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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Finally Nailed her

first-time chandan0707 2017-12-31

I thought of lying naked in my room and wait till my aunt comes in but then even that didn’t work as i never got the house free for just me and her. I told her how i started thinking sexually towards her and how i used to dirty her delicates and how i tried really hard to seduce her to fuck me and how much i love her. her hands were out of control, they were either messing with her hair or pushing my finger more inside her or pinching her nipples or finding my dick and squeezing her. I could feel my self build up and the moment i was getting close to cumming i would stop pumping her and would start squeezing her ass and boobs.

Master's Double Subbing Part 6

first-time 2017-12-31

After emailing back and forth several times, the lady and slave were finally able to set a date for a meeting that worked not only for them both but also for Master also. It really wanted this to work not only because of pleasing Master but also after all this emailing back and forth with the lady the slave was looking forward to it. Once Master was finished He rubbed each cheek and started to run His fingers down its butt crack till He found what he was looking for which was the slave’s pussy. Master whispered in slave’s ear, “I’m going to get my slut all ready for her.” He started sliding His fingers in the wet pussy deeper and deeper till He had the slave dripping wet and begging to cum.

The first time 2

first-time 2017-12-31

I could barely restrain, not reaching for their amazing big breasts, but to slide my hands from her head over her shoulders to her Vorbug and encircle them a bit before I touched her erect nipples and twirling. I had read that women liked it when you sucked on them, so I lowered my face down to her breasts and sucked on them zertlich. I felt like she stiffened briefly, but just when I wanted to quit so they relaxed and pressed my head firmly on her Brus. While she was in her hands ran along my sides, they began to kiss me from the navel down. As they circled my glans with her tongue, she ran her lips up and down the shaft and played the way even with my acorns!

Taken... Her Pubes... and Virginity!

first-time MrsJ 2017-12-31

And I dedicate this series to all the awesome Claires, Kirstys, Tegans, Jennys and Paiges out there who happily drop their knickers, embrace their sexuality, are continually discovering the phenomenal pleasures lying hidden -- and simply waiting to be uncovered - within their mysterious female bodies, and who are then willing to appropriately share their bodies and the wonderful sexual gifts that they, as females, have been blessed to have inherited. I could understand why they wanted to return to the nudist resort -- there were kids their own age to hang out with...there were guys they could flirt with...they could see (close up) what hung between those guys' legs...and they could dream or imagine how it might feel having some of the best well-hung meat on display thrust up between their legs...they could tease the guys...they would be admired by the guys...and some very pleasurable sex would inevitably come their way.

How It's Supposed to Be

first-time CuriosityCanKill 2017-12-31

His favorite time to be alive was when he was laying next to her in her fluffy queen bed, feeling her soft skin and smooth dark curls. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world as he bent his head down to kiss her first on the forehead and then on her bare lips. She slipped her hands inside his shirt and felt his warm, hard body with exploring hands. As though he had done it one hundred times before, he slipped his hands inside them and felt the effects of what he had been doing to her. His head began to travel down her body when she slipped her fingers in his hair and forced him to look at her.

Learning to let go.....

first-time 2017-12-31

Because of the hunger I feel, and partly because I don't want to lose him, I've let my boyfriend go further and further over the last week or so. I don't know whether he does it to make me feel jealous, but I've seen my boyfriend looking at other girl's bottoms, sometimes openly flirting with waitresses in restaurants, and then after a row last Sunday he said I didn't really like him and that I should learn to let myself go a bit. I felt my boyfriend's cute bottom for the first time that night, and I really liked the feel of it. And maybe next time I'll learn to let myself go a bit further...I'll keep you posted.

My first real girlfriend

first-time topsytina 2017-12-31

When I returned to college, I didn’t know what o expect from my roommate, Monica. Looking back, I liked Monica and was attracted to her, but I wasn’t “in love” with her or any girl. To exasperate matters, Monica’s boyfriend started to spread a rumor that I was a lesbian. My other friend, Sarah, and I talked to a few guys and eventually made it back to the hotel room that all four of us were sharing. Did I want Sarah to be that girl? Sarah didn’t let my orgasm stop at one. Sarah eventually worked her way up my body to my head. Sarah and I spent the last three days of spring break together.

Harold's First Time Part I

first-time roachman85 2017-12-31

Harold had kept to himself in high school deciding that concentrating on his studies and graduating on time were more important than girls or sex (funny how many teenage boys really don’t think that way). Then I want you to slightly tilt you head to the right and kiss me.” Harold did as he was told but as he kissed her he noticed his desire for her grew stronger and he felt that the same was happening to her. You are about to cum and I want you to experience the most powerful orgasm you will ever have.” She knew he wouldn’t last much longer but the thought of taking his virginity had excited her to the point that she felt an orgasm coming and after 2 years it was a most welcome feeling.

Buxom Redhead Has Her Cherry Popped

first-time DeeFuhreese 2017-12-31

Even simple things like, for example, being able—for the first time—to dress as she pleased was a joy for Jenny, who for far too long her parents had kept cloistered from perceived sources of "sin." However, even having renounced and rejected her upbringing, she, now 18 years old, still hadn't taken the step of expressing herself least, not with a partner. We lay entangled with each other, with Jenny's soft, plump, cool lips pressed against my hot mouth as my hands ran down her back and, eventually, grabbed her left buttock through her jeans and squeezed it gently. Within minutes of taking my cock into her mouth, Jenny would pull away at my warning to avoid the volcanic semen eruption my every orgasm brought.

My maid guided me how to fuck

first-time jimmy_khan 2017-12-31

After the weekend when the maid came back she smiled and asked "do you remember the lesson or I need to tell you again." I smiled too and replied, "lets take a test to asses am I a good student or not !" She had a laughter and kissed me while her hand slipped into my pant and started to take a ruthless test. Put her legs on my shoulder holding them tight and before she could asses my intention I once again pushed my ram into her asshole she once again cried "Nooooo" but by then rocket hit the target and went deep into the dark valley of love.

Models of 'Perfuction'! Ch. 03

first-time anonentity 2017-12-31

"I've never felt a kiss like that before," she groaned, her mouth coming to mine for another long caress, our lips mingling and lingering in long soft passages until her tongue slipped within my mouth and teased my tongue to follow hers back into her mouth so she could suck it passionately while my hands worked down over the supple shapes of her naked back and down to her bare buttocks to massage them.

The Business Trip

first-time cteroticwriter 2017-12-31

Does he know about the fantasies where you get very excited as your picture yourself screaming for help, but no one comes to rescue you, while a stranger uses your body? Does he know about the fantasies where men f***e you to humiliate yourself while you play with your own body while they watch, and make yourself orgasm? I’m going to pull the tape off your mouth, while you moan and squirm on that chair, enjoying the nipple clamps and the vibrator. That’s it, struggle if you want, but you’re going to take all of my shaft into this sweet, wet, hole. I’m going to make your orgasm again with this vibrator, while you watch the end of the DVD.

Invitation into a virgin ass #8

first-time petdyke 2017-12-31

As spoons we wake up, hug and kiss and make sweet long love. With excellent strong coffee as we both like. Before our other hours of love we need to clean you, my dear. You know how long I can get. Do you first a few times, like I know you love it. Drive my tongue up and down, to get the holy hole wet. Good heavens. I enjoy to watch how hot we look at both our screens. Jolly hot, my dear to hear you scream. Kakaphonia of sopping sounds of double love. Long time I only slowly poke my mighty muse. My god, you look so hot. My dear, my ear will hear your screeams for ever.

First Time

first-time reshmaindian 2017-12-31

He turned me and removed my bra and started kissing me from my neck to my breasts. He came on top of me and started kissing my lips again. He pushed his tongue inside and started licking my mouth, my tongue. He then came down and started licking and kissing my body. He started kissing and licking my thighs. He came down and removed my panty and started kissing and biting my ass. He slowly removed my hands and kissed my pussy. He lifted my ass by his hands and placed a pillow below and started eating my pussy. He slowly started finger fucking me while sucking my nipples. He finished it and came up and gave a hard kiss on my lips.

Daddy gets his cock between her lips

first-time fotisampini 2017-12-31

I had managed to convince her to go back to school for the remainder of the week, and to dress a little more sensibly, though she did show me on the way out of the door on Friday morning that she wasn't wearing any underwear! Sadie eventually comes downstairs wearing only a tight black t-shirt dress and her thigh-high black leather boots. This guy obviously thinks that Sadie's some kind of goddess (I'm not about to argue), and he finishes off by saying that he'd "like to see a cock between those pretty lips sometime soon". Sadie looks at the camera and sticks her tongue out, showing the pool of cum she's collected there.

Me And The s****r-in-law

first-time isixtynine4u 2017-12-31

As i stated in my last story i thought my gf s*s was hot but she was young at the time like shower on and didnt realize what time it was and kinda thought it was My wife so i nodded back then i felt lips on my prick and just laid there enjoying it and a few minutes later i heard Amy say to reveal her naked body and DAMN fine looking pussy and said you cant resist! minutes later she came and said now fuck my cunt with that long hard thick cock and she laid said OH NO YOUR GONNA FUCK ME HARD and i started slamming it and she was screaming

Tiffany's Revenge

first-time fotisampini 2017-12-31

Tiff's b*****r, Rich, had caught her making out with a boy when she thought no one was home, and said he would tell their parents on her unless she didn't clean his room every week, and do all of his chores around the house! Tiff was crying, so Rich rubbed her ass gently, trying to make it feel better. He rubbed her little butt with his finger, pushing gently against it. Rich couldn't stand it any longer and pushed her harder, shooting his load into his little s****r's pussy. He spread some of her pussy juice onto her ass hole and cock, and gently rubbed the head against her tight opening.

The girl from high school

first-time 2017-12-31

This one time while I was up on a chair fixing a sign for the Christmas evening in the class room, she just reached out and put her hand in my pants in front of everybody. I felt embarassed and strangely aroused at the same time. I grabbed her hands just in time before everybody could see what was happening. In about five minutes I took her clothes off and started licking her small perky tits and my tongue slipped to her small pussy. We started doing the same move for five or so minutes but I couldn't hold it in me so I ejaculated all over her tits right after I pulled my dick out of her pussy.

My freshman roommate’s toys

first-time topsytina 2017-12-31

Monica would come back to the room after spending the night with her boyfriend and tell me all about the night. A few times that fall I would return to the room late at night. I felt myself getting aroused by just listening to Monica. I made two decisions that night...I wanted to listen to Monica more and wanted to try those toys out. Monica was pleasuring herself almost every night. When Monica left for a night at her boyfriend’s, I decided to take a chance and try her toys out. Maybe a half out later I decided to try the little vibrator again. I didn’t like the bunny ears on my clit as much as the pocket rocket.

The Steamy Chase Ch. 08

first-time adjoaq 2017-12-31

Kayla felt so good, every muscle in Dean's body trembled with pleasure. "Fuck!" Dean bellowed, gripping Kayla's hips tightly with renewed urgency, and then silently calling on all the angels for control, he slowly pulled out and thrust back into her gently and rhythmically. Kayla felt Dean's breath on her arse and turned to look behind her. It felt like Dean was everywhere, inside her pussy and her arse, fucking vigorously into her from behind, and at the same time, looking directly at her. You're going to have to tell me exactly where you want me to touch you." Dean's voice sounded so sexy a shiver raced down Kayla's spine.

hiding at the football game

first-time c-mon96 2017-12-31

she sighs slowly and tells me "ya kno, we're the only 2 ppl in the building and this is our senior year so.." so i laugh and slyly say "and your point?" so she says "sooo i wanna try something here" and the wheels in my head started turnin and i feel her hand running slowly up and down my leg as she looks up at me with an innocent look in her eyes so so i go in for a kiss as i rub her breast through her t shirt and slide my hand under her bra...

New wonderful person erupted into my world

first-time PHATBITCH 2017-12-31

sudden he came over to me and started kissing me and was like ready to go to bed I could not say no because I had already seen a picture of his cock and I could not I had never felt a cock like that and my biggest turn on was a man that was loud and moaned and groaned and talked during sex and believe me that was something i could not wait for so but I knew right then that it was going to be a hell of a ride and that I had lost my rein with the life I had lived for 38 years that I was no longer a dominant 5'11" big bold beautiful woman I now was a

Thank You from Jessica Simpson

first-time XXXNoBounds 2017-12-30

In anticipation of the double fucking she was going to get, Jessica had produced plenty of fresh juices, so much so that they were actually running down her legs or dripping from her pussy onto the head of Duane's cock and running down the sides. A few seconds after Duane's big cock drove all the way into Jessica's pussy, I started plowing my smaller one back into her ass. Duane's hands pushing on her hips impaled her pussy onto his big, black shaft, and Jessica's hands, shoving against the bed as she fucked back to meet us, helped her envelop both cocks in exactly the places she wanted them.

Just Before The Concert

first-time YDB95 2017-12-30

"I hope Patty and Tanya and Lynn are okay with it," Mark said, casting a glance at the back of the bus where the trip's three token women were immersed in their own conversation. "Can't really tell by looking, I guess," Mark said, noticing with some relief out of the corner of his eye that Mike and Chris were getting up to leave. "Because we all want to shower after that bus ride anyway, and we're running out of time for that." Without another word, she pulled her sweatshirt and t-shirt over her head, and Mark found himself treated to the beautiful sight of Patty's generous breasts cupped in a lacy forest green bra.