cum, she covered her face. My turn to order you, Sue. That last shirt is in the way, so though I'd rather suck those great nipples, I order you and Lois to quickly take off your husband's shirt.

Becoming Nick's girl

first-time 2018-01-03

Nick picks me up and swings me around dropping my pussy right on his chin saying "Your throat will better match the curve now." as he starts to nibble at my lips. Nick is licking in the right spot, humming and I still cant really do much with his cock beyond the head and a just little more. After heaven knows how long Nick says "It's time." and he stands placing my calfs on his shoulders. Balls deep Nick lifts himself so his torso is at a 45 degree angle and says things that expose his feelings while he is looking me dead in the eyes. - Mary Ellen is the BFF and she knows all and she wants to make some good memories with Nick.

You're my First White Pussy Blacken

first-time 425olds 2018-01-03

She opens her legs for him and pulls his hand up to her wet pussy. His hand finds her wet pussy and he gently caresses her lips. Before she can completely recover he moves up and presses his cock head against her pussy. She clamps her pussy down on his cock and holds his bone against her clit. His cock flares and his hot cum bathes her cervix. I want that big cock to cum in me again." His cock flares in her and they both cum hard. He holds her my her hip bones and lines his cock up with her wet pussy. He pulls back on her hair and fills her pussy with his cum. "mmmm, good white pussy full of my cum."

Straight? Maybe not entirely...

first-time 2018-01-03

The whole time I was stroking his enormous cock (at least 9 inches) I was thinking about all those times ive played with my asshole and then sucked whatever ive put in there. I took his pre-cum and spit soaked cock out of my mouth and asked him if hes ever thought about fucking a guy. I felt the tip of his naked cock against my asshole, I knew from the porn I watched that you need to loosen up before anal. I rocked back and forth, his firm cock stroking against my g-spot, a stream of hot, thick cum flowed out of my throbbing dick. He pulled his cock out and pushed his fingers in, drawing out some of the cum and told me to lick it off his fingers.

The Virgin Bride

first-time eroticdreamz 2018-01-03

After rubbing me dry the maid made me wear red sheer lace panties and a matching bra, which barely covered my butt and breasts. My husband continued to suck on my nipples and after what seemed like hours, he said something to them. He was ruthless and kept fucking me hard and fast, his servants holding me and his maids licking my clit and nipples time and again. From that day, all my servants licked me day and night whenever they wanted and made me cum, bur only my husband could fuck me. The servants were also asked to knead my breasts every hour so that they would grow fast, and indeed after two years they are huge 44 D size, with huge nipples.

My First MILF... (OMG)

first-time lynnp123 2018-01-03

I slowly wrapped her up, lifted her gently, and as we looked at one another, she kissed me as I walked her to the bed, and we just kinda rolled in slow motion onto the bed, and I really don't remember the sequence of how all our clothes got taken off... my cock and balls ached and I shuddered and she clamped her pussy down on my my face and we both held on for what seemed like 15 minutes as we rode one hell of a climax together all over one another... she spread her legs slowly as I raised up, and looked down to see her incredibly beautiful pussy spread there before me, my cock head right there..

To Clumsy Feet and Prada Knockoff's

first-time Alainn 2018-01-03

The pounding in her head increased, and irritation completely snapped her patience when someone stepped on her foot; "Shit!" She pulled her foot back and looked down to see if there was any damage done to her favorite Prada knockoff sandals, "Could you be any fucking clumsier?" She looked up, and felt a jolt go through her body. Yet, when he turned back around with that sweet smile and a beer in his hand, Tina felt her heart rat-a-tat, and she decided to let the responsibilities go for this one evening. There I was, minding my own business - not half as drunk as I want to be, but having a grand ol' time dancing a little dirty with a couple girls - when a blond vision starts hissing at me like a cat just because I accidentally step on her foot.

How I learned to pleasure a woman

first-time easyfreak 2018-01-03

She leaned in close and whispered in my ear, "Would you like a girl to suck your dick?" Her hot breath in my ear my cock got instantly hard. It gets hard when we get excited, and feels good when you play with it.” She licked the finger of her free hand, and, still exposing her clit with the other, gently rubbed it in a circular motion. I could tell she was moving her finger around inside, and felt her legs twitch a little, as I still had my hands on her knees. “When a girl gets wet, that means she’s turned on real good.” She put her hands on either side of her pussy, and pulled the lips to the side, exposing her soaking, pink wetness to me again.

A Good Outdoor Fuckin'

first-time Dirtly 2018-01-03

The most joyous of times were spent around a huge fire pit, were there were drummer pounding away on there soal mates and beautiful dancers flickering in the fire lite. As I danced naked around the fire I noticed a gentelmen throwing glances my way. He watched me dance for hours, waiting for the right time to aproch. Will you wait for me?" He said he would so I resumed dancing and he resumed watching. He agreed and we headed on our way, having a hard time controling ourselves in the prosses. As we aproched my camp we both spotted the pic-nic table infront of my tent. We fucked for about an hour, watching the sun come up as we both cam at the same time.

Dorm Floor Bitch v. 01

first-time GirlyCumslutBoy 2018-01-03

I was getting so horny knowing that here I was, jacking off in the shower, with just a stall wall between me and a very muscular guy. Here I was, on my knees in my dorm shower, being forced to suck a mans cock and I thought it tasted good! The feeling of a huge, rock-hard cock in my mouth, here in the shower, with the suds slowly dripping down my naked body, I was getting intensely aroused. Suddenly he grabbed the back of my head and started to hump my face, his cock going slightly deeper in with each thrust. The huge man grinned and said "Heh...well, you are a slutty little bitch aren't you?" With that, he left the stall.

Holidaying, With A School Friend

first-time sexharvester 2018-01-03

"Anna you might think the holiday sounds great, but you could have as much fun on an English beach." Three days later I was in car with Cora, Alex and their parents. The car was not fun, Cora and Alex argued all the way and their parents were real bores. The next day Cora, Alex and myself made our way to the beach. He offered to put apply my sun screen for me: I refused no way was he going to grab a feel in front of Cora. On the way home we popped into an arcade, when Alex and I was alone he kissed me, this I did not refuse, when he tried to go further I stopped him. "No way, Alex, it is not going to happen"

Angel's adoring eyes

first-time 2018-01-03

Jennifer looked serious as she replied, "Not that one Master, but somewhere around here is a Zippo that Otto designed to shoot tiny darts that immobilized the subject allowing Otto to administer a follow up d**g or simply flee. Her butt settled back on her heels, with hands resting lightly on her wide spread thighs Diana pointed, saying simply, "Bailey Weller." I rapidly lost interest in Diana, as my Jennifer Angel and Bailey pulled me toward the big bed. Climbing up on the big bed, I pulled Jennifer Angel into my arms, kissing her as my fingertips caressed her naked body.

A night of many firsts...

first-time Skyking69 2018-01-03

I didn't know how to start things off but she got things going by rubbing my bulge in my pants.Ken kept commenting on the video and saying how big the guys cock was. I about blacked out from the rush of all this as she climbed back off of me and straight onto the waiting Ken. I could not believe it, I am a 19 year old k** that just fucked a woman twice my age and she is giving sloppy seconds to her husband in the same bed. Ken then stopped licking my asshole as Katie then put her hands on the back of my head pushing me deeper into her pussy.