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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

To Flee Or Not To Flee

first-time tarkatony 2018-01-02

She swiveled her chair to face me and when I looked at her, so help me, her eyes were like two smoldering magnets that drew me in: everything inside me seemed in an instant to be sucked through my eyeballs to float the few feet between us and I knew in that moment that I had lost every vestige of control. It was in the middle of a sleepless night, after playing and replaying a thousands times her words 'I love you' that it occurred to me that maybe she isn't bossy and pushy, maybe, in insisting that I work harder, she wasn't giving vent to a bossy personality but simply expressing her devotion to me: she wants the best for me and she was willing to work hard to make the best come true.

Two Lovers' First Anal

first-time SouthernWomenLover 2018-01-02

"Mmm, I love daddy's big cock," she said as she placed one of her little hands on the base of my dick. She began stroking my dick slowly, making sure her daddy was completely hard before she used her hot, wet mouth on my thick cock. The sensation was unimaginable, it had been too long since I've had this sexy girl sucking my fully erect cock. "Mmm, god damn, baby, you are too good," I quietly said, making sure no one heard. After ten minutes of letting her get used to the rhythm of my cock sliding in and out of her ass, I began to pick up the pace. After my mind-boggling orgasm, I slowly slid my still-erect cock out of her ass.

The Window Ch. 01

first-time sebekhoteph 2018-01-02

"I am going up to study," I said, as I climbed up the stairs to the top floor room. She was half reclining on her side, and as she reached up, I saw a glimpse of her blouse ( a short bodice worn with the sari, it usually leaves the midriff bare) and a deep cleavage of her the ends of the sari shifted with the movement of her hands. As I reached the end of the stairs, without thinking, I stretched my hands to pull open the wooden doors of the window.... I protested, wanting to say that I was studying till late, but she stopped me, and continued, "Anyway, as I was saying, I met Lali today morning."

Buzzed and Seduced

first-time AlanaRose 2018-01-02

Later on, halfway through the fourth quarter and two more beers in each of us, I could feel Carson's eyes on my shirtless upper body. I knew it was a hand rubbing the outline of my cock through my jeans but I couldn't even focus on the fact that the only other person in the room was another male. My mind was thrown a road block due to the sudden pleasure but seconds later, my earlier thoughts began to re-surface and just as I was about to speak up again, he licked up from my balls along my cock all the way to the tip. My body tightened, my breathing stopped, my fist clenched in Carson's hair, my eyes glued shut and my mouth gaped open more than I had ever felt it.

The Sitters

first-time randy123 2018-01-02

Sara sat down next to me, put her hand on my leg and looked into my eyes. As I enjoyed Sara's breasts and pussy, Beth put an arm around her shoulders and whispered into her ear, "isn't it great?" Holding on to Beth's wrist, I slowly moved her hand in ever-widening circles until it was brushing against Sara's breasts. I released Beth's hand and it stayed in place, caressing Sara's perky little tits, while I moved my hand under my chin to feel Sara's dripping pussy. Beth whispered, "wasn't it great?" Without opening her eyes Sara replied, "ohhh, yeah. Beth, having recovered a little, looked at Sara, smiled that devilish smile again, and asked, "have you ever seen a guy cum before?" They then looked at me.


first-time Hornsup 2018-01-02

I was deaf to the radio and staring into space thinking of her long brown hair and a chance to kiss her, just once. With my right hand still going through her hair, my left started down the small of her back. I felt her reach into my boxers and hold me as I ran my fingers through her curly hair. We shared a few long kisses before I took my hands from her waist and walked with shaky legs to my car. But Jeff's grasping hands found their way into my hair and I was tingling all over. My hand reached into his boxers and he grew bigger as soon as I wrapped my fingers around him.

Finally! Summer!

first-time adel5000 2018-01-01

As soon as she stepped from the car, the four guys surrounding my s****r bolted to her, taking her bags, pitching her tent, and acting like love-sick puppies. She turned her head, and instead on laying on me, she began to kiss my chest, then down my stomach and to the head of my cock. Now hold still big b*****r, let me take care of you.” She leaned down and rested her hands on my chest, her tits dangling down, the slightest sway to them. “Fuck, Summer, I’m gonna cum.” She started sucking harder, bouncing her tits faster. “I love you too big b*o, more than you know.” With that, we gathered our clothes and headed to our tent.

Julie's Journal - First Night

first-time Cybertease 2018-01-01

Then the first guy to touch me simply eased a digit slowly inside my pussy and at the same time bit a little harder onto my left nipple leaving it throbbing while his finger slid in and out a little faster. The fear factor seemed to raise my excitement and I knew if he kept doing what he was with his fingers I would cum before I got to feel his cock. I felt his fingers open my pussy lips the sweat of fear and excitement ran down my face. I thought OMG no he is going to pull out but he rammed it hard all the way back in making me almost cum and then his rhythm went into over drive till I could feel my cum juice running out of me.

The Other Side of a Cocky Man

first-time Rscott0529 2018-01-01

"Rhiannon just look at the damn file and talk to your client it's a good deal. He stopped just outside the door and turned back to look at me, "You know the guy in court isn't the only side of me." With that he smiled and continued making his way out of the office. After easily convincing my client to take the offer I decided to get it over with and call Eric to let him he had won the case. He was pumping into to me again harder and faster than before, his hand squeezing my hip and breast hard enough I knew I was going to bruise but really didn't care at the moment.

The Penthouse 2

first-time ajkepper 2018-01-01

After Breakfast, Sarah and Andrew went to the pool and relax in the cabana for the day. His Boss told him that Andrew had left a room key for him and to come join them at the buffet at the Luxor Hotel&Casino then head up to the penthouse suite. Anders and Andrew had to stop because both of them needed to sit down and Sarah wanted give both of them hand jobs for excellent job on her p...y. Anders and Andrew moaned real loud and begged for it. Sarah wanted to have s.x with Andrew in the shower and told Anders to come back tomorrow night and gave Anders his tip for the pool and Anders grabbed his clothes and left the room.

Geek Lust

first-time Spurtulator 2018-01-01

Despite Curtis's protests, he actually thought it would be fun to watch a porno movie with Jane. With his confidence growing, Curtis gently slid his hand under Jane's shirt. Jane slid her body around so she was straddling Curtis as they sat on the couch. Jane's head slowly bobbed up and down, bringing incredible feelings of pleasure to Curtis. With that, Curtis carefully rolled over and slid his body between Jane's thighs. Curtis groaned and his body arched back, pushing his hips forward, his cock completely inside her. Curtis filled the condom with the spurts of his orgasm, while Jane squealed as her own orgasm tore through her young body. They were both shaking from the intensity of their orgasms as Curtis softly kissed Jane's lips.

My First Fuck

first-time Glenalk 2018-01-01

Ben also knew that I had cum, my moaning and writhing were so intense I needed a few moments to recuperate and then I pulled him hard onto me holding his hips down, wanting him to fuck me more and more, I needed to feel that wonderful sensation yet again. I knew I was going to cum again and this time I shouted it out, Bens body also started trembling, the thrusting of his cock inside my pussy got quicker and quicker and then I felt a warmth inside of me, Ben had also cum and his relief left him gasping.

On The Beach

first-time Phoenix Rising 2018-01-01

I looked down to see she had slid her lips around my dick and was slowly moving her head up and down my length. She pulled my head closer, and I took her nipple in my mouth, sucking it in between my lips, running my tongue over the top. I moved my tongue to her clit, licking and teasing and sunk my fingers deep inside her pussy again. "Take my little body, lover boy." I pushed into her, feeling the warm wetness of her silky smooth womanhood engulf my dick, taking my virginity and bringing me to manhood at last. The waves crashed higher over our bodies as the tide came in, running over us like hundreds of silky smooth fingers, turning us on even more.

My wife wanted screwed

first-time 2018-01-01

Well, we found a guy here in Vegas that said he really wanted to fuck her bad, even called her on the phone and ask her point blank if she would have sex with him. I asked her this morning if she was still interested in a massage since that came up one time before too but couldn’t make it happen, and she perked up and said maybe. So the most I can *wishful thinking* for you is to massage every part of her body including her tits and pussy, but stop if you start finger fucking her and she doesn’t want it. She missed out once before because the guys wife didn’t know what her husband was doing, he wanted Trude but secretly.

Surprise Spanking at Adult Store Part III

first-time 62dirtyolman 2018-01-01

Being new to all this, I had no idea what a butt plug looked like and he told me to ask the clerk, a guy named Mark that Tony knew. The guy finished swallowing my cum and looked at Tony and said, “Do you want me to suck your cock too?” The guy kept pushing on my butt plug and said, “SHE is a great cocksucker.” I was trying to use some of the things I learned when I got my cock sucked, making my mouth really wet and using my tongue. When our black guests left, Tony said, “You did good slut but I got to tell you, a real man would never take a black cock in his asshole.

Benefits of a Threesome Buddy

first-time youri15 2018-01-01

Our slightly nervous house guest cleared his throat loudly, then asked my wife if she was ready for her massage. I noticed my wife was really enthusiastic about sucking my cock while getting fucked at the same time! When both of them finished cumming, my wife demonstrated that she was a true cumslut by making a show of licking the jizz off his cock with her tongue while telling us how good it tasted. Less than two hours later, it was time for us guys to get up and leave for work I instructed my submissive wife to go service our guest. We watched porn videos as we licked and fucked my wife's pussy while she sucked and fucked our dicks.

The Pool

first-time jaymz76jaymz 2018-01-01

She knew it was wrong to be watching her twenty-five year old b*****r in the way she was anyway, but she looked forward to this moment. All smooth and shiny, she watched him, the water from the pool dripping off of him and his erection, painting a very sensual picture. So, when he turned around and knew she would see his erection, he became harder, so hard in fact, that he could actually feel the veins popping out as they pumped the bl**d to keep it up. However, her orgasm pulling on his cock, combined with feeling her hot wet elastic walls, was enough to set his into motion.

Policeman's Boy 3

first-time john1195 2018-01-01

"Your boy certainly loves cock," Nick said to Ross. Colin let his hand fall from Nick's cock as the man began to face-fuck Nick shoved his still hard cock back into Colin's mouth and said "Your sexy "Colin, go over and suck Nick's cock," said Ross. Ross thought about what Nick had said a few days ago about Colin getting a said "Sorry Nick" but both men were looking at Colin's cock. Nick grabbed Colin by his hair and pushed his cock deeper, causing the boy "Yeah, that's it," said Nick as he rubbed his cock over Colin's face. watching Nick's cock stretching his son's hole or hearing the noises Colin "Maybe I can help a little," said Nick as he placed his hands under Colin's

The Young Lieutenant

first-time USMC03 2018-01-01

Her belly, while not like a younger woman's still had good form and her hips were wide and accentuated by a dark patch of thick dark hair where her long legs met. "Micah,' she whispered, 'let me show you what a good lady should not do!" with that she slid down the length of my body and grasped my phallus with one hand firmly, causing it to stand straight up, and much to my shock and amazement, she opened her mouth and inserted my rock hard member deep between her lips. I don't expect you to marry me, for you probably think I am an old woman and not a very nice lady, but the fact is I have no husband, I am not getting any younger and I want a baby.

Slightly, Once Ch. 05

first-time Balrog 2018-01-01

Oh, Dave, making love to you is so wonderful." She pulled me tight and ground her pussy against me, milking every drop. I want to make you a special breakfast." She clambered off me (with my hands sliding on the leg warmers as she did), put on her T-shirt, and set about a frenzy of activity making Belgian waffles with whipped cream and strawberries. But somehow every time I was about to lose it, magically, you would appear and say exactly the right thing, or have flowers, or tickle me, or do something that would say 'there, there, Kim, this, too, will pass.' You seem to instinctively know who I am, what I need, how to help.


Mr O.

first-time jamski23 2018-01-01

After I packed my backpack I walked as slowly as possible down the quiet hallway leading to his door, I could hear him on the phone, it sounded like to his wife he was talking in a very low sexy tone and I thought I heard him say "I love you". A strict scholarship if I may add…" “I know, I know…” I interrupted him “It’s just…” “Excuses are like assholes…” He continued on with his lecture while sitting on the front of his desk right in front of me. "First I am going to start licking your pussy and then I will decide after that." And he spread my legs and started to finger me while teasing my clit with his tongue. He started to pump me hard when we both heard someone trying to open the door.....

At Last

first-time secrets2729 2018-01-01

He had left me after a deep, passionate kiss and when the door slammed shut behind him, I had promptly neglected my textbooks and retired to my room to pleasure myself while I imagined his cock fucking me, sliding in and out of my virginal pussy... His hands gravitated towards my breasts, covered in a green satin bra, and he gently slid my t-shirt over my head. He cupped my breasts and rubbed my nipples with his thumbs through the satin, kissing me all the while with lips and tongue. We collapsed on my twin bed, and touched, kissed and licked every inch of skin we could reach on the other. I arched against him, pressing my satin-clad pussy against his cock, barely constrained by simple cotton boxers.

True Guidance

first-time Rabbat 2018-01-01

Vanessa smiled at him and began rubbing his chest, taking her turn to gently tease his nipples faintly with her fingers and licking. Vanessa continued on, "I've always been told I've been good with my hands, but truth be told, I'm even better with my mouth." Paul could only stare at her and do his best not to cum all over her full, generous lips. Whether it was the fact that his cock was nestled between the best pairs of tits in the world, or the sexy words that just left his guidance counsellor's lips, Paul's hardness began to return. Taking it up another notch, Paul took his middle finger and slowly began to tease Lawrence's hot vaginal slit, which elicited another pleasureful cry of pleasure.

Corpulent Carl

first-time Callicious 2018-01-01

What I didn't know was my next door neighbor, Annie Gibbons, could hear me practicing and singing when I had the windows open, and she thought I sounded good. "Look, Carl, I remember I used to think you were a pretty cool guy back before you had to change schools, and then I never saw you anymore, because you would always close yourself up in your house when you got home. We had gotten so deeply involved in the music and the fun we were having singing together I didn't even hear Mom return home from work. "I don't like the idea of singing in public, but if I have to Annie is the one I'd want to do it with.