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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Touch Class Ch. 05

first-time Uzi_Johnson 2018-01-03

We licked it off Christine, she pulled my dick, then blew me, Shiri fingered my ass and Christine's pussy, Christine fucked Shiri with a toe, then we moved to the bedroom. Shiri showed off her new toys, sticking the three-pronger in their pussies and my ass, then got two ends both in Christine, then a two-pronger in both her own holes, sucked Christine's foot, ate my cum while I ate her out, swapped my cum with me, and was sneak-fisted by Christine. Christine nuzzled up near my crotch and stated "I love that about your dick, too, Jimmy." She started licking my balls, then Shiri let her share the sucking of my joystick.

Two Girls by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2018-01-03

What was even more surprising to me was that my sexual excitement was greatest whenever I fantasized my wife Kristin making love to Dianne while I was watching. I really would like to watch you and Kristin make love and I want to share in your lovemaking, for I want Kristin to be happy and I know that you and I can sexually fulfill her in ways that I cannot alone." Dianne smiled, hugged me, gave me a dreamy kiss, and said, "I would like that. Kristin, whose passion was beginning to come back again, got on her hands and knees and began to lick Dianne's clitoris with her tongue.

A Seedy Halloween

first-time NaughtyMike 2018-01-02

Todd had his own pumpkin with only minor adult supervision, I was helping Terry carve some face, Felicia, my baby sister, and about 12 years of age (see MIKE RETURNS HOME when she becomes of age) had one corner. Sarah was helping Tony when she grabbed a hand full of slimy pumpkin carvings or pumpkin guts as we called them, and peered straight at Todd who was having the time of his life, oblivious to the world, creating the ultimate jack-o lantern. I watched Terry or Terra and her sisters walk in a circle like old pros. I looked at Terry, took her by the hands and said, “The Mischief guy wants to plant more seed.”

Used To Repay Debts Of My b*o

first-time 2018-01-02

They made me suck their dicks 2 at a time initially and Abhi started licking my pussy. They asked me to clean myself in the meanwhile when they asked Abhi to like this with wet dick and ass area to the nearby beer shop and bring some beer for free. In next 5 mins or so door started banging and the guy who was in my ass suddenly removed his dick and it pained a lot and soon the guy from my pussy threw me on bed and went out. As soon as I went there I saw 1 guy was sitting on the swing with erect dick.

I Felt Sorry for Michael

first-time Ingrid11B 2018-01-02

I could see the woman was taken aback, but I phrased it in a very matter of fact way like that was a customary procedure, and I could see Michael felt relieved Martha would remain in the waiting room while he followed me to the small office where I planned to respond to the parts of the form from the university that required completing. I thought the young man might want to discuss his living situation and asked if his real mother lived in the area, and he said she died three years earlier. Emma said, "I'm going to need a urine sample and Bev will check you for testicular cancer, Michael, and I want you to watch what she does closely.

Long Time Coming 2

first-time dbfortyniner 2018-01-02

“Come on David, nobody goes to a cemetery each month to change the flowers and tidy up and takes that long, I know you and Betty were REALLY close.” Mary emphasised the word really. David was frustrated because of his mother constantly making references to him and his aunt but never coming right out with it, so he just came out with it. “Look, if you want some of what you think aunt Betty was getting, then just ask, if not then please stop making veiled insinuations.” David made his mother comfortable on the settee, Mary declined his offer to put her to bed. He recalled his one way conversation with Betty at the cemetery, as to if his mother did want to have sex with him whether he felt the same way?


first-time fouzia 2018-01-02

Hymen Repair Vaginal Rejuvenation Designer Vagina Liposuction Vaginal Wart Kegel Exercise Hysterectomy Prolapse The average size of vagina Many women don?t know the size of their vagina, as they normal won?t measure it for any reason. vagina size vary in differnt time When your vagina is relax the vaginal wall collapse to each other. The narrowest part will be the opening of vagina and wider as it go deeper in to the vagina.Usually the front part of vagina has a size of one and a half inches. inches is kind of small for a male?s genital However, you vaginal wall is very elastic so it can accommodate most size. To improve your vagina size, consider kegel exercise regularly.

What got me started

first-time Francine2008 2018-01-02

Finally I got a email from a 56 year old guy who fit my description. After a couple days of emailing back and forth and we were both set on I was just gonna suck his dick and let him fuck me I decided to travel an hour to meet him. He must have liked the sound of me gagging cause he started fucking my face harder and harder. I started to bounce my ass back against his cock then about the time we started to get a good rythum he said get ready, I'm gonna cum in your mouth. Then he started fucking my face again and I could just feel all the cum rushing out.

Zoe the Paramedic

first-time simonenglish 2018-01-02

'I just need to put these pads on to monitor your heart beat and make sure you aren't going to pass out again' As Zoe placed the pads onto Simon's chest she made sure her hands lingered as long as possible, 'accidently' rubbing her fingers over his nipples and watching them harden. 'Well, some of these results are a lot bigger than I expected,' Zoe felt for sure as though Simon must be able to see her wetness through her uniform 'I think more tests are going to need to be performed but we'll have to get off the showground first'. 'I want you to cover me with your spunk Simon.' Zoe continued to suck his cock until she felt his balls begin to tighten.

Harry Potter and Hermonie

first-time Metalotical 2018-01-02

He sat there wondering what it would feel like, his shaft for the first time tasting a women’s glory, and he got hard when he thought of that women being Hermonie. End her over and penetrate both her holes, Harry wanted Hermonie bad and for a long time. I guess All perverts get there day…» said Hermonie as Harry began to make room for his Penis in her pussy. Harry thought she looked better then ever after there Sex. As she walked past him, Hermonie gave him a little kiss then saying, «thanks Harry, that’s something Ron will never find out, Night!» She said, and Harry stared at her as she disappeared up to the Girls common room.


first-time zimabean 2018-01-02

We started to talk about me and what I had planned for the rest of my life when out of the blue Terry ask me if I am gay. I never in a million years would have thought that I would be sittiing here balls deep in Terry's fine little pussy. Terry started to work real hard on my cock, her cunt knew just what to do. It has been a long time since a man has made me feel like that, I love your cock!" Terry smiled. I felt pretty good about fucking this woman, a married woman who was the mother of my best friend, a woman I thought very highly off and looked at as my second mom.

My Best Friend Stacie Ch. 03

first-time sensuallystricken 2018-01-02

"It's just Kyle, Mom!" Stacie replies as me lets me go. How are you, sweetie." Stacie's mom says coming down the stairs to greet me. He's annoyed me my entire god damn life." Stacie says jokingly. I'm gonna start my nun training first thing tomorrow morning." Stacie says sarcastically. "Me and Kyle have something we gotta finish in my room." Stacie says slyly. Let's go Kyle." Stacie says grabbing my hand and pulling me upstairs. Stacie gently grabs both of my hands and sits down on the floor by her bed. I just want to build up to it...ya know?" Stacie says nervously. You don't just get over years of love in a day." Stacie says with disbelief.

Lil s*s Discovers My Big Dick

first-time mooremike 2018-01-02

I was at home alone when I needed a little relief so I stripped down and started working my cock. My eyes flew open to see my half-s****r, Britney standing there looking at me naked with my big cock sticking straight out! I had started this just as tease and embarrass her but now I looked on her and wonder if she would be a good fuck! Her eyes closed and her mouth opened for my cock. "Never more than half." I said as I pulled her mouth back on my cock "Time for you to see what real cock can do!" I said as nothing was going to stop me from fucking her

Dream Girl

first-time Baloden 2018-01-02

When I get to my room, I go inside and put my stuff on the floor by the bed. "Yes, Jordan I will be your girl friend. "Michelle turn around and let me take your cheerleading outfit off." I push my tongue inside her pussy going as far as I can. I continue to eat her pussy while she starts having an orgasm. I reach under her nice small ass with my hands, pushing up on them to get deeper into her soaking wet pussy. Her pussy is so very tight I love the feel of it around my dick. We can hear my dick going in and out of her pussy. I can feel her pussy start to spasm around my dick.

Sally's First Three Way

first-time twistedgraygoat 2018-01-02

I ask Sally if she would like me to put it in as we often do as part of our lovemaking, but she said, "No, I'll do it." She filled the applicator, pulled her underwear to the side and inserted it all the way into her vagina before depressing the plunger. John began by exploring Sally's pussy while I licked her breasts and played with her nipples. John came over and over and over and we experienced many more great sex threesomes with him until he got a steady girlfriend and didn't need Sally's pussy as a relief receptacle anymore. Sally's sister was naked on my side of the bed and John, while intertwined with her, was on Sally's side of the bed where he had made himself at home during the times when he needed his horny relief.

Awakening Ch. 01

first-time KavehNush 2018-01-02

The house is good though, and once the yard is cleaned up, I think it will feel like home. "As I said, Laura likes your work and thinks you are a pretty good kid. "Sorry Mom," I said, thinking "Jesus, I'm going to have to get myself under control" I of course, had been lusting after Laura and had already been thinking about how to satisfy my need for more masturbating material. And because this subject is now out in the open, I want you to know that is another reason I am getting uneasy about you working for Laura, you have also made me feel uncomfortable quite a few times in the past couple of years."

When a guys age is no threat to Pregnancy

first-time dxaxrxa 2018-01-02

Then she took me to her bed and we got on it looking at eachother.She placed my hand on her bush and my hand did whats natural as i kissed her jelly soft lips for the first time.It felt amazing as she started stroking me.My thick cock started throbbing as I rubbed her clit in circles.I noticed her body twirlin and put my finger in her as she played with my dick makeing me her own.I slippped 2 fingers in as I started to get a feel of what she wants and put my legs over her hot bubble shaped ass.She pulled me closer and put my cock between her thighs and jerked me.I had never felt sooo good.She did it for a long time and i cummed on her legs for the first time making her laugh.She said"Now do the same to me".I had question marks all over my face but i gradually learnt and fondled her pussy as i was biting her hard nipples making her cum.

Bar Stool Fuck

first-time 2018-01-02

Well sure enough Al refused to get the next drink so I told her penalty time & pulled one of her boots off.(We are just ole country folks in a country bar so Al's attire was western boots, Jeans & this particular night she was wearing a thin loose fitting pullover blouse & no bra.) She struggled a little but I could tell from the smile on her face she wasn't mad about it. Though I had the great pleasure of watching my wife being exposed to other men, Being kissed, licked, fucked for hours on end, I have never seen the raw a****l lust that filled her hot little cunt that night.

Friend's Hot Mom

first-time nobigwillie 2018-01-02

As it turned out Julie didn't know that I was taking a shower and she opened the door and walked right into the bathroom. (I had started masturbating right around the time I thought I heard the door open.) A few minutes later I heard another noise. As I masturbated wearing Julie's thong on I heard the door start to open again. After another ten minutes of lying on the floor and fantasizing about Julie, I heard Tanner's door open slowly. "The truth is Julie, I find you very attractive, I always have, and when I was taking a shower in your bathroom I couldn't stop thinking about you and how beautiful you are.

Another Night To Remember

first-time abigfan 2018-01-02

I grabbed the wash cloth and started to soap it up when she stopped me and said, "Not the cloth Donny, use your hands. I took a deep breath, looked into her lovely eyes, brought her to me and kissed her long and deeply, running my hands up and down her back and butt. She looked into my eyes, no fear at all, and said, “I love you so much, Donny.” We lay there, kissing and feeling each other all over. After almost two hour of making love to her whole body, as I was sucking her clit and rubbing her hard nipples, she raised up, screamed loudly and fell back on the pillow, and passed out.

came to play

first-time reefermcrevolver 2018-01-02

I laughed a bit wrapped my towel tightly and went on my way to find the principal for a spare change of clothes, I got to the front desk asked for the principal, explained what happened, and he laughed and told me I'd be best off just going to ms.Joliets room right as I am. I was a virgin in many ways so instantly I dove my mouth at her lips and in no time she was bucking against my face I.sucked and licked and nibbled her for 10-15 minutes while the boys grouped around and began masturbating to the sight I reached over and grabbed a cock to play with myself while I ate her out she pushed my face away and told me to bring mine out, which she sucked for a minute until I was hard.

a young girls adventure with her best friend

first-time eskimokissesxx 2018-01-02

eventually i took them off and lana continued as before only this time, licking her finger in between the hard glides. i let out a small cry of pain and lana said she would punish me for that later and i was to be quiet until spoken to. she thrust it in and out of my dripping pussy and began to finger my clit. she began to rub my still wet pussy and i let out a moan in pleasure. as i did so, lana began to finger herself furiously and continued to do so one handed. if you would like that, get up, remove my panties and pleasure my pussy, you will continue not to talk until spoken to, make your decision,".

Peter Shows the Way

first-time randyclaire 2018-01-02

"There, you see I was right Claire's boobs are perfect." I realised that Peter was looking at topless pictures of mum and me. "That's good," said Peter "I hope to make you and your mum cum several times tonight." "You've got a lovely soft mouth I'm sure we'll find more for it to do later," he said moving his head away from mine and turning to do the same to mum. I'd like your pussy Jackie whilst she's sucking." Peter was lying on his back and mum moved and straddled his head facing his cock. "Claire move up here so that you can begin to feel and taste Peter's cock." I followed mums instructions.

Taught by Mom and Auntie

first-time chchboy 2018-01-02

I stood up between Aunty Jills legs and s*s held my cock pointing it at her opening, she was holding her lips open and s*s and I could see she was wet like Mum gets when we put our fingers in her pussy and rub. Mum leaned over to hold Aunty Jills breast and watch, she told me to think of my fingers in her pussy but now it was going to be my cock. Mum and Aunty Jill had taught me to think of something else to hold back but it was hard, I wanted feel what it was like to put my cock in my s****rs pussy, so I held her head still and s*s let it go and started sucking my balls.