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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Virginators: College Buddies' Quest Ch. 04

first-time SXY_Hot_Mamma 2017-12-29

Her legs darkened by the stockings, her dress skirt right above her knee and a white top buttoned down gave her a great look of professionalism. The door opens and Rebecca comes in, her hair pulled back to a bun and her blouse tucked into a very tight skirt. "Oh that's right, you said Lindy had quit." She looked back at Rebecca who was a few rows of clothes away. Rebecca smiled at the woman and when Ann walked away to get the first set of clothes for her try on, Rebecca caught me looking at her. "That's fine Ann." I smiled and watched her dash away with the skirt in her hand. "You really look pretty, Miss Stephan." I told her as I opened the door to my office.

First Time Outdoors

first-time starbeam 2017-12-29

Whenever I took her out to a bar or restaurant, she would put on a training bra, because when she got excited, her nipples were unmistakable, so she wore the tiny thing to conceal her wonderful nipples. The next morning, I woke up with a huge hard-on and grabbed her hand and placed it around my cock, making sure she knew what was on my mind! Soon, my raging hard cock found her pussy lips, and began to push inside her. I stopped for a few seconds, delirious in the feeling of finally being fully, deep inside this wonderful woman! Then the damn thing dive-bombed me, stinging me on my inner thigh, a half-inch below my balls!

My Very First Time!

first-time bi_curious10 2017-12-29

I decided to text this one guy I knew would come get me and show me a good time! In my mind I didn't want to do anything but tease this boy but I knew it might go further. Before I knew it, we began kissing! He began to finger me and it felt so good! I couldn't help but let out moans of pleasure! He took his hard dick out and began to finger me again! I wanted him to stop and put his dick back inside my leaking pussy! It felt so good to have his hard cock inside of me! I could feel his cock getting harder inside of me and I knew his second load was coming!


**** Fantasy Goes Wrong

first-time 425olds 2017-12-29

Julia tried to raise her torso off the mattress and even turned back to look at Tall Guy, perhaps to reach back to try to stop him. "Well look at her husband's little dick, that's why she's so tight," Short Guy said, laughing as he mocked me and drove that point home. My wife continued to look at me as Tall Guy ****d her, and I wished I could stop them just for a minute so I could tell her how sorry I was for getting her into this and how I was ashamed at my erection. Suddenly he pulled his cock all the way out and slapped Julia's ass very hard, enough to leave a red mark that would last for days.

My Neighbor

first-time dig420 2017-12-29

"Hey Mandy," Seth started, "you will never guess what Mike here just told me." I couldn't believe that he was going to tell his wife what I had just confessed! Amanda quickly crawled over to Seth and took his big hard cock in her mouth and started to suck it! Amanda continued greedily sucking Seth's huge cock like she couldn't get enough of it! "Christy is coming over tonight and I think I've got her convinced to suck some cock." She replied. I had visions of my sweet little Christy with Seth's hard cock going in and out of her mouth and throat. "Guess what Mike?" she said, "Christy was sucking Seth's hard cock like a pro last night.

First time wife set-up with a another man (and a b

first-time CDG1956 2017-12-29

We would meet him "randomly" first at one of my favorite pick-up bars in Chicago, Gibson's, which is a favorite late-nite place for my wife and I to enjoy dinner and/or late nights around the piano bar. Per Gerald, he was able to make the same moves up her thigh in my absence, and this night I could tell that she was flustered because when I returned, her face was flushed and she made a point of grabbing my hand when I sat down. We'll do brunch as a threesome, and I'll make certain that I strategically place Gerald in the middle of us, and get up to the restroom several times...We refer to this as "Operation Deep Penetration (ODP)", and the goal here is to "tempt" her to the point of (in my absence and with enough wine...) going as far as possible.

Hot And Horny Radha

first-time sagar veer 2017-12-28

At that time all I could think of was to grab her from behind and thrust my rock hard dick into her lovely pink pussy. After getting inside my apartment, I went straight to the bathroom, stripped in no time and started masturbating while thinking about Radha's invitation to dinner and things that I would do with her after dinner! "Thank god someone thinks like that!" Radha said. "And what a pair some people possess!" I said while openly staring at her boobs, which were clearly visible due to Radha's movements. I was always attracted to her lovely thighs but I observed for the first time that her boobs were quite big and beautiful! "Show me how you caressed Vaishali's thighs." Radha said huskily.

MILF of the Bride

first-time lovethembigger 2017-12-28

She put the key in and turned around quickly and said "Don't forget are deal, I danced with you and know you have to tell me some dirt on Mike." I Laughed and said "Maryland you still remember that after those mix drinks and shaking your butt on the dance floor." She smiled and grabbed my hand and flipped on the light switch in the room. She moved slightly and I inserted my shaft about half way then pulled out and said "you like that don't you Maryland, you love strange cock again." She wiggled her ass and slid her hand between her thighs and grabbed my cock head and pulled me back into her pussy.

The Village - Part 1

first-time feelssogoood 2017-12-28

A loud groan came from the old man as Bailey felt a warm hot liquid shooting into her mouth and down her throat. Finally being released and pulling out of her mouth Bailey gasped for breath, having swallowed everything Mr.Farnley had given her only a slight bit dribbled out her mouth to the floor as she caught her breath. Before Mr.Farnley could finish his sentence his grandson had stepped up closed, taken Bailey by the hair and thrown her onto a nearby bench face first. Before she could finish her thoughts Jack, Mr.Farnley's grandson, had walked around the bench and - grabbing her hair tighter this time - thrust his cock into her mouth again. After what seemed to be an age Bailey felt that warm sticky salty feeling she had first experienced moments ago.

My first encounter

first-time antoniaf 2017-12-28

I was wearing some of Mother's clothes, with a lovely slim fitting skirt pulled up above her panties and stockings and my cock so hard in my hand, midway through a delicious wank. Eventually, she arranged a date for me, told Mother what was happening (I'll explain that another time too) and had me dress in one of Mother's most sexy dresses, nicest underwear and lovely tan stockings with seams and a pair of the most adorable crocodile skin heels, she even did my make up for me. His cock was soon in his hand, I was on my knees and I took his lovely, sweet tasting hard cock in my mouth, my first ever.

Episode 29: Ellie's Diary

first-time dasx2 2017-12-28

Suddenly Ellie stops: "Mum, you've gone all red – did that sound like a climax?" She can just see inside Mum's dress the sales-boy's fingers stretching out a nipple, making it go all hard and dark pink. Ellie climbed up on the mirrored counter top, admiring the view of her own open crotch from underneath: "She's beautiful, just like my friend Kit – all hard and smooth black on the outside, soft and squidgy pink on the inside". Dad stopped loving Kit's feet for a moment and looked back over his shoulder at Kate and Mandy wearing short white bath-robes, loosely tied at the waist, exposing wet bare breasts nestling inside.

Cumming over J’s face

first-time nigeltallguy 2017-12-28

We did watch porn videos together and she realised that I liked watching as guys shot their load over a woman’s face (I had got into this at the sex parties I had gone to before we had met, and during our break). This gave me enough time to recover and by the time I had got her to orgasm I was rock hard again and positioned my cock at her entrance and entered her. This was the only time in 9 years that I shot my load over her face (I did get a little cum on her face a few times after tit fucking her) and inside her.

My Thoughts about Sex

first-time qknd 2017-12-28

Maybe a shower where you're washing your body, massaging your nuts and pole with hot soapy water, knowing that in a very short time you'll be fucking your woman, humping her for all she's worth. What I like the most about fucking a woman's pussy is the feeling of absolute freedom when I fuck her without a condom, without anything between her and me. We're both totally into the moment and the sensations that we are experiencing as we "use" each other's bodies to ascend into a place I picture are absolute heaven. The only thing that can make it better is if she cums with you, to cum at the same moment is perfection and the feeling afterwards is nothing short of indescribable.

John & Emily's First Time

first-time DomWriter 2017-12-28

He placed his hands on her head and slowly guided her into a rythm, letting his cock slide in and out of her mouth first slowly, and then gradually faster, her big eyes turned to look up at John's face as his cock slid in and out of her mouth. John started pounding her 18-year-old throat with his big cock, making Emily gag a little with each thrust and gasping for breath. Emily stood and turned around to face the back of the couch, leaning her head on the cushion as she reached back to pull her shorts and panties down, exposing her tight, creamy ass to John. Emily caught her breath and moaned loudly as John's cock slowly entered her ass.

Constantinople Seige

first-time tsar7 2017-12-28

Sarah had never left the walled city. What worried Sarah was that a man arrived at the city, half dead. The dirty, smelly, crude invaders had breached the walls and entered the city. Sarah was washing clothing one morning when a loud cheer went up from the invaders outside the wall. One of the iron hinges began to break loose from the main front gate post. The invaders demanded the women of the town, or they would burn it down. That night the invaders built a large fire and charged the gate again. As they hit the gate with a much larger battering ram, the iron hinge became looser and weaker. The man in the animal skin saw Sarah and ran after her.

Pursued and Caught by Sex

first-time lexykhan 2017-12-28

After graduation, Jasmine started to tag along any time me and my group of friends got together. She had determined my body position and the only thing left for me to do was look down at the back of her bobbing head, sit back and let her suck my cock for the first time. Before Jasmine managed to push her way into my pants, I had actually been successful in slowing or even stopping masturbating, and swearing off of porn completely. From the limited peeks I managed to take between closing my eyes in overwhelming pleasure at getting my cock sucked nearly, I saw that Jasmine had been practicing.


first-time justluvtrans 2017-12-28

“You must be Nick.” She said as she walked across anteroom holding out her hand in greeting a smile spreading across her pretty face. “Do you like to dance?” I said I did on my questionnaire.” Cindy said she turned and opened her arms in an invitation. I took her in my arms, her body seemed to melt into mine, I felt every lovely curve press against me as we slowly begin to sway in time to the music. She removed her mouth from my cock said “I think you’re ready for round two.” And with that she arose and walked back to the closet. “I think you’re going to like this Cindy.” I said as I put my hand between her legs searching for her vagina.

"High School Days"

first-time 2017-12-28

Barbara grabbed Jerry's ass and began to push and pull, urging him to truly fuck her mouth. He watched Barbara's cheeks alternately puff out and pull in as Bill thrust his prick in and out of her mouth, going so deep that it looked like he was screwing it down into her throat. Jerry looked up just in time to see Barbara's fist pumping quickly up and down on his shaft as she madly sucked on the end of his dick. She let out a groan, then a smile began to spread across her face as Jerry began to pump it in and out of her, fucking her ass with long deep strokes, using the full length of his dick.

Gave my 1st Blowjob

first-time thetbone 2017-12-28

I was turned awkwardly on the couch so i got on my knees in front of him and went back to suckin and rubbing his balls for a few mins. I told him to lay back down on the couch and i started to wank him again, i wasnt ready for a mouth full of cum on my 1st try! This went on for a min then he said "let me do it" and he took over pulling his cock with me just rubbing his balls. He tried to pull my head back down onto his cock, i said to him i dont think this is for me but he kept pulling me down.

All is Well

first-time MaxiJ 2017-12-28

As he traces the curve of my ass, his tongue slides into my mouth. I take a deep breath to stop my shaking hands and slide the zipper down. My hands hook in the waist and begin to slide them down over your hips. My eyes lock on yours again as you pull me up to kiss my lips once more. My hands slide in the waist band of your briefs and caress your ass cheeks. I close my eyes as I squeeze the base and press the head to my lips. Pushing them down and around, you feel my warm wet mouth surround the head. You watch your cock slide into my mouth. I feel your hands now lifting my sweater.

My Best Friend's Father Ch. 01

first-time LolaScott 2017-12-28

I pulled away quickly, my hands searching for the door handles “Thanks, Mr. Jones!” I said, managing to make the words come out in the same way they had every time he’d taken me home since I was eight. Not because I had kissed Lisa’s father, but that I had lain in bed that night, rubbing the soft wet special place between my thighs until my body exploded in pleasure. And, to this day, I still can vividly recall the florescent lights, the old church smell of myrrh, the eyes of the stained glass saints and his ivory soap smell and the feel of his hard cock against my hand.


first-time young_gun22 2017-12-28

"When you look at that cock, do you imagine what it would be like to suck it?" Simon closed his eyes, his breathing ragged. Simon groaned, thrusting his hips forward, pressing his hard cock against the stiff material of his jeans as he reacted to Brenda's teasing. Nick will never realize you're in my room and you can gobble up his prick like the cocksucker I know you are." Simon whimpered, thrusting his hips, rubbing his cock head against his jeans. Realizing he had to maintain the act, Simon bobbed his head, moving slowly backwards and forwards as he sucked on Nick's hard cock. This slut loves to be face fucked." Simon shuddered; Brenda's words making him feel so cheap and dirty as he slobbered on her boyfriend's cock.

The Walk Ch. 02

first-time JavaJoy2321 2017-12-28

Occasionally, he edges up the hem of my skirt and works his hand between my legs until I spread my thighs allowing him the access he wants to caress and teased my clit or slide a finger along the delta of my lips. This appetizer concept seemed like a good idea, but was rapidly getting out of control. I want you to wear my cum." We clean up a bit and head into the restaurant a few minutes later after a soft, gentle kiss, ready to refuel, one hunger on the back burner for the moment. I can feel my heart beating in my throat, heat puddling in my pussy, your cock riding my left hip and your lips nibbling my ear.

Craig's List

first-time ana_layla 2017-12-28

I let you set the pace and it isn’t’ long until you say “Fuck I’m coming” and continue to fuck the hell out of me, your orgasms about to hit and with the clenching of my inner muscles as I’m about to cum, brings you on quicker “ Fuck” I say as my orgasm explodes within me, you pull out and flip me over while ripping off the condom, you start to use your hand to climax, but I knock you out the way and I do it, I take you in my mouth and set a quick pace, you vice grip my hair help my bobbling, I can feel you twitch even more and release you with a pop while I continue with my hand before you say “Shit” and you explode, shooting your load down my chest.