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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Becoming the House Bitch

first-time Throwawayaccount68 2017-12-30

We kept joking around, but eventually Doug stood up and starting walking towards everyone, going from one guy to the next, trying to get his cock as close to them as possible to make them uncomfortable. Finally he broke the tension and said, "I knew at least one of you loved my cock." He pushed my head back into his cock and balls and started rubbing my face against it. I did as I was told and put his cock back in my mouth and starting sucking on it, a little hard this time, and putting more in my mouth. I started bobbing my head up and down his cock more, and Doug got more aggressive.

Acrobatics 09

first-time Strawberry_2051 2017-12-30

Jack was in waist deep water with Mary standing in his hands at his shoulders. How about giving me a hug from behind?" Mary took her time and sensually floated around pressing her bare ass back against Jack's expanding dick. Jack pulled Mary over on the bed and they bumped into Joan who let out an "oops." Joan moved over to the bedside desk chair and started to lightly stroke her breasts through her white bathing suit as she watched. Jack lowered his hands to finally get a good feel of Mary's stunning soft ass. Mary made sure to get a good look at Jack's dick as Joan moaned from her chair.

Seducing a friend

first-time Bi_Cock 2017-12-30

"Would you like a tea? "You know what it's like. I laughed, only half listening to what she was saying. I worked my way down to the middle to her back and leant in to kiss the back of her neck. My cock throbbed again, begging, pleading me to be let out. "Lie on the table," I whispered. I quickly went into the bathroom to grab the baby oil. I poured the oil from her neck down to her navel and she exhaled and giggled. She flinched and I laughed. At this I leant over and started kissing down her neck and with my other hand massaging her oily boobs. "Fuck me," she whispered, almost begging. "Fuck.

My Last Summer at the Lake

first-time Queen_of_Desire 2017-12-30

We always arrived a few days before the fourth, so mom and dad could prepare for the big party they through for their friends on the lake. Following in the footsteps of my grandfather and father, I would be headed out west to a prestigious Ivy league school where I would be studying law and likely taking over my dad's law firm one day. She was tall, had long blonde curls that went to her shoulders, big dark blue eyes, and a face that had wrinkled little with time. "Yeah mom...Will know...we've been friends since I was about three," I said jokingly.

Cute Model

first-time Happy Snapper 2017-12-30

She asked me if it was necessary that all models should shave their pussy hair (yes, she called it pussy hair – so innocent, so cute – and blushed when she said it!) I told her that it was only in high fashion circles considered necessary, because the models had to model all kinds of clothes, especially underwear and bathing costumes, and it wouldn't look nice on some models, especially those with dark hair, when their pussy hair stuck our along the side of their panties' elastics. I told her I thought she was one of the most naturally beautiful models that I had ever photographed, to which she blushed and said I was pulling her leg.

My Virgins: Helen Ch. 1

first-time BadBoyBobbie 2017-12-30

At 26 she would know how to handle herself, and she was probably as attracted to my suit and my job as much as she was to my rugged good looks and great moves on the dance floor. I hit the lights and Helen walked down the hallway, peeking into the two bedrooms as she passed them, and then walking into the living room, the whole time looking around at the artworks on my wall, the mounted posters from the plays I had been in or produced, and all the personal stuff I put out to make this place my home. As I explored and stretched the tight rim Helen’s took hold of my hand, pulling my fingers into her cunt while she pushed down hard with all her body.

02 brief sex - Defloration of Francoise

first-time 2017-12-30

02 brief sex - Defloration of Francoise Françoise was in the same class as me .. The end of the year arrived and it was the release for some time .. I'm pretty bad if I orgy several times with friends .. Francoise was actually very hot ... Francoise and began to moan so expressive .. she gave me her sex .. a little bit of k**ney Francoise put me in position and I indulged in it .. I looked into his eyes .. and closed his eyes .. ending on the mound to enjoy .. Francoise did not care really. because she had just taken his foot for the second time .. I enjoyed it under my tongue flicks here for sure.


first-time lovelyguyraja 2017-12-30

My father ran to him and stood beside me, He told him "You dont have to pay your tax". By saying it, he hold my hands, pulls me and started walking. When the chariot moves deep inside a forest in a unknown route, I realised that its weekend. He told me to stood up, I stood up and balanced myself in the running chariot hiding my breast with two hands.He took his shirt away and his ribs and chest were so manly. He rolled his tongue all over my lips and inside my mouth.As I dont have anything to holds I ran my hands over his ribs and I could feel a hard erect dick inside him.

My Pussy And Butt For Son

first-time nana414 2017-12-30

I’m married and having a son he is too handsome for his age I can’t control my cunt from dripping when see him in boxers or when he is not wearing any tops, he is 18 this year but he looks very matured and hot any horny woman will be dreaming of having sex with him. Let me start my story, even though i am a horny slut, but at home ill still maintain as a good wife and mother, my sex life with my husband "was" superb which means he is no more fucking me not to say fuck, he don’t even kiss me!

Dreamy Dairy Cream Queen

first-time Johnnytames69 2017-12-30

Now for the grand finale and to see if this sexy little slut will be the first to make it on the sperma wall of fame, the crowd cheered at her Bukkake, that must have been the key for the women, who came back out with a large mug filled tp the brim with sperm and three large empty bowls, they gave her the mug and she put it up to her lips and on her mouth then without hesitating tipped her head back, empting the cup, her stomach was already so full that she felt like she was gonna puke, and shit out all the delicious cum at the same time.

Summer Job Pt 2

first-time celtic-green 2017-12-30

Jane looked at Scotty and said I am kind of in the middle of something her, he then noticed me ass in the air my butthole exposed to the entire world. Jane said" He is fine he just had a little rough experience with your little buddy Tom. Scotty stepped out of his clogs and pants and casually walked over to check out my turd cutter. I felt that I was about to climax, Jane could feel it to and she popped of my cock and roughly gave my balls a tug and the climax subsided. She started slowly taking time to feeling the stretch working her way to a vigorous pounding every time I got close to blowing she used the ball tug to bring me back from the edge.

First Time Anal. First Time Cheating.

first-time Sexmadscotsman 2017-12-30

I replied with shaking hands, "Yes," got her address and told my wife I was going fishing with a friend that night. Sam got on her knees in front of my and opened my jeans and took out my hard member from its tight confines of my jeans. At this point I did not know she liked anal until I realised she had a finger deep in her asshole as she got closer to cumming. This went on for a while before I said fuck it! I grabbed her and threw her onto her bed, pulling my cock out of her ass. I was getting even closer to my own tipping point when she told me she was going to cum again, only a few minutes after the other one. 

Who would have thought

first-time 2017-12-30

We both had semi-erections and enjoyed the young lovelies appearing on the screen but then up came a young guy with a nice stiff cock and slim, tanned body. Then Roy chose another of the same guy, from behind this time, his balls hanging nicely, his hole begging to be poked. I could feel my face flush and and as my cock pulsed I hoped Roy hadn't noticed my erection. I grabbed two beers from the fridge, took the bottle opener from the drawer and opened the bottles, all with my back to Roy. Go down damn you, I thought to myself but no, my cock just poked straight out defying gravity. "I thought you like a bit of cock but I didn't realise I did" he said

1Days of my youth [3]

first-time alibodge 2017-12-30

As I took up the whip again Pete reminded me that I was to not forget her pussy and her breasts, and thanking him, I began the next stroke which had me coming as the thongs bit into her breasts, her legs must by now have been finding supporting her body on tiptoe a trial, as she was slowly slumping her weight onto the rope, lifting each leg in turn, and twisting to ease the strain her right leg raised as I swung the next stroke the thongs found their mark wrapping themselves up between her legs to strike at the softest part of her body, I was glad of the gag, as her muffled screams were now loud in the big room, the next wrapped itself round her breasts again leaving another livid wheal across both.

The Very Long Tease

first-time Anitole 2017-12-30

My bra came off and he kissed my breasts as I climbed on top of him, feeling the pressure of his erection through the fabrics, kissing him as his hands moved from my breasts, around my ribs to my back where one cradled the back of my head and the other moved down along my spine messaging slowly each bump along my spine towards my bottom. He stood up straight and I took my place against the tree, hiking my skirt and bending forward again, this time watching the tip of his cock as he put it softly on the rim of my pussy lips. I reached out a hand behind me and he held it as I felt him press softly, slowly, in.

Did s*s Start it or Me

first-time HankWilliams1956 2017-12-30

As soon as I got in my room, I stepped over and closed the door leading to the bathroom and unfastened my pants and got them pushed down off of me, down to my ankles, and then pulled my feet out of them and got on my bed, laying back on my back and picked up some lotion, off of my bedside table, putting some in my hand, and then I started stoking my hard cock, thinking about Marry and her sexy ass, wishing she didn't have those pantys on, covering her pussy and ass.

Genuine Ch. 03

first-time shawnsgrl22 2017-12-30

I know I didn't show you that, and maybe it's too late to tell you I love you, but I do." He looked into my eyes as he spoke, and I could see how serious he was. Cam kissed me again, then looked into my eyes. My senses came to me and I finally had to ask, "What about that girl you're dating?" I could feel his stiffen against me and I waited for his answer with a heavy heart. I wanted it so bad, but I grabbed his hands to stop him, suddenly becoming self conscious of my body. I love your body." He ran his large hands over my breasts, down my stomach, and stroked my pussy again.

How I Became a Whore For BBC!!!! Awesome story fro

first-time kevin_long 2017-12-30

As I stepped out of the shower the black man was standing there waiting for me, and he grabbed me and started to kiss me. He sat me on the edge of the bed and said, "Don't worry babe, we aren't going to be making love - you are about to get fucked by a black man. I started to realize that I had just had a black man cum inside me, and I could get pregnant. We're trying to have another baby, and here you are fucking a black man and begging him to cum inside you." I looked up at his huge black dick right in my face and said, "No, it's not your fault.

My first bi experience

first-time jollyjack 2017-12-30

Getting on to his knees, he took my cock into his hands and slowly put out his tongue to lick pre cum from the tip of my cock, I nearly blew my load there and then. After kissing and licking, he slowly took my cock into his mouth, sucking and tensing; it's a moment in my life I will never forget. I stuck out my tongue and licked his pre cum, it tasted sweet, kissing his shaft I decided to take him into my mouth, what a feeling, I really enjoyed giving my first blow job and sucked, kissed and licked as if my life depended on it.

Str8 Sex to be near Gay Dream Ch. 06

first-time nygayguy 2017-12-30

Never one to resist the urge to mess with one of us, Debbie said to Todd, "You know, you're supposed to kiss me, not him, when you cum in my pussy, right, you fucking whore?" Despite the words, it clearly was said with amusement. Before long, I gave my last few thrusts, and I could feel my cock flex and pulse, as I flooded her with more cum, my load adding to what was left of Todd's (a lot of his was on the sheets and my balls by then from my fucking her!). I think that will look nice with the family!" (Translation: "Glad you hid the hickey, my darling little man-whore." Okay, mom never would say that, but close enough!) And so we all headed out to a day of wholesome fun, meeting up with more family.


The perks of being a doorman!

first-time marcusp1979 2017-12-30

for me my chance came on the friday night, as usual i was working on point at the front of house and slowly young scantily dressed women passed by into the club, to be honest once you have seen one short skirt and high heels and revealing top they all tend to look the same, one girl though further down the queue caught my eye. As i fucked her she squealed in pleasure as i squeezed her breast hard as i totally dominated her, i pulled at her nipple hard as i continued fucking her f***efully, after a few minutes i felt myself nearing the point of no return, and as my cum started rising along the length of my cock, i leant forward and pulled her head back and bit at the side of her neck as i unloaded my hot cum into her tight pussy, filling the condom as it did so.

My s****r Cindy

first-time bufffreak 2017-12-30

After about two minutes I heard Danny moaning louder and louder and I could see Cindy running her fingers up and down his dick. I was embarrassed as my towel dropped to the floor just as Cindy came out of her room. Before I answered, Cindy had led me to her room, still grasping my dick. Cindy came right back by my side and again took a grip of my dick. Cindy slide beside me and took my dick in her mouth again. Cindy continued to date and I could tell when she liked a guy because she would stop inviting me into her room . I finally got a somewhat popular girl into bed and I used the pussy eating techniques I had learned from Cindy.

Friend with benefits

first-time ArdentJim 2017-12-30

She turned her head for a kiss and my hands made their way round her hips and up under her blouse to cup her bra-free breasts. She put her hand on my crouch and I was hard for her (I think I never totally lost the boner from eating her pussy before dinner), and said "I want to feel you in my mouth for a while". She licked all round my cock and balls and told me she had already done two thing with me she had never done before and she wanted to do two more tonight. I loved licking her from clit to butt-hole and she enjoyed sucking on my cock and balls.

Her first time.

first-time 2017-12-30

She was nervous and shaking and i kissed her neck and started to suck it a little bit it started turning her on. she rolled me over on to my back and took my shirt off and started to kiss my neck and as i started taking her clothes of she said I want you to stick it in me now. After about 20 minutes I still hadn't cum yet but she had orgasmed at least for times so we took the condom off and she sucked it for a bit. Then she layed on top of me and started to kiss my neck while gliding back and forth across my dick.