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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Problem Student Ch. 03

first-time spamwich 2017-12-27

"Oops!" Mrs. Meyers exclaimed "Look what we have here." James' rapidly swelling penis had slipped out between two layers of bandage, and the teacher had gripped it between thumb and forefinger and was flopping it up and down. "Try to be quiet James, but let me know when you're about to ejaculate, so we don't make a mess like last time." The teacher instructed him as she worked her hands along his hard penis. I'm sure you'll have no problem finding a nice girl." James looked crestfallen, and Mrs. Meyers quickly added "If you ever need any more special help, just let me know." James then smiled "And don't be surprised if I call on you if I've missed lunch!"

Losing my Virginity

first-time SparkleKitty 2017-12-27

As I concentrated on sucking Pete's cock, I felt Tom's hands on my breasts. My head fell back as I began to feel Pete thrust harder into me, and I experienced the sensation of a man taking me entirely, his cock churning into and out of me, lifting me up back onto my hips with each thrust. I limply left my mouth open so Tom could fuck my mouth and I concentrated on bucking my hips slowly back and forth against Pete's finger in my ass. The sensation was incredible, the network of nerve endings around my ass were fully stimulated and, letting Tom's cock drop from my mouth, I lowered my head to the bed and moaned.

Learning to love sex 2

first-time 2017-12-27

At the movies last night, he finally put his hand on my knee and I expected him to be like the taxi-driver and proceed to move his hand up my skirt and into my panties. I think if I hadn't been so frustrated with Ed, if I hadn't wanted sex so much with Ed, then I could have walked past my old boyfriend with my nose in the air! It certainly didn't take long for us to get our polite conversation over with, climb over the low wall that separated us from the darkness and start undressing in the quietness of the municipal park: just the sound of the cicadas in the bushes and the trees to deaden the sound of our eager sex.


first-time YDB95 2017-12-27

In fact, I guarantee everyone in this room has something that turns him or her on, that someone else in the room wouldn't like at all." Beth passed over in silence the dirty look Stephanie was still giving Robbie. Stephanie was just the sort Beth had loved to hate when she was their age, back when she was the tall, shy, hairy girl who spent so much of her free time thinking about the things she now got paid to teach the kids about. She had gotten off scot free thanks to Stephanie and her mother, who had ensured Dr. Kartz that "My daughter would never do a thing like that, and I'm sure her friends wouldn't either!" But she had also lost Robbie's trust forever.

The Virgin and the Tramp

first-time 2017-12-27

We sat down and ordered a drink we didn't do much talking she rubbed her hand up my leg then started rubbing my cock over my jeans, she held my hand the started to slide it up her leg and skirt up to her pussy she put her hand down her knickers and fingered herself for a few seconds then put her finger up to my nose the smell was so sexy i had never been with a girl who was like this.

s****r in law

first-time suwwwar 2017-12-27

The moment I said, “I can sl**p there alone since my wife is at home anyways,” 2 k**s and Sonu also said that they want to be with their Jiju. Sonu was also feeling sl**py, so I told to take some rest so that we can be fresh for the rest of our time at ECP and enjoy the BBQ. Sonu : Jiju, you know dad is already pushing me into thinking about marriage. Sonu : Aww. Jiju, I like how it feels. I asked her, “Do you want to try my penis inside your pussy?” After a while of oral pleasure, I pulled her towards me and asked her, “Do you want me to put my penis in your pussy and show you how an intercourse feels like?”

Across The River To Route 73

first-time gflatman53 2017-12-27

Barrett took the card from his hand and gave it a quick look and not really being interested in what this man had given him, just sighed and stared straight ahead only thinking about getting to his destination faster than he wanted too. Barrett turned and looked at Abbey; her lips slightly opened sucking in air while water dripped from her hair that slowly ran down along the sides of her face. Abbey remained quiet as she always did whenever Barrett was upset and only sighed with discomfort and not pleasure at seeing him so angry for she too wanted nothing more than to be on that ferry going across the river to join their friends who probably were already waiting for them.

first gay time part one

first-time king_dragoon 2017-12-27

so after a few weeks of texting and not geting any he told me how much he love sucking and would love to do mine so i told him ok so one night he pic me up we whent to a park and he was rubing my cock was so hard he told me to pull it out didnt wast and time i pull my pants off showing my hard cock and he didnt skip a beat he was sucking it and omg the best bj ever had he suck it for what felt like to be hrs sucking as deep as he could go and sucking my balls i loved it i told him i was going to cum he suck even harder tell i came best ever and he kelp sucking and playing with my balls then sat up told me he loved it and that he was hard so he pulled it out and ask if i wanna to try sucking but i pussy out on it so he ask if i could jack him off so i did his cock felt good in my hand as he cum we sat and talk for a few then whent home as when i got home i jack off agen bc i got so horny with his cum on my hand after that we meet up a few more times at the park as he suck me off.

My First Swing Experience

first-time 2017-12-27

She was in her mid 40s, a bbw, and in fairly short order we discovered we had a lot of kinky and nasty interests in common. She was exactly as she had described herself, tall with huge tits and a nice round ass. Of course we talked about fucking in all sorts of positions. I told her I had fucked my previous girlfriend in the ass a few times but she wasn't really into it. We talked about squirting and cum swallowing and eating creampies among many other kinky subjects. She was very cool about all of it and told me we could try anything I wanted when we finally met.

Another unexpected blowjob.

first-time dragonlove69 2017-12-27

After dinner, we consumed a few drinks and my girlfriend realize that I was not enjoying the moment and suggested that we got take a walk in the woods since they live in the country. After 15 minutes, we heard her s****r in law calling for us as I was reading to explode my load inside my girlfriend's mouth and since I didn't want her to respond at that time, I put both of my hand behind her head and started to fuck her mouth and as I was ready to cum, I shoved my cock deep in her mouth until it reached her throat and shot my load.

Erotic poetry "rent boy part1"

first-time SirRimmington 2017-12-27

i heard the lawn mower stop and someone was running up my stairs .....My breathing became faster ,i began to shake ,heart beating and incredibly scared....I wanted to look but after i heard what he did to go to jail i did not even dare...Then i heard a deep powerful voice say "Are you going to look at me or just fucking sit there"I slowly started to remove my hands when he grabbed me and snatched them down...he pushed me out of my chair and i braced myself as i hit the ground...he sat ontop of me and began to look all around ...I thought to myself.."There is noone in sight and i am all alone...he is about to beat the shit out of me on the door steps of my home" I began to fight and struggle but he was way stronger than me and began to flex his muscles...With a smirk on his face he began to slowly speak...

Teacher & Student Ch. 02

first-time Hydranoid 2017-12-27

I let out a roar, while she screamed, and as she squirted all over me and her bed, I shot ropes of cum deep into the womb of my pregnant lover. "Is something wrong, Catherine?" She looked up at me with her sapphire eyes, and smiled. She looked amazing, but I pushed those thoughts out of my head, but they came back after going to the park. "James, I want you to blast your hot load in my face like the whore I am." That sent me over the edge, and I blasted a giant load of cum all over her face and tits. I then pushed her against the walls of the shower, and began eating her out like I did to Catherine.

My First Cuckold Experience

first-time blackbullxxx 2017-12-27

The husband sent me a message stating that I had a nice cock and he wanted to see it inside his wife. He later explained that he was straight and was just fascinated with black cock and that he would like to see his wife fucked by BBC. To my surprise, the hubby said they was ready to go and that the wife was very excited. I guess the hubby noticed my reaction and explained the wife wanted more than one black cock. After a couple minutes, this greedy motherfucker gets up and starts to fuck the wife doggy. As we chatted, she was hinting as if she wanted my cock by rubbing on me, but I just wasn't interested.

This is what I did

first-time writerup 2017-12-27

So, in the early evening as the time I set with Victor was getting closer I served my wife a nice glass of her favorite wine and turned on some nice music and just expressing how I was really looking forward to enjoying her sexiness and she giggled and said okay sounds like fun so, I lead her into our bedroom and started kissing and feeling her up and swaying with her then I started to slowly take her cloths off and when she was naked I sat her down on the edge of the bed and handed her glass of wine to her and I reached to get the ribbons I got to tie her down with and I showed them to her and ran them across her beautiful naked body and she said yummy...

Virgin No Longer

first-time Maeten 2017-12-27

Janet shuddered as he looked at her, his eyes wandering over her short green dress which she had gotten for her eighteenth birthday, and her well hidden breasts. Janet shivered, her body tense as he pulled her towards him, his rough, firm hands. Her hands twirled together on her lap, her eyes locked on her feet, her head turned away from him. Her hands felt something warm and hard. Slowly, she moved one of her hands away, and pulled down his shorts. His hands pulled her mouth father, and steadily she was licking up and down the first inch of his shaft, going deeper and deeper. Her body ached, and her vagina hurt, but her mind grew warm.

Midnight Maid Service 1 by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2017-12-27

That long, slow creaking sound, followed by a sudden thud -- a sound known to just about everyone who's ever stayed in a hotel as of one of your neighbors letting go of the door to their room, the door loudly pulling itself closed and slamming shut. It didn't take too long to convince myself I could write this off for "entertainment" purposes and that some porn, some hand lotion from the night kit in the room and a few loving strokes from Rosey Palm and I'd probably nod right back off to sl**p. Several buttons later, the entire dress opened like a shirt, not only giving my hands access to her firm, luscious breasts, but allowing some light down below so that I could see the sweet pussy that had planted itself on my mouth.

First Trans experience

first-time cardiff_paul 2017-12-27

Jo started to slide her cock into me, the mushroom head of her cock popped into me, with a gentle push all of her cock was in me, ready for a fucking......Jo quickly got into rhythm as I felt her balls slap against mine, her hands on her hips, thrusting, fucking me, deeper and harder, my good I do love to be fucked hard an deeply, Mmmm harder and deeper as I pushed back with every thrust, fucking harder and harder, fast an faster till I shot my cum all over her sheets, my body shuddering Jo kept fucking me, pounding me till sh pulled out, pulled her condom off and moved forward to cum in my mouth.


first-time 2017-12-27

I got bored with the pool and started hanging around in the locker room to watch the men shower and change. It was the first time I'd ever sucked on a man's prick. The stubby cock grew in my mouth. The sensation of a man ejaculating into your mouth for the first time is really quite startling and I nearly gagged. I watched his cock shrink and almost disappear into the thick cloud of black pubic hair. "I wanna suck yer cock now," said Jerry and we changed positions. "I wish you were my son, we'd fuck every day," Jerry said. I smiled and gave him a long sweet kiss, slipping my tongue into his mouth.

Waiting for Aphrodite

first-time LingerieRobot 2017-12-27

It was the third fire alarm of that year, and Rick assumed that it was caused, like all the others, by drunken late-night cooking or a forgetful smoker or a duplicitous fog bank. You looked kind of lonely and, like you said, you gotta kill time." "What do you think is the story with all these alarms?" Jackie said, watching the flickering fire-truck lights give the darkness a strange red tinge. Jackie was halfway through a suggestion that they should talk more sometime, be neighbourly, when Rick sidestepped quickly into his apartment and swung the door shut behind him. Rick had wandered those floor parties in a haze, sat in corners watching beer-pong games silently, and occasionally been roped into conversations where he was the unacknowledged butt of every joke.

Us growing up!

first-time diarradoc 2017-12-27

Tim lay down on his back as usual, and I climbed onto the bed, threw my knee over his legs, and and hugged on him like usual, but the feeling of skin on skin wasn't usual, not usual at all. I got my intense feelings, but Tim kept me going with his hands on my butt, and I ground on until I finally fell asl**p there, between his legs. Carefully, I got a finger full of the little bit of Crisco that was left, and then walking up on my knees on either side of Tim's outstretched legs, I gazed down at his fleshy butt, all white in the moonlight of that night.

Part 13 – First Adult Theater

first-time rnb 2017-12-27

I said it is probably a theater with guys with hard dicks watch porn. She leaned over and said your finger really feels good but I would really like to have your hard dick in there. My wife was sitting there with her head back fully exposed with a strange dick in her hand, strange fingers in rubbing her pussy and moaning. As we got in the car, I notice one of the guys that had been rubbing on my wife while she dressed had followed us to the car. I said to my wife this young guy looks like he really wants to fuck you. The young guy was sitting holding a tit in each hand as my wife was riding up and down on his hard dick.

I Had My First Lesbian Experience

first-time purice 2017-12-27

The next time this happened, she gave me a little kiss on the cheek and told me not to be nervous. I let the libido take over at that point and started to lick and suck on it. Amanda went to her drawyer and got her vibrator and pulled my shorts and underwear off and starts to kiss my *****. After another kiss and a little nervous laughter she started to use the vibrator on herself, telling me I didn't have to "return the favor" if I didn't want to . I was trying to lick her ***** as she vibed herself but she kept positioning her *** where my mouth was and opening her cheeks.

She Knew He would Like It Cuckold

first-time 425olds 2017-12-27

He had dreamed of being that close to her cunt while she fucked another man and watching Tyrone's fat cock stretch his wife was incredible.  Bill continued to suck Tyrone's balls as his big black cock remained buried inside Denise's wet cunt. Denise watched her husband suck Tyrone's dick into his mouth and she moaned loudly. His cock grew hard in Denise's hot mouth as Bill grabbed some lube from his night stand and handed it to Tyrone.  He liked the way Bill's tight sphincter gripped his shaft and he knew he was going to cum much quicker than he had fucking Denise's wet cunt and Bill's inexperienced mouth. 

Our first time having fun with friend

first-time gersboy 2017-12-27

Then my mate lost the next hand and since wife won he told him to rub his cock for one minute. I won and my mate lost so I told him his forfeit was to put his fingers in my wife's pussy until the next hand was played which he quickly did and my wife didn't stop him while I was dealing I could hear his fingers slipping in and out of her obviously soaking wet pussy. For the first time in the night I won two hands in a row so this time I told my wife to put mates cock in her mouth for a sixty second blow job.