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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Loving Niece (Part 2)

first-time fastfingers 2018-01-02

As I looked at her I gave a smile followed by a mild chuckle as I realized that among many other things, Julia had inherited her mother's perfect teeth. About half way home I looked over in Julia's direction once again and noticed that her head had tilted just slightly and she had fallen asl**p. A minute later I caught myself gazing in her direction again, and this time my instincts kept pulling my eyes in the direction of her lovely alabaster legs that were quite exposed from the short sun dress she was wearing. As I gazed back up towards her eyes I took a good long look at her perfectly toned abdomen.

Julie in College Ch. 02

first-time Julietravels 2018-01-02

Even when I got on Robert's lap so I could feel his penis against my clitoris, he was never interested in dry humping like I had done with Jason the year before. I knew I was in love, but all good feelings have to end and when he finally pulled out I decided I needed to get dressed and return to my dorm room. Needless to say, I spent a lot of time with Robert after that night, often going to his room to do homework and making love with him every chance we got. Finals were almost a breeze and Robert and I spent the whole night together the final day of school, making love four times between dinner and when I drove him to the airport the next day.

The Bird's... Bee's..And babysitter

first-time 2018-01-02

I ran back to my room and laid in bed for about a half hour not being able to sl**p until I saw my bedroom door slowly crack open, "Justin are you awake?" I didn't reply, she turned the light on and my eyes opened, she said "Oh come on I know your not sl**ping you don't have to fake, You can come downstairs and watch an hour of TV if you'd like while I do my homework in the kitchen" I got up and went downstairs and sat on the couch and turned on the TV while she walked to the kitchen.

Tom's First Ch. 04

first-time mangrove jack 2018-01-02

Dot looked up at Tom, “You have a beautiful cock.” Before he could respond she filled her mouth with saliva and transfer it to the head of Tom’s highly excited cock. Dot put her arm around Toni, “there’s nothing to worry about, we’re inside no one can see us and no one knows, so relax.” She straightened her hair in the mirror, “Just think in a few minutes time Tom will be here, he’ll make your most erotic pussy sucking dreams come true.” “My god Tom you’re horny, you haven’t even taken time to say good evening,” she cried as she bent to kiss him and said, “Good evening lover.”

Angie's An Adult Ch. 01

first-time SEVERUSMAX 2018-01-02

Allan stammered a bit, in reaction to the slutty way that Angie was dressed, in a tank top and hot pants, tight enough to show off her cute butt. Angie then grabbed his dick, and simply took it in her mouth, running her tongue from the base to the head, and back, repeatedly, so as to get him excited enough to cum soon. Admittedly, there were plenty of larger dicks, but those scared a petite girl like Angie. Allan naturally granted that wish, entering her slowly at first, but then picking up speed, wanting to fuck this nice girl next door the way that she deserved, for having been so sweet to him.

Study Break

first-time coupe59 2018-01-02

Finally, David asked her,"Would you prefer to come and sit on the other end of the bed?" "Sure!" she replied. It did not take long for Amy's real intentions to become clear--- He felt a bare foot rubbing the lower part of his right blue jean covered leg. David began to reciprocate the stimulating rub down with his sock covered feet, while unsuccessfully trying to keep at least partial attention on his studies. Giving into the moment, David began to rub Amy's crotch through her jeans. Amy came down and joined David on the other end of the bed. David reached down and stimulated her clit with his fingertips each penetration and brought her to a climax three or four times.

The Initiation

first-time CaitlinTheCutey 2018-01-02

Rachel slid her hand up Siennas thighs, under the dress and eased her fingers under the waist of her knickers and began to pull them down, while kissing her calves, until the knickers came over the ankles. Rachel came behind Sienna while she was still licking Calley and started stroking her ass and thighs and massaging her cunt from behind, dipping her fingers in then swirling them around Sienna's still sensitive clit. Calley was nearing orgasm as she watched Rachel playing with Sienna's ass while the virgin lesbian kept licking and kissing her pussy and she ground down on her face. Rachel slid another finger up Sienna's ass, exciting her further and the visual along with the licking was all Calley could take as she began to cum all over Siennas mouth.

Repos of my Fantasy

first-time big_bruno 2018-01-02

Your friend looks upon you in awe as you fill a couple of needled syringes with lidocaine and, holding the shaft in one hand and with the foreskin pulled upward, press the syringe all the way into the right side of him and push the plunger down slowly until all the solution has entered him. You connect a black lead (because you know that this lead is a ground lead) to the prostate stimulator and have your friend hold my legs up in the air; at the same time she is still sitting on my face; and you slowly and carefully insert the probe into me anally, wire side up so as to not have the lead come off the unit.

Kentucky Snowstorm

first-time dixieman54 2018-01-02

She said let me get those in the washer, and you come to the kitchen for some coffee I just made. I was feeling a bit naked the way I was dressed and told her it had been a long day and I needed to get to bed. I wanted to let her know how bad it snowed and told her that I would be there another night. I immediately said outloud to myself “some help you are.” It was then I realized Judy came back down stairs. As she got wetter, I went to her warm and wet opening and inserted my finger inside. She then said while panting “if you think you are wet enough with my cum and juices, then try putting in my ass”.

My story about my affair with a little guy with a

first-time ArizonaRob 2018-01-02

I told him 'this is nice" I proceeded to take the head in my stretched mouth and tried to suck on his cock, but Bobby pushed me back onto the couch and pulled my nightgown up around my neck, He quickly pulled his pants and underwear down around his hips and slid between my legs. He then grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands and started rising up off the bed to slam his member forcibly into me, the spring was as tight as it could get and I had no idea what was happening to me, I thought I was having a heart attack, I didn't care.

being my lovers sumisive lover!

first-time kimbrelly 2018-01-02

he finished puleed out i felt exousted he said your going to be a great sexualpartner one day your good now , he helped me up i gave him a kiss then got dressed except for my panties they were soaked and had straw all over themi put them in my purse i finally got dressed brushed my hair and reapplyed my lip stick and perfume, put some tic tacs in my mouth and he walked me home i took a long shower thinking how bad i was pretending i was a inosent girl , i told him next time i want to know what seamen tastes like and how anal sex feels and maybe one night we can go to the river bring a couple of your buddys , so i can learn how to please more then one boy at a time, told them bring the beer and all that were going to be there a few days isolated and all that .

s****r in law catches me masturbatin,true start wi

first-time talllong 2018-01-02

I think she looked in the living window while she knocked and saw me polling up my pants and tucking in my cock.she looked like she already had a buzz and was wearing a low cut shirt that showed off her tits.she has 36 d cup size.I always wanted to see her tits, she is always bending over in front of me and wearing a bathing suit that has no fabric from her neck to her belly button I say hi as she slowley comes in the door and says sorry for not calling.

Taken 'Without Consent' in the Kitchen -

first-time Kinky_Mushroom 2018-01-02

I slip my work jacket off and place it around the back rest of one of the dining chairs and as I do I become aware of activity from the kitchen; Sharon must be home early. I press my body hard up against her; I need her to know that I am aroused and ready to take her, take her roughly if needs be. My hands travel up beneath her top and slip her bra off; her nipples are hard. I then pull her top off and cast aside her bra; her torso is still in good shape and she is forty-five now. That was about as good as it got with Sharon; it was pretty much downhill after that.

Back Seat Driver

first-time fogbank 2018-01-02

I knew the guys were still watching me, no doubt hoping to see me get all soapy and wet as I washed down my car, my tight black skirt riding up my thighs like something out of a music video. And usually I said yes, letting them sit in the passenger seat as I took the car out of town, out onto the empty prairie roads I would love so much. I closed my eyes and let myself imagine a boy reaching across and touching me, hand on my thigh, all the way up to my panties as I drove. "Mmmm, you've got tasty cum." It wasn't bad, a touch bitter, but every guy loves hearing that their cum is like manna.

The College Club Ch. 01

first-time Kot_Carson 2018-01-02

It looked like John would also have a roommate since there was a second bed, desk and dresser. Making friends was especially hard for John, he was very self conscious about needing a cane and generally being disabled in college. Tomorrow people are going to like see whether or not you should be admitted to the club, if you'd be a good fit. Anyway, it's like this dude, all the members of the club are all like us, they all have like a hard time meeting people because they're either like too busy with school work or they're shy or something like that. It took a while, and John's leg was killing him by the time he found the off campus residence the meeting was taking place at.

Introduction to Winston

first-time Lustful_Antique 2018-01-02

In my Psychology 101 class, I can still hear my professor defining that word, compartmentalize: "Compartmentalization allows conflicting ideas to co-exist by inhibiting direct or explicit acknowledgement and interaction between separate compartmentalized self-states." A smile spread across my face - guess that's a fancy way of saying I'm fucked up! Once inside we saw many people dancing and trying to talk to each other - which was very difficult to do. I surveyed the people and saw Joe dancing with a pretty lady with a big booty. Let him make up his own mind." With that I got up and started dancing near him. It worked on Joe. He smiled at me and we moved closer to each other as we danced.

wedding that changed me into slut

first-time jilly11 2018-01-02

The thing that worried me, was that when Bobs 6"cock was sliding in and out of my wet pussy, it was Pete that i was thinking about. Pete said that I was to allow Bob to fuck me after the wedding but only once and I wasnt to come. I gave him the benifit of my new skill, letting him come in my mouth for the first time ever.He was stunned, but was like a cat who had got the cream. I told him my new married pussy had not had a load deposited yet, telling him about the blow job on Bob. He was pleased about this and lifted my dress, pulled my knicks to one side and admired the view.

My First Anal Sex - Receiving

first-time aden46y 2018-01-02

I had wanted to have a cock up my ass just to try it, but as I got my nerve up, the first couple of encounters were so large that I stayed with giving them a long blow job and bringing them off in my throat. He turned gentle and pulled out, got some lube and then gently came back in a little at a time, letting me open more comfortably as he rocked in and out, just a little. Suddenly I felt myself start to cum all over his stomach and chest and he opened his eyes and smiled and fucked me harder.

My New Sis

first-time PoetMaster 2018-01-02

Joey began to think that having his dad date Shelly's mom was turning out to be a good thing for him. Joey also got his first look at his dad's cock while Sheri stroked him. "Damn, Joey, that looks like a real nice cock you got there," Shelly said as she looked him over. Joey had just been hearing Sheri moaning and giggling for the past half hour when he decided to try and catch Shelly when she got home. "Hmmm, you taste pretty good Joey, I love your cum," Shelly purred, licking his cock as his orgasm subsided. Every time Shelly would let a small moan escape her lips, Joey knew he was getting better at sucking her tits.

High School Crush

first-time GloriaWill 2018-01-02

When she turned and I saw her full face I knew instantly it was Mrs. Graham my high school English teacher and senior class advisor. She looked up from her chair and gave me a big smile "Gloria what a wonderful surprise," she said while standing to give me a hug. I must have called her Mrs. Graham a dozen times when she said "Gloria, I'm not your teacher any longer call me Marge." "It wasn't as much what you said, but you left no doubt in my mind ,with your eye contact, smile and body language that you were asking for more than a dinner date. "Gloria, you'll have to be the teacher now," Marge said with a sexy smile.

Blow-job Initiation

first-time BadGirlWithin 2018-01-02

I didn't try anything elaborate that time, the deep-throats and the cum swallowing and the 69 and the road head would come later but... I can't remember the first time I swallowed his come, I believe it may have been one night in his car, an old Camaro T-top, but from then on a benchmark of our encounters has always been some form of oral service to him. The first time I deepthroated him and felt – amazingly – the head of his cock pop past the back of my throat, the conscious relaxing of muscles and of gag instincts, and his surprised and astounded gasp, he came simultaneously down my throat and has never forgotten it since.

The boy in my car (finallity)

first-time 2018-01-02

I decided this cock lashing was taking him to the verge so I withdrew rather sloppily, leaving enough spital to coat his cock and ease him in where I wanted him, and as his bulbous head ploped out of my mouth I continued rising from the drivers seat, letting my coat slid compleatly off my shoulders, and straddled him with ease, still secured in position with his top and sank down on his rigid cock, marvelling at the ease it slid-into me, coming to rest atop his balls as they crashed into my crotch.


first-time laceysgirl 2018-01-02

I was passing a dark alley and suddenly a hand shot out of the darkness and pulled me into the blackness of that alley I couldn't see a thing I just felt his large hand on my shirt as he dragged me deeper and deeper into the darkness I stumbled a few times before we came to a wall at the back of the alley he shoved me against the wall and growled "So you like cock huh bitch lets see how you like mine!" He pushed me down onto my knees and I felt broken glass crunching beneath and I prayed my jeans would protect me from any harm I heard him open his pants and then heard them drop then I felt his cock slap my face back and forth he whipped me with his cock striking my cheeks hard with it I gasped in pain but he liked it and his cock grew hard then he told me to open my mouth and take his cock inside it I obeyed and reached out to grab his cock and it was huge let me tell you all muscle and throbbing with bl**d I took him into my mouth and began to suck him he liked the way I was doing him and groaned with pleasure...

Becca and Jen

first-time browndream72 2018-01-02

A little while later (or 4 drinks each, however you would like to calculate the time) Jen and Becca had joined the mostly all girl throng on the dance floor and were busily dancing. Becca ran hands slowly over Jen's body; shoulder to hip, back to breast. Making sure that their clits were close enough for proper friction, she began a slow grinding motion, suckling Jen's nipples as she did so. As soon as Becca was sure Jen was calming down, she began to once more lick and suck on Jen's nipples and breasts. Moving slowly downward, Becca began exploring the rest of her friends luscious body, licking and tickling each rib, kissing Jen's belly.