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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

New neighbor.

first-time jubelum 2018-01-01

Because of the pool, I'm around this chick and her daughter drinking in swim suites all the time. So as we are sitting in lounge chairs occasionally jumping in the pool she points out that she is getting red. Her legs are spread, and her feet are on the deck because I was sitting there, and now mine are spread as well and I'm facing this chick in a bikini. She grabs my dick, and with a laugh says, "John go jump in the pool" (meaning cool off). After some flattery, and me asking her to give me a beer, she comes and sits at the end of the deck with her feet in the pool.

Two Girls mount a Huge Cock

first-time 2018-01-01

I felt the power surge from my fingertip in his asshole, course through my arm and into my heart, I controlled their fucking, like pressing the increase vibration button on my rabbit, an evil mist descended on me, he gasped and writhed just as Alice did in consciousness, but now she lay embedded on his shaft of steely flesh, her long legs akimbo, her cunt bl**died and bruised, her anus exposed and inviting, I scratched him with one and tickled his cock within her with another, both hands feeling the warmth of their assholes, the female warmer than the male, I had never had the joy of masturbating a man from inside my friends asshole, I licked his ear and moaned for him to cum inside her, their tightening sphincter muscles encircling my long fingers, registering his release, hers signifying her dipping cervix drawing in copious amounts of semen, my unnatural fingering elevating my status to that of a goddess, his sperm now racing to fertilize her first egg, her u*********s body turning from girl to woman, she will be pregnant when she awakes, and I will be the godparent to their newly conceptual c***d.


first-time Toogoodtobetrue 2018-01-01

I got on the bed, on my knees and arched my back and ass up, he whispered "good girl" he entered me again and i could hear him moanin, he slapped my ass and asked me "why is this fucking pussy so tight" he stopped stroking me got on his knees and kissed my soaking wet pussy and slammed his big cock back in. It was coming again, i felt every muscle in my body tighten and a big release i humped on my stomach him on me still stroking telling me to let it all out, he started stroking faster and i lost every drip of energy, he pulled out slapped my ass again took the condon off and bust his warm sweet nectar all over my back.

Mia, A Coed Story Ch. 01

first-time Jessie92 2018-01-01

"How I mean" she said, aping me gently, "is if you like a guy you need to give him a little sumpthin sumthing to let him know you're interested in seeing him again." I really needed to hit the books, I wanted to keep a 4.0 and had some tests in a couple weeks, but I couldn't really say no since Trish said yes and since the party was basically about us. We rested a bit, danced more, and generally just had a great time getting to know each other for a few hours, then went outside to cool off. I had, at Trig's suggestion, limited myself to one sangria an hour and when the cool night air of spring time hit me I woke up sort of, and became a bit self conscious.

college boy part 2

first-time bihubby55 2018-01-01

after i heard her cum again she told me to put that young throbbing cock in my pussy, he got up between her legs and i grabbed his hard cock and guided it toward her hot pussy. i got between her legs and guided my cock to her fucked pussy, slid the head in and stopped, her pussy was so wet with hot, young cum. knowing my cock is in all that hot,creamy cum, that young hard cock got this pussy all stretched out and lubed up for my cock.


first-time bandit34c 2018-01-01

As i arrived home a call acme from Cathy and she said i want to ask you something i could not do earlier face to face. I quickly said YES and dont let all this affect you, yeas your attractive and men will be calling if you want them to. Her knees buckled a little and she looked up in my eyes and said i will do anything you want in bed just make love to me and fuck me, Make me feel like a woman again. As i moved my cock head up and down she was soon so wet i did not have to find her pussy hole my dick slipped in and we were instantly fucking.

A Great Way to End the School Year!

first-time Imaginative1A 2018-01-01

And the way the girls were suggestively moving their bodies while dancing with the boys or each other shocked her. She had unbuttoned the front of the dress to look more like the girls dancing and liked the feel and look of her breasts being partially visible. As he looked in the front door window and was about to knock he saw Katie masturbating with her fingers rapidly thrusting into her exposed pussy. He watched as her hips spontaneously rose off the couch and Katie squeezed her breast in pleasure for her third orgasm. As Katie was coming down from her orgasm languidly stroking her still throbbing pussy and nipple she opened her eyes and there was Mr. Johnson standing in front of her stroking his hard cock.

A Rush of bl**d to the Head CH 1

first-time magas911 2018-01-01

After a few minutes when it became clear Luke wasn't going to strike up a conversation, I turned to him and plastered on my best smile. Denise eventually gave Nick a kiss on the cheek, stood with a great flourish and announced she was headed to the kitchen. Denise would probably talk about how her youngest baby was killing her nipples, or Patricia would complain about how Bruce looked at the babysitter. Mark offered him a slightly amused smile and then turned to look at me. My cheeks turned red and I couldn't look at Luke's face. I'd had sex with a few men before Mark, and I'd kissed my fair share of boys, but it was never like this.

More Than Just A New Years Kiss From My Son

first-time nckboy 2018-01-01

The slow dances signalled the end to the night was nearing and we cuddled in to each other, I could swear he was feeling my arse by following my suspenders down over my cheek and it felt like he was rubbing his crotch in to me too, which felt a little hard if I might add. “Happy New Year Nick” I said as I turned and kissed my son, our lips touched and it felt like the kiss I had been longing for all night. The alarm goes off and Nick turns it off, still groggy from last night drinking, I take in where I am, naked in bed with my son with a very cum crusted stuck fanny and memories start to come back.

Ryan Enjoys Exploring

first-time carnacarn 2018-01-01

Ryan could only think of his girlfriend Liz as he watched Taylor stick her tongue down Mike's throat. Paul always seemed to come to mind when Ryan watched a video like this. Ryan was sprawled out on his bed as he heard Mike praise Taylor's oral skills. Ryan started stroking his cock as Paul joined him on the bed and did the same. Not even bothering to lay down on the bed, Ryan started tugging on his cock as he thought again back on Liz's hand caressing and playing with his cock through his shorts. Ryan enjoyed the view as he lay on his bed, Taylor jerking him as she kissed his thighs. In seconds, Paul was inside Taylor, who resumed her work on Ryan.

I finally did it!

first-time mdbiman 2018-01-01

I pushed harder, sticking out my tongue as if to lick his balls and I started to gag so I pulled off to catch my breath and try to get a look at this magnificent prize I was devouring but the room was too dark. His hot meat found its way back into my waiting mouth, and I took it like a good slut, caressing it with my tongue, massaging his balls with one hand and squeezing the base of his shaft with the other. I was considering backing up to the hole when he pulled back a little and started stroking, but he left the head poking through, so I suckled it and flicked my tongue at the tip until he erupted in my mouth.

A Close Shave

first-time whome1952 2018-01-01

A razor, shaving cream and a small bowl of water sat on the table next to the towel. Abbey watched as he carefully moistened the area she had so recently dried, watched as he leaned back and dropped the cloth back into the water. Picking up the shaving foam he pressed the nozzle slowly, letting the cream ooze out into the fingers of his right hand. He brought the cloth into contact with flesh carefully wiping away the few areas of shaving foam. Abbey could feel the water run along the length of her pussy, washing away the small amount of her own fluids that had seeped out while he shaved her.


The Convertable

first-time pornaholic63 2018-01-01

She squeezed her lips around it and moved her head up and down as much as she could, although Todd tried to f***e his penis deeper into her mouth than she wanted. He released his hold of her neck and Pam was sucking him all on her own, moving her head and her hands up and down rapidly. She took it out of her mouth to cough, and while she was looking at the tiny slit at the tip of the head, a huge glob of white stuff shot out of it and hit her on the face. it hurts," Pam sobbed, and winced in pain when his hips moved forward and pushed his penis a bit deeper into her body.

Sex Diaries Of Priyanka

first-time 2018-01-01

While I was moving the camera on the tripod which was facing the apartment opposite to mine, which was separated by a two-way road, I saw something which passed a current through my body, something that eventually walked me through the most horrifying and humiliating phase in my life. I saw the inside of a room through the open window, two men passionately kissing each other. I couldn’t hold my temptation anymore, that evening I picked my Camera and set it up exactly to the room where I saw those ‘now exhilarating’ act. they turn towards each other and started kissing and rubbing their tongue onto each other’s body.

She tricked me & am I glad

first-time iwannabeacumslut 2018-01-01

The only thing they love more that being dressed like a girl is getting big black cocks in thier holes. My lady wanted to see a white sissyboy get fucked so we told her if she got one here we would let her watch." He said as he pulled his pants off. You held my legs up high and told me to lick your balls as your girlfriend started playing with my tiny white cock. You gonna be suck and fucking black cock every day from now on, aintcha sheboy.' Both of you were fucking me hard and fast as i pushed and pulled to meet each thrust.

Found my Cuck and Wife at the YMCA (True Story)

first-time 2018-01-01

When this sexy mature white lady walks into the workout area. I continued my working while enjoying looking at her sexy body. A shorter white man walks in and the two of them began to talk. Then the guy drops a bomb on me, and said " did you see my sexy wife in the weightroom". I was surprised by this, and he must of read my face and said she only lets black guys with huge dicks fuck her. I walk up to them and she said " so are you the big present my husband found". She then walk up to me and began to feel my dick ( already hard) through my pants.

Sahara's First

first-time LazyDays1221 2018-01-01

Before you start thinking that I was always indulging in the 'big' clients Daddy brought home, you should know that until I started spending quality time with Derrick, I was a good little virgin. I knew I wanted to have a big cock hammering into my tight virgin cunt so I could pant and sigh and beg for more like the sexy sluts in the porno I had watched. I liked the way you made me feel like your special dirty slut." I leaned up on my knees again and pulled his half-soft cock into my mouth; I sucked more than half of Derrick's big dick into my mouth this time.

Fun, Dirty Girl, Ch. 05

first-time Styxman 2018-01-01

The kiss after Tammy sucked me off surprised both of us, but it felt so good the way the slippery residue of cum made our lips glide together. Tammy felt Lainy tugging her by the hand, pulling her down until they were side by side on their knees with Jake's cock bobbing in front of their faces. Then they were sharing it, and Tammy followed Lainy's lead, taking turns licking the shaft, sucking the head, tasting precum, kissing his balls. The condom came out, Lainy positioned it on the tip of Jake's cock and told Tammy to roll it down. While Lainy rode Jake, she was kissing Tammy and slid a hand into her bikini bottoms.

Her b*****rs friend part 1

first-time milli214 2018-01-01

She smiled, bringing one hand down and Loren turned a corner, leading toward a few more hallways and soon they'd be to the kitchen but he slowed down when he realized Emily had undone his shorts and his dick throbbed out of his jeans and she'd pulled the zipper down and she was sliding his dick into her wet pussy. "A couple of your friends, Dylan, Brock and Erik tried to bang 'er." Loren muttered and Cameron's eyes went wide and he looked at the hallway where the three boys, grinned, waving at Emily slyly. So when Cameron and Loren started to talk and their eyes were off of her, she slipped from their sight and ran away from the bar to the main living room where there was a bunch of tables with pole dancers dancing on them.

Precious Jules

first-time Member389 2018-01-01

No I got a ride home with Mr. Thomson, you know, I used to watch his daughter Sam for him a couple years ago over on Elm Street." All they want is to put a notch in their bedpost and to rack up as many girls as they can like rutting bulls!" She crossed her arms and leaned back against the counter looking down at her toes. I kept telling myself I did the right thing, while simultaneously thinking about what it would have been like to unbutton her shirt, and take off her bra and nibble my way down her neck and chest until her breasts were within reach.

كيف تقوم بالممارسة الجنسية المثلية الصحية؟

first-time bolbolghost 2018-01-01

بعد أن يكون قد تم الاتفاق على إمكانية الإيلاج بين الشريكين، يقوم الموجب بدهن عضوه بالكريم المناسب أو دهن الواقي الذكري الذي يضعه حال الضرورة، و يقوم بدهن فتحة الشرج و تدليكها بشكل لطيف جداً، و محاولة توسعتها بأصبع واحد، و لا سيما إن كان المتلقي ( السالب ) يقوم بذلك لأول مرة، و يحاول الموجب أن يمرّن الفتحة كي تستطيع استقبال العضو الذكري، و قد يفضل السالب فعل ذلك بنفسه، ثم يقوم الموجب بمحاولة الإدخال بشكل لطيف جداً، و يجب عليه أن يستشعر ألم الشريك، الذي يكون طبيعياً في بداية العملية، و لكنه مترافقاً مع رغبة أقوى عادة، و إن لم تكن الرغبة موجودة فلا ننصح بإقامة العلاقة على هذا الشكل أصلاً.

The Villain Ch. 06

first-time deathlynx 2018-01-01

Then again, someone at the PRA had guessed a para operated out of Cupid's Desires or Sparrow wouldn't have been there right now. As the date of the magnificent heroine's majority approached, Cupid began to use his ability on her handler. Every time a certain dancer took the stage, the club owner shot the tiniest bit of lust straight at the handler's libido. Over time, he gradually increased the effect until, days ago, it must have been great enough that the handler finally realized it wasn't a completely natural effect of the woman's gyrations and unspoken suggestions. In a bit of a daze, not to mention conditioned literally from birth to follow the authority of a norm, she allowed herself to be walked from the chair over to sit at the end of the soft couch against one wall of his office.

Forbidden Love

first-time 2018-01-01

She ended up going into a chat room and started talking to this guy named Joey. Elizabeth thought she was crazy inviting some guy that she didn’t know over to the house. Not long after they kissed her husband came home and started yelling at her to come to bed. Elizabeth then kissed Joey again and then started to unbutton his pants and take them off of him. Elizabeth then took one of his balls into her mouth and started gently sucking on it. While she was sucking on his cock she took her hand and started to rub on his balls. Joey gave Elizabeth one last kiss before heading back into the house.

Father Michael

first-time Nymfoholic 2018-01-01

Father Michael tried not to look at her body as he removed the cold wet material she wore but he had never taken a woman's clothes off before, never seen a naked female. Lightning flashed and Father Michaels eyes were filled with the image of the lovely Emily's plump lips wrapped around his engorged dick. She had her hands on his hard pecs to brace herself and her soft, wet, warm pussy was rubbing up and down his penis leaving a slick trail of her juice behind. Spank your bad girl for fucking her daddy's hard cock." Looking at him with sinful eyes she said "Fuck me hard Father Michael. Father Michael closed his eyes briefly as forbidden desire flooded his body.