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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

I Just Popped Out For Some Smokes byFunnbunnies&co

first-time BushBuns 2017-12-29

My wife was still in bed and I relished having time to browse all the pics I wanted. While I kissed her, Jay reached over to me and started stroking my hard cock. Jay obviously wanted to get some action too and crawled up the bed to shove his cock into my wanton wife's mouth. I rolled over onto my side with my cock still in Mandy to give Jay better access. He sucked me hard and good for several seconds before re-inserting my cock into Mandy. I told her that Jay was finger fucking my arse. Jay continued to fuck me with his fingers until I suddenly came in Mandy. Jay started to pant heavily and soon pulled out to spray his cum on Mandy's mound and belly.

My First Bisexual Experience (Hawaii) 1&2

first-time adm19842 2017-12-29

After a couple of drinks they got back to thier room.Elizabeth and i indulged in a quick bout of oral sex before dinner.She sucked my cock till i was totally turned on.Then i sucked he pussy...gently lapping the delicate flavour.Then we did a 69 and she made me squirt my cum into her mouth.We bathed together and went to david and magrets room to call them for dinner.We knocked at the door."Dinner?" He shouted "So early?"" Why dont we have some fun first and then get to the dining room he said" He opened the door. David got on liz and began to suck her boobs.She moaned in pleasure and asked me" do u mind whats going on?"I said "What u mean?""No way, its so fucking hot".


first-time GForce1111 2017-12-29

Heart racing, he directed me into the house to the parents master bedroom sat me down on their bed and stood in front of me, lit up another Marlboro and said "Take it out!" l was shaking so bad I could not get his belt buckle unbuckled ...he eventually got fed up and unbuckled his belt in two quick motions and popped the button fly open and his THICK rock hard dick leapt out of his tight jeans and hit me in the face in an effort to leap into my mouth !!

Turning Into A Cocksucker / Chapter 02

first-time naughty_bi_interest 2017-12-29

"Holy fuck," said Timmy from the bed as he watched Brad inch his way further into my mouth. I couldn't believe that Timmy had gotten hard watching his Dad get a blow job but when I looked at his face I saw that he wasn't looking at his Dad and I at all but was transfixed on Brad's glorious penis. His cock started to explode cum as he watched Timmy come up briefly for air before Brad filled his mouth with his swollen dick again. Timmy and I both had cum all over our faces and Eric was sitting with his head in his hands after watching his k** eat Brad's load.

Who is JCheri?

first-time 2017-12-29

I wanted to be the Damsel in Distress I use to tie myself up and pretend James West was coming to rescue me and he would kiss me and make passionate love to me. Now my first sexual experience outside of playing with myself, happened when I was 8 and a boy from the Jr. High School and his friend tricked me into following them into an alley, where they had told me a motorcycle was that was similar to the one my father had given me for Christmas the year before. I kept cross dressing and playing with myself and exploring my sexuality and I have never been that close to actual sex with a man since.

The Taming of Andrea

first-time Bazzza 2017-12-29

Anyone meeting Andrea Birch for the first time would soon realise that there was something not quite right, for she had none of the social graces that one would associate with a young girl. On the other hand, my mum and dad were good people, and both my older sister Jane and my friends were always made welcome, and usually well fed by the time they left. When it came to her turn, Andrea suggested that she working in her family business, but looking at a few different things for the following year. I turned to Andrea and found her looking across at me; she smiled and took my hand in hers. When Andrea's hand dropped from my shaft, I eased her close and my cock slipped nicely between her thighs.

Miley & Me

first-time Maestro95 2017-12-29

But when Miley touched my hand I felt much less embarrassed. But I didn’t like Miley talking to Mike or dancing with him. After the party was finished Mike kissed Miley’s hand and then the 4 of us left the building. When we reached the building Mike saw Miley and took her hand. I thought I was a jerk but he didn’t give anyone invitation cards in his birthday party. “Listen Miley come down,” I said and removed the tears from her cheeks. I walked outside with Miley and asked her to close her eyes. She closed her eyes and I said, “Happy Valentines Day!” she opened her eyes and looked at her presents. I opened my eyes and saw Miley smiling.

Early Summer (Second Half)

first-time kcohs 2017-12-29

He pushed his cock back into my mouth and told me to bob my head up and down. After I took his dick in and out about ten times he started breathing heavy and moaning and he told me to hold his balls in my hand. I got up off my knees and waited there a few minutes before I went and got another drink to wash the sperm taste out of my mouth then I left for home. As I was walking home I did notice though that I had a wet spot on the front of my pants where my dick had leaked a little and I realized that I had a nice hardon that must have come up when I was sucking him.

Cutting the Grass

first-time jaywoolf 2017-12-29

I see a sign in the long hallway with doors to peep rooms - tokens available at the vending machine - but I kept going, following the sign pointing to the theatre.As I step inside and passing through a ratty looking velvet curtain and into the darkness could make out about 10 rows of seats, with two dudes down near the front watching the flick and that was about it. A few minutes after that, he takes my arm by the wrist and places it in his lap - why not return the favour I thought - it felt so very good to feel his fingers caress mine, and I certainly didn't want him to stop what he was doing, so I started to tease the bulge in his pants.

That's What Friends Are For

first-time lovecraft68 2017-12-29

"Right." Sam looked around the stand of trees in Carson's Park I had volunteered to clean as part of Jen's Earth Day weekend. "Kind of like Jen," Sam replied, kicking her sneakers off and stretching her long legs out in front of me. Just like Sam was telling me I was naïve thinking Jen was waiting for the right time with me. Sam pretty much marched to the beat of her own drummer dressing like a tomboy and watching football and bad horror movies while spending more time around me and my friends than the other girls. "The point is I know it's there and I like how the ring looks." Sam shrugged.

Saturday Night

first-time Chelseaboy1964 2017-12-29

from my pocket and put it on you I bend you over the table, you grip the far side of it and spread your legs not knowing what I’m gonna do next you wait a few seconds, I kiss your arse then finger you slowly and gently at first then harder and faster until you squirt for me, I put three fingers inside you your So wet! push back on to me I see my wrist disappear inside you after a while I pull my fist out slowly and turn you around I lift you up and lay you on the table I pull you towards me until your arse is on the edge I take a rabbit from my pocket and feed it inside your hot wet fanny, standing close I grab your hips pushing the rabbit

The Hostage Chapt 5 (end)

first-time john1195 2017-12-29

Trevor and Martin started their jobs, and Janina resumed her role of being Trevor immediately called Martin and told him to rush right home As soon as Martin got Trevor's call, he locked his office door, and made a men in the black car, which was cruising Martin's neighborhood, was Trevor and Martin maintained a happy attitude at home, and even made Trevor and Martin always closed their door when they retired for the night. Trevor and Martin just managed to put boxers on when one of the agents came Trevor squeezed Martin's hand to let him know that he would be As soon as they heard her leave the house, Trevor and Martin went upstairs.


first-time adventure-seeker 2017-12-29

This was not doing the trick as some of the gel had found it's way up the chutney channel and it felt like the space shuttle was running it's engines behind me.This was probably and hopefully the only time in my life I was going to wish there was a gay snowman in the kitchen which should give you some idea of the depths I was willing to sink to in order to ease the pain. I can understand that having a sprout farted against your leg at 11 at night in the kitchen probably wasn't the special surprise she was expecting and having to explain to the k**s the next day what the strange hollow in the ice cream was didn't improve my statusSo to sum it up Veet removes hair, dignity and self respect.

First Fuck After French Exam

first-time tyet85 2017-12-29

He began telling me about their attempt to get it on which saw them both naked in her bedroom, her hairy pussy spread wide showing her wet, sticky virgin cunt, his cock rock hard, she had gently rolled a condom onto his hard member ready for their first fuck. “Would you want to fuck with me?” John asked “I have condoms that Dee and I were going to use” I looked down at my friend who was a good head shorter than me. John had already got my cock back into his mouth and was massaging my balls as I licked the underside of his head before sucking it up into my mouth and gently bobbing up and down, a little bit of sucking as I went, totally lost in our shared pleasure.

Summer Fun

first-time livingforfun 2017-12-29

Pushing my tongue into her mouth I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her into the kiss and spanked her again. I started to reach up and she pulled my hands to her tits. Pulling me into her, her tits squeezed up against my face, I spanked her again. We pulled each others shirts off and she took a turn to bit my nipples and then slid her hand along my shorts feeling my cock. She wanted more and I gripped her ass, pulling her down so her panties, now exposed under her skirt, rubbed against my cock. When I got about three inches from her pussy I took her hand and pulled it away.

Breaking in a New Slut

first-time kbking70 2017-12-29

He met me in the theater room in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and I asked him where his porn was, he asked if we weren’t going to wait for the others and I replied that there was no one else coming until tomorrow, the other people had called and said that they got a late start. “I am going to fuck you now and I want you to take every inch of my cock.” Again, he tried to protest but he didn’t fight me when I turned him around and put his face on the pillow with his ass in the air.

A Lady's Choice

first-time humminglight12 2017-12-29

It took every ounce of her being but she stopped kissing Eric and grabbed each of his hands. Beth slowly made her hands back up to the skirt's hem, this time tugging it downwards. It was probably a beautiful reveal of her pussy and ass but Beth still wished she could have seen Eric's face when the panties had come off. This wasn't just killing Eric; Beth had to use all her self-will to keep from impaling her dripping pussy onto her boyfriend's cock. Beth sighed as she felt Eric's hand slide up to the small of her back, bringing her in closer. Beth felt herself being lowered onto the bed as Eric continued to lick and suck on her breast.

Lost and Found

first-time echolalia 2017-12-29

I was pretty sure she spent much more time looking at mine than my glance at hers when I was admiring her long silky hair, but I wasn't going to say that. After every muscle she could reach from the back had been squeezed, pushed or stretched in some way or another, Susy told me to turn over. She had been right, at the end I did feel like a whole new person, and not only because my whole body felt warm and good. I rested my head on Susy's shoulder, trying to relax, but as soon as I touched her my body remembered what we were going to do later. Her soft lips, her small nose, her eyes like black diamonds, her long eyelashes, her...

Back To The Future: Back In Lorraine

first-time XXXNoBounds 2017-12-29

"Fuck me ahhhhhhhhhhh" Lorraine moaned as Marty pressed his tongue down on Marty pressed his tongue deeper into Lorraine as she moaned. Not wasting anytime Lorraine starts to rubbing her hands against Marty's "OH GOD!" Marty moans as cum begins pouring out of his underwear. "Oh Marty, it feels so good," Lorraine moans. Lorraine begins rubbing her hand on Marty's cock trying to push him further "UHHHHHH YEAH MOM!" Marty moans as he thrusts his full 8 inches inside of Lorraine screams as Marty slams into her pussy harder and harder. Marty begins pumping his cock into Lorraine's pussy again. Lorraine's sexy pre-orgasm face and moan was enough to push Marty over the "AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Marty moans as his warm cum fills Lorraine's pussy.

A Little Off the Top

first-time al_Ussa 2017-12-29

"Ummm," Jack said trying to think of a response, "I don't know, maybe just a little off the top I guess." Having this hot middle aged woman stroke her hands through his hair was really starting to get Jack turned on. Jack let out a slight sigh of relief, almost inaudibly, as this hot older woman worked on styling his hair. Megan reached over on the counter and got out a bottle of shampoo, the special kind that stylists prefer to use, and started to lather it into Jack's hair. "Hey Jan," she called out to the receptionist, "It's getting late and it doesn't look like we're going to have any more customers. "Here Jack," she said, "Let me show you what a real fuck is like!"

The Cherry Poppers

first-time BlewWater69 2017-12-29

Mark had helped get him a desk job at the infirmary, registering the patients, and pulling records for the old woman doctor, Dr. Whitfield. "Yeah, took three aspirins and a nice hot shower for me to feel half right and I have to work today," Mark stated. "Yes. And one of our Theta Chi family members has held the job you now have for over forty years, since our great benefactor, brother Douglass Caulfield, started it way back then. If you want to start thinking about the contest, just make mental note of any women that come in that receive or show asterisks on their charts," Mark stated.

Mother: Virginity Admission

first-time hasnoalias 2017-12-29

I turned around and saw Coach Stephanie just as naked as I was, standing at the edge of the shower room with a surprised look on her face. I gasped as I accidentally grabbed her large breast in my hand, as I tried to feel my way to her like she had told me to. I was so transfixed on my goal, that I only absentmindedly felt her hand on the back of my head pulling me forward until my lips latched onto her right nipple. I mashed my face between her legs and tried to repeat what she had done to my pussy, as I plunge my tongue deep inside her and began licking furiously.

An Unnofficial History Ch. 01

first-time Yaems 2017-12-29

"Are you sure?" As if to reply before she spoke, the snaked her hand down her body and slid a finger inside her wet pussy. Staring at her I thought about filling her stretched, wet pussy with my cum, and as her elbows buckled and she began to surrender to her orgasm I fucked her even harder. Feeling her hand stroke me, her tight lips run down my shaft as I worked inside her now accommodating and wet pussy, hearing her moan and seeing her eyes barely open and glazed over with pleasure sent me over. My cock pulsed and tensed and as I felt the cum explode from me I fucked her as hard as I could, the water spraying off us as her ass thumped against my hips.

I finally worked up the courage to meet my daddy.

first-time bearcub80 2017-12-29

Jon reached his hands in front of my shorts and grabbed hold of my pulsing, iron hard cock and looked me dead in the eye. I had thought about our previous conversations when Jon had brought up kissing and I never knew if I could go in for it, but at that moment all I could think about was having my daddy pull my head in and lock lips... I could feel my daddy sucking a little more f***efully as I all but resigned myself to this fucking stud of a man working my cock like never before. I felt the vibrations of a deep moan come from my daddy's mouth and he popped out my cock head from his beautiful mouth.