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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Wild Child Ch. 05

first-time TxRad 2017-12-28

When her eyes fluttered open I said softly, "You got all the soap but you need to rinse your sweet little pussy off, you got it all messy again." We were out of the shower and drying ourselves off, when Rita asked, "What do I do if you do shoot off in my mouth?" I must have had a shocked look on my face or something because she grinned and added, "You know I'm going to do it again, if I get the chance." The first time I tried that with her anus, she gave a jerk and then groaned loudly as she worked her hips slowly against my mouth and tongue.

My friends cute girlfriend

first-time mandem 2017-12-28

i pulled the dressing gown up and rubbed my hard cock on her wet pussy as i began to push it in i felt the sand on my balls drop bit by bit she moan so loud so many people was looking as i was about to take my bestfriends girls virginity, i pushed my hard cock in her inch by inch she took it untill my balls was against her ass, i pulled out so just my cocks head was in her and pushed back in harder and began to fuck her feeling my balls hit her ass with every pound, it didnt seem like this was her first time because she kept repeating for my to fuck her harder as she bent forward and grabbed my balls in her hands as i was fucking her i knew it was time to shoot again so i got faster untill i felt my cum shoot all inside her she gasped again as she felt it in her aswell i slowly pulled my hard cock out as i finally pulled my cock out of her warm, wet, tight pussy i could see my cum oozing out of her, i stood up and as i did she said 'that was amazing'

The first time crossdressed and strapon

first-time slaver127 2017-12-28

She then reached over to the corner of her bed and pulled out a bag from Victoria secrets, in the bag was a very sexy pink silk camisoles top with matching thong, excited i asked if she was going to go put it on for me hoping she was going to say yes, she looked at me and said no she was not but being gay porn had me hard she wanted me to put it on. I then felt as she got in position behind me lineup her dildo with my ass slowly she started to push it in me slowly it went in to me first the head of it then feeling more and more going in deeper pausing every few seconds to let me relax to the new feeling of the big dildo going in to me.

A First For Miya

first-time hednacloud 2017-12-28

I watched him slide his hands over her breasts as she turned her face to kiss him, rotating her hips gently to encourage his growing cock. He moved his hands down my body to my ass, holding me firmly as he pushed his hips up against me, then began searching for the skirt's zipper. Brey began moving faster between my legs as he watched her sucking on my tits, and my moans grew louder as she slid her arm between us to rub my clit furiously. Sadira lay on her back next to me, said something to Brey, who pulled out. Brey was lifting me into the air with every thrust, and as my arms grew tired, I just lay forward and buried my face in Sadira's cunt.

Annie's Gift

first-time Chiara23 2017-12-28

If it happens I'm sure Annie will do right by you." Yvette said as she gave him another hug. Yvette gave Greg a hug and kiss, "Go have fun, you'll knock her panties off!" When Annie saw Greg coming toward her she stood up and hugged him, giving him a slow kiss on the lips. Annie leaned forward, giving Greg a good look at her cleavage and whispered, "So I guess you're still a virgin then?" Annie gave him another slow kiss, "Greg, I promised you a good time and I meant it. Greg wandered around her living room, there were some pictures on the shelves, he looked at them and saw that they were pictures of Annie and a guy.

It's Too Late to Turn Back

first-time Jaxin 2017-12-28

Her passion rose as her nervousness eased, and after 5 minutes of this she began to slowly gyrate her hips up in time with his hands roaming down, slightly spreading her legs to ease his hand sliding up her skirt, tracing his fingers along her opening, but leaving her thong in place. He was now breathing raggedly, but not completely lost in the moment, as he reached down to pull up her miniscule skirt, making sure the camera got a good view of her modest ass, with only the thing string of her thong there to technically not make her completely nude.


first-time Sir_Stephen345 2017-12-28

The new person; do I set a value, do I enjoy the freedom that unearned trust gives me in conversation (I don't lie and I don't embellish, life is exciting enough), do I share part of me in hopes that things grow? Her chin in my hand now I spin her a bit keeping my other arm around her and lift her head a bit while I move down and we share our first kiss as my fingers brush across her face and run through her hair and I apply a touch of pressure to her back as my hands meet up at the small of her back.

Social Sex Ed

first-time dark_entries 2017-12-28

After a few minutes of heating me up only to back away when it looked like I might burst, Rachel took her mouth off my cock and, slowly stroking it with one hand, said to Deborah, "That's a blowjob. When it was good and sloppy, I took one last look to be sure that Deborah had her eyes on the prize and then slowly, gently but firmly, worked the top knuckle of my index finger into Rachel's tight butthole. Rachel slowly ended the kiss and looked directly into Deborah's eyes as she moved her hand to Deborah's collar and started unbuttoning her shirt. Rachel was still kneading Deborah's breasts, so I moved my hands up to her belly as I gently kissed the inside of her right thigh.

Fireworks Fantasy

first-time billwhit08 2017-12-28

People are gathering in an open area of the park to watch the fireworks. I get up, discretely grab my towel, and walk back towards the picnic area. My hand slides into your bikini top and I feel your hard nipples. You slide your hand up my leg and over my shorts until you feel my hard cock. I reach over with my left hand and play with your tits while I kiss you neck. You scream out as you cum, your left hand gripping my ass. We lay in a nude embrace as the last of the fireworks explode in the sky. We kiss again then make our way back towards the picnic area.

Young Sex

first-time Asianlove 2017-12-28

Looking back on it all now I think this was probably one of the main reasons why I felt so weird all the time. I soon felt her hands behind my back, and going to my butt cheeks to grab a hold in a like manner, and she let my erection lay along the flat of her belly. I still stood naked in front of Ann. She got up and looked me up and down, paying close attention to my cock, which was slowly starting to come back to life. I felt the inside, sweat soaked walls of her vagina, and ran my thumb around the folds of her pussy lips, the palm of my hand scratching against the pubic hair covering her vulva.

s****r lovex

first-time jcvja 2017-12-28

This Story is pretty much true I came home early one time my parents where out but my bedroom light was on.I crept up stairs and looked through the crack in my door! My s****r was laid on the floor with her legs up in the air totally naked playing with herself.I looked on eagerly watching through the crack in door and started playing with myself my phone fell out of my pocket. We sat there watching a film together when a love scene came on the television I couldn't help it my cock grew and my s****rs head was on my lap she turned around smiled and put her head back down rubbing my cock with her cheeks.

Whoring: My Hos And A Bitch

first-time 2017-12-28

my ass on her face and my grip on her panties had her Grabbing her ass cheek, I demanded the secretary to get and begging Rob to suck his cock and lick his ass. Grabbing her ass cheek as I had seen Rob do earlier, I "Get your ass out of my seat you white bitch," I yelled "I going to fuck my new ho in her ass," I told him, I kept pumping my cock up Cathy Ho tight ass as I watched him grab the bottle and start working it up his looked like such an asshole shoving the beer bottle up in Cathy HO ass and demanded she get on her knees and

Ms. Brown

first-time qualite 2017-12-28

She was resting her head against her hand, gently smiling at me, her eyes half closed but looking into mine as though I was the only person in the room. The teachers noticed of course, always giving disapproving looks at me as I flirted with the girls, shaking their heads and sometimes even coming and breaking it up. I turned my head a little to catch her eye, and saw she was smiling ever so slightly. A week after that incident, and after Ms Brown seeing me in similar situations a few times, I saw her in the hall again after school, and smiled at her. "So beautiful, Ms Brown." I said, feeling her hand slide across my dick.

Dawn's First & Only Ch. 03

first-time wizarddriver 2017-12-28

While my fingers & hands started to pleasure her breasts & nipples; my tongue & lips gently kissed, licked, & sucked the inside of her thighs and gently lapped up her juices as they ran into the crack of her bum. Her thighs clamped on my head & her juices just flowed down my throat as I gripped her breasts hard in my hand as Dawn screamed & moaned in both pleasure & a little pain as her body became highly sensitised in orgasm. Looking down, the sight was unbelievable with Dawns head arched back moaning & cooing as my hands massaged & tugged on her heavily aroused & swollen breasts and my hips started to pound in a steady rhythm against her tight firm bum – Outstanding & supremely beautiful.

Quel age as-tu?

first-time Dinsmore 2017-12-28

He was staying over for the summer term; students at all-girl schools around the state often came to the big university to take a course or two during the summer which was the only time they were allowed to enroll. There were mixers occasionally scheduled on campus during the regular term with some of the girls' colleges around the state, so he'd had a few---very few---opportunities to meet and at least make out with a few girls during the school year. There were unlikely to be any girls in the lab; they only came to the big campus to take specialized courses that weren't available at their own schools, not undergraduate requirements.

The Quiet Librarian

first-time ainu 2017-12-28

She's looked at her naked body in a mirror and noticed how the muscles of her thighs curve out as they move up to her hips, leaving an opening that she once saw described in a book as "the perfect shape for a man's chin and lips as he licks into her labia." She saw a man licking and sucking on a woman's clit in the video, remarkable close-up shots, and often thinks of that while masturbating. "The balcony is through here, although it's probably just like your place and you would know that." As she walks away, the towel spreads open slightly with each step and Dale sees part of her naked butt cheeks and her upper thighs.

indian moms gangbang with dad office staff

first-time randmumbaiki 2017-12-28

It was amazing Jamal was pounding her mouth and Arif banged her pussy they picked rhythm and speed and started fucking her like a cheap slut meanwhile Mohammad was sitting on the sofa and watching everything they continued the bangimania for another 10 minutes and moans grew louder um suddenly Jamal jerked and spewed loads of cum in my mom’s mouth he did not withdraw instead f***ed her to swallow every drop. ahh filled the room he banged her and she enjoyed ,they were in each other’s arms in missionary position he sucked her lips and her boobs ,they were red hot ,they were fucking like husband wife after another 15 minutes Arif gave some large and hard thrusts and collapsed on her filling her cunt with his seeds.

Zari Gets herself Initiated

first-time Johnnytames69 2017-12-28

Zari was caught between them, pressed into Tom. Reaching back with her hand she began to rub her fingers along Tom's hard cock. Zari wrapped her fingers around Tom's cock rubbing at him as she turned to start sucking on Shane. Her gasp was muffled by John's cock as she felt Shane thrust inside her. “Fuck, fuck Zari yes.” John gasped, she felt his cock throbbing in her mouth. “I'm going to make this a proper gangbang s*s.” He told her, “I'm going to fuck your ass while you're riding Tom.” Zari felt her eyes go wide in shock. Zari arched her head back, gasping hard as she felt him thrust into her ass.

Night at the Oil Party - Part 4

first-time 2017-12-28

“I certainly don’t think so and have enjoyed a nice play date with a couple your age in the past John, so I don’t have any reservations about playing with anyone I’ve seen in this room so far,” I answered. “I’m sorry that the girls are taking a little longer but I think you will understand why when I show you this,” said Louis. “Not everyone Jack, but when it does that usually means everyone is in for a very good time,” smiled Louis. “She looks like she’s having a good time in there,” added Eddie. “Based on what I just saw in there Eddie, I think she will be doing it more often,” said Louis.

My gay seduction.

first-time dlcalguy 2017-12-28

Looked down to watch him stroking my thigh and rubbing himself through his clothes with his other hand. I wanted to feel his strong hands on my body. As he leaned forward to massage it into my skin I could feel his hard cock resting against my ass. The feeling of his cock riding up and down along the crack of my ass was exciting. The sensation of his body and cock rubbing my ass was making me even more aroused. I moved my ass to meet his hand as he continued to move his fingers in and out of me. Felt the head of his cock open up my ass. Moving my ass back to try and engulf his cock.

Ms. Hughes Ch. 01

first-time joe_everyman 2017-12-28

It looked just like every other rental house bathroom, un-renovated since the 60's, the only new things were rugs and a shower curtain, one of those semi-clear jobs that could only been seen through if you were close-up, anything else was just a blur. Turning around and leaning on her chair she said, "Honestly, Christian, did you think I didn't notice you staring at me during class?" You walked out of there everyday with your notebook covering your erection." As she continued to kiss, and I continued to suck on her breasts, she reached down between my legs and wrapped her hand around my cock.

The Lodge with Coby Ch. 01

first-time innocentemily87 2017-12-28

As Coby climbed back into the driver's seat, he looked over his shoulder and peered into Emma's orange eyes, and proceeded to laugh in her face. Emma furrowed her brow and peered at him, "Uh, Coby my house is like only a half hour away if I'm driving." Emma looked to her right and saw a navy blue duffel bag embroidered with "Pail." Coby's last name, of course it was his football duffel. As he stopped at a red light, Coby turned over her shoulder and grinned a pearly white grin in Emma's direction. "Actually, you are insane if you think I'm not going to MAKE you answer those questions Em. I swear to God I will pull this truck over and force you."

1st time seeing real-life masturbation and cum

first-time 2017-12-28

he says yep that's sperm .and called cum-he learned from actually reading playboy lol anyways, he asked me if i wanted to see how you make it come out- i said not if you think you are having sex with me motherfucker! holy-fuk man it was like 2 tablespoons easy.i was surprised and first thought in my head was -wait until everyone goes to bed tonight lol.guess i was mesmerised a little-snapped out of it then said oh shit how we gonna clean off the mess on the blanket? i asked how he learned this.he said 1st,he was was with a real soapy rag on his dick then got a boner.2nd he found a porn of his dad's and learned how to jack off right.

My First & Best Time with a Girl

first-time zklady90 2017-12-28

One night, I went over to a friends house, her name is Angelica. We began to make out for a good 20 seconds and I felt very, very hot. Angel put her hand between my thigh and rubbed her soft hands near my pussy, making it very wet. Angel got between my legs and began licking and fingering my wet and tight pussy for a minute and then we got in to the 69 position (I was on top)and we both climaxed, squirted and let out a loud moan together. That was my first and the best night with my girl friend.