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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Fucked My Mom

first-time 2017-12-30

She had a smoking body, so I knew my dad was up her pussy whenever he could get it up. So after I took a shower, and I knew dad wouldn't be home for a few hours, I came out of the bathroom naked. Mom turned and grabbed my dick. It felt so good, I grabbed her head and began guiding her on and off my cock. Mom knew I was cumming, but didn't pull back. "I want you to fuck me," mom said to me. This time, mom pulled her pussy off me and she jacked me off onto her stomach. Mom let me touch her all over, and I explored her pussy and fondled her tits until I was satisfied with her body.

Step Mom Jan

first-time roosterfish 2017-12-30

smelling her panties and that's when it became to much and I started to cum. took a lick of my own moms pussy juice, it tasted like it smelled, tart and When my dad and s****r finally left I came up to mom and just said "can we do it took off my robe and waited for mom with my dick sticking straight up in the said he had spied on his older s****r and smelled her panties and it was great" I pointed my throbbing cock towards her tits and just started spraying my cum My mom started to shake a little as she later told me she came when my cum hit

The Lesbian and the Leatherman

first-time pussnbootz 2017-12-30

Missus ‘J’ smiled at Robert and said it would be her treat, she was glad he went out of his way to attend the symposium and she would be glad to buy, and that she knew of a great place to stop and eat them. Robert said the scenery of the last minute or two is what sent him in search of nude beaches around the world, finally settling in on my favorite beach where he could sit quietly and check each woman that walked by as he was looking for the perfect Missus ‘J’ look-alike to watch the rest of the day.

A Thankful Blizzard Pt. 03

first-time rexspaulding 2017-12-30

I sat there like that, thinking, pondering how I was going to talk to Kat. And what to do about the knowledge that she was the daughter of a ridiculously wealthy family – an heiress to that, too – who wanted to go her own way instead of taking over the family business. I had been so lost in my thoughts that I hadn't heard the shower stop, or any other indication that Kat was right behind me, until I felt warm hands trace from my shoulders down my chest, then her lips press into my neck. "Or do you just like seeing me do it?" This time, she pulled the waistband of my pants down and pressed her lips around the head of my cock.

Scary!!!! my friend's mom has a dick!!!!

first-time hunter043 2017-12-30

When I went upstairs I didn't saw her anywhere then while finding her I went to her bathroom and that was one of the biggest mistakes of my life which I later came to know. It was painful for the first time as the dick didn't got inserted fully but she kept on hitting me from my back and I was shouting like anything but she was not in the mood to stop and then after some minutes she gave a cum shots on my ass... I fucked her for at least five minutes then when I was about to deliver she suddenly put her face in front of my dick and got a facial cum shots which she wants at the end.

Father Joe, My Father Confessor

first-time LusciousLady_02769 2017-12-30

I do as instructed, and watch in some confusion as you bring the pointer toward you, reach for the panties, then hold the damp part to your nose and take a deep breath, closing your eyes as you do. Placing my legs on your shoulders, you inch closer until you can place just the head of your rod into me, much like the man in my dreams did the night before. You quickly move just the top of your anointing rod up and down in the soaking wet valley between my legs, letting it slip into me, with a few pushes, very slowly. You aid me in changing my position, and I'm barely settled on my knees when I feel your hand between my legs and delving into my wet, pink hole.

Turning to Darkness p19

first-time VictorL4fun 2017-12-30

“Everything is life is a game.” The shadow prince said “Or perhaps it’s better to look at everything as part of a play. Stopping just short of causing the girl to cum again; he got Rachel close to the edge twice before asking her “Do you fear a good fucking?” As she bounced she babbled he deepest thoughts; “You’re a pervert, a p*****n fucking pervert, you made a c***d into a vampire and she is a sexy little slut, Im a pervert too, cause I did it with her, I liked fucking your daughter, ohh I liked eating her bald little pussy.” Rachel shivered as another orgasm gripped her.

A Big Meeting Ch. 03

first-time mybaby 2017-12-30

Steve moved me on to my knees and entered me from the rear,"Ooooooooo," I cooed as he thrust into me, "God that`s good," I panted again thrusting back onto his dick, "You`re making me cum again," I said almost matter of factly, I buried my head into the pillow in an attempt to stifle my screams as I approached another orgasm."Oh god, oh my god, your making me cum again, Ahhhhhhhhh," I buried my head deeper into the pillow as my orgasm overcame me, I was just about coming down when I felt Steve`s cock expand, this set me off again. "Lay down," I instructed Steve, who needed no second invitation, he slumped onto the bed his feet still on the floor I jumped off the bed, admiring his cock, standing to attention magnificently, "Open your legs." I ordered.

Awkward Moments

first-time Solitary_Thinker 2017-12-30

He raced up the stairs two at a time and to his old familiar perch looking out the window in his mom's bedroom down onto the pool next door. It almost felt like she was looking at him, but he knew when his mom sun bathed she usually either was asleep or had her eyes closed against the glare. He had maybe been seen jerking off by his neighbor Mandy Nelson, and his mom's best friend had interrupted him jerking off and maybe seen something, and then the worst of it, he had cum all over his mother's window while she looked on. "Just long enough to relax here on your comfy couch." Barbara's voice sounded natural, even had a hint of laughter in it as she said this, but Chris's jaw was hanging open.

Jessies First BBC

first-time beautyhasnocolor 2017-12-30

As we drove, I thought about Chris's proposal and found myself aroused thinking of Jessie looking as the big black guy's dick. After a couple of beers each, Sarah blurts out, "Jessie, you won't believe how big Chris's cock is!" I was thinking how lucky I was getting to watch Sarah and get a hand job when Jessie surprised me by leaning over and taking my cock into her mouth. Sarah pulled Chris's cock out of he mouth and said, "Yeah, baby. I looked back and forth between Jessie sucking my cock and Sarah sucking Chris's. Slowly, she continued licking and stroking as I watched Jessie suck Chris's huge cock. Sarah reached down and started rubbing Jessie's clit as she continued to slide down on Chris's cock.

A First Time for Everything Ch. 01

first-time curious_cait 2017-12-30

In nothing but my tiny shorts, a t-shirt, and flip fops, I couldn't help but feel naked in the cool October night air. We had finally passed out on the red couch of the common room in the basement of my brownstone, knowing we wouldn't likely be disturbed there. "Well, I'll give you back your charger if you give me one more kiss," he said more seriously, bringing me back to the present. Breaking the kiss, I pulled back slightly to look into his eyes. He leaned away from me as he started looking around the car for something, piquing my curiosity. Finally, he reached into the back seat and pulled out a blanket.

In the back row

first-time need2try 2017-12-30

My jeans immediately felt too tight as I watched a porn star cock being sucked by a pretty girl and I wanted to take a seat to hide that bulge but my eyes were still blinded by the sun lit outdoors I had come from. I watched that movie, and the one that came after, and after a couple of hours I couldn't stop myself and rubbed a finger along my hard cock through my pants. But started again after they guy had settled into his seat since he was watching the screen and not looking my way. I kept right on sucking, don't know how long, until his cock swelled even more, he gave a final big thrust and he held my head to stop me from moving.

Look at that Ass! Ch. 02

first-time regularguy13 2017-12-30

Christy looked me in the eye and said, Christy crossed her legs slowly making sure I got another peek of her snatch. Christly had the body of a woman and she kissed as passionately as any women I've had the pleasure of knowing. "I want what Mom had....make me a woman tonight." Christy's blue eyes shown hard with desire. Her fat, hard nipples begged to be kissed, sucked, and twisted and I made sure each got all the attention she could stand. Finally, Christy broke the kiss and looked deeply into my eyes and said, By the time I had sunk all 6" into her, Christy's face was ashen and her eyes were wide with fear. I kissed her gently on the forehead, cheek and mouth and said,

Fashion Love and Sex

first-time amarlan 2017-12-30

"Oh, Roberto, please, stop," I tried to push him away but he hugged me tighter, his strong arms crushing me to his hard body. I've dreamed about this, my darling: touching and kissing your beautiful breasts." his fingertips played with my areoles while his eyes hypnotized me into such sweet oblivion. Sensing that I was enjoying the teasing of his mouth and fingers, he raised my two legs onto his shoulder and attacked my clitoris anew, lapping at it, sucking it and biting tenderly, swiping his tongue at its pink surrounding flesh. I always stopped working and masturbated as I dreamed holding you in my arms, my shaft inside your sheath," he said between deep breaths of air.

A Coming-out Party

first-time WayneGibbous 2017-12-30

Then, I knew I wanted her pussy in a new way, so as she stretched out, widening open for me to enter, I moved down and held her knees apart, dipping down to lick and tongue amidst all those wet, black curls quickly finding her juicy labia hiding amongst the bushes. "Come on, Sarai, why don't you tease your Uncle Scott with those nice boobies of yours," my wife urged and my niece stood up and rubbed them against my chest, watching my reaction as I took them in my hands and felt their density and firmness. My finger had come out but I did move down to the floor with her and pulled her knees apart and got between her legs licking her and tonguing her as she twisted and turned, groaning as I went on.

A young turkey hunter scores with a farmer's

first-time fotisampini 2017-12-30

Old Roy still tends to plow the fields and meadows he owns, but he doesn't usually do much with them. "There you are, Sandra, I think its time to go feed them horses." said Roy pointing out towards the stable. He's going to hunting our meadows tomorrow." Said Roy, introducing me. She pierced my very soul with the look she gave me, her innocent dark blue eyes peering up at me, her mouth inches away from my trembling cock. She had about half my cock in her mouth, and she was gently sucking, nibbling, and licking it while stroking me with her right hand. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and jerked me softly, smiling and looking into my eyes.

Claudia's Lessons

first-time xpc316e 2017-12-30

Claudia informed that she knew from her talks with Julia that I had a vasectomy many years ago, and that she was also aware that I had a lot of sexual experience, including threesomes, gang bangs, etc., so she had decided to ask me to assist her in losing her virginity. I then took hold of her two ankles in my left hand and held both legs aloft at right angles to her body; her moist cunt looked like a ripe plum as I nuzzled the head of my cock into place between her lips, and I slowly, but with some force, eased my length into her.

My first time Act II

first-time orcyclist948 2017-12-30

He got to the 2nd photo, and held it, facing away from me and the 3rd photo and held onto it, facing away from me and said to me "you're pretty smart." With that, he turned the 2 photos faceup and it was Fred with Ronnie's cock head in his mouth. The 3 pictures for each of Ronnie Fred and David kneeling, the exact position I was in with their hands around Bob's cock as they were in a previous photo. I don't know why I was so incredibly turned on, but I was and said, "maybe someday you think I could be in a picture with one of the other guys like Ronnie and Fred?

My big cock and bathroom

first-time dreamlover080 2017-12-30

I held her close sucking on her titts and said "i want to do bad things to u ma" she smiled again and slid her panties off and said "that big cock belongs in my daughters pussy, the only way ur going to be inside me is if that monster will fit in my ass" I burried my cock in her ass and said "oh baby ur so tight" she looked back and said "keep fucking me baby, fuck me hard!" So i did. I was still pretty hard and horney so i grabbed that big ass dildo and placed it on her like a strap on and began sucking her new cock.

How I lost it

first-time slapnuts69 2017-12-30

We went up to the master bedroom, I took off my shirt and pants and rinsed them in the sink, Sue took them and threw them in the dryer. All the way down each leg when I took off her tights. "Still horny, huh?" I laughed and said "Always horny" She got up and mounted me cowgirl style and held my cock at the entrance to her pussy. Once she got about half way down she went up again. That got her really hot and soon she came on my cock. She was also building to an orgasm, when she felt my cock swell she came and that caused me to cum as well.


The First Time

first-time Hotryder1 2017-12-29

As we were kissing one night, I felt Chris' hand on my hip. But, Chris did not waste any time pushing his fingers inside my panties and up into my very wet pussy. I opened my legs slightly to make it easier for Chris to finger me as I watched Carol stroke Ed's hard cock. As I watched Carol's head moving up and down in Ed's lap, I reached over and pulled the zipper down on Chris' pants. Chris pulled my panties down to my knees as he started to really pump his fingers in and out of my soaked pussy, I could feel my juices streaming down my legs.

The Chess Club

first-time cahab 2017-12-29

The tall one came forward first, cock in hand, and gracelessly shoved himself in, and a wave of delicious agony swept through my body. I looked towards the nearest stiff penis, and there was still no shortage, several having come round for a second go, opened my mouth wide, and ran my tongue over my bottom lip and teeth. Finally there was no more and he pulled out and another was pushed in my face, only to be removed again seconds later as its owner was pushed out of the way by the boy who was inside me a second before, who splattered his cum all over my face as well as on my waiting tongue in his eagerness to give himself to me.

Gabi’s train trip – Part 4 of a True Story

first-time downunder911 2017-12-29

‘You have to wait until we arrive at my place, Darling’ was her response to my left hand. ‘Never mind, they usually don’t come twice, only the waiter will come to ask if we want to order beverages.’ Having said that, we just have to keep an eye out and listen, we would hear the waiter as he/she is passing the other compartments. I know pushed my right hand under the bump and was able to reach her pussy from behind as well. If you can’t wait another 20 minutes before we arrive, you know what you have agreed to’ I whispered in her ear. She was not able to see my right hand which had still the middle finger in Gabi's pussy.

Suzanne's Surrender

first-time damppanties 2017-12-29

After walking the horse away from the house, Ray gently pried her hands away from it, showing her how to hold the reins. Resting his hands there for a while, he bent murmured instructions on how and where to lead the horse in her ear, his mouth tantalizingly close to her skin before moving them back onto her stomach, then upward toward her breasts. Prevented from touching her between the legs, he pushed his hands up into her t-shirt and found her breasts covered with a lacy bra. This time was even better as Suzanne met and matched his passion, withholding nothing from him, moving her body to meet his and not even trying to stifle the animal sounds that broke from her throat.