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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Exploring sex- inyoung years

first-time TinyPetra 2017-12-26

Some minutes later we went away on our bikes, and it was mabye 1,5 km to the swimming place. I quickly went up and got dressed, and started to follow with my bike. Already from a distance I saw both bikes standing there, and I parked a bit away and went by foot the last hundred meters. Bengt went straight to her and I could't belive what I saw when he dropped his shorts and exposed his hard on to Ulla. After a while she got up and Ulla started to got dressed, so I went back to my bike to not getting caught. I saw him going away, and at once I went to the drawer and grabbed the box in the closet.


first-time kinnetix 2017-12-26

Luckily there was a urinal between the two showers that I peed in a position that shows my dick to the Japanese guy. The Korean didn’t budge so when I saw the Japanese guy getting ready to take a bath, I then set my eyes on him. Luck it was the showers were free and I took a shower opposite the Japanese guy with the curtains open with an erect dick. Then I got into the shower of the Japanese guy and sucked him. The Korean guy meanwhile woke up a few minutes then took a bath, unfortunately he closed the curtains but I was trying to sneak a peek. Then he got hold of his cock, started stroking and unloaded in my chest that time.

Catching Amy

first-time elguaton 2017-12-26

I had a good upper body and tried to flex without looking like I was flexing. She continued to run her fingers and palm around my cock, not stroking so much as petting, but it still felt good. I pushed forward with my hips, so that the entire head of my cock disappeared into her mouth. "That feels really good, Amy." I withdrew slightly and then pushed forward again, humping her mouth. I lay against her, her breath in my ears, feeling her body against mine and my cock in her pussy. "It was nice," she said, "but I think I'm going to stick with women." She ran a finger in her pussy, then brought it up to our eye-level.

One Time Never Forever

first-time amarlan 2017-12-26

I have watched the non-stop dancing led by different samba schools in the confines of my luxury suite, but I can't seem to feel the rhythm and the pulsing life of the colourful samba performers. "The name is Carlo, I am an American tourist," our bodies touched as other dancers crowded on us as they milled around a passing float with beautiful scantily-clad dancers. And now that I have met someone to satisfy me sexually, I wanted to experience what a woman feels when a man made sex with her unconditionally. I bit my lips as Carlo hugged my butt and without removing his huge penis laid me on my back and began his too slow pumping. I explored his muscled body with my lips, kissing and teasing his erect slightly brown nipples.


first-time Wannabeboytoy 2017-12-26

I had you figured from head-to-toe." Rita placed her legs on the sides of Jeff's; his cock was below her pant-covered pussy. "So you think you know exactly what I'll do in this situation, huh?" Jeff asked, about to push her into the wall and run away. I just want to talk to you right now." Jeff looked at Rita with a confused, quizzical expression on his face. "Yes she does." This was a time when Jeff could've lied with a straight face, but thought that it was possible that Rita might know that he was lying and call him on it. He tried to think of Mary, which worked before, but now Rita's body in his mind replaced his girlfriend's face.

New in Town

first-time Hypnotic_22 2017-12-26

Not thinking about the fact that Mark may be watching her she slipped easily out her clothes and pulled up the tight, figure hugging 10 inch skirt which barely covered her ass - yet bending over she picked up the remainder of the outfit; A tube top half the size of the skirt with a bow tie for the neck; and a set of size 7 black stilettos with 4 inch heels. Before Lisa even knew what was happening the bow tie she had around her neck was locked and a leash attached; before she could protest, the gag -- a round black ball with holes was placed over her mouth and tied around her face; her hair tie was removed and her ponytail fell loose.

More than Just a Handjob

first-time 425olds 2017-12-26

My stomach leapt and I almost let out a loud gasp as I saw my wife, her hand cupped around Bob's balls, and squeezing his big cock, which hung heavily between his spread legs. Bob used his thumbs to pull her pussy open and began to feed that huge monster of a cock into my wife's dripping wet hole. Nancy was on her back, legs wrapped around Bob's back, her hands planted firmly on his ass, pulling him into her pussy ensuring she was getting every inch of that big cock. I retreated quietly, returned to my car and drove around for ages, I came home later knowing full well, that my wife's pussy was without doubt, well stretched, well fucked, and probably still full of Bob's cum.

Lovely Linda Ch. 02

first-time TSpank61 2017-12-26

I guess I was doing better as Linda moaned into my mouth and started to rub her pussy harder into my cock. Linda then said, "Ok sweetie, now remove your fingers and bring your face closer and lick me." I was nervous but also intrigued by doing this. Linda grabbed my hair, pulling my face tighter to her pussy while yelling, "Oh fuck yes, eat my cunt!" As I started sliding my cock in and out of her pussy, Linda reached a hand behind my head to pull me into a soulful kiss. She lifted her head and said, "This is called 69, just eat my pussy like before while I suck your hard cock."


first-time JynxGravelyn 2017-12-26

I pushed on, getting more of his cock into my mouth, and I felt his hand move up to the back of my head, where he applied pressure and said "Mmm, yes, take it all, Rhi." I had never heard him call me Rhi before. I started to moan loudly, which turned to screams as his cocks head popped inside my tight pussy. I could feel his cock travelling deep inside me, and as he pushed in the last inch he said "Fuck, you're so tight I could cum right now." He let me adjust to his thick cock stretching my pussy, he left his cock resting inside me and he leaned down and started to kiss me on the lips for the first time.

The Cherry Poppers Ch. 17

first-time BlewWater69 2017-12-26

Tessa's hand quickly stole up his leg and helped Kira squeeze his package, "Yeah, let's get him back out to play," she said. "She can be such a bitch," Tessa said, still trying to glare at Kira even though Jason was making her lie down. Unlike Kira, who pushed Jason's head into her sex, Tessa's hands were mauling her own breasts and nipples. To him though, she felt incredibly tight and his cock relished in the wet warmth of Tessa's fabulous virgin pussy. Tessa's pussy muscles clamped down on Jason's cock with tremendous force, trying to milk the cum from his balls. Kira wiped the bed sheets and playfully gave a few cleaning swipes to Jason's cock as he lay with his eyes closed beside Tessa.

Mrs Walker

first-time mason_grove 2017-12-26

“Sorry Mrs Walker, I almost cum in your mouth.” she stood up and pulled my head toward her and kiss me, my hard cock stabbed at her belly and in my boyish way I tried to kiss her back. Once again, I concentrated on her clit, only this time I slid in two fingers, and by chance found a soft place just behind her love mound, this sent Mrs Walker into a frenzy pulling my hair and forcing my mouth onto her hot little clit, it was, as if she exploded, her entire body began to jerk, pushing herself high off the sofa she let out a long primitive groan.

The flight had no oxygen!

first-time unseen69 2017-12-26

I didn’t want to leave right away so I asked Marcy to check flight availabilities. The air stewardess was a fine looking women, just my type tall dark haired and slender waist with big tits and arse. Ann Marie apparently is half Spanish and half French that excited me, as I’ve fucked most women from those countries and never did a mixed before. The kitchen area was a tight space like most lobby areas of standard planes I struggled to keep back as she moved from one side to another and every time she passed I felt her breasts brush past my chest ever so lightly. I needed to go to the toilet and the plane was so dam big Ann Marie had to take me there.

Distracted Driving

first-time mnmh82 2017-12-26

It is sort of uncomfortable inside my pants the way I am sitting. I look around, the road is fairly clear at the moment, except for a few coal trucks. I feel your hand reach over and lightly grab it from me. You are still rubbing your hand up and down my cock. Then you slowly move your mouth all the way down to the base of the shaft, dragging your teeth lightly. You are moving your mouth from the base all the way off the head, very fast. You squirt on my hand and the passenger seat. I thought, “I’m so glad I didn’t get pulled over, this give a whole new meaning to DISTRACTED DRIVING.”

Virgin, 2001

first-time Manny_Kanblo 2017-12-26

She had a patch of dark-colored hair right beneath her shoulder blade and twenty-three dark moles that if I squinted my eyes just barely, looked like astronomical star shapes of Gemini or Taurus. "Mike, would you like a drink?" Sofie touched my sleeve, sitting back down and taking a sip of hers. It made me feel good, knowing at least for one night she wanted to talk to me, even if it had taken her three years, two months, and twenty days. We never even cooked the crepes; she just took a drink and went to her bedroom, sitting in the dark on the floor. She suddenly stopped talking and for the second time turned the full stare of her puddle eyes on me.

Talk and Action Ch. 11

first-time misterwho 2017-12-26

She felt the soft breasts against her back and let the full weight of her body rest back and slump in comfort on the motherly warm woman who had just finished loving her, ever so tenderly. "None of these guys know anything about treating a woman," said Sheela, turning around and looking Nalini deep in the eye. And when Nalini was all jelly, she focused on fucking and tonguing the opening of the labia and the nub of flesh, fingers doing the work of stimulating her insides to give way. Nalini was torn between desire and wanting the young, presumably virgin flesh and relief that he was not on his back so that she would be inhibited by the front of his body being open to her.

Warren Baker's Valentine

first-time geronimo_appleby 2017-12-26

My chat with Charlotte Spenser occurred on the Saturday, but the incident with Mrs Bradshaw took place on a cold Friday -- February 11th. Charlotte Spenser, I knew, would be out on one of her myriad and mysterious errands, but what I didn't know at the time was that Mrs Bradshaw was in the house. "Well, as I said, it isn't so much about what happened, Warren, but what Mrs Bradshaw tells me is that you're a particularly gifted young man." She paused and looked and me as though expecting some kind of response. "Mrs Bradshaw said your penis is quite large." The woman looked at me with a tilt of her head, her next words unbelievable to my ears.

Becoming His Anal Sex Whore

first-time 425olds 2017-12-26

As Cindy adjusted her grip on my ass, I felt her right hand gab my whole cheek and her middle finger touching my hole. He looked me straight in the eyes and asked, "Do you like the taste of my piss?" And another, longer, more f***eful stream began to fill my mouth. "No, I want to feel your bare cock fuck me and cum deep inside of me." He leaned forward and whispered in my ear, "I have one more thing I want to do right now in keeping with our theme for this session." I then felt him begin to piss inside of my ass.

Trailer Trash Ch. 01

first-time Slickman 2017-12-26

"Look she's dropping out," Bud laughed when he saw Emily suddenly stop to let the crowd go by. Bud had lost interest in the race and had turned around facing the other way when Brandon whispered, "You want to bet any money on Missy?" Emily was so excited to be wearing the new shoes her eyes were looking downward so when she turned the corner she didn't see Missy until she ran into her. Emily saw Maggie clinch her fists and knew she was seconds away from pounding them so she moved into Missy pushing her aside and took Maggie's hand. Brandon smiled because he had asked Mr. Johnson before the class started to change his partner with someone who knew what was going on.

A Lesson from Eleanor

first-time essex_guy_0365 2017-12-26

The sex life at home is pretty good, and I've had a few wild experiences over the years, but if I look back, it's this time with Eleanor that gets me going all over again, it feels like yesterday. I remembered how Tracey's legs felt when she was wearing tights, and I longed to stroke Eleanor's thighs and rub her feet, the way she was doing. (I knew after trying to run my fingers through Tracey's hair how awful it made it feel, and I just felt it wasn't worth it, however nice it looked.) The business suit was off, and replaced by a satin calf length robe, fastened at her waist with a matching belt.

Bach & Elgar's Happy Ending Ch. 02

first-time ReefBeach 2017-12-26

Jack squinted and turned his head away, but he spread his legs to allow me more room. I felt my hands pulling on him, trying to drag him up to lie on me and let me hug him, but my skin was now damp as well as hot. She gave me a good long look; I think she was trying to work out if I met her standards and wasn't a bastard. About the same time I rolled and brushed the firm, warm shoulder of Jack and the night's wonderful memory came back. "It matches your beautiful eyes," I said with a kiss, and his smile got bigger. By the way Jack, that was a test for you, which you passed perfectly." She gave him another kiss.

Susan at work Part 2

first-time zandy661 2017-12-26

Just then Lee came from the shower and took one look at her and said “WOW” and his cock started hardening which she also noticed as he was naked. “Oh no, please, not again, please.” He left her at that and got out and dried off and went back the bedroom and lay waiting naked on the bed, hid cock semi hard. Nick was OK with it saying he could manage but clearly wanted to talk which Susan didn’t want to do but couldn’t just hang up and so as she talked Lee fucked her causing her to gasp now and then and try to tell Nick nothing was wrong, that it must be a bad line.

show me her cock

first-time looberry-Cunt 2017-12-26

The only thing tat worked was a growing facsination with a new girl in opposite appartment.Why I felt hardend nipples and aclitoral buzzing as I had to put my hand over soothingly .I felt how smooth and perfect the folds betewen my thighs and how the clit was tipping at the lips of my soft skin .I pushed my fingers about 3 up into the vaginal opening and shoved hard in and out.The amount of moisture came as alittle suprise as I was dry as last thought for it.Mmmn I sliiped towards the back of my room and angled my head so I could see into hers,The bedroom light went on .I had half expected the curtains to pull drawn ,as usaual.But no,And.I could make out a figure hanging up outfits from inside the closset to the rail on their door.A gown came slipping off onto floor and undies whre visible.Cerise bra and hotpants.

Hannah Gets The Job

first-time mooremike 2017-12-26

Mr. Washington I would do anything you ask me to do and I would have no problem with working with or serving black customers!" Hannah said and hoped her could tell she was sincere I really would love the opportunity to do what I can to show that I have issues with being around black people!" Hannah said as he sat back down and looked at her with his piercing brown eyes Her mom would have said she was slut but then what would her mom say if she saw Hannah on her knees sucking a big black cock! Shit you fucking white sluts sure suck cock good!" He moaned

Massage made her horny

first-time bedlam54 2017-12-26

I had to use two hands to massage her inner thighs and with each stroke I moved my hand closer to her pussy ever so slightly grazing past it, she knew what I was doing but she didn't mind. She moved her arms down her self a bit more and pulled her knickers down all the way, revealing a fat perfect pussy and perfect looking slightly hairy arse hole. She jumped and turned her self round and as she did this her tits threw them selves round with her and made an almighty slapping noise which made me so fucking horny, I began to lick her pussy all whilst looking up at her, she grabbed one of her perfect tits and put it in her mouth sucking on it, then the other she began to play with her nipple.