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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Best friend's wife.

first-time mwm4cuck 2018-01-01

That she never wanted to have sex and that this next weekend was supposed to be the right time to do it according to her cycle but he had to work. I call Joe and asked if he thinks Kat could ride ok by her self. About six of us were waiting at the lot for people to show up like we normally do and Kat comes pulling in. I told them Joe was working and that she was probably just board and wanted to see what was going on. She laughs again and says" don't worry about it, I'll let you know if you need to pull out before you make any mistakes."


Fucking Fatties in Florida Ch. 03

first-time JustinNickThyme 2018-01-01

I just rolled off of the soft-bodied teen, and as I lay back on that big bed, granny slid over to suck my sticky dick clean, "Just remember that when this cock gets hard again real soon, lover boy, you've got a well used pussy over here that needs attention, too." But we had more work to do on that newly deflowered whore-wantabe. He filled her tight little twat with what Laurie felt was a gallon of man juice, which got her a lecture and lesson from Grandma Helen about the horrors of VD and AIDS, not to mention baby making, and that if that or any other young stud wants into her pussy, she must demand the use of a love sheath, a rubber, a condom.

Lactation room

first-time musclecock 2018-01-01

"Here it is," Andy said softly, "that little crack keeps prevents the machine from making suction, which in turn doesn't allow the milk to be pumped from your breasts!!!" "What am I going to do," Donna said in a half wailing voice, "I've gotta get this milk out of my breasts, they're starting to hurt!?!" "Well," Andy replied, "you're going to have to replace that hose, until then you're out of luck, I'm sorry!!!" "Hey," he said excitedly, "it's easy, look at how much we have all ready!!!" Donna leaned back in the chair, and relaxed while Andy worked on her breasts while asking, "Am I hurting you," wanting to make sure that everything was okay?!?" "Oh no," she replied, "on the contrary, your fingers feel wonderful, much better than that old breast pump!!!" Andy continued milking the young woman, still unable to believe that she was allowing him to have his way with her spectacular chest!

Shared Wife (Threesome, MMF, DP)

first-time pure_lust 2018-01-01

Rachel's hand reached down into my shorts and grabbed hold of my growing cock as her mouth started licking my ear. Our lips met and we shared another long and hot kiss as Tim started running his hands all over her breasts. Rachel got on all fours and took my cock into her mouth while Tim entered her from behind. Rachel sucked my cock as I lay there, watching Tim fuck her doggy-style. Rachel took her mouth off my cock and looked up at me again with glassy eyes, her mouth hanging half open and her tongue sticking out a tiny bit. Rachel shifted her arms and arched her neck upwards as Tim grabbed a couple of handfuls of her hair and pulled her head back gently.

Oh Maria, how naughty.

first-time monkeymonkey42 2017-12-31

I pushed my bags underneath the table and Craig moved in, we lunged in together for a kiss on the mouth, our lips tangle together and I responded by pushing my tongue past his teeth and swirling it around his inner cheeks, he pushed back with his tongue, I could feel he’s getting turned on very fast, his cock at my belly, oh here we go, my tits were soon in his hands again, he was pleased my bra was missing.

Mountain Seduction

first-time Ashson 2017-12-31

Shaun started moving his fingers deeper and deeper, feeling the tension rising within Simone. He edged forward and felt a cobweb like touch that flicked and parted as he moved in, and realised that her hymen was there no longer and that Simone hadn't even noticed it going. It seemed no time passed, and he had fully entered that hot little pussy and could feel Simone's small black curls rubbing against his testicles. Shaun was gasping now as he could feel his climax approaching, then shuddered as he felt Simone convulse beneath him, her internal muscles clamping tightly around his cock and triggering his own climax.

Racist wife loves bbc

first-time 2017-12-31

We ended up on a king size bed with the man we came to the party with and a single woman I wanted to fuck. She had made a big deal about not swinging with any back couples or fucking any black men, I did not want to put her on the spot I did not want to ruin the mood by saying “I told you so”. I almost said something to the men on the bed with my wife but I was shocked when I saw the large dick going into her ass. What she did tell me that after the first man that fucked her left, the attracted couple that owned the house came to the pool house and had sex with her.

Rapunzel's Sensual Awakening

first-time Hangdog90 2017-12-31

Rapunzel lay across her bed with her long, golden hair trailing across her shoulders and spread out across her head like the sun rays she was watching. As she looked around the room for something to take her mind from the melancholy, she remembered her mother's visit and the book she had been too shocked at to allow Rapunzel to read. But Rapunzel's eye was drawn to the dark hair between the woman's legs, and she found herself reading more, picturing in her mind the thin fingers probing inside. Her eyes flicked back to the book and she turned the page, reading on as her fingers tickled the hair between her legs. Rapunzel read about the woman gasping and moaning, pressing her other fingers deep inside her as she did so, and wondered what it felt like.

Sea Adventures II

first-time sellena 2017-12-31

Light breeze made me feel the moist between my legs and for a moment I just wanted to lie down on a sand and masturbate while watching his beautiful body disappearing in the sea....But then I felt the warm water on my feet and I was hypnotized, just entering deeper and deeper. I was trying to relax my pussy muscles, but I was so aroused I thought I could cum even before his cock touched my pussy walls...The next moment I could feel his tip inside and I never felt so fulfilled. It felt like entering some different plain of reality...his cock was hardly moving in my ass, causing no pain just pure pleasure, while his fingers were playing with my pussy, forcing me towards an explosive orgasm.

Exploring Sex Ch. 1

first-time MisterE27 2017-12-31

Jamie noticed that she was getting wet between her thighs as Sarah put her hands under Jaime's shirt and expertly tweaked her nipples. Sarah's own crotch lay at Jaime's feet as she slowly kissed up her thighs to taste her virgin lips. Sarah carefully shaved her virgin, taking in Jaime's lovely body as they smiled at each other. They sat back in the living room as Sarah rubbed some moisturizer on Jaime's tender lips, kissing her newly shaved labia and taking in the mixed scent of a freshly shaven and satisfied woman. Jaime placed her hand on her clitoris, caressing it softly as she thought about her night with Sarah, the adventure to come, and slowly drifted off to sleep.

This is not really porn, but anyway

first-time nabor12 2017-12-31

It's sad when you realize he just wanted a blowjob. When your first lover dies on you, you think people are actually nice and they also want a relationship. It was sad for me to find out most people only want sex. I struggled all through my teenage years, thinking I had to be feminine to get a masculine partner, and I hated that possibility. The sad thing is that I enjoyed these encounters and I actually thought we could turn it into something serious.... Stupidly enough we became friends for a year!!!!!, That was a huge mistake, but it made me realize sex is just sex and falling in love is dangerous.

Cold Quickie

first-time 2017-12-31

I pulled up in my new red Corvette, went in, and found that I was the only straight guy there with about a dozen Mad-na wanna be hairdressers. Right out of the blue, a zapper, I wasn’t sure what fisting was, but I said that’s cool, I like it too. She looked at me long and hard and said she was into anything anal, so then I figured out what fisting was. As we arrived, I said pull around back, and she parked in a dark spot near the landscaping, and we got out .

A Year Of First Times Ch. 05

first-time Theeeeee1 2017-12-31

Of course, there had been a couple of times when we almost got caught with our ‘pants down.’ There was the night when Torrie sucked my dick for the first time and a car pulled into the driveway of the deserted farmhouse. Torrie put her hand in my pants and began rubbing my growing dick as I alternated kissing and sucking on her breasts and nipples. As I buried my tongue deep between her pussy lips, I could feel Torrie lick up the length of my dick and across the tip several times before her lips encircled the head. It didn’t take long for the kissing, touching and rubbing of our naked bodies together to cause my semi-erect dick to grow hard again.

A Blossoming

first-time ainu 2017-12-31

Those girls that you said were fucking their boyfriends probably started just like this a couple years ago, then they slowly worked their way through trying different things before finally fucking. Both of her hands almost slam onto the back of my head, pressing me into her tightly, her legs start moving, sort of opening and closing around me, and I feel more and more fluid on my fingers. She breaks the kiss and looks at me with a grin, sits up just a little and reaches down with both hands, grabs the waistband of my bathing suit, and starts pulling it down.

Sex Studio Secrets #22: Jennifer-5

first-time petdyke 2017-12-31

Professor Peter pushes the button till she is all the way up and spread wide eagled. Suddenly she feels Peter hands at her breasts. My cat likes to kiss your breasts with its hits by the tasty tails. Petra finished shaving and is kissing her baby style looking love lips. Petra licks her ass cheeks and love lips till last drop. I think Jennifer is ready for your inspection, Granddad Sir. Please pull her up to the proper height and get my macro camera, pretty Petra. Now love, these little bites you feel at your thick lips are mini-pins at lines, which I will attach to your ankles.

Liar: His Story

first-time Christie052780 2017-12-31

We got back to the room and I told her to take a shower and set out one of the robes for her to wear. I asked her about her room mate and if she was envious of what was going on in her room and she told me about being a virgin (yeah, right, I thought) and about fearing getting pregnant. Suddenly I knew I had to have her and my hands just kept doing their thing and I started massaging her just the same way I do with my wife when I want to get laid. I went for her pussy and she didn't resist when my finger slipped between her lips and started working up her dew.

Surprise Experience

first-time Jellie7 2017-12-31

I had seen them before training in an area I decided would be good to go skinny dipping however what William didn't know was that I planned to time it when the girls would be training. As he got closer and closer to his climax I jumped out and ran towards our clothes, leaving him sexually frustrated, still completely naked, in the lake. It was at that moment a big group of uniformed school girls came down the hill and caught my boyfriend completely naked and alone, having just climbed out of the lake. One of the girls said "it's huge!" And all the girls began to laugh, one even went to touch it, this took William out of his frozen state and he started to panic, frantically looking for his clothes.

She was like a little s****r to me...

first-time Scimie 2017-12-31

I held down for a few more seconds, enjoying the feeling her wet little mouth gave me before letting go, and as I did so, she quickly slid her mouth off my cock, gasping for air. She didn't answer, she merely looked at me, got up, laid on the couch and opened her legs, rubbing her pussy with her fingers as she stared at my cock. I thrust my way deeper insider her, my cock was nearly engulfed by her little pussy now, it was so wet and warm, the walls of her pussy compressed my cock, clenching around it as if it didn't want to let go.

Bridget's Mouth

first-time Hawksmoor 2017-12-31

My bobbing erection brushed the warm skin of her cheek and she looked up at me to whisper, "I always wondered what it would be like to suck a really big one." I stared incredulously and stupidly murmured "What?" She gave a sultry laugh and asked "Can I suck it?" and not waiting for an answer she began wetly kissing the head of my dick as she massaged my thighs with her hands. Bridget suddenly backed off and slipped my spasming penis out of her mouth, wrapped her delicate fingers around my bucking shaft and held the head a fraction of an inch before her lips jacking me off in her face.

My girlfriends first fully nude flash.

first-time madieraman 2017-12-31

He looked at me and said "Don't take this the wrong way but it's been nice seeing your girlfriend the last few days in all those skimpy outfits." He even apologized to me for saying it, but I told him not to worry about it and that she likes showing off her body. I called my girlfriend who was on her way home from work and let her know that we were going out and that the plan was in motion. After about an hour at the bar I told my friend that I wasn't feeling very well and we should head back to the apartment.

My best friend

first-time peedeeguy 2017-12-31

"And it looks like your enjoying this", he replied as he glanced down at my hard dick. AS I took a long swallow Howard looked over at me and asked me "Are you gay?" I spit beer all over the place, I turned and looked at him "what makes you say that?" I asked. "Cum in me!" I replied, "I want to feel your load when you nut inside of me." With one final thrust, Howard buried his cock deep inside me and I felt his dick swell as he came. Howard stayed in me as he came, pumping me to get every drop of cum into me as his dick began to go soft. Howard let a smile work across his face, "guess that why I've always known you were my best friend." he said.

Jessica's Dream Ch. 02

first-time sexy_roland 2017-12-31

- Set the date, a long holiday weekend that would include a Friday and Monday, for all 3 stages of the event; namely the big fuck fest with the 100 men who will screw her 20 times each, then the semi-final when the top 10 men will be chosen to fuck her 5 times each and then the finals in which 3 will be chosen to screw her once each; - Decide on the location of the event, whether at her apartment or at a secluded cottage; - Write the ad, delicately phrased, which will appear on the internet and in the newspaper classifieds; - Design the "Screw Her Pussy" card; - Purchase boxes of condoms over time to ease the cost of the product and to avoid suspicion; - Arrange for and prepare food and drink; - Arrange for arrival and departure times for the groups of men who will come to her place - Arrange for entertainment and things for the guests to do while they are waiting to do perform the act; - Arrange for things, which will eventually arise as the weekend arrives.


A bizarre walk to school

first-time lana100 2017-12-31

up and start getting ready for our morning class when Ashley with a My cock is free, Ashley moves her head down and kisses the head of my penis before my cock slowly enters her mouth. I look to my left and see Ashley's beautifully black hair. Ashley awake I feel the violate shake of my newly acquired breasts. Ashley gets off the bed and runs towards the bathroom mirror, I quickly In the mirror I see Ashley's head connected to my body, with a witness protection, I look at Ashley who says that's a good idea and nod been craving, I start to feel the head of his cock slowly enter me. My body starts shaking, I feel an orgasm

Good Student

first-time lovingfingers 2017-12-31

When he had turned the leaver all the way in one direction, he looked down and caught sight of her looking up at him, her blouse slightly open, and her cleavage displayed. "Um, don't know if I turned it the right way until the air comes on," he managed to say, glad that he could look in the direction of her face and still stare at her opening blouse. And then she came, groaning deeply, her body spasming, her cunt squeezing his cock hard. She took his face again and looked deeply into his eyes, "Promise me you will never tell anyone ever about this." His cock still buried inside her, he swore, "I do promise, never." She kissed him again.