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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Getting it Straight

first-time mrJohnJones 2017-12-27

He tried to help, explain things, but my depression had been going on so long that I wasn't listening any more. My brother came by the house one Tuesday night and said he had a problem; he wanted to know if I could help. Carl said he had to pick up Cynthia's girlfriend at a hotel in the loop, because it was where she was staying while she was in town. Laura grasped my hand firmly for more than a second and it made me look into her eyes. "Nice to meet you, John." Laura said and let go of my hand. I looked at Carl and Cynthia and realized they couldn't have noticed, because they were on the other side of the table.

Love in the Rockies

first-time KenJames 2017-12-27

Before long, I was arriving early, hoping that Kathy would be on time and the others would be late. That night, I took Kathy to "The Last Picture Show," a movie about coming of age socially and sexually in a small town in Texas. At the dorm, Kathy went to her room while I talked to my roommate. After her convulsions had subsided, Kathy looked at me dreamily and whispered "You come now." I started fucking her as hard and fast as I could, feeling myself building toward orgasm. I stayed on top of her for a long time as Kathy gently stroked my hair. One time, I asked Bob and Rich if they thought Kathy had been a virgin.

Anticipation Ch. 09

first-time 5thRing 2017-12-27

Kara was outgoing, adventurous, fashionable, and was rarely single, while Mika was more reserved, enjoyed stability, dressed more practically, and though she had accompanied her sister on some double dates, she had never hit it off with any of the guys, so she'd never had a real boyfriend." "The boy saw the slight confusion on her face and said, 'I figured it wouldn't be fair to you if I didn't make an effort.' She smiled and thanked him, and then they left for the prom, but she had really wanted to hug him. A little surprised, she took her arms off of his shoulders and said, 'I need to...

Our First Time with Others

first-time onelove4all 2017-12-27

They were, as Jamie said, "naturists, which is a little different than nudists, if you know what I mean." I had no idea what she meant but assured them that we could get naked pretty much anytime we wanted once we left the harbor. "You're looking mighty fine there, honey" Bob said, staring at my tits, now as naked as the rest of us as he tossed his shorts onto the cabin top. With my head turned away I licked the cum off my lips and used my finger to scoop off what I couldn't reach with my tongue, then I sucked it into my mouth. With his cock resting in the cleavage of my cummy boobs he stroked it up and down a few times as Jamie looked on with her mouth open..


At school

first-time Horny_old_man 2017-12-27

I wanted to enjoy every second, this opportunity might never come back, I turned her chair so she was facing me and put one hand on each her ​​thigh and I spread her legs a little and looked expectantly wanted her to come closer with her face, she took and we started kissing gently then more passionately, as my hands caressed her thighs, I thought I feel the scent of her wet pussy. asked her if she wanted to feel my cock thrust into her, she replied, "bring out your old man's cock, fuck me now, I'm so wet and horny and longs for it," I did not hesitate to take her word for it, I quickly pulled down my pants and also pulled down my boxer shorts in a move, my dick was hard and pointed straight at her and her pussy, it was not necessary to help direct it towards her pussy but she groped for it and grabbed and pointed it at opening.

guest services...

first-time mrclitoralman 2017-12-27

Erotic visions of her with me in the shower reeled through my mind ...fantasizing about feeling her body pressed against me in a passionate wet embrace ...our lips and tongues playing and exploring each other as the warm water flows over hands massaging and squeezing her breasts, fingers teasing her hard slippery nipples as my lips caress and kiss over her neck and shoulders...feeling the heat of her wet pussy grind against me, our hands gliding and massaging over each other, making each other moan and sigh in the steam as we tease and masturbate each other. Thinking about Grace looking up into my eyes with a seductive smile as she slowly licked and sucked my thick, hard cock...thoughts of watching and feeling her tease my swollen tip with her tongue made my balls simmer and grow heavy as I could feel the familiar ache of orgasmic pleasure building while I rhythmically stroked and massaged my stiff shaft for her.

phone call?

first-time 2017-12-27

When I told Angie I thought she was overdressed, she hesitated for somewhere between two seconds and eternity and then replied, “You’re right, I am; wait a sec.” Warmth filled my chest as I heard the rustle of her clothing coming off and the soft squeak of her bed springs as she returned to the phone. I told her when I was done fucking her I’d make a call on my cell phone and simply say, “She’s ready.” I told Angie she’d be sucking my dick when the hotel room door would open and she’d hear a man undressing.

Naked at the park

first-time 2017-12-27

The next day at school, I thanked Mary for what we did, and she told me her mom said she couldn't ride home from school in some ones car, So our sexual relationship came to a halt, she had a older boyfriend who she eventually got pregnant with senior year but we where good friends still and I would see her every now and then and she always gave me a hug and kiss and a knowing smile!

Snow Melts Ch. 01

first-time philaenis 2017-12-27

I looked at him over my sad ham sandwich and asked, "Hey, I'm going home with you tonight to study. I looked Crissy up and down as we pulled away from the school. She was wearing her Catholic school uniform - a white polo shirt and plaid skirt. As a home fixer beat savagely on kitchen cabinet, Crissy and I sat apprehensively. I touched Crissy's breasts through the rough cotton polo shirt that she was wearing and felt her suck in instinctively. Crissy left and returned with a bottle of clear liquid that I surmised her parents had in the kitchen. It'll make you feel good," Crissy replied. I turned away from my father's problems and started to kiss Crissy.

Homecoming Queen

first-time adam applebiter 2017-12-27

When Jayne wrote that letter, she'd hoped that Bernadette -- B, she mentally corrected herself -- she'd hoped that B would call Robbie; talk to him; perhaps, persuade him to ask another girl to the prom or even to go stag. Please open the door." Yes, thought Jayne, as she knocked fruitlessly on Robbie's door, there would be a lot more gossip if B got her way. "No." Robbie's hands tried to hide the bulge and grope for the bedding at the same time, failing on both counts and eliciting a giggle from B. "Whatever else happens, Robbie dear, I'll always be your first lover." She leant right forward to caress his face, brushing away a stray tear and kissing him on the cheek.

Where Nobody Knows My Name

first-time MoMo1996 2017-12-27

The two friends hugged in greeting, and Ann looked around. "Well, are you going to give me a little information on what I should be looking out for?" Ann finally asked. He looked exactly as she remembered him; the dark hair, lopsided grin, and sparkling blue eyes that had made her fall in love with him those three years ago. Very slowly they pushed each other's jeans down their legs and for the first time today, Ann got a little nervous. Cody leaned forward to whisper, "Ann, I never want to leave you again. Cody moved into the house that was big enough for there family, and a few months later Ann had yet another surprise for her wonderful husband.

A Kinky Virgin's...Ch. 1

first-time last_virgin 2017-12-27

He’d touch me, and I’d feel the rough pads of his fingers on my skin, the touch of gentle, experienced hands. I’d wrap my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist, and kiss him deeply, our tongues hot and hungry. He’d get down on his knees, and lift my leg up, and kiss it moving upward, starting with my toes. He’d kiss the spot behind my knees, and slowly move up my thighs, making me tremble in anticipation. He’d stand up, put his hands under my chin to cradle my head, and kiss me. His hands are now under my restrained arms, behind my head, softly pulling my dark hair. I moved my head back and forth, my mouth still sucking like a wet vacuum.

My first time

first-time 2017-12-27

I was led to Michael's bedroom where he was lazily stroking his hard on and Annie lay me down next to him and started to lick and stroke my inner thighs I'm sure I came there and then but when her tongue hit my bald pussy for the first time it exploded i never knew there was so much juice in me. Annie laid back and let me know when I was hitting the right spot her moaning was one of the biggest turn ons I licked and sucked at her pussy until she came and came again, we then did what I have been dreaming of for a long time, sixty nine, I was in heaven.

Shilu's New Life

first-time amazing_innocent 2017-12-27

Madhavi knew whole story about Shilu and she knew that Shilu is an adventurous girl and loves trying new thing. At the end of movie, Madhavi asked Shilu whether she liked it. Shilu was so engulf in the movie that she didn't know when Madhavi slowly reached her inner thighs and started massaging her pussy over Capri. Madhavi went behind Shilu on bed where they were watching movie. She started moaning and Madhavi took her hand and guided to her pussy. Shilu saw the clean shaved pussy of Madhavi and she admired and loved it. She initiated with a kiss on pussy lips of Madhavi and started using her tongue. Shilu had her tongue inside Madhavi's pussy, which tasted salty.

2nd of 4 CL guys

first-time 2017-12-27

I started to feel a much better vibe from him, he reached inside my bikini top to massage and squeeze which i love, with his other hand he started to massage my pussy which was a good start. I reached in to feel his cock, see what I had to work with and was happy for what I found. I didn't know which I was more excited about, his touch, or his cock in my hand and all the prospects attached to that. I got him on the edge of the jacuzzi, which is never hard, and proceded to feed myself some delicious cock though the chemistry still wasn't there. He knew how to finger, but didn't know how to use his cock.


first-time Ashson 2017-12-27

I was wandering around the outskirts of the crowd, wondering if I'd be lacking in school spirit if I went home, when I found Sandra also wandering around, looking bored. This kiss was harder, with a touch of passion, and Sandra responded the same way. She looked somewhat stunned and pulled her head away from mine slightly, breaking the kiss, but she didn't say anything. There was a slight hesitation as I entered her, my cock seeming to catch on something and then moving on and I realised with some surprise that Sandra was a virgin, the operative word being was. The kissing must have aroused her slightly and my cock's touch had been enough to let her natural lubrication flow. Sandra's mouth was slightly open, small sounds of appreciation escaping, and I could hear her excitement increasing.

Amanda our Cleaner

first-time Ashfordman22 2017-12-27

She pushed back into my hands so that her bottom was right up against my now hardening dick and as she did so give a little intake of breath and reached between her legs and gave old Percy a rub. “Is this for me she said looking between her legs at me, “yes, as much as you want” I replied and my hands slipped under her skirt and softly massaged the outside of her thighs which were warm to the touch. I slipped a free hand between her thighs, not feeling any resistance, my finger then rubbed the very wet material and pushed it a little between her pussy lips.

Alive and Kicking

first-time rex2210 2017-12-26

The whole time the men dont say nothing only look me sometimes ,i think let him maybe he have a bad hairday or something,after a half hour we arrive by the place were i will meet the girl, i hope because it look here like shit only a old building ,i ask the taxi driver are we good here ,yes this is the place its a old building there is a type of discotheek inside little straints place i think but you have to be here,its 35 lei, oke i pay him and go out of the taxi .

Indian Volleyballers

first-time Lucky Mann 2017-12-26

As young American men, or any men for that matter, are apt to do, Rick and Jay checked out the visiting girls as they warmed up for their game. If you can tear your eyes away from Ritu for just a moment, take a look at that one over there." Rick pointed Naina out to Jay. They stopped in their tracks when they saw Rick and Jay. They had a quickly whispered discussion and both girls smiled broadly at the guys. My name is Rick and my friend here is Jay. We saw you play volleyball against our girls a while ago. The girls sat on opposite sides of the booth and the boys slid in next to them, Jay next to Ritu and Rick next to Naina.

A trip down memory lane - part 1

first-time 2017-12-26

He apologised and confessed him and his wife can be a bit direct and then he said because what we are going to ask you would be pointless if we weren't sl**ping together. I felt my wife's hand reach around my clock and gently began to stroke me.I threw my head back loving the feel of her soft but firm grip. The combination of the booze and the backseat blow job had me horny as we made our way into the house I turned to my wife and said are you sure about this? I watched as he knelt between my wife's legs and opening them wider, as he took her hand away he licked and sucked her juices of her fingers.


first-time JessiDD 2017-12-26

Amanda nodded and stood up, Joe tossed some money on the table to cover the drinks and they went to find her friends. There was no question about it, the way she kissed, the way her hands wanted to touch him but didn't know where to land, this girl was a virgin and he was going to have her tonight! "Oh, wow!" moaned Amanda and her body instinctively started grinding against Joe. He was looking forward to showing her all of the wonders that sex would hold for her, and couldn't believe his luck that he got a girl that wasn't pukey or tired when she was drunk! Joe sucked on her toes, kissed up her legs, massaged her thighs and slowly pulled her panties off.


Passionate One Night

first-time GoodDickLoved 2017-12-26

His name was Shawn. I had posted an ad that night to see if any of these dirty minded straight boys would respond. He ripped off my clothes, underwear, AND my bra which was holding in my nicely packed socks...which took for fucking ever to stuff. He wanted it all gone. It's always the straight boys that suck the if they have something to prove. I wanted him inside of me.. I wanted him inside of me.. He finally came inside of me and I felt more relieved that I had in the last six months.. We talked for a few minutes...and he was gone. Thank you Shawn, wherever you may be now.

She Was Worth Waiting For

first-time abledisabled 2017-12-26

"It is bigger than I thought," she said,"I had felt it through your pants when we necked, but it didn't feel like this!" I almost succumbed to the pressure again. "You are feeling what I've had for you for a long time." was the best response I had as I ran my tongue under the elastic at the top of her panties. "If it hurts, you can pull it out," I said, "but if you want more, you just push back on it." I felt her pushing gently back. "It hurts, a little," she said, "but it feels good." She continued to push gently back gently. She began to shake again, and this time she wanted to enjoy the feeling.

Me, Cherie, and the Virgin

first-time Mikro 2017-12-26

When Janet felt my prick brushing her cunt she closed her eyes and slowly lower herself onto my shaft, after a short way she stopped and let out a small cry and then pushed all the way in with a huge sigh, she leaned forward over me and I took her face in my hands kissing her and nibbling at her neck and her tits until she was relaxed, and then I started slowly pumping that virgin cunt with my throbbing prick, I was so high I wanted to cum there and then but held off speeding up a little at a time until we had a good rhythm going, Cherie was laying beside us running her hands over Janet's back and tits and then down to her arse until she could feel my prick driving into Janet's juicy hole.